Flabianus Andreanto
Flabianus Andreanto Pred 9 urami
Podums by teammates today: 1. Ocon: Fernando helped his teammate Ocon to win the GP by awewome defense against Lewis. 2. Seb: Stroll helped Seb by craahing into Charles. Seb got runner up. 3. Lewis: Valteri hit Lando and Checo and started massive collision including Max to secure Lewis position. From 3 teammates: Fernando should be teammate winner, Valteri second, Stroll last in my opinion.
Bruno and Ewan go places!
Bruno and Ewan go places! Pred 9 urami
Will Buxton is just another Hamilton FANBOY!! 💩
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam Pred 9 urami
2 French wins in two years. Let's gooo
İsmail Erdem Ceyhan
İsmail Erdem Ceyhan Pred 9 urami
Toto’s brain right now BOT crashed:| Two RB lose so much position:D RUS and LAT get some points:) Constructer and driver championship Mercedes leading:D
RedBeard81 Pred 9 urami
Agent Bottas "your mission is complete"
Adisht Jaglan
Adisht Jaglan Pred 9 urami
The comments on this post are absolutely phenomenal, I love it 💀💀😂😂
Steev Pred 9 urami
Mercedes master🅱️lan : Silverstone : Crash 1 Redbull ☑️ Hungary : Crash 2 Redbulls ☑️
Bogo Pred 9 urami
Classic Forza public lobby
Zendar Torch
Zendar Torch Pred 9 urami
So happy for Ocon and both Williams drivers
Victor0328 Pred 9 urami
Thats my boy man. Verstappen and perez always ramming him off. Go ocon!
Houssain Al ahmafi
Houssain Al ahmafi Pred 9 urami
When you cant beat them ram them off the track
Sebastien Dresbach
Sebastien Dresbach Pred 9 urami
Can someone explain to me what Stroll was thinking/doing there ? Did he go off track alone? and take him and Leclerc out?
SMS Pred 9 urami
Toto's genuinely happy despite Bottas
Therealdieyoung Pred 9 urami
Lewis alone on the track at the restart is iconic A driver in a class of his own
Cpr1234 Pred 9 urami
Esteban Ocon joins the winner's club as of today. Bravo Esteban!
Dries Goosen
Dries Goosen Pred 9 urami
Job well done Valtterie, you are have become a true team player
Artreib Pred 9 urami
Magnifique, quel performance d'Esteban Ocon vive la France.
rikko donk
rikko donk Pred 9 urami
so... Bottas has the same " Baku button" installed then??
Dhanaramk db
Dhanaramk db Pred 9 urami
LH : Hey I took out my title rival in last race Bottas after race today : I took out all my points rivals in once race
Soham Belge
Soham Belge Pred 9 urami
2008- alonso's teammate help him win the race 2021- alonso helps teammate win the race
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez Pred 9 urami
Can u guys just plz upload the highlights, my formula 1 account isn’t working
Final Lap italia
Final Lap italia Pred 9 urami
Im so happy for him it's always nice to see a driver win his first race😊😊
Xhpen-rtwabt Lin
Xhpen-rtwabt Lin Pred 9 urami
Laurent Michel
Laurent Michel Pred 9 urami
I takes some skill to take out the current top 5 of the championship in one go, except for your teammate. It's like Mercedes wants everyone to hate them.
Magnus Tan
Magnus Tan Pred 9 urami
David beats galioth! So happy for him, easily one of the happiest characters in the paddock.
Adith Krishnaa
Adith Krishnaa Pred 9 urami
hamilton-at that speed it’s dangerous max-are you joking
Daniel Mampilly
Daniel Mampilly Pred 9 urami
Yoo I love Ocon's run 0:20 😂
neft16 Pred 9 urami
Toto: Valteri, Hamilton has beaten you in every race. You must do better. Bottas: Look, I took BOTH Red Bulls out, Hamilton could only manage one!
Rob Smuckers
Rob Smuckers Pred 9 urami
Ocon victory right there with Pierre's, crazy race and great result.
Laurenţiu Diconescu
Laurenţiu Diconescu Pred 9 urami
Firstly taking out your direct opponent and next race sending your opponent to do that and for all this you get 10 seconds penalty nice! he should have been black flagged for both races
ravinder dasila
ravinder dasila Pred 9 urami
Imagine hamilton also pitted at the restart... five lights go out for an empty grid!!!
Claudemir Taveira
Claudemir Taveira Pred 9 urami
AC BC Pred 9 urami
Lewis Hamilton will win his 8th championship this year. One way or the other .
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson Pred 9 urami
Great, here I am waiting to catch the highlights and then you pop his video out first telling me who wins, cheers
Tag Quasar
Tag Quasar Pred 9 urami
Bottas to Hamilton: i can do one better than you, see?
Zach Buchowski
Zach Buchowski Pred 9 urami
Watching this after the finish because I missed it before. I love seeing the driver interview knowing they're going to win, and especially when his team mate does very well too. 😉
jelter skelter
jelter skelter Pred 9 urami
How many people did finish?
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa Pred 9 urami
Vídeo em português🙌👏👏👏, ganhou um inscrito e like.
Renan Marques
Renan Marques Pred 9 urami
YES YES YES HAMILTON. Nice work man!
Hannah Barley
Hannah Barley Pred 9 urami
I never really liked Ocon before but this victory was so well deserved and made me like the guy more
Pranav P S
Pranav P S Pred 9 urami
Toto : Valtteri, I trust you to defeat the Bulls and get us the lead in both championships . Bottas ( pulls his visor down ) : You got it, Sir.
Stefano Pics
Stefano Pics Pred 9 urami
Please keep Rosberg!
aspire Pred 9 urami
Toto to FIA: "We only crashed into 3 cars this race, I sent you an email." FIA: "Understand, 5 place grid penalty, you can hit more of them in Belgium..."
Missy Pred 9 urami
*David beats Goliath* Ocon P1
Super22b Pred 9 urami
And there are people that still think Alonso isn't a team player.
Andrew Tippereros
Andrew Tippereros Pred 9 urami
F1 is so boring and predictable, I hate it.
SZTORNO Pred 9 urami
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nimsahug Pred 9 urami
Why would you uploade this before the Race Highlights. Completely ruined the Hungarian GP for me. I was busy today and couldnt watch it live
ELOCKSTER Pred 9 urami
So mercedes strategy is take Red Bull out one crash at a time
catur skak
catur skak Pred 9 urami
this race is about pouring salt on RBs wound
Oskar Belniak
Oskar Belniak Pred 9 urami
So is everyone going to ignore the commentary? No enthusiasm at all.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson Pred 9 urami
Yeah thanks for telling us the winner before you put the race highlights up 👍🏼
phil driver
phil driver Pred 9 urami
lewis 14th at the beginning , 3rd at the end . on a track that is the 2nd hardest to overtake , give lewis credit .
Steev Pred 9 urami
Most deserved driver of the day was today's that Alonso got. Man is 🐐. Other drivers would never dare to do that close defence
Siddhesh Kadav
Siddhesh Kadav Pred 9 urami
No Bottas. No party for Ocon and Mercedes. F1 rulebook should be sacked before this break ends.
Floyds high heels
Floyds high heels Pred 9 urami
How does Bottas get a 5 grid penalty yet Hamilton was basically let off for his first lap move at Silverstone when he could’ve killed a man
D. Khulu Nkabinde
D. Khulu Nkabinde Pred 9 urami
Hard racing vs mistake from driver
G M Pred 9 urami
Alonso is absolutely stunning !! Give him a competitive car !
Owen Pred 9 urami
FIA: Bottas causes crash. 5 place grid penalty Also FIA: Drivers crashed into by Bottas potentially requiring engine change. 10 place grid penalty.
Monte zuma
Monte zuma Pred 9 urami
Can we just take 1 moment for William boys? And not just single, but double points.
Pucuk 16
Pucuk 16 Pred 9 urami
he is struggle this half season.. so inconsistent.. this is moral booster he need..
S. S.
S. S. Pred 9 urami
and Mercedes cheat their way to the top of the championship for the second time in a row
Jay BO
Jay BO Pred 9 urami
Why the f*** would you post this before the highlights?!
nerdexproject Pred 9 urami
Anybody got a clue why Ocon and Vettel parked their cars simply somewhere on the track?
Dhanaramk db
Dhanaramk db Pred 9 urami
What many don't talk about is the class LH showed today to come from literally last to podium finish. When he does a mistake 1000 people point fingers., When he drives brilliantly nobody (very few) acknowledge.
Nick Lame
Nick Lame Pred 9 urami
Bottas hitting bullseye
444 205t16
444 205t16 Pred 9 urami
Très belle image de Alonso, pilote en OR et bravo Esteban 👏👏👏👏
Peeetrsn Pred 9 urami
And Hamilton gets away again like nothing happened... How many luck is this guy going to have?
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer Pred 9 urami
hamadou otamsi
hamadou otamsi Pred 9 urami
Lewis is back in the lead !!!! let's go racing
no Pred 9 urami
certified 🅱️ottas moment
Helio GT
Helio GT Pred 9 urami
i think i said it on the fp1 highlights: bottas is just fast to take out verstappen. point proven.
Catfish Pred 9 urami
This guy used to live with his father in a trailer, towing it to races in the weekends and then parking it outside his school after... How can you not love seeing him win?
Christopher Adams
Christopher Adams Pred 9 urami
Mercedes race strategy for the remainder of the season…dive bomb into turns and take out a few Red Bulls
Avihay Zevuluny
Avihay Zevuluny Pred 9 urami
Ocon win🇲🇫‼️ (my favourite driver) The best race since when I see Formula 1
Steev Pred 9 urami
Kudos for Lando to talk against the merc driver 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Midnight Wolf Whisperer.
Midnight Wolf Whisperer. Pred 9 urami
He truly deserved that win after a monumental drive
K I M I M O R G A M Pred 9 urami
This was proposal!
Takashi Pred 9 urami
Mercedes Strategy: If you cant beat them, take them out~!