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Joe - at time 2:08 you say that the ATC gives you a "four decimal code". This is NOT correct. You reveive with the ATC clearence a FOUR-DIGIT OCTAL CODE. The four-digit number you enter into your ATC transponder control panel is NOT a decimal number - it is an OCTAL number, each of the four digits can only have the value between zero and seven. There is never a 8 or a 9 in that code. Octal means that each digit is seting three binary bits of the 12-bit assigned transponder code.
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you contradict yourself in the later explaination by saying that the ground has no affect on the airspeed. it doesnt matter if the wheels are spinning in some physics defying manner, the engines will still push the aircraft forward. the only reason the wheels are there is to keep the fuselage from hitting the ground and aiding in braking. this has just frustrated me because even taking into account friction of the wheels its not going to be enough to overcome the thrust of several COMMERCIAL GRADE ENGINES.
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I say the plane takes-off. Momentarily. Not for the reason one could expect. Not in one piece. Obviously: either the plane can gain some velocity and take-off, either it stays stationary due to that conveyor belt. For that plane to stay stationary, the belt would need to transfer a force to the plane equal in magnitude and opposed in direction to the thrust. The wheel being free, that force can only be a _friction_ force. Ohhhhh boy! That friction would appear between the wheel and their support, probably some high grade ball bearings. If anyone can find some actual data wrt the required belt speed to produce such friction force, please tell me. Needless to say that speed is HUGE! We'll then find a meteorologist to model how a moving surface with that HUGE speed would impact the air mass and if it can eject that plane into the air! 100 bucks it does. Violently.
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Very good video Cap. Joe! Appreciate the time and effort that go into these reports. One thing I’d like to point out, is that as far as we can tell, it was a contained failure. The kevlar shroud did not fail, simply the nacelle, which is a part of the airframe, came off. Agent JayZ, a turbine expert, had a good explanation on this event. I am unaware if the NTSB has listed this as an uncontained failure, I don’t believe they have 😉
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Hi Captain Joe, separate story, can you do an explanation on why certain Airbus airplanes nose wheel gets stuck 90 degrees out of alignment with runway? obviously a design issue you don’t see with Boeing?
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Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? - Answer: No, the plane lands the plane... with a little bit of data inputting from its human co-pilot.
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This belts just breaks math as the plane starts moving, as it accelerates to the wheel speed, the wheel joints are still moving forward, adding more speed to the already given belt speed, therefore the belt accelerates always: Belt speed = Wheel speed Wheel speed = old Wheel speed + Plane speed As physics does, put it in an infinity Loop and enjoy your teleport out of the universe (or at least the trip at light speed) Short Answer: Just reverse a little bit, so the airplane starts moving and due to friction, you will be accellerating pretty quickly...
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I work in a different sector but it also involves transporting people at high speeds. People who don't listen. Recently one of the passenger doors failed to lock and started opening a few centimeters at high speed. I was just a passenger on my way to work at that moment and i happened to be at the right place so i politely asked the man casually standing next to the door to move away from it "as it is about to become very dangerous". Believe it or not, the guy first asked me if "i worked there" before he accepted to move. Wtf you dummy you are about to be sucked out of the vehicle and die, you're supposed to move away from danger on your own! That's what happens when people "have rights you know!" but no brain. People need to learn to listen to the professionals in charge of their safety. We don't enjoy being bossy, we just don't want to see you die and potentially cause others to die too.
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John Richards Pred 18 urami
Get a Motor for the belt to exelerate to above v2 speed. The aircraft rolls onto the belt and Sets the parking break. The aircraft will be Propelled foward without wheel motion. Kind of like throwing a paper plane
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The Mythbusters did a great show on this. They did a really good job of presenting the contention of the myth that I started to get confused! I don’t think I’ve ever heard this thought experiment presented as the conveyor belt matching the wheel speed in the opposite direction, no matter how high. (And yes, I did catch that prior to where you said to pause the video.) I can only recall it presented as the conveyor belt moving at *take-off ground speed* in the opposite direction. (Well, that, plus the friction of its wheel bearings being negligible.) In that case, yes, it takes off, but just with the wheels spinning twice as fast. However if you say that the conveyor belt always magically matches the wheel speed no matter how high, then that just devolves into a philosophically pointless “can God create a rock so big He can’t lift it” argument.
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Whether it's a car with ABS, an aircraft with anti-skid or a train with WSP, the mechanism and, indeed, physics are the same.
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Captain Joe in my opinion main factors is the airspeed at wings, Angle of attack, wing surface area which influence the creation of the lift to overcome the weight of the aeroplane to get it airborne. Since it is only a hypothetical question and practically not at all feasible we can compare a conveyer (with holders for gripping the tyres of the aeroplane ) to a catapult. Since our conveyer belt is imaginary assume it to be about 3 Km long. Now when the conveyor picks up the speed above V1, plane elevators are actuated and at the same time tyres of the plane are released it should get lifted up . Of course, to continue & maintain the flight engines are assumed to be running.