Luis rex
Luis rex Pred 17 urami
How rank level for Annie elegy
Karen Merkley
Karen Merkley Pred 17 urami
Very real feeling of the current residential school situation.
Evert Ridder
Evert Ridder Pred 17 urami
Bossman how will you defend yourself as you try defend yourself to satan ?
Anime King67
Anime King67 Pred 17 urami
I have Xbox series S and PS4 so I’m good I miss playing 360 best memories 🥺
xRLBx- Pred 17 urami
So i have a question an i wanna know if it’s just me or someone else has had this, Basically when i’m delivering a car i go to where you need to go an the little circle thing i drive in it an nothing happens i’m just curious to see if it’s just me or someone else has had this
Maxence rt 06
Maxence rt 06 Pred 17 urami
I had colderone first playtrough (defenitely not proud)
Eleteric Clan
Eleteric Clan Pred 17 urami
Kieffer Gonzalez
Kieffer Gonzalez Pred 18 urami
4:49 Buzz Lightyear: "You are a sad strange little man. And you have my pity. Farewell."
Sebastian Diefenbach
Sebastian Diefenbach Pred 18 urami
My cocaine locker also just kinda forgot that I ever opened it, telling me to do setup mission after I’d previously already sold product
Ian Kirkham
Ian Kirkham Pred 18 urami
Mr "boss" you can't tell people not to buy things because that's you not us. We'll do what we want and please. You may not find them interesting but others do and you can't change that.
Kieffer Gonzalez
Kieffer Gonzalez Pred 18 urami
2:02 "Keep the change, ya filthy animal." 💸
Angel Gant
Angel Gant Pred 18 urami
I just got my 250 grand and my million also
ScrubL1fe Pred 18 urami
you finna get roasted for not calling out that legendary livery
Sipho Nzams
Sipho Nzams Pred 18 urami
the livery speed demon looks some what like the need for speed most wanted BMW paint
Brennan Carnie
Brennan Carnie Pred 18 urami
I have diamonds 💎 still
Cannon Jones
Cannon Jones Pred 18 urami
I love the amount of info you give on your videos. But all of them are very click baity
Liam VerValin
Liam VerValin Pred 18 urami
Idk care about “before you buy shit” I’m getting this car just because I own the body style in real life
RED SKULL Pred 19 urami
you are the only one getting money in this game I guess
Just your average guy
Just your average guy Pred 19 urami
The plague barn was a reference to Herschels farm from the walking dead. And the writing on the barn is a reference to the “don’t open dead inside” from the first episode of the walking dead.
Red Dead - Zombies
Red Dead - Zombies Pred 19 urami
Niko Bellic is my favourite character too.
Zyreh Pred 19 urami
Missouri Fox Troter is still the best one for me... 1. It's Fast 2. It has great stamina 3. It's actually braver than Turkoman 4. it's much more easy to handle than the arabian (who would easily buck you off when it got scared, and would never come for you when you got into a brawl) 5. And last it's big and good lookin horse....
fab'm Pred 19 urami
how about the bicycles on the 10 car garage you can also store, does those count?
SunyClub Band
SunyClub Band Pred 19 urami
this game keeps getting better every playthrough
cimali 123
cimali 123 Pred 19 urami
Dyl Apple
Dyl Apple Pred 19 urami
Lmao 3 million subs and only 17k views, this channel is a pathetic joke!
Keenan VLJohnson
Keenan VLJohnson Pred 19 urami
Jesus stop making videos, can’t believe I ended up here
David Rostemi
David Rostemi Pred 19 urami
Not gonna buy
Salvatore Hayes
Salvatore Hayes Pred 19 urami
Do you loose the stock wheels? I like the stock wheels.
Drift Pred 19 urami
when you notice online is before story mode.
Guido’s Den
Guido’s Den Pred 20 urami
So, I've tried the RUN cheat multiple times and when I entered it on line five as shown in video, it says you've already opened this cheat...where do I need to be to spawn the horse?
Johnny English
Johnny English Pred 20 urami
camp teardown, niice
Les Pred 20 urami
I think the saddest part about all of this is that Abagail died in 1914 only three years after John and left Jack, who hadn’t even cracked 20 years of age, all by himself. Rockstar loves making the lives of their characters miserable lol.
Snarp 1
Snarp 1 Pred 20 urami
I feel like you could have been a legendary youtuber if you didn't cap all the time. Still could. You got a cool voice and personallity and all that. But the cap is what ruins it for me
D4nK Dabbington
D4nK Dabbington Pred 20 urami
I feel like Game Pass will remove the Back Compat version and then put the E&E version in.
Joel Carrillo
Joel Carrillo Pred 20 urami
Can you talk any slower?
Caleb Hensley
Caleb Hensley Pred 20 urami
Has anyone help the horse lady with the letter already in their possession to see if its que something new
N0t JPGS Pred 20 urami
now they have lawsuited by rockstar games.
The weeknd
The weeknd Pred 20 urami
grif Pred 20 urami
when you take the body from her you can show it to the officers too instead of giving it to the pigs
Guido’s Den
Guido’s Den Pred 20 urami
Love watching ya Brother for Red Dead 2 tips. Got into Mexico with your help and 6 moonshines! 🤣😂 Dude, it's not letting spawn the horse playing off line and after walking to the point with the prison and Monument Valley... Doing RUN! RUN! RUN! but no luck...
liam martin
liam martin Pred 20 urami
I,am not aloud on my pc
99SCALES Pred 20 urami
Tommy Wilson
Tommy Wilson Pred 20 urami
If you don't know what speed demon represents you didn't have a child hood
Steve8K Pred 21 uro
Hermes one is already in game
A. Burton
A. Burton Pred 21 uro
Useless update. Should've made another heist... Wait for it.
lunch Pred 21 uro
Y must you remind me of Lenny's death
matthew turner
matthew turner Pred 21 uro
i as a man who tries to live off the land and respect it as much i can understand where hes coming from and only those who have done so same will make sens of it
SinistaN Pred 21 uro
moc is the best overall. terrorbyte is mainly useful for sourcing and resupply. it can upgrade the mk2 but thats all it has going for it. moc upgraded all ems, armor etc is tough as hell and pretty fast
Jonie Sonnier
Jonie Sonnier Pred 21 uro
I have another question for y'all I'm playing offline on Red Dead and I want to know when will the old man be ready for his request I have got all the ingredients he need I got the skunk meat peppermint hair tonic and Kentucky bourbon milkweed and when I go give it to him it won't let me I know you supposed to hold L2. and press triangle to give request to the old man but I can't
Stumpy Pred 21 uro
All the boys are here because of that thumbnail
Red Pred 21 uro
Mrboss for the loss here
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper Pred 22 urami
Love Mustangs...not a fan of this model irl but tbh am pretty excited about it's arrival in the game and will be getting it on day 1 to complete my Mustang garage!
fire sauce
fire sauce Pred 22 urami
wow money hungry livery selection is the most of the vid
Anthony Pred 22 urami
anyone wanna do this on xbox?
D B Pred 22 urami
Looks like a average car in real life. But. It's slim‚ cool‚ & American.
SmackingThots Pred 22 urami
If it’s not out yet how did you get it ?
Dumpster diver dans son
Dumpster diver dans son Pred 22 urami
Watching this after 3 years and still does not have the water swimming thing 😩
S_treamerbtw Pred 22 urami
Wrench made it Into GTA online
K Mac
K Mac Pred 22 urami
the way he said "mangy" lmao
Korey Williams
Korey Williams Pred 22 urami
The kosatka has entered the chat
POAD STUDIOS Pred 22 urami
2:39 that’s what I wanted to see thank you rockstar 😭
StarwasterPrime Pred 22 urami
I've hated Micah since his first appearance :(
Dexter The Doge
Dexter The Doge Pred 22 urami
Anders Anderson is the outlaw you capture at the beginning of chapter 3
Brody Kelly
Brody Kelly Pred 22 urami
I'm a killer cuz I'm a phyco
Blitz Pred 22 urami
All the female characters I find on pc r molders.
Zelda fan
Zelda fan Pred 22 urami
Mr boss what happens if you take to long to leave Everyone you get arrested
killer4life xxx
killer4life xxx Pred 22 urami
That's literally my dream car can't wait
KF4R Pred 23 urami
I want an undead nightmare even if it takes decades
Bam Leith
Bam Leith Pred 23 urami
I avoided it until arthur got the letter and then it was my ownly mission
Tiny Star
Tiny Star Pred 23 urami
I see little reason to buy the Cypher. It has very little customization. No bumper options, just adding various splitters to the bumpers. Its one of those cars that you're locked into an overall look regardless what you do. These types of cars bore me to own.
Matthew Salazar
Matthew Salazar Pred 23 urami
Boss...Npt Tonight Pizza Boy IS a Fast and Furious livery...from the first movie. How do I know? Its on the Elegy Retro Custom...Rockstar had to reuse old liveries...they didn't have the talent to make up an original one in its place.
Matthew Salazar
Matthew Salazar Pred 23 urami
Be careful...hood catches prevent you from opening up the hood at all. The only way to fix is to remove them...they are not cosmetic...nor can you switch them back and forth.
No-bark Pred 23 urami
When the steam deck comes out, I'm going to play gta in Chicago when I visit my uncle
Just A Meme
Just A Meme Pred 23 urami
Make a massacre in the entire map, Valentine, Strawberry, Saint Denis, Ranches and more (Thats what I did)
Abu Tualaha
Abu Tualaha Pred 23 urami
Logan McDaniel
Logan McDaniel Pred 23 urami
Lol I killed him and took the hat I think everyone did too
A7 Pred 23 urami
Car guys are gonna be mad bc you didn’t know where speed demon was from
A7 Pred 23 urami
just read the comments lmao