Lil Tjay x Einer Bankz
Lil Tjay - Forever Pop
Martha Yauri
Martha Yauri Pred 11 urami
If a person still say is a 0 out of a 10 I will say 10 out of 10
Martha Yauri
Martha Yauri Pred 11 urami
Tj is the goat
Rxvêršê Pred 11 urami
2021 March
Ebk Melly
Ebk Melly Pred 11 urami
Lil tjay stop calling my phone 😂😭💯💯
Arjun Balli
Arjun Balli Pred 11 urami
Ellyn Dakoske
Ellyn Dakoske Pred 11 urami
This song hits different. I love it.
Gael Enrique Galvan Robles
Gael Enrique Galvan Robles Pred 11 urami
ig de la minita
VarDes Pred 11 urami
It's like 2AM but gotta celebrate da 1yr anniversary
Rany Pred 11 urami
Meme voix que xxxtentacion
Casey B
Casey B Pred 12 urami
Lil tjay road man style be like
Munga Quotes
Munga Quotes Pred 12 urami
My everyday listen 💯🔥🔥
jerko radovnikovic
jerko radovnikovic Pred 12 urami
LIL tjay this new song is so good fire.
Spyros Apergis
Spyros Apergis Pred 12 urami
Uh, shit I almost forgot to listen to this song today.....but here we areeee
Skyler Cabrello
Skyler Cabrello Pred 12 urami
This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you <33
Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie Pred 12 urami
Roshane DaG
Roshane DaG Pred 13 urami
Egirl Rich
Egirl Rich Pred 13 urami
shit gave me chills 💔rip the woo 💫
Malik Arham
Malik Arham Pred 13 urami
2:07 liquid gold!
_jbridez_ 2020
_jbridez_ 2020 Pred 13 urami
Big up tjay🔌❤️
_jbridez_ 2020
_jbridez_ 2020 Pred 13 urami
Dis song is mad🤟❤️
TJ Kratchwell
TJ Kratchwell Pred 13 urami
Damn no autotune fire tho
Vitoria Rafaela
Vitoria Rafaela Pred 13 urami
Cadê os BR DAQUI 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 MÚSICA FODA DEMAIS
BenjjiiMorris 2444AUZ
BenjjiiMorris 2444AUZ Pred 13 urami
Really good song
AstroMusic 21
AstroMusic 21 Pred 13 urami
Put Speed to 1.25, thank me later
rahul jhamnani
rahul jhamnani Pred 13 urami
Bro what a song
Alvaro Cabral
Alvaro Cabral Pred 13 urami
Troas Murray
Troas Murray Pred 13 urami
Careers At Topp Cuttaz
Careers At Topp Cuttaz Pred 13 urami
Pop smokes woo is better🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Champion Hayes
Champion Hayes Pred 13 urami
im lil tjays biggest fan at 11 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. M
Mr. M Pred 13 urami
Nj this song is heat like magma🔥🔥🔥🔥
Xavier Scott
Xavier Scott Pred 13 urami
This song fire 🔥🔥🔥
rexo YT
rexo YT Pred 13 urami
Im sad 😞😞
FaZe SkyR1tE
FaZe SkyR1tE Pred 13 urami
this song is #number1Trend
Lazavia Bey
Lazavia Bey Pred 13 urami
Iver Merkesdal
Iver Merkesdal Pred 13 urami
6lack his sound is perfect for this song but he moves weird some times
Henry Dick
Henry Dick Pred 14 urami
Who is that at 1:35 Polo g
Quasier Mitchell
Quasier Mitchell Pred 14 urami
Have you noticed how LilTjay barely moves his lips when he sings?
Bilal Hussain 2
Bilal Hussain 2 Pred 14 urami
Rod Aladin
Rod Aladin Pred 14 urami
Is that Janet Guzman
it’s Sunny Bear
it’s Sunny Bear Pred 14 urami
Lil tjay:when he made the song steady callin my phone I’m about to go leave me lone lil tjay now:steady callin my phone I den told u before that it over leave me lone
Gemma Mack
Gemma Mack Pred 14 urami
Bre & Kandi
Bre & Kandi Pred 14 urami
He did his stuff with this song 🔥
Ixa Bad
Ixa Bad Pred 14 urami
this banger literally dropped on my bday pretty cool
Keisha Sawyer
Keisha Sawyer Pred 14 urami
Leave me alone I'm depressed 😔😔😔
Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano Pred 14 urami
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Ohlolololololo _
Ohlolololololo _ Pred 15 urami
Ayo you can tell me what you want 6lack was better
RealMobGang Pred 15 urami
This song is what ima do to my ex when she call 😈😈😈😈
Michael Howard
Michael Howard Pred 15 urami
My girl cheated on after three months she lost someone so good. Thanks for this song
Yungreezzy95 Parker
Yungreezzy95 Parker Pred 15 urami
Used to be my homie u ain’t gang no more💯💔
Sniper Pred 15 urami
the goat
Casu_ 2K
Casu_ 2K Pred 15 urami
take that on spotifyy please maan!!
Alba Rogers
Alba Rogers Pred 15 urami
Yes this the best and I pressed on this somebody was calling me
Christian Draker
Christian Draker Pred 15 urami
Lil tjay is so consistent, that’s why I like him he drops hit after hit and doesn’t miss
Romonia Ellis
Romonia Ellis Pred 15 urami
still the shit
the duece
the duece Pred 15 urami
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Emil Abad
Emil Abad Pred 15 urami
im i love with this song.
Camdyn Alexander
Camdyn Alexander Pred 15 urami
bro this is my favorite song every no cap this song slaps
Battles Tiajha
Battles Tiajha Pred 16 urami
I’m not like a fan but I love some his songs like sex sounds and brothers and calling my phonr
Anthony Rossi
Anthony Rossi Pred 16 urami
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anthony Rossi
Anthony Rossi Pred 16 urami
Victor Manue Leguia Meza
Victor Manue Leguia Meza Pred 16 urami
Lil Tjay <4
Sean Hall
Sean Hall Pred 16 urami
Is swear most rappers have (lil) in there name lol
Handssi Pred 16 urami
bruh 6lack fits this song soo well
AIDEN CLARK Pred 16 urami
25 million fucking veiws lets go!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👿👿👿👿👿🔥🔥🔥🔥👿👿
Gabriel Almonte
Gabriel Almonte Pred 16 urami
lil tjay be on that singing vibes now? this is a new start
Jesus Obregon
Jesus Obregon Pred 16 urami
Thank you lil tjay fot taking drivers license spot
Selma Sanhaji
Selma Sanhaji Pred 16 urami
I love lil tjay
Aqu1r Pred 16 urami
best song in 2021 idc lmaooo this jawn just different
Jaeden Christians
Jaeden Christians Pred 16 urami
Justin go play Fortnite. Tjay's the goat
Marieme Pred 16 urami
Il est vraiment trop fort 😩❤️❤️
Menace Pred 16 urami
6LACK suits this the most
Preston Conley
Preston Conley Pred 17 urami
I heard this song on the radio and I had to check it out it is fire lil tjay I'm talking to you bro keep your head up you have a bright future love your music
Storm-E Pred 17 urami
Yo make a song with polo g again
Itz.haneenxox Ali
Itz.haneenxox Ali Pred 17 urami
Ur a real one if ir listening to this at 2021
DaxY fn
DaxY fn Pred 17 urami
bruh this still fire no 🧢
DaxY fn
DaxY fn Pred 17 urami
who is from 2021
TLC Street
TLC Street Pred 17 urami
u gon get on da billboard and STOP CALLIN MY PHONE
Tadio Huerta
Tadio Huerta Pred 17 urami
I love your songs
D A V I D Pred 17 urami
I actually love this song, Great Job Lil Tjay