Rodolfo Tonelli
Rodolfo Tonelli Pred 12 urami
Now you know that without Lozano, you are not a top club in Italy. Get better amigo. Forza Napoli! ⚽
Bert Jones
Bert Jones Pred 12 urami
yep, the Emirates Fly Betters are Gods of the Pitch in the EuropaLeague. Scintillating.
Number9WithFries Pred 12 urami
Is it me or Ronaldo is actually make more goal passes than actually receiving them? How are you gonna play Ronaldo without giving him passes to score and expect winning. The defense is shit. The midfield is shit and they actually need Ronaldo to play midfield in order to even get any good chance to score. I really do not understand why they sign morata when they already have deballa and Ronaldo. Get yourself a good midfielder damn
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Pred 12 urami
Cool Antw. ! Th
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam Pred 12 urami
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Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam Pred 12 urami
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Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz Pred 13 urami
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Red Pred 13 urami
God damn, PSG is so freaking good.
Matias Restifo
Matias Restifo Pred 13 urami
2:05 My man is a giraffe
Jackson Mann
Jackson Mann Pred 13 urami
How tf was that not a pk
hoang truong
hoang truong Pred 13 urami
Man City and Bayern Munich for dream final
Eden 4v
Eden 4v Pred 13 urami
Granadas goal went in so slowly my dead grandma could’ve caught the ball and take it back to heaven if she felt like it, disappointing from napolis goalkeeper
Razvan Kirchoff
Razvan Kirchoff Pred 13 urami
The jaded rectangle postprandially bow because hemp geographically press throughout a political joseph. lackadaisical, lackadaisical whip
Razvan Kirchoff
Razvan Kirchoff Pred 13 urami
The utopian feast desirably paint because sock intrestingly knock an a billowy swordfish. psychotic, cloistered chance
cheetofingers77 Pred 13 urami
Molde Goalkeeper made some BIG saves, man of the match for me
Nefi Castillo
Nefi Castillo Pred 13 urami
Watching all German teams get knocked out of the Europa League make me confident Dortmund can easily make top 4 this season
Reason Pred 13 urami
Gattuso doesn't seem to be good enough.
Frumious Pred 14 urami
Is it possible for a striker to be bigger and stronger than Zlatan - and only 20 years old? YES!
Matt G
Matt G Pred 14 urami
"It's a definite penalty; no doubt about it" - as we watch the guy take three full steps after being tapped on the foot before very clearly choosing to fall over. Commentator needs his eyes checked!
Alexander Negron
Alexander Negron Pred 14 urami
good thing is that was a great week for you wait for competition bad thing is that we have to wait two weeks for UEFA for competition to return
yvng tub
yvng tub Pred 14 urami
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Bean-Berry Hodzen
Bean-Berry Hodzen Pred 14 urami
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Piero Linares
Piero Linares Pred 14 urami
You get a yellow card, you get a yellow card, everyone gets a yellow card
Bean-Berry Hodzen
Bean-Berry Hodzen Pred 14 urami
The possible hydrant naturalistically crawl because east accordingly rub pace a five lift. murky, aromatic helicopter
Winelkay Gonzalez
Winelkay Gonzalez Pred 14 urami
LET'S GO GRANADAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I TOLD YOU, WITH THE VENEZUELAN COMBO OF YANGEL HERRERA AND DARWIN MACHÍS, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Napoli is garbage with that Mexican Lozano with full respect, he deserves to go to a different club.
CaptainDawg02 Pred 14 urami
Uhhhhhh...Tottenham goals? Dele Alli had the best one of the Round of 32 both legs and doesn't get in? That's just lazy...
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico Pred 14 urami
Carles is still missed at Barca, was not his time to go :(
MEC4LIFE Smiley Pred 14 urami
Tax payers spending alot with no hope of making any from it.
MEC4LIFE Smiley Pred 15 urami
Why would a city want to spend the money to put this on when the locals paying for it get nothing back? Makes no sense.
MEC4LIFE Smiley Pred 15 urami
Not the same vibe without fans in the stands.
Keiron Murray
Keiron Murray Pred 15 urami
cancelo is disgusting and he's being used as a left-back
Decieved Them
Decieved Them Pred 15 urami
Surprised I dont see comments about how the goalie should have saved that goal. He definitely could have
Mauricio Vigil
Mauricio Vigil Pred 15 urami
The ref was just terrible
Malik Mathes
Malik Mathes Pred 15 urami
rogers lowkey didnt want to win this game. he would rather go through the league to get into the Cl
ronaldo65ful Pred 15 urami
I’m surprise no team is going after Hagi, such a talented player
Gianluca Audia
Gianluca Audia Pred 15 urami
At 3:55 in his 38th Goal you can see marcelo celebrating before he takes the shot
AllthatJazzTV Pred 15 urami
how about instead of showing the replays 3 times show us all the goals once
Ta Xa
Ta Xa Pred 15 urami
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Brandon Dunphy
Brandon Dunphy Pred 15 urami
You know its a farmers league when they cant even score one goal on Man U
Brandon Dunphy
Brandon Dunphy Pred 15 urami
So it really is a farmers league..no more debate
AYO CRISTIAN Pred 15 urami
Ryan kent!!!!!
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman Pred 15 urami
Congrats to Praha!
Ayden Fernandez
Ayden Fernandez Pred 15 urami
Is that George weahs kid playing for Lille?
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman Pred 15 urami
4:59 "that WILL be registered as a shot on target..." classic dry wit!
Etienne Esh
Etienne Esh Pred 15 urami
The thoughtless heron ecologically detect because scraper separately learn without a selective brown. bad, recondite red
mamed vaifov
mamed vaifov Pred 15 urami
First goal gives Pickford vs Origi vibes 😂
The Natural Born Killer
The Natural Born Killer Pred 16 urami
Putangina sbi ko bibigyan nya dapat ng cake pero sbi ko si zeta gusto ng cake bka gutso nya yan sbi nman ni mexico ayaw nyaw daw ksi hindi nya kilala si zeta. Sakin nya sinabe bibigyan nya ako ng cake galing yta cheesecake factory. Sakin nya bibigay yng bibigay sakin ni mexico yng bibigayan nya ako cake may bibigay daw sya sakin sakin. Peri sbi ko so zeta mas need nya yan bibigay mo sbi ni mexico ayaw nya daw i dont know him prang ang sama eh napatawa pa ako ksi andun sya katabi ko sa isles eh sbi nya no i dont know him. October yng may bibigay sya sakin na cake. Nag populate sya ng November
Diana munoz de zapata
Diana munoz de zapata Pred 16 urami
Que vergüenza el arbitro 😡, lastima por el fútbol. Hubiera sido un partidazo . Prefieren aser trampa que darnos un buen espectáculo. Winning like that is like buying a wife 🤣
GRod Pred 16 urami
My Sissoko RTTF card 😎
Aja Jones
Aja Jones Pred 16 urami
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Mike Nica
Mike Nica Pred 16 urami
Well done Kiev and Lucescu!
Ray Badudu
Ray Badudu Pred 16 urami
Pellegrini tryna do a Bruno Fernandes-esque penalty 😂 haters calling Bruno PENandes but ngl, would love to have a player on the team who has only missed 3 of his 40 career penalites.
Aja Jones
Aja Jones Pred 16 urami
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Temple Charles
Temple Charles Pred 16 urami
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Aja Jones
Aja Jones Pred 16 urami
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Collective Macri
Collective Macri Pred 16 urami
Who is here after AC Milan drew against Manchester United in the Europa League Round of 16? That's just not fair man.
Thomas Carlton
Thomas Carlton Pred 16 urami
Whoever made these highlights is a dumbass, thanks for a whole minute of subs...
Rydawg 26
Rydawg 26 Pred 16 urami
Victor has those CR7 hops 😂
Rydawg 26
Rydawg 26 Pred 16 urami
The Real Sociadad black kit reminds me of the 3rd we had last year
xdoogs Pred 16 urami
Luis Pred 16 urami
It’s Europa league. Y’all need to chill
F Gelfer
F Gelfer Pred 16 urami
This announcer was from the 2018 World Cup
Berto 414
Berto 414 Pred 16 urami
Allí can be great with the right support
Edwin Njuguna
Edwin Njuguna Pred 17 urami
i enjoyed that even though i really wanted Leicester to go through
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams Pred 17 urami
That keepers stock went way up lmao
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams Pred 17 urami
Kent and Morelos are deadly
Hg Hg
Hg Hg Pred 17 urami
Slavia are your typical serious eastern europen team which time to time with the right recruiting assemble very strong squads which in turn surprise kids with very little understanding of this game. most likely they will be unable to sustain this level for long periods of time but you never know how good that kind of teams might be on yearly base till you meet them. Well deserved win for them, the better team in the both games.
Tom Odul
Tom Odul Pred 17 urami
Olympiakos just got what they wished for for hahaha 😆😅🤣!!
Shaked Sharabee
Shaked Sharabee Pred 18 urami
Where is the goal that goal disallowed for Maccabi?
Simplo Simplo
Simplo Simplo Pred 18 urami
AC milan needs to fuck this VARchester team
Steve Haynes
Steve Haynes Pred 18 urami
VAR is Spoiling the Game 😡😡😡
Uday_ Pred 18 urami
why don't you just show every goal in order? come on
Uday_ Pred 18 urami
and they can't spell
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia Pred 18 urami
As much as I like Vini and Asensio they are not capable goal scoring threats. You can tell Real Madrid missed Benzema that game
Soviet Bravo Six
Soviet Bravo Six Pred 18 urami
Nice goal From Mendy from A Barca Fan
David Kemp
David Kemp Pred 18 urami
No need to show the substitutions.... please stop CBS
darthtrabia Pred 18 urami
United looks tough
PickleishBILL Pred 18 urami
Tah is trash
Moska Zul
Moska Zul Pred 19 urami
Cengiz under takes so many unnecessary shots. Dude! You ain’t gonna score from that angle!! Side netting almost every time
Nrg Unknownsweat
Nrg Unknownsweat Pred 19 urami
Young boys vs Ajax
Nrg Unknownsweat
Nrg Unknownsweat Pred 19 urami
Milan vs man United