Michael W Clark
Michael W Clark Pred 16 urami
How about taking the rolls and not unrolling them but pressing the roll flat and layer a few rolls?
Tomas Dipple
Tomas Dipple Pred 16 urami
The look on donuts face after that first shot....
Ben H
Ben H Pred 16 urami
yooo that shirt!!!
little pickle
little pickle Pred 16 urami
I love Demo Ranch but the intros are absolute shit
Ano N. Ymous
Ano N. Ymous Pred 16 urami
Well, well How the turn tables
Joe Rossi
Joe Rossi Pred 16 urami
That intro...
Ryan Pred 16 urami
This was obviously a setup
chrispfankuch Pred 16 urami
Brandon sent me, don't know why I wasn't subbed but I am now. congrats!
Dmanuel Flores
Dmanuel Flores Pred 16 urami
Your Living the dream man.
Siniestro02 Pred 16 urami
Am I the only one thinking how a pain was to carry/setup/clean up all those safes?
John Peterson
John Peterson Pred 16 urami
Matt, they have not made "Tin" foil since the 60's... its aluminum foil. If it were actual Tin, then you might have a different outcome.
Niki Pred 16 urami
when dont mention the pc in the SSponsoring :(
Amanda Fralin
Amanda Fralin Pred 16 urami
I want you to shoot full propane tanks. Please.. I want to see them splode.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones Pred 16 urami
Always wondered home many hard drives it would take to stop a .50 BMG..
roadwolf2 Pred 16 urami
So Matt has a twenty twozi?
painmt651 Pred 16 urami
I like the music at the end during the slow Mo
Hank Lank
Hank Lank Pred 16 urami
Master flips
Master flips Pred 16 urami
Woah did Matt rob a military armory
Chris Pred 16 urami
6:30: “Somehow still locked...” *Turns into HowToBasic*
geomrty dash noob
geomrty dash noob Pred 16 urami
I would choose the 22 long rifle
Jake Padilla
Jake Padilla Pred 16 urami
nobody tell him, noooobody tell him
Nethe10 Pred 16 urami
Yeah this is america
Rahul Tr official
Rahul Tr official Pred 16 urami
Where did you get a tank
Ezequiel Vazquez
Ezequiel Vazquez Pred 16 urami
Can you save some ammo for us?
Mok Mokovik
Mok Mokovik Pred 16 urami
to support the algorithm, E
Toronto Beyond The Blue
Toronto Beyond The Blue Pred 16 urami
Ououyyy, Plays.
Ououyyy, Plays. Pred 16 urami
1:47 oh shoot mom close your eyes
David Louk
David Louk Pred 16 urami
How many 50bmgs do you hav e
Kamikaze Pred 16 urami
That intro was legendary
Helga Maier
Helga Maier Pred 16 urami
First video I saw from you. Subscribed after the intro
Fluff aka John
Fluff aka John Pred 16 urami
Go Pico yeah yeah, Go Pico oh...
Ezra the epic gamer
Ezra the epic gamer Pred 16 urami
Can you try to shoot Oobleck. Because it is a solid and a liquid.
Jeep Schein
Jeep Schein Pred 16 urami
Fiber glass matt (uncoated)
Toronto Beyond The Blue
Toronto Beyond The Blue Pred 16 urami
JAXXED Xz Pred 16 urami
Now 200 trees and fire mortars towards it
Zerek albarez
Zerek albarez Pred 16 urami
Shoot oobleck next!
Sarah El-Rachidi
Sarah El-Rachidi Pred 16 urami
Matt you are hilarious to watch!! I love your personality 😝
The Reptile guru
The Reptile guru Pred 16 urami
ATF enters the chat 💬
Default Cube
Default Cube Pred 16 urami
Wonder how manya sabot would get... ;)
Noobmaster2778 Pred 16 urami
mrsbrinky Pred 16 urami
wtf was the intro
Михаил Охлопков
Михаил Охлопков Pred 16 urami
what caliber will hammer in a nail?
Slout Pred 16 urami
😂love your Intros man
TheSlimGrinch Pred 16 urami
David Chipman is creaming in his pants right now, salivating at the thought of a Waco 2.0 watching this
Amir Acelin
Amir Acelin Pred 16 urami
Its simple in the point of impact and the moment of impact a equal reaction force to bullets force is specter .
Arifin 001
Arifin 001 Pred 16 urami
Wkwkwwk bangsat 🤣
Storm Angel
Storm Angel Pred 16 urami
There is so much lead in the ground
NW4T5 Pred 16 urami
Israel made are real trash
Ragav Sampath
Ragav Sampath Pred 16 urami
Should have done a Collab with slowmo guys.......... That would have added more awesomeness to this
Richard Beacham
Richard Beacham Pred 16 urami
Please change the title.... lol.... pretty sure the bad guy is on a front end loader... yep... straight from the best movie info site ever... imdb.com... Travis shoots Cole and she goes down. Murtaugh fights through some of Travis' men, then finds a loose crate of cop killer bullets and loads up Darryl's gun with them. Riggs fights hand-to-hand with Travis, then gets pinned down as Travis tries to run him over with a front-end loader. Murtaugh takes out Walters, then tosses Darryl's gun to Riggs, loaded with the cop killer bullets. Riggs shoots through the bucket of the front-end loader, killing Travis. www.imdb.com/title/tt0097733/plotsummary
jason Pred 16 urami
tried to bake a turkey but they had no more foil at the store. now i know why
Skåningarsomgamar Pred 16 urami
i used to watch a ton of your videos of you and your family, i recently came back to watch, and it still feels the same if that makes sense. You're amazing.
Gian Carlo Sagibal
Gian Carlo Sagibal Pred 16 urami
This armor ar for bbs only
Brian LaFollette
Brian LaFollette Pred 16 urami
I'm sure that demolition ranch is where dumb ideas are supposed to be tried.
Jaybriel Jordan
Jaybriel Jordan Pred 16 urami
Matt you should get The berata 92g centoren tactical.
Lodewijk Hoogstraaten
Lodewijk Hoogstraaten Pred 16 urami
Why not ask the SlowMowGuys to film this and see how the cracks on the back appear???!! :)
Suicide Kyd
Suicide Kyd Pred 16 urami
my uzi is not auto.... then you have a pistol
Fortnite_Overwatch Pred 16 urami
I think 8
Chandra shekhar Makker
Chandra shekhar Makker Pred 16 urami
Do I need a license in india?
Xbanned_on_tv Pred 16 urami
Donuts like a kid helping his dad
81DaddyMac Pred 16 urami
His intros are so stupid.
Alpha OmegaFamily
Alpha OmegaFamily Pred 16 urami
Matt Best is a fucking GEM 💎
Richard Beacham
Richard Beacham Pred 16 urami
why so many rounds at the extremely sloped surface.... no chance of penetration...lol
goldgod5454 Pred 16 urami
can we pls have links to the guns some of these i really wanna shoot
Szymon's hobby workshop
Szymon's hobby workshop Pred 17 urami
Grayson McLester
Grayson McLester Pred 17 urami
Imagine they get the last few guns laid out and just as they are done heavens break loose and it just starts absolutely pouring
Ian Doll
Ian Doll Pred 17 urami
That intro was 🔥 😜🤣
Lilfurrybean Pred 17 urami
I like on how every body was making fun of dounught for picking the lever action then he proceeds to hit the smallest target and just looks at them like “you just saw that didn’t you”
saad legendary
saad legendary Pred 17 urami
no trees were harmed in the making of this video
Emil Westgaard Henriksen
Emil Westgaard Henriksen Pred 17 urami
That intro is one of the best ones yet 🤣🤣
blue dino hjmguf shorts
blue dino hjmguf shorts Pred 17 urami
0:35 5 year old me playing with my self
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas Pred 17 urami
Is that an engine valve you're using to check for a clear barrel on that glock 40? LOL
ShadesOfMist Pred 17 urami
omg fire a rocket launcher on that , than its open dude.
Andreas B
Andreas B Pred 17 urami
big house HUUUUUGE gorgeus garden...wow...
Thats a NO then!
Steve1lol Pred 17 urami
Pretty sure it can block toothbrushes
Apocalypse Zomby
Apocalypse Zomby Pred 17 urami
so 2.27 miles of tin foil will effectively stop a .50 BMG.... okay then!
Incognito XII
Incognito XII Pred 17 urami
The thumbnail reminds me of something....