Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
Engineering with Origami
Does Planet 9 Exist?
J M Pred 16 urami
The irony of Iron man t-shirt got me at hello.
Shelley Pfeiffer
Shelley Pfeiffer Pred 16 urami
Wow, wonder how he would know. That is rhetorical
AKASH KUMAR Pred 16 urami
if possible one can receive the message in middle of the return path. in its way, one can verify the speed of light in the opposite direction
Nature fascination
Nature fascination Pred 16 urami
Instead of using tons of polymer....lotus seeds should have thrown to provide shade and oxygen, self sustaining ecosystem would have been established.
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Pred 16 urami
There are no trees that generate negative-15 water-pressure. the cells of the wood simply use capillary action of water tension to absorb water up a series of wood fibers, and dump it into another cell. It requires only a minimal negative pressure, 0.001 atmosphere, the only limit is the structural integrity of the wood at the base of the tree, to carry the weight of the wet wood above it. When dry, the dead center wood of the tree acts as a reservoir to keep the thin layer of new growth alive, the only part of the tree that is alive, and actively multiplying cells. It's a series of reservoirs, and evaporative diffusion through water tension on capillary fibers. Where did you get this idea of negative pressure?
Stephen Cloud
Stephen Cloud Pred 16 urami
Me: I wont fall into ads Also me: Scratches head, see white flakes, thinking about buying Head and Shoulders
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5:20 Actually the flange isn't what keeps the train on the rails most of the time. The wheels are slightly conic. Feynman has a great video about this.
Masoud Gheysari
Masoud Gheysari Pred 16 urami
The problem still exists in LED lightbulbs. There's a capacitor inside the light which smoothens the current for the LEDs inside the bulb. It's worth around 10 cents if they use the best material, and around 5 cents if they use the worst material. So, 5 cents difference. I can assure you that almost everytime an LED bulb blows, it's because this capacitor is bad material and it failed. The lightbulb is also all glued and you can't open it up without breaking it. But I could open a few, replaced the cap, and they're still working after years of use. So, they intentionally use bad capacitor while the price difference to make the bulb work for like 20 years instead of 1 year is not more than 5 cents.
Benny G
Benny G Pred 16 urami
What if you had a telescope so powerful in both locations that you could see eachother as in real time and then waved and sent a message at the same time, as soon as one party get the message from the other they wave and send a message back, if someone measured a time difference of greater or less than 10 minutes from the time they sent their message would that not confirm the speed of light?
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell Pred 16 urami
Saltpeter and sugar make excellent smoke bombs. and also saltpeter was given to military troops to keep them from getting horny and boning each other. No lie!
Alyenbird Pred 16 urami
My most recent experience with planned obsolescence: Most laptops typically can be unscrewed at the bottom and opened up. It is necessary to do this every few months to blow the dust and hair out of your computer fan with some compressed air- especially if you have pets. If you don't ever clean that dust and hair out, the fan slowly gets clogged up, ceases to work properly, and your computer can become dangerously hot. A lot of people are unaware that this maintenance needs to be done at all- which is a win for the company that sold the computer when it overheats and breaks. However, apparently some computer manufacturers don't even want those who know they need to clean their laptops to clean them. A relative of mine recently noticed that her laptop was overheating and that the fan is clogged. So she turned it over to unscrew it and clean it out. There were no screw holes. She called the professionals, and the professionals told her that model of laptop could not be cleaned. It was *glued* together rather than screwed. From now on anytime my family goes laptop shopping, we will be checking the bottom for screws!
Don Carmen
Don Carmen Pred 16 urami
Usama BuKhari
Usama BuKhari Pred 16 urami
What if we put 2 clocks on one side.. Spouse there is A and B.. If we put 2 clocks on A side then when the light leaves A side the clock 1 on A side starts ticking and when the lights hits the B side the clock 2 on B side starts ticking and the clock 1 stops ticking.. And when lights hits the 3rd clock on Side A then the 2nd clock stops ticking which is on side B .. Can't we get that way the actual 1 way speed of light?
wrestlingconnoisseur Pred 16 urami
Oh, now you've ruined a perfectly good pizza for math. You all didn't believe me, but math has claimed another victim. The Great Mathematics War is one step closer to happening!
Don Carmen
Don Carmen Pred 16 urami
fun with beer cans? I have a fun with 2 X 4s program. Hahaha.
Adeft ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Adeft ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Pred 16 urami
i like how you can see this woman is so into her work and her thinking is so fast that you can literally see her trying to say the words before she has even said them. i don't see many people thinking this smart around me. wish i could be in a more high paced learning environmenty
Harshan Maju
Harshan Maju Pred 16 urami
Your videos are really amaZingggg
Paul Badenhorst
Paul Badenhorst Pred 16 urami
What if u use two mirrors, facing each other, one with a small hole and pulse a laser through the hole and measure the time with two synchronized clocks one at the transmitter side and one some ware in between. The one between must measure the pulse time when it passes that point every time it passes. Also when it passes the second time.
Selim Ayachi
Selim Ayachi Pred 16 urami
Where is the video where Veritasium reads a book while they try to shut off his brain!? I remember it so clearly, yet I can't find it
Chinmaya Kumar Behera
Chinmaya Kumar Behera Pred 16 urami
I am avoiding this video because i don't want to think about thinking.
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Humans, 2017: Soooooo coooool! Humans, 2000 years ago: guess our free trial of life has ended.
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i was tricked by the window but not the round one
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Would that make the most dangerous mace ever created?
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Damn, if you put several rocket engines together instead of big one, imagining a disaster will happen.
Netemp Witemp
Netemp Witemp Pred 16 urami
At last it seems science has a proof of Karma
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Emmanuel Vidaya Pred 16 urami
I just want to know how rick do interdimensional travel
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What can be more beautiful ❤️
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Me, an Assassin's Creed enthusiast: How can it be a secret you just climb on top of a high building and press V... Then miss the haystack and fall to your death
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson Pred 16 urami
just found your series . Have you done the one : microwaving a glass of liquid. explodes when you open the door and bump it. Youd not only explain your nucleation sites but would do a public service explaining just how dangerous it is. your knowledgeis quite astounding. As a very experienced physics teacher i thought i knew it all :-)
KpxUrz5745 Pred 16 urami
Very interesting, and well presented.
Dmitry Kim
Dmitry Kim Pred 16 urami
Video killed a radio star
Perilous Turtle
Perilous Turtle Pred 16 urami
I wonder what the implications are?
Q-Hack! Pred 16 urami
Doesn't the limit of the visible universe put a limitation on the idea c/2 vs instantaneous concept? If, in one direction the speed of light was instantaneous, then we would see much farther into the universe than the other direction. This doesn't mean there isn't a difference, just that the closer to instantaneous you get, the further into space you can see. With our current technology, the universe appears relatively uniform in all directions.
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The vaccine wasn’t created to protect you from the virus. The virus was created to get you to take their ‘vaccine’.
DAN G Pred 16 urami
Now I'm hungry I have to go to my fridge and eat some black caviar.
Joe Wily
Joe Wily Pred 16 urami
Can’t you just aim two flashlights at each other?
Techkid Pred 16 urami
Well, what if you had quantum entangled particles that could perfect synchronise the clocks?
Erik de Jong
Erik de Jong Pred 16 urami
I like to see more science stuff on the detailed level
Kryptos4u Pred 16 urami
Quantum entangle two particles. Put one particle in the 1st clock and another in the 2nd clock. Flip the spin in the first and the response int the second triggers the clock reset. Now you have the two clocks fully synchronised. then perform the experiment as per the first attempt.
Amazing Sci7ence
Amazing Sci7ence Pred 16 urami
Ok, Physics would work in Sameway in Optics but what about the Other fields...relativistic mass wouldn't br the same, E won't be equal to mc^2 anymore, Sometimes it Would be 4mc^2 and Sometimes 0, Law of mass and energy conservation will break down, So Antiparticles will create 4mc^2 (Sometimes) instead of 2mc^2 before Annihilating each other... So Maybe it can't be measured (And it's also natural because of Uncertainty Principle) but it's not wrong
I do things specific
I do things specific Pred 17 urami
You can just throw a lightbulb and measure its speed
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I love your videos, man. You are the single most impossible SLusr I am subscribed to!!! I don't stay on SLus homepage! I am a subscriber... I generally run through all videos newly uploaded by all the channels I have subscribed... treasure!!! I wish you the best of luck and algorithms... you seem genuine and good and smart and thorough and incredibly good at explaining concepts...my brain needs to watch your vids regularly!!!
Avik Majumder
Avik Majumder Pred 17 urami
light a laser to a one end of event horizon of black hole , light will come back but it is still one dirrectional
Chester Liwosz
Chester Liwosz Pred 17 urami
Hello Turing instabilities
Aksshat Sharrma
Aksshat Sharrma Pred 17 urami
Why do they just use sunlight if they can use burners and heaters to evaporate water?
Corvette Pred 17 urami
why does aerogel remind me of the half life alyx resin?
Michael Mcdermott
Michael Mcdermott Pred 17 urami
What if you send a signal to both clocks and then measure the difference between the clocks and then the opposite direction would that help or did you explain that won’t work?
ibrahim hassan
ibrahim hassan Pred 17 urami
Ankit Shai
Ankit Shai Pred 17 urami
If you apply this logic to everything else...literally EVERYTHING is unknowable. We can never know anything for sure...ever!
gábor papp
gábor papp Pred 17 urami
Abhijith Benny
Abhijith Benny Pred 17 urami
That was really mind blowing. Ok so if we can't obtain the one way speed of light through round trip way of measuring the speed of light. How about measuring the speed of light after it's reflected two times(using two mirrors) and measure the speed of light when it reaches the point measurement after the second reflection So that if there is a change in speed of light in one direction then it can be figure out from this.
rpaull3 Pred 17 urami
Many companies do this crap...
Indonesia Pred 17 urami
6:29 Pause here and you see space mocking you..
NotoriousConja Pred 17 urami
BirB Balls
A. Diaz
A. Diaz Pred 17 urami
But some roses do fade quickly or quicker than other roses.....
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John Barber Pred 17 urami
So Bender Rodriguez is the best machine ever made......I knew it.
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Wilmen Medina Pred 17 urami
Great and simple insight about how does youtube work 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici Pred 17 urami
If the speed to light was infinite in one direction, then we could see infinitely far in that direction without galaxies looking like they were just formed after the big bang, but we can't. So c is not infinite in any direction. The farthest galaxies we can see in every direction look like they are just as "old", doesn't this mean that any variation in the speed of light would have to be very small/imperceptible? There is likely some flaw in this argument, and I would appreciate it if you all could point it out. Thx.
Chris Busenkell
Chris Busenkell Pred 17 urami
it is an academic problem and you proved it with your example. until someone can be in two locations at EXACTLY the same time, it doesn't matter that light travels at different speeds in different directions because all things are relative and they're relative from where you're standing and no place else matters.
Electrolyte Orb
Electrolyte Orb Pred 17 urami
Invite Alex for next video too...
Luke Timez
Luke Timez Pred 17 urami
5:54 = my dad trying to make a joke out of a serious subject xD
Lord Gammadon Kaargon
Lord Gammadon Kaargon Pred 17 urami
But if it made our of waves and its said to have no mass... how can it be that gravity can affect it?
NoName YesName
NoName YesName Pred 17 urami
18:03 here's the answer
Winchester Lyon
Winchester Lyon Pred 17 urami
Why is it that physic ignores consciousness as a force that affects these experiments? Just accepted that "it's one way if we look and another way if we don't look"? Why is there no curiosity as to what is causing this?
CharlinInTheChoco Pred 17 urami
Hoping SLus brings back the rating system
Djurdjix Radic
Djurdjix Radic Pred 17 urami
I just hope that in the future, people would be required to undergo long and rigorous tests in ethics, backround checks and other things if they wish to administer reverse aging onto themselves . Just imagine, a tyrannical sociopath living for like 150 yrs or more. And, imagine this thing tooo : not discriminating between the rich and the poor, nationalities and races, it should be available for everybody Oh man wouldn't that be a thing... I think we would drastically have to change the values of the system we live in order to give this amazing technology to the public
Andy Klein
Andy Klein Pred 17 urami
Why is the length pi R and not 1/2 pi? The crust is pi. Half is on each side.
Lalith Kumar
Lalith Kumar Pred 17 urami
if i get a chance to have a wish from god "GOD can you please give me the knowledge to solve the problem of gravity,light,quantum mechanics'' ✌
Lewis Wereb
Lewis Wereb Pred 17 urami
Since we know the distance to the moon,and we know it takes a radio signal a given time between us and the moon (from having talked to the astronauts by radio back in '68) and since distance divided by time equals speed, then isn't that a measurement of speed?
Sam the boss
Sam the boss Pred 17 urami
I love his vid and how he teaches the world, but man sometimes he has some weird was of doing it 1:05.
Imani Pred 17 urami
I don’t get it 🤔
Tony Furtado
Tony Furtado Pred 17 urami
The economic model is true of the vast majority of consumer products Longevity of products has a adverse effect on capitalism in the context of mass marketing. The answer to the equation is to remove the monitary systems dominance over decision making.
ZenGeekDad Pred 17 urami
Wouldn't the appearance of the most distant universe be nonhomogenous in a telling way? Like, you'd see proportionally a younger set of stars in one directions (where light moves at c/2), and an older set of stars in the opposite direction (where light moves instantly).
Gabriel Gray
Gabriel Gray Pred 17 urami
The people on the bridge are simply reacting to sway so that makes them all moving sync it's no secret
çuRśęD Pred 17 urami
How about placing light sensors/ detectors in different directions and rigging them to make a sound when light hits them? We can use the speed of sound to calculate the time, can't we? Calculate this in different directions to verify
Maine Rock Flour
Maine Rock Flour Pred 17 urami
Why not use radians instead of Pi?
Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd Pred 17 urami
Great wise words Mr Gates 💙✅ Cardoso Cleaning Connections is proud
Me on Google at 2am: what is what?
A. Diaz
A. Diaz Pred 17 urami
I cant see the real rotation.