Dar Muzamil
Dar Muzamil Pred 15 urami
Cena vs Reigns . . Big thrilling matxh
Rayhan Tushar
Rayhan Tushar Pred 15 urami
Boss is back👊👊👊
crispifid Pred 15 urami
To this day I’m still pissed we lost that
Makkina Yaswanth
Makkina Yaswanth Pred 15 urami
Any body roman reigns ready
Original Unoriginal
Original Unoriginal Pred 15 urami
6:38 Robbie Savage: " Ole was right to keep the same team at half time (*giggles in shame)" Prior to that... He was calling out OGS for not making changes! Savage put on your tapping shoes, and head over to the theatre and practice on your dancing routines instead, please!!! :/
JHolland Pred 15 urami
Love how everyone hates on Colby , but colbys villain character is what the division needs and the ufc needs and he’s a damn good fighter , gave usman the hardest fight - I hope he wins but I just see usman destroying early
mhamad mhamad
mhamad mhamad Pred 15 urami
roman lain
Gene Rator
Gene Rator Pred 15 urami
Why are they sitting so close together? 😂
Marc Luca
Marc Luca Pred 15 urami
The stoppage wasn't that bad. The guy had no chance of winning, all he was doing is taking punishment. Was barely throwing any punches. I can see why the guy called it for his safety
Marc Luca
Marc Luca Pred 15 urami
Damn. A little head movement would go a very long way
Newbie Ninja
Newbie Ninja Pred 16 urami
Azpilucueta playing against hazard this time :(
D U K E    FF ✅
D U K E FF ✅ Pred 16 urami
Floyd is sitting like a boss...and Connor is his employee
Cue The Fun
Cue The Fun Pred 16 urami
there was no respect from anyone in anthony’s corner
I'm teenboy
I'm teenboy Pred 16 urami
Cena 😂
Newbie Ninja
Newbie Ninja Pred 16 urami
Is no one talking about Chelsea playing against courtois
Saiful Sarrip
Saiful Sarrip Pred 16 urami
Liverpool thank to all WWe superstar Cesaro
Eamon Griffi
Eamon Griffi Pred 16 urami
Ben White is better
spartiat chleuh
spartiat chleuh Pred 16 urami
Plus pire joueur que lui tu meurs
Rutvik Dhanwade
Rutvik Dhanwade Pred 16 urami
Cena is Best in the world
TheDanni Pred 16 urami
MacGregor is so lame. Sounds like a little sleazy misfortuned cartoon villain so lame in the suit with this shades. What a looser
Mohsin Shaikh
Mohsin Shaikh Pred 16 urami
no one can defeat roman reangs
Promise Vega
Promise Vega Pred 16 urami
They Played Finn Balor HEAVY. Smh.
Dominik Paralusz
Dominik Paralusz Pred 16 urami
Win over Silva😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ahmadhakimmazlan Pred 16 urami
bunch of immoral
Hemant Goswami
Hemant Goswami Pred 16 urami
Everyone is gangsta until jhon wick takes out his pen
KUMAR ABHINAV Pred 16 urami
Paul Heyman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
NAVNEET SABRE Pred 16 urami
Hellll yeaaahhhhhhh... Go Cena Go😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lewis Smithies
Lewis Smithies Pred 16 urami
"VaRaNe DiDn'T hAvE tO dO aNy DeFeNdInG pLaYiNg FoR rEaL mAdRiD"
17utk Pred 16 urami
Conor so deep into the hyping game, man literally invents a mythology about his clan and their rebellion against the English, King James banning them. Mate, all the McGregor "clan" is really known for is their half-witty drunken banter in and across Dublin pubs
JayBoxBoii Pred 16 urami
2:12 whole lotta “Was” 💀🤣
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Pred 16 urami
I'm training in a 15*20 ft room have nothing,no trainer,no gym give me a year I will challenge to fight the best female UFC star. I will be fighting for life 😁 might even take on Connor 😂
Keke Edordu
Keke Edordu Pred 16 urami
oun7es Pred 16 urami
Watching this hangover makes the hangover, not go, but feel better
Héctor Gómez
Héctor Gómez Pred 16 urami
Deivwson figuedo
Jaya Lakshmi
Jaya Lakshmi Pred 16 urami
John Cena is best
natiq dinani
natiq dinani Pred 16 urami
Roman acknowledge cena. That signature is awesome.
Flames Pred 17 urami
Looks like his speech was written on the trophy 😂😂
natiq dinani
natiq dinani Pred 17 urami
Cena rocks Roman shocks 😂😂
Abhishek kumar
Abhishek kumar Pred 17 urami
I am literally laughing a lot after seeing this. These WWE superstars are actually great actors. 😀😂
KEMBOI JR. Pred 17 urami
we are still here,9 years later and another one in 2021
Dirty Deed's
Dirty Deed's Pred 17 urami
The Real Hero the Champ JOHN CENA 🔥🔥 he is win🔥🔥... Peoples cheering Roman suck. Roman Suck... Why peoples cheering that..
Samima Sultana
Samima Sultana Pred 17 urami
i love Roman reings
dnoz13 Pred 17 urami
Eff John Cena and all part timers like him stealing spots on big shows from full time workers
Mr ONeil2u
Mr ONeil2u Pred 17 urami
City is the best
izzy 4sif
izzy 4sif Pred 17 urami
Dias blocks shots and his social media
Warren Gomez
Warren Gomez Pred 17 urami
0:50 that passion tho
SRM ANIMATION Pred 17 urami
John Cena is lefthand
Maaz Channa
Maaz Channa Pred 17 urami
I love john cena ♥ I hope that cena will win 🏆 the match
Noodle Neck Rat Ribs
Noodle Neck Rat Ribs Pred 17 urami
Only in America what Twonks
luke chapman
luke chapman Pred 17 urami
Hayman doing the Mic drop like he's just roasted finn himself 🤣
moaz _759_
moaz _759_ Pred 17 urami
Lol he threw the belt acting like he's tough and 40 minutes later he's posing with the belt
Asif khan
Asif khan Pred 17 urami
moaz _759_
moaz _759_ Pred 17 urami
Akinbo Slice
Akinbo Slice Pred 17 urami
Gooodd good old times
Sports shorts
Sports shorts Pred 17 urami
Conor mgcregor donated 50000 dollars to dustins charity
KEMBOI JR. Pred 18 urami
I will keep coming here for the next 30 years
Sha Bin Shah
Sha Bin Shah Pred 18 urami
Only video where 3 guys talked over 40 mins and i watched without skipping a sec. Call'em legends 👏👏👏
Luke Gurden
Luke Gurden Pred 18 urami
Would love to see these 2 fight again. Dustin was probably the only person to come close to beating him