Krista Oeckinghaus
Krista Oeckinghaus Pred uro
Wow these commentators are garbage, they’re talking about something random when a climber is doing something awesome, then when they should be commentating they’re completely silent 😅
epincion Pred 6 urami
Great comp thanks
laufsteakmodel Pred 7 urami
this was from before janja became inhuman
alex s
alex s Pred 12 urami
ondra is ondra, but that little french guy OMG, 1st atempt reaching the top in 3 boulders, what a great performance of him
Muhammad Soleh
Muhammad Soleh Pred 23 urami
Kpn di olimpic Tokyo TDK ada ini..??
Maksim Termosa
Maksim Termosa Pred dnevom
Why didn't Nikolai Uznik take third place? Or at least both of them?
Julia Dow
Julia Dow Pred dnevom
I always love the commentators
Dhanraj Uchil
Dhanraj Uchil Pred dnevom
I want charlie boscoe back.
Chico Christe Pace
Chico Christe Pace Pred dnevom
can non participating countries watch the climbing event live?
Chico Christe Pace
Chico Christe Pace Pred dnevom
is IFSC going to cover the events like how you do it in the world cups?
Kamron Thurmond
Kamron Thurmond Pred dnevom
Will you guys have the events on the SLus channel? 🙏
Rey Parham
Rey Parham Pred 2 dnevi
The wicked target intialy list because shrine predominantly scrub circa a bumpy multi-hop. wild, anxious step-grandmother
Milo Lurot
Milo Lurot Pred 2 dnevi
I’m new to watching bouldering comps. Can anyone answer if the climbers later on get to watch other attempts? I would assume so as it’s based on qualifying but can anyone confirm it?
Milo Lurot
Milo Lurot Pred 2 dnevi
Janja seems to easily be the best indoor Boulderer in the world, of course if you remove gender from the equation. No climber makes climbs look so easy.
JarppaGuru Pred 2 dnevi
if this olympic natalie brosman win..something xD
Erwin heri Handayani
Erwin heri Handayani Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulasion to indonesia team
StormCrow Pred 3 dnevi
The cameraman should be fired..... Even on the replays, you cannot see the hands grabbing the hold. Always like 2 seconds behind.... I know how Janja looks, I want to see how she _grabs_ the hold.
Nandi Brutler
Nandi Brutler Pred 3 dnevi
Ok. I'm confused. Chloe Collier is a professional climber right? but does not know what a "Flash" is? She starts rambling about something instead of "reaching the top on the first attempt".
1.5x playback everything - thank me later
1.5x playback everything - thank me later Pred 3 dnevi
It was always a pleasure to watch Akiyo climb, thank you for your work, I hope your book gets translated to English
VectornautACR Pred 3 dnevi
When Matt pronounced Ryu Nakagawa “Raiu Knackawaga”, I died a little bit inside. XD
teddy surya permana permana
teddy surya permana permana Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulation Vedriq 👍👍for Gold Medal & New World Record "Gile lu Dro..."!! Ranning on the Wall...!! Good job Indonesia Team👍👍
The Sickle Bar
The Sickle Bar Pred 3 dnevi
Mixed format makes no sense at all. Should be separate events.
J K Pred 3 dnevi
what if hypothetically Adam is 1st in boulder, 2nd in lead and 3rd in speed, and jakob is 1st in lead, 2nd in speed and 3rd in boulder, and tomoa is 1st in speed, 2nd in boulder and 3rd in lead, all have number 6, who won then?
Mister Liu
Mister Liu Pred 2 dnevi
You look at their semi-finals scores
Tian Wang
Tian Wang Pred 3 dnevi
Comic sans they use
Neerav Desai
Neerav Desai Pred 3 dnevi
Please bring Stasa Gejo back to commentary she was really good and as a climber, I learned a few things from her.
thisscreensucks Pred 4 dnevi
Eventually all climbs will have only T-nuts for feet
Lou Dude 502
Lou Dude 502 Pred 4 dnevi
Those perma draws are garbage
Samantha S
Samantha S Pred 4 dnevi
if Sean hadn't had that false attempt, he would've been ahead of Nathaniel and received an Olympic slot. So unfortunate for him.
ervan sledok
ervan sledok Pred 4 dnevi
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred 4 dnevi
What better than to be a Czech climber with last name of ADAM-O-vska ???
Dan Evans
Dan Evans Pred 5 dnevi
So much class from all the competitors, it was a blast to watch!
Hafiz Pred 5 dnevi
Noooo :( I was really hoping for Futaba Ito to make a comeback on the last boulder!
nb Pred 5 dnevi
Just came here to appreciate how much better finals broadcasts are looking today :) Also nice to see young Janja and Stasa, and Shauna winning! Hope she does well at the Olympics.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 5 dnevi
Grande Stefano!!
Alejandro Yeah
Alejandro Yeah Pred 6 dnevi
Why Megos isn't here?
Eric Connor
Eric Connor Pred 6 dnevi
Alexandra Totkova's top was amazing. bonus points for not getting the rope behind her legs!
Eric Connor
Eric Connor Pred 6 dnevi
I got anxiety from the women's rope getting stuck on that big volume / being behind the climber's legs in such a difficult section.
Need for speed or No need for speed, that is the question?!
Nick schmitz
Nick schmitz Pred 6 dnevi
The Olympics are seriously becoming more and more and more of a complete joke every damn year
Samurai Age Takuya Riki
Samurai Age Takuya Riki Pred 6 dnevi
Matthew Hawkins
Matthew Hawkins Pred 7 dnevi
that Stefano clip is so crazy
Koren Dan
Koren Dan Pred 7 dnevi
Ironic that the thing that Sean likes about Lead is that you only get one shot flashback to the semifinals a few years back where he slipped on the second move
Joselox Pred 7 dnevi
Trying to get info on how she died all I find is "she will be missed" "such a promise" "rip" when the truth appears to be she didnt secure herself. Too much self confidence?
TSN t0ast
TSN t0ast Pred 4 dnevi
How does the way she died have anything to do with the fact that she will be missed? This video is clearly a tribute to Luce, not the place for conjecture or passing judgment.
Virginia Junge
Virginia Junge Pred 7 dnevi
Mehr Werbung ging nicht????? Was soll das? War sonst auch nicht. Ultra störend
Eric Connor
Eric Connor Pred 7 dnevi
So bummed fanny gibert never qualified for olympics
Jörg Thomsen
Jörg Thomsen Pred 7 dnevi
Cannot wait :-*
Eric Connor
Eric Connor Pred 7 dnevi
just watched laura rogora's attempt. Hope she doesnt get appealed down.
Brenden Burger
Brenden Burger Pred 8 dnevi
Brooke might be one of the most attractive woman I've seen, what a great climber
Nandi Brutler
Nandi Brutler Pred 7 dnevi
I agree, also Miho Nonaka.
Kamron Thurmond
Kamron Thurmond Pred 8 dnevi
The only thing I know is Janja Garnbret has a 99.99% chance at winning. But a 0% chance at getting the text-to-speech function to spell her name correctly on my phone. On the first try. Good thing I proof read a little.
Pouya Alikhani
Pouya Alikhani Pred 8 dnevi
Thank you Kyra and Sean! Good luck in the Olympics!
allenamenvergebenqq Pred 8 dnevi
"What's cool about speed climbing is that it's going to be fastest event in the Olympics." The best thing about speed climbing: You do not have do endure it for long.
Jacky Bryan
Jacky Bryan Pred 8 dnevi
Panjat tebing womens kok gak ada dri Indonesia
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred 8 dnevi
why do they always fail to cover the top of the climb sufficiently from the rain?
Vero Song
Vero Song Pred 8 dnevi
Staša is such a great commentator. I remember Nathaniel Coleman did a tremendous job commentating one of the bouldering comps in the past as well. Wondering who else do you guys think are pretty good commentators? Would love to go back and watch these games to learn more.
Frizki88 Pred 8 dnevi
Look so easy ,,,, for them 😅 if I do it, might be take forever
Nate George
Nate George Pred 8 dnevi
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 9 dnevi
and would have had to swap feet to move across.
skullsRS Pred 9 dnevi
where can i watch the climbing from the olympics?
Lucas Mulvehill
Lucas Mulvehill Pred 9 dnevi
should be 3 different metals...for each discipline
Iain Kelly
Iain Kelly Pred 9 dnevi
16 names, Matt. That's all you have to learn. Nakawagwa indeed. Excellent commentary otherwise. So happy for Eliska!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 7 dnevi
Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.
Jimmy Pettersson
Jimmy Pettersson Pred 9 dnevi
This climbing thing seems pretty dope
Jimmy Pettersson
Jimmy Pettersson Pred 9 dnevi
@GreyWolfClimber ja is dope!
GreyWolfClimber Pred 9 dnevi
This climbing thing? “Dope”? Dope.
Samantha S
Samantha S Pred 9 dnevi
Sean Bailey is the Jess Mariano of climbing
Gotta DoMor
Gotta DoMor Pred 9 dnevi
G/L to both these world class sport climbers, two of my favorites.
Johann Petrak
Johann Petrak Pred 9 dnevi
The difference between the three disciplines is that bouldering and lead are actual climbing where strength and technique need to be combined with the ability to read a route, to plan, to quickly decide, where the same route can be solved in different ways by different climbers, while speed climbing is a mindless, boring, silly test of explosive power that has nothing to do with what makes climbing fascinating and beautiful and therefore disadvantages true good climbers.
Yerima Pred 9 dnevi
Indonesia gitu loh
daddydojang Pred 9 dnevi
I want to see Kyra win gold so badly! She is my favorite!
Luciana Torres
Luciana Torres Pred 10 dnevi
Will you be transmitting live stream of the climbing in the Olympics?
Rikky D. T. Maas
Rikky D. T. Maas Pred 10 dnevi
How can we rewatch Olympic climbing in the US?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 5 dnevi
Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.
Efretpkk Pred 10 dnevi
Nice video, hope climbing gets a big audience!
jermitol Pred 10 dnevi
Really hope they break up the medals next Olympics
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy Pred 9 dnevi
@Becca Sneyd thats a vast improvement.
Becca Sneyd
Becca Sneyd Pred 9 dnevi
they are, in paris speed will be a single event and lead and boulder will still be combined
nasser al suleimani
nasser al suleimani Pred 10 dnevi
Man I miss climbing haven't done so in over 2 years
rhi021 Pred 10 dnevi
Commentary was good, and it can be even better if you look at the language you're using - all the men you're talking about how much they would like to win, and the women it's how happy they are to be there and how smiley/calm/focused they appear. The women also want to win, and I would think the men are also happy to be there!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred 8 dnevi
Matt Groom is excellent on commentary. He really should have been asked to commentate on the Olympic coverage for the beeb 👍
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy Pred 10 dnevi
Cant wait to see some of my favorite climbers in the olympics. So dope! The American climbers make our country proud in ifsc comps world wide, but here's another chance and theyll do amazingly. Everyone climbing at the olympic will. My money is on adam ondra and janja garnbret taking golds, but maybe brooke will bring hime the silver? Idk if colin wilk be in that kind of shape to podium, But i can hope . Good luck to all the Olympians. Youre all pushing our sport forward just by being there.
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy Pred 9 dnevi
@Michael Foreman tomoa is amazing, and while his speed climbing is impressive, he also goes balls to the wall and slips up with some regularity. Its not constant, but id guess at least 10% of the time, he seems to have an issue that could have been avoided on the speed wall . His bouldering is, good, hes tomoa after all, but idk how his endurance is for lead. Also, one mistake in lead and its over. He is so dynamic that bouldering suits him. Multiple attempts, he can take risks, i think that mentality may hurt him in lead. Adam is just so well-rounded as a boulder, lead and outdoor climber that he has the ability to read almost any route or problem fairly well and he takes medals in both. Id say speed is the question, since ive never seen him compete in speed, but if he takes top in bouldee and lead, which is a strong possibility, as long as he places high enough in the middle of the pack, he should be able to take it. There are only 8 men contending, so if he had 2 firsts and last in speed, hed score an 8, and say tomoa came in 2nd in boulder and speed, hed need first in lead also to win, or 2nd to tie. The same is true for anyone if the same person gets 1st in two disciplines, but i used ondra because hes the most consistent at winning in lead and boulder. Either way, tomoa is a great climber, and i cant wait to see how the results come out. Maybe after its all said and done, ill check back here and we can see if we were both wrong xDD
Michael Foreman
Michael Foreman Pred 9 dnevi
Think it's gotta be tomoa for the men's; home crowd advantage, arguably the best boulderer attending and the only non-speed specialist to contend with actual speed climbers. We'll see though!
Igels Club
Igels Club Pred 10 dnevi
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred 4 dnevi
Wow so happy for Eliška, so deserved, she climbed superbly!!
Mykolas Simutis
Mykolas Simutis Pred 10 dnevi
Where do we watch it?!?!?!?!
Kyllleur Pred 10 dnevi
My tip, is to get a chalk bag nearby, because you hands gonna get really sweaty really fast.
snefansson Pred 10 dnevi
Hopefully next time they'll separate speed, bouldering and lead. At least speed apart from the other two. It's like saying to a marathon runner that in order to win he needs to do 100m sprint as well.. they're two VERY different disciplines and should be separate.
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy Pred 9 dnevi
Yeah, speed is so different. Its absolutely like having distance runners scored on a sprinting event. Totally different skillsets. These others say it will be different in 4 years, and that's what im hoping. Speed climbing almost fits into track and field type sports, like hurtle, shotput, high jump, etc...because it's almost purely physical skill and talent based. Boulder and lead are more thought-based and planning-based with skill and talent on top as amplifies. You can outthink a strong climber with the right beta in lead and bouldering. The beta barely changes in speed Except for the skip people started doing. To have something more intellectual like lead and boulder lumped in with speed feels like judging a pitcher on his home run average. In the NL, sure, pitchers may bat, but their job of pitching takes so much thought and planning on top of their talent and skill while when batting, they go on instinct/skill/talent and dont have time to think, much like in speed.
Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley Pred 10 dnevi
They are in Paris.
Santeri Vidal
Santeri Vidal Pred 10 dnevi
I would compare lead and speed to swimming and synchronised swimming.
Stan van der Voort
Stan van der Voort Pred 10 dnevi
the next olympics will have 2 sets of medals. 1 for speed and 1 for boulder/lead combined.
Riley Smith
Riley Smith Pred 10 dnevi
My tip, don't watch speed climbing, you'll fall asleep
Joe B
Joe B Pred 10 dnevi
Maybe if you're a climber. For the average viewer it will be the most entertaining. Just like how the 100m dash is the popular track and field event
Jordan Heller
Jordan Heller Pred 10 dnevi
Most important tip: chalk up so your hands don't get sweaty while watching the climbing.
Keir James
Keir James Pred 10 dnevi
Sampson L
Sampson L Pred 10 dnevi
The good thing about speed climbing is that it's over before you know it
David Simpson
David Simpson Pred 9 dnevi
thats probably the only good thing, roll on 2024 with seperate medals,
Isaac Teo
Isaac Teo Pred 10 dnevi
Sounds like every relationship I’ve been in
DeeEl Pred 10 dnevi
It's funny because it's true.