100 Drops - [Among Us]
20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]
100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
100 Drops - [The Grotto]
1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
Finnigan Sluis
Finnigan Sluis Pred 4 urami
“This is not about vanity it’s hardcore” Him in 2000 days “Now it’s all about vanitiy”
Ethan MasterCrafter
Ethan MasterCrafter Pred 4 urami
I didn't know this is something i wanted and now i want more lol
Shrumpy the Shrump
Shrumpy the Shrump Pred 4 urami
I want to see more of your main world and super flat you should try to do a hardcore for specific biomes too like an ocean only biome maybe even 100 days hardcore in the Neather.
Lucifer Pred 4 urami
Still can't believe this is almost a year old.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 5 urami
Pls do superflat 200 days
Rahul H Nair
Rahul H Nair Pred 5 urami
Didn't know that SuperFlat is enjoyable too. I thought it was just useless and for creative uses only.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 4 urami
Anyone else here from tim Hansen
Tommy Joe
Tommy Joe Pred 5 urami
i dont know how to import the file to a world because one im dumb and two its confusing so i wouldnt mind some tips :p
Tyler Wilton
Tyler Wilton Pred 5 urami
3000 days 3000 days plase
Van The Man Productions
Van The Man Productions Pred 4 urami
K & D Taylor
K & D Taylor Pred 5 urami
ya 3000 days
Sebastian S
Sebastian S Pred 5 urami
first try lol get rekt
Simon R
Simon R Pred 5 urami
"placing my seed and breaking hoes"
Cent Pred 5 urami
If you want your food to grow faster put them 1 block apart and give it a lite extra light
shitsnifferz inc.
shitsnifferz inc. Pred 5 urami
Who's her re-watching while waiting for 3000 days
Carrie Oostra
Carrie Oostra Pred 5 urami
Ethan MasterCrafter
Ethan MasterCrafter Pred 4 urami
perfectly out of context lol
Richard Dhamers
Richard Dhamers Pred 5 urami
The person who started it all of
Jaamiel Smith
Jaamiel Smith Pred 5 urami
3000 days man come on DO IT MANNNNNNN
Huynh Hong Nhat
Huynh Hong Nhat Pred 5 urami
The adhesive plaster implicitly wrestle because dipstick ophthalmoscopically cross among a alive john. four frail, evasive crow
Amira Taylor
Amira Taylor Pred 5 urami
Try netherite mining at y level 15
Irmuun Anarkhuu
Irmuun Anarkhuu Pred 5 urami
200 days whit tors pls Luke Notable
Nitebeam Assassin
Nitebeam Assassin Pred 5 urami
I like Luke TheNotable content.
The Twins
The Twins Pred 5 urami
You looked like 119 Game 10
מידן טמיר
מידן טמיר Pred 5 urami
This video is great, made me subscribe. Hope you continue this
Captain Nigga
Captain Nigga Pred 5 urami
The mellow tent ironically drip because step-brother accidentally plan modulo a unique coast. overconfident, majestic root
Jonathan Ebiringa
Jonathan Ebiringa Pred 6 urami
32:27 Why didn't the wither skeleton head turn red when u killed it?
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Pred 6 urami
Make a 200-day series of a flat world you have really really great Khan's if I've watched all your videos about Minecraft series in this salad say is the bestest video on your or any of your Minecraft series please make a 200-day series of it
Aidan Little
Aidan Little Pred 6 urami
I'll bet that every time one of these videos is released that location suddenly becomes very oftenly dropped
Monkey 2007
Monkey 2007 Pred 6 urami
Do 100 drops retail row please
Glorious Lenoxzz漢
Glorious Lenoxzz漢 Pred 6 urami
play fortnite
Brandon Edzerza
Brandon Edzerza Pred 6 urami
3000 days
night ninja
night ninja Pred 6 urami
47:47 omg alot of banners
night ninja
night ninja Pred 6 urami
23:67 I just want to comment
Don Josenilo Bactong
Don Josenilo Bactong Pred 6 urami
you should have played in bedrock edition because you will find the end portal because in java there is no such thing as A end portal just saying I'm a fan of hardcore
Benjamin DelSesto
Benjamin DelSesto Pred 6 urami
100 days nether survival
Ameer Al-jaber
Ameer Al-jaber Pred 6 urami
listen to what he says on day 446
Captain Nigga
Captain Nigga Pred 6 urami
The imperfect engine affectively trot because dragon successively record amidst a faithful parrot. odd, complex december
Arofn Pred 6 urami
me gets a lion king refrence
Kakashi 69
Kakashi 69 Pred 6 urami
Not paul gg found the stronghold, its possible but super rare
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 Pred 6 urami
In my first (and only) fortnite win, I was trapped in a steel 1x1 and the other guy had rockets. I would have used my medkit, but I didn’t think I could heal fast enough, so I used my green tactical shotgun when he broke in and won.
Dotty Llama
Dotty Llama Pred 6 urami
rtx looks so good
Mario Yu
Mario Yu Pred 6 urami
The square elbow hepatosplenomegaly beam because mimosa modestly influence since a puzzling chair. zany, ubiquitous waterfall
Kuune-Chan Gaming
Kuune-Chan Gaming Pred 6 urami
Luke : I can't get glass Me : *Screams* LIBRARIAN!!
Kuune-Chan Gaming
Kuune-Chan Gaming Pred 6 urami
@Matthew Morris ah I see you're a man of culture as well
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Pred 6 urami
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Pred 6 urami
Hi when are you releasing the 3000days trailer
Avel Mendez
Avel Mendez Pred 6 urami
ITS GDOG Pred 6 urami
Turn volume max and tap this 👇 46:57
Haisy Daisy
Haisy Daisy Pred 6 urami
You dont care what we think about your world, we dont care about what you do with your channel besides the 1000 days series
ITS GDOG Pred 7 urami
"To Big Doesn't Exist Just Ask Ur Mom" Lol
So I changed my name
So I changed my name Pred 7 urami
Tip: Use silk touch on Nether gold ore then smelt it, it gives an entire gold ingot.
So I changed my name
So I changed my name Pred 5 urami
@Collin Tong Nuggets and ingots are different. You need nine nuggets to get one ingot.
Azzoz Pred 6 urami
@Collin Tong no it gives nuggets
Collin Tong
Collin Tong Pred 7 urami
mining it without it in fact, gives you more gold ingot
vaishali kothari
vaishali kothari Pred 7 urami
"like youre mom " my mom "wht are you watching son
Augustho Colla
Augustho Colla Pred 7 urami
Preston Angus
Preston Angus Pred 7 urami
have some popcorn 🍿🍿🍿 we can watch this series for the 78th time together 😁😁
Kat The Bat
Kat The Bat Pred 7 urami
whats the seed for that world?
Nathan Haney
Nathan Haney Pred 7 urami
“no such thing as too big just ask your mom in the most serious tone ever”
Luis Manuel
Luis Manuel Pred 7 urami
in day 446 im doing the oposite of chopping, gnipohc
Amy Halberg
Amy Halberg Pred 7 urami
How are u supposed to do this in super flat WOW good job!
Splace Pred 7 urami
Mr. The Stick
Mr. The Stick Pred 7 urami
If this comment gets 1k likes you have to make 5000 days
Cheesy Pickles
Cheesy Pickles Pred 7 urami
The Void
The Void Pred 7 urami
10:00 Nether Warts not Netherrack. Everyone makes mistakes though :)
Cheesy Pickles
Cheesy Pickles Pred 7 urami
You can buy it white mine coins on bedrock
Platinum ninja Gaming
Platinum ninja Gaming Pred 7 urami
He goes from being scared of a witch to dropping 6 withers
Kavation Pred 8 urami
I love this video
Lindsey Dirr
Lindsey Dirr Pred 8 urami
Dean Rum
Dean Rum Pred 8 urami
11:42 bruh you just got the rarest painting first try
BK Maxine 771 Hilger 77
BK Maxine 771 Hilger 77 Pred 8 urami
The super pimple substantially note because kamikaze dfly wobble past a shaky fiber. boundless, lively ferryboat
August Mousel
August Mousel Pred 8 urami
2001 days in hardcore Minecraft
Making videos Meow Meow i like your cut g
Making videos Meow Meow i like your cut g Pred 8 urami
and it take forever to download the world i just downloaded and it say 20 days left 0_0
Making videos Meow Meow i like your cut g
Making videos Meow Meow i like your cut g Pred 8 urami
you are the best yt ever i like your videos i like all your videos and i subscribe and i watch your videos all day and i watch your videos at night and i like you luke thenotable
Michael zaffina’s
Michael zaffina’s Pred 8 urami
Well this is not Family friendly uhhh there was a mix up with which and b word
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 Pred 8 urami
I have several questions. 1. Did tilted town replace tilted towers? 2. Is this Fortnite Chapter 2? Jk I only have 2 questions.
Chickengod Bear
Chickengod Bear Pred 8 urami
15:30 ..........
cheesieburgs Pred 8 urami
blackstone house!!
ImAce101 Pred 8 urami
He sounds like @deadmeat
Michelle Walsh
Michelle Walsh Pred 8 urami
3:43 tors "Hey look I'm finally doing something"
Narwhale Queen
Narwhale Queen Pred 8 urami
“It will be very ugly, and also deadly. Like your mother.” My Mom: *sitting next to me*
Amir Hasani
Amir Hasani Pred 8 urami
Why did he do 2000 days I swear he has never been outside
Jen Babbitt
Jen Babbitt Pred 8 urami
Do 3000 days plz
Pj O
Pj O Pred 8 urami
Anyone else here from tim Hansen
Pokémonfan _2009
Pokémonfan _2009 Pred 8 urami
100 to 200 to 300 to 1000 to 2000 days:normal If 3000 days happens:EMERALD ARMOUR AND DIAMOND GRASS