Sean Van Diijk
Sean Van Diijk Pred 10 urami
Not arabic country but anyway the One above is One and respect from a sepharadi living in Argentina.
Bailu Patel
Bailu Patel Pred 10 urami
Shame more mps didn’t catch corona
don wright
don wright Pred 10 urami
The data is tailored to the government agenda
Don Henderson
Don Henderson Pred 10 urami
Why is he black with a white mother? He is biracial! Where are his white side of his family?
Styxl Pred 10 urami
R.I.P. K-on! Animators... Season 3...? Probably never... Do we still cherish this anime? Yes.
Ichi Droid
Ichi Droid Pred 10 urami
China = HK = H€ll on €arth
Vissi Varrel
Vissi Varrel Pred 10 urami
Same religion, different faith. Its not abt the religion but human itself
EP Pred 10 urami
Huh. I always wondered who voiced Animal Crossing characters
Maria V
Maria V Pred 10 urami
Siddhant M
Siddhant M Pred 10 urami
Nature is magician .
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Pred 10 urami
How about a piece on Doctors during the pandemic, GPs have gone missing completely, you can have an operation with a consultant if you pay for it privately but not on the NHS. SO WHO EXACTLY IS BENEFITING MOST FINANCIALLY FROM COVID?, You cant see a GP but they are giving COVID shots for which they are being paid extra for?
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Pred 10 urami
Hiding behind the nurses
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity Pred 10 urami
I lost my job last year during the global pandemic 😷 I created my channel 🔥 believing for YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌍
Edson Miranda Inacio
Edson Miranda Inacio Pred 10 urami
A polícia é MOLENGA!!!
Rad D
Rad D Pred 10 urami
Most likely the shooter was an employee of that FedEx & he used to be ganged up & harassed by the other employees in there who didn't like him & were trying to push him to quit or get fired.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Pred 10 urami
Meanwhile here in Sweden no lockdown at all in any form and relatively few deaths WHY 2 Key reasons. 1 Obesity is far lower than UK and obesity is the No1 factor that makes COVID far worse. 2 Overcrowding, UK is overcrowded and the population is too big for the land mass, but as the left want to allow U.K. restricted immigration this is ignored. But the above 2 points are at odds with the narrative of the average guardian reader.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Pred 10 urami
One of those COVID deaths my ex wife’s mum. She had Dementia and advanced late stage CANCER and was in a hospice because of this, she caught COVID last year and pulled through it, early this year she became very unwell from her CANCER and was eventually died, twice in the week she died she was tested for COVID and the tests were negative, but on her death certificate it said she died from COVID?. WHEN THIS WOMAN TALKS ABOUT CARE HOMES she forgets to mention that Doctors had sent old people with COVID back to care homes without informing the care homes. The NHS Doctors are responsible for a huge amount of old people dying.
ant b
ant b Pred 10 urami
Imagine hearing this at night in the forest
Hamie762 Pred 10 urami
This doesn’t make sense. FedEx doesn’t allow guns on their properties. So how did this guy get a gun in the place?
Bridie Smith
Bridie Smith Pred 10 urami
Liars and cheats should not prosper.
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Pred 10 urami
Hence liebours catastrophic defeat last ge
Kristopher Ryan
Kristopher Ryan Pred 10 urami
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity Pred 10 urami
I lost my job last year during the global pandemic 😷 I created my channel 🔥 believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌍
Mathew K
Mathew K Pred 10 urami
Saw this in hasan minhaj Netflix show
KAPTAN 98 Pred 10 urami
This is my sister when I take her snacks
Zacky F
Zacky F Pred 10 urami
I Come here because of meme lol
Hunted Pred 10 urami
Nothing on the "news" is real.
Matthew Burns
Matthew Burns Pred 10 urami
Short Q and A...
Pen Guin
Pen Guin Pred 10 urami
I can't believe all these people still wear surgical masks and think it will help against air pollution (or even inhaling viruses). They literally only have one use which is protecting others if you feel you have symptoms, and that's in normal times of seasonal colds.
Name Surname
Name Surname Pred 10 urami
i can hear the windows 7 sound effect at the end
Nikhil Deshpande
Nikhil Deshpande Pred 10 urami
That’s how a security alarm should sound like!
Garishav Basra
Garishav Basra Pred 10 urami
This man is weird
Sam Reynolds
Sam Reynolds Pred 10 urami
this guy is concrete
Phil Porter
Phil Porter Pred 10 urami
How long is it before Coulter's law comes into effect?
Famiha Islam Fabee
Famiha Islam Fabee Pred 10 urami
Respect: 100%
Vladimir Lee
Vladimir Lee Pred 10 urami
Если меня насильно призывают в армию, но я считаю власть РФ своим врагом. Могу ли я поджечь склад с боеприпасами?
Tejinder Singh
Tejinder Singh Pred 10 urami
Huh... that's nature-al
Dzogchen Yogi
Dzogchen Yogi Pred 10 urami
Darwin and Marx together. Darwin to understand the natural world and Marx to bring the capitalist system that sees nature as one giant gas pump down. These capitalist politicians, in the pocket corporations don’t want to hear this, but the stakes are much higher than the profits of polluting corporations.
Rosebud Pred 10 urami
I wonder if the fighter pilots are like "Pull over to the nearest runway or we will do it by force!"
Last Cheng
Last Cheng Pred 10 urami
Anything that has the word "Chinese"🇨🇳 would anger these people: - Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Tibetians, Uyghurs, Kahzahk, Mongols, Indians, Vietnamese, Burmese, Japanese, Filipinos, Korean, Indonesians, Canadians, Americans, Australians, Swedish, British, etc.
Suzy Qualcast
Suzy Qualcast Pred 10 urami
But I take-away buy one every fortnight..
5-HT2A Agonist
5-HT2A Agonist Pred 10 urami
Wonder why.......
『baitmaster76』 Pred 10 urami
Michaela Mcgran
Michaela Mcgran Pred 10 urami
May be an old video but this still made my day
Aditya Shinde
Aditya Shinde Pred 10 urami
Make that bird extinct
It's History Senpai
It's History Senpai Pred 10 urami
So Xi Jin Ping is Dart Vader and this are the Clone Army
Chef Kevin Ashton
Chef Kevin Ashton Pred 10 urami
I applaud the journalists at the Guardian for sharing their expose of the government's clear mishandling of the Covid pandemic, particularly in the early days and highlights yet again how years of under funding of the NHS by the government magnified the problems they are still dealing with. Factual stories like this need a broad exposure because the main stream TV news channels seem unwilling to challenge this government with the facts
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Pred 10 urami
The NHS have never been so well funded
extra solar
extra solar Pred 10 urami
solar panels, on the martian surface, require the wee martian rock munchkins to sweep dust scrub and hose away the debris. hose with what, you ask ? the frozen carrot juice, thawed through olgas conscription. its the only way. and see with efficiently operating panels we can construct a little helicopter to rescue a little helicopter and charge it for the confucius drill drop experiments. plural.
Drenz 152
Drenz 152 Pred 10 urami
The question is how did the filter turned on
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan Pred 10 urami
mashallah ❤️
nobby styles
nobby styles Pred 10 urami
that audio is so badly over compressed. are there any jobs going in post audio? theres no way id have let that go out.
AlvisWuNights Pred 10 urami
r.I.p 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
billa381 Pred 10 urami
I literally can’t ever watch this without cringing! It’s horrible
Tofayel Hossain Fahim
Tofayel Hossain Fahim Pred 10 urami
Allahu Akbar ❤️
Tech Tips Zone
Tech Tips Zone Pred 10 urami
DarthRanger55 Pred 10 urami
Britain isn't all that much different to Hong Kong at the moment. May one day we all be free.
Steele Duke
Steele Duke Pred 10 urami
The US is in the same boat to.
Nidarshan Medhi Boro
Nidarshan Medhi Boro Pred 10 urami
When you put pressure on your neck
Rosse n.n
Rosse n.n Pred 10 urami
Ortega Kinkade
Ortega Kinkade Pred 10 urami
Nothing stolen comes without consequence.....remember America you are on stolen land!!!and your paranoia keeps you arming yourselves to death......literally!!!
lulaland boi
lulaland boi Pred 10 urami
Alan Shen
Alan Shen Pred 10 urami
Let's be honest the Dr don't care about anyone s life situation neither does the government scientists only look at is cases and stats we don't really take consideration into anything else other than those factors that would cause more cases of diseases, there really need to be someone to be an in between position to give suggestions or orders instead of just scientist and politicians alone. Please spread the word on this if possible because this may really change where we re right now.
Guess Who
Guess Who Pred 10 urami
If I sitting inside the forest alone, I might interpreted as Siren Head coming for me😨 and I don't want that.
Priscilla P Mhango
Priscilla P Mhango Pred 10 urami
😂 😂
Abu Rafe
Abu Rafe Pred 10 urami
Allahu Akbar
Will Wallace
Will Wallace Pred 10 urami
The guys laugh at 0:32 hahaha
sriram ajith
sriram ajith Pred 10 urami
Indians: This will take couple of centuries here
Shoaib K
Shoaib K Pred 10 urami
Supposedly the guy on the top left was laughing hysterically
Snoof Pred 10 urami
I liked it when she said *how dare you*
STEVEN FIELDEN Pred 10 urami
He was trying to find the journalist; - hanging upside down in the dark - motionless with the rest of the stiffs...
Mister Gum
Mister Gum Pred 11 urami
That one kid on the aeroplane: look mommy I'm a bird
Uncle Traveling Matt
Uncle Traveling Matt Pred 11 urami
Its just a flu. Herd immunity effort. USA shuts down flights from EU, makes UK transit for US travellers. The best and brightest. 😏
Mr ditkovitch
Mr ditkovitch Pred 11 urami
I mean who else is gonna get things on the top shelves
Felix Mizioznikov
Felix Mizioznikov Pred 11 urami
That’s what happens to boogers when they go unpicked.
Felix Mizioznikov
Felix Mizioznikov Pred 11 urami
Meanwhile someone’s car alarm sounds like : tweet tweet
Susan Zhong
Susan Zhong Pred 11 urami
H.k. People were still living in caged housing and can't afford housing under empire rule. H.k was built of the blood and sweat of the locals
DarthRanger55 Pred 10 urami
Britain isn't much different
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor Pred 11 urami
It is amazing to see how Hong Kong has improved since the British stopped milking the place. Now the government needs to deal with the social problems.
schroeder7m Pred 11 urami
“You have stolen my childhood!” *african child solider has joined the chat*
pepe lopez
pepe lopez Pred 11 urami
Vaxinators = masskillers
Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong Pred 11 urami
1000% proof of global warming lets all use electric that appears out of thin air
Pii Pred 11 urami
went hiking and confused why there's a sound of megaphone tree here
Ronin Pred 11 urami
Google this guy's name to see how we paid £10,000 for biscuits.
hilmi cooper
hilmi cooper Pred 11 urami
Allahuakbar.....!!! Their are so brave.
Shannon O'Brien
Shannon O'Brien Pred 11 urami
This is ridiculous!
Dao Thay
Dao Thay Pred 11 urami
Là anh em một nhà mà. Đừng vì nghe người ngoài mà mất tình anh em.