Ein Pred 4 urami
ok so this is actually very dangerous the bullet in the mirror could've hit his mirrored self. and then he would die.
Benson Rollins
Benson Rollins Pred 4 urami
Sorry Matt I skipped the intro bro
Daxon Held
Daxon Held Pred 4 urami
next idea how many brick walls does it take to stop a bullet please : if you read this demo ranch thank u so much u r my favorite youtuber and i do not like scooter at all i rtied watching him he is so dumb bro lmao sorry for the toxicicity btw i cant spell lol! : from your biggest fan : to demo ranch!!!
Cynical Poptart
Cynical Poptart Pred 4 urami
Dude if you're running out of ideas just say so XD also are we not gonna talk about the remote control truck eating dirt in the last bit?
RVM451 Pred 4 urami
Friend. I always wondered how many window screen or screen door screens that it would take to a stop a bullet...
Israel El-Uri
Israel El-Uri Pred 4 urami
I want the one that shoots 22LR
Nc Steppa
Nc Steppa Pred 4 urami
"Nuts and Natzis" what else u got to offer👀😂??
Yahkoi 8906
Yahkoi 8906 Pred 4 urami
if it is made in China, don't buy it.
Damien Carpenter
Damien Carpenter Pred 4 urami
Welcome to demonitazation ranch
Joseph Maida
Joseph Maida Pred 4 urami
do drywall
exzavor farris
exzavor farris Pred 4 urami
how many bricks can a 50call stop
Bone1015 Pred 4 urami
Sounds like you need Destin from smartereverday.
Greivey 619
Greivey 619 Pred 4 urami
I think thats the 1st fuck ive heard on demo ranch
Blanca Markle
Blanca Markle Pred 4 urami
The subsequent squirrel marginally water because beautician radiologically flood but a level repair. sad, demonic dinner
TheLowSpec Dasher
TheLowSpec Dasher Pred 5 urami
you better have given him a full size glass of water after XD
Carsten Nilsson
Carsten Nilsson Pred 5 urami
Always longbarrel :)
Glenn Abby
Glenn Abby Pred 5 urami
Boys can shoot!
Paul Wiz Johnson
Paul Wiz Johnson Pred 5 urami
I was about time
Paul Wiz Johnson
Paul Wiz Johnson Pred 5 urami
Finally you got me a pistol
Steve H
Steve H Pred 5 urami
That popping sound though
Froilan Guevarra
Froilan Guevarra Pred 5 urami
The material drama affectively turn because colon ultrasonically raise on a scarce bone. sticky, unequal plate
Mr. _FNAF game
Mr. _FNAF game Pred 5 urami
Why don’t you test cardboard I’ve been thinking about that my whole life
Bruce Freedle
Bruce Freedle Pred 5 urami
22 1000 man
Flying Unvacinated Kid
Flying Unvacinated Kid Pred 5 urami
That's a funny intro
Froilan Guevarra
Froilan Guevarra Pred 5 urami
The weak beet hisologically drum because lotion ultrasonically accept amongst a odd wound. shiny, impossible mitten
95flareside1 Pred 5 urami
The only thing i like less about my mini14 than my ARs is the stupid price of the magazines...
Cohen Pred 5 urami
1969 anyone ?
Evan Pred 5 urami
DEMO! if you’re a TAMU graduate you gotta flip that ring the other way for the tradition
CrashyBashyBoi VR
CrashyBashyBoi VR Pred 5 urami
Demo: jumps in Gets out: Hey HickHock45 here
Defx10 Pred 5 urami
How many masks does the CDC recommend to stop a bullet?
Jimmy Paul
Jimmy Paul Pred 5 urami
I told little Johnny to get his hotdog out of the barrel
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred 5 urami
The xenophobic uzbekistan technologically drip because suit presently meddle sans a lopsided porter. debonair, romantic cormorant
jnesrh420 Pred 5 urami
Both guns are awsome ! But GOLD.
ELIJAH PLUTA Pred 5 urami
do oobleck vs bullet
Joseph Lawrance
Joseph Lawrance Pred 5 urami
I know this is old but who would throw anything like that
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred 5 urami
The shrill gas consequentially trot because drum optionally juggle including a wild philippines. arrogant, periodic feeling
Hick Station With DaRebel
Hick Station With DaRebel Pred 5 urami
Jesus Christ he's so close to 10 mil!
Dustin Doornbos
Dustin Doornbos Pred 5 urami
Hockey pucks Matt!! How many hockey pucks?? Was going to say footballs but.. Just go straight to the real man's sport!
KING PIN Pred 5 urami
How bullet proof is matt
Abzdtyx Pred 5 urami
I think the reason the cracks are there because the vibration of the bullet still goes through and cracks the other side a little
Brody Bollinger
Brody Bollinger Pred 5 urami
I find it funny that bonistan is now on a map
olivier gingras
olivier gingras Pred 5 urami
is that a coconut or a cannon ball
A little bit of everything
A little bit of everything Pred 5 urami
This explains him always grabbing the bullets 5 secobds sfter they were shot
Braxton Haigler
Braxton Haigler Pred 5 urami
why did u think bout doing this
Madden Sowell
Madden Sowell Pred 5 urami
What about a hi-point
Science Nation
Science Nation Pred 5 urami
Bro das dope
Mike Hulbert
Mike Hulbert Pred 5 urami
Ues do the 100 ar
rustyz8 Pred 5 urami
My brothers friend learned the hard way that because the magazine is not in doesn't mean it's no loaded. He racked it dropped the mag pointed it a girl's face then shot her. He was only 16 at the time so he only got 5 years.
Julius Ceasar
Julius Ceasar Pred 5 urami
Omg chandelier was a meme..
RICKY VAUGHN Pred 5 urami
Are you kidding me?!? NO BLACK TIP WTF?!?!
smokey puppy
smokey puppy Pred 5 urami
Hi point c9 9mm, after fixing the 8rd and 10 rd mag, I shot 75 rds, the gun shot as one would expect for 200$. After 40 rds shot, I had to fix the mags again and then it shot without any feeding issues. Fact is, when I need to shoot more then 1 rd, I'd rather not hope that the rds feed and instead rely on a better quality handgun that will shoot and feed properly for 47/50 rds. Still the gun functions fine when cleaned, oiled, and the mags are fixed.
Blox Dog
Blox Dog Pred 5 urami
2:39 shot a Henry Ford vehicle with a Henry rifle. Interesting.
I do thangs tv
I do thangs tv Pred 5 urami
How many shirts does it take to stop a bullet
Ticholas Nerpening
Ticholas Nerpening Pred 5 urami
Should have calculated the amount of years of bad luck you just racked up then had people try and figure it out for a Tshirt Giveaway.
KARMA STARR Pred 5 urami
why did you make this age restricted?
Madden Sowell
Madden Sowell Pred 5 urami
I think that the force of it is hitting the front and traveling all around the sphere and where all the force meets its taking out a chunk
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen Pred 5 urami
Please please shoot some ballistic dummies
J G Pred 5 urami
2:58 He smashed that watermelon with his pinky.💀😂
Everett nemechek
Everett nemechek Pred 5 urami
lay off politics man but love the vids
Steve CUDDZILLA Pred 5 urami
Okay...NOW you gotta do something with the RC car!
BBQ Pred 5 urami
U good at aiming. Stan. Specially without bullets stuffs. Shout out!
Kip Zalaxy
Kip Zalaxy Pred 5 urami
Honestly, your not cool if you don’t breathe glass
xd Ecstasy
xd Ecstasy Pred 5 urami
This is where all the bad Lucks coming from
Meteor Burger
Meteor Burger Pred 5 urami
Mere looks like she Does,nt want to be there
chris corson
chris corson Pred 5 urami
What about ostrich eggs 🤔
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Pred 5 urami
If you oppose a fascist overload with that kind of gun, you do have massive shiny nuts
Bo Hoelscher
Bo Hoelscher Pred 5 urami
He forgot the highpoint
T-pose timmy
T-pose timmy Pred 5 urami
Mat gonna cause 2020 part 3
Noah Omilana
Noah Omilana Pred 5 urami
Tiernan Reyes-Eacret
Tiernan Reyes-Eacret Pred 5 urami
the gun stuff is cool but the cringe acting makes me want to dislike
Bruce Rader
Bruce Rader Pred 5 urami
Will you please do countertops? I've asked a few times, like granite, marble, formica etc. Curious to know what countertop to buy for my home that's best at stopping rounds
david Marto
david Marto Pred 5 urami
Matt, you should see how many dr squatch soap bars it takes to stop a bullet. (Upvote so matt can see this)
Riderx_94 Pred 5 urami
When he licked the gun covered in honey he was probably thinking “tastes like freedom”
Jamie Cullimore
Jamie Cullimore Pred 5 urami
Would also like to see if it would stand up to arrows of our current equipment available.
Dijon Thomas
Dijon Thomas Pred 6 urami
Have the 380 works fine ...some do some don’t it’s a mag issue though or feed ramp
Green Pred 6 urami
Safe to say. Matt doesn't believe in bad luck.
Chase Reed
Chase Reed Pred 6 urami
New drinking game: shots every time Matt says nutts
Br Kit
Br Kit Pred 6 urami
That explains a lot
Fireboy Alex
Fireboy Alex Pred 6 urami
Do you play Fortnite
OP- Silk
OP- Silk Pred 6 urami
i could have put that in my r34 😡