angstontan fellape
angstontan fellape Pred 8 urami
Boston eterno padre de los angeles
Zoyah B.
Zoyah B. Pred 9 urami
Yes yes yes To be continued the C's on the road et 👏👏👏👏🌸💚💚💚💚
Andy Lau
Andy Lau Pred 9 urami
Damn , if this shot missed . Embii might be a champion
Holy Homie 420
Holy Homie 420 Pred 9 urami
Iota trust
Iota trust Pred 9 urami
Luka is the best .
Gluteus Maximus
Gluteus Maximus Pred 9 urami
Miguel Amortegui
Miguel Amortegui Pred 9 urami
Suns are on fire, amazing
michael Pred 9 urami
Lets go suns 💜🧡🌞💪
Jaidon Olliver
Jaidon Olliver Pred 10 urami
Steph MVP❌🧢
Gilbert Ped
Gilbert Ped Pred 10 urami
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ahammed koya
ahammed koya Pred 10 urami
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ÆH 88
ÆH 88 Pred 10 urami
Curry domimated this game
ÆH 88
ÆH 88 Pred 10 urami
Gasol is useless smh
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred 10 urami
Magdalena Peda
Magdalena Peda Pred 11 urami
Najlepszy zwycięzcą😇
ian botor
ian botor Pred 11 urami
that’s good coaching right there. to miss the ft but not forgetting the baseline trap on the rebounder.
Mochi Pred 11 urami
In the last 8 games, Curry have been averaging 40 Pts 7 Reb and 4 ast in a 55 50 90 split. We're witnessing something special
shadowchaser13 Pred 11 urami
Two hands for safety bullshit. . So do people fall over if they dunk one handed?! Wow please stop
shadowchaser13 Pred 11 urami
Hmm in the first half Bradley beal's new name was Buddy Hield. Bit slooooooow on the commentating 😂
Fabio Ferraz
Fabio Ferraz Pred 11 urami
This Celtics uniform looks hideous!
shadowchaser13 Pred 11 urami
Can they say Vu Sah vich like that. . Don't think it is Vooch, sounds dumb as
Ermin Begic
Ermin Begic Pred 12 urami
I hope,that the suns be the place 1 in the Western conference😉👍👍
Isaac Annan Jr
Isaac Annan Jr Pred 12 urami
I know Fox thinking of leaving the Kings they 🗑️🏀💯
Yudho Pe
Yudho Pe Pred 13 urami
When AD and LJ come back?
I.Precious Omoregie
I.Precious Omoregie Pred 13 urami
Kuzma is thee most overrated player in the NBA... Don't understand why he plays so much and takes so many shots
Zarmin Ravi
Zarmin Ravi Pred 10 urami
hes just inconsistent he sometimes the main player
Israel Pred 13 urami
Мартин Бранков
Мартин Бранков Pred 13 urami
I’m telling you guys once again! Since the Celtics beat the Knicks they are killing it! Undefeated 😳 🔥!!
amayucas Pred 13 urami
Why Marc Gasol????hahaha
akeme rofako
akeme rofako Pred 13 urami
Curry is the goat, then lebron
John Papastathopoulos
John Papastathopoulos Pred 13 urami
Lesssssssssss goo
Nanven Yakubu
Nanven Yakubu Pred 13 urami
Toscano had a wonderful game!!💙💛
Sancho Panza
Sancho Panza Pred 14 urami
Deandre is God...
Robbert Pred 14 urami
Seriously falling asleep during the recaps because of this commentator
Oussama Zaboub
Oussama Zaboub Pred 14 urami
Is it just me or refs dont call travels anymore ??
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer Pred 14 urami
Nice to see Giannis back. 🙂
perexime pere
perexime pere Pred 14 urami
👍 💙Gasol
zach desfeux
zach desfeux Pred 14 urami
They're on a tear
Cross Cross
Cross Cross Pred 14 urami
When the video ends with a highlight and 11.09min to go in the fourth... Smh
Gosh Gosh
Gosh Gosh Pred 14 urami
2 hands for safety. when she get fired
Crépin Sosthène Koufana
Crépin Sosthène Koufana Pred 14 urami
Jaylen under appreciate brown
Felix Ryda
Felix Ryda Pred 14 urami
Bottom of the net commentator
RATM Pred 14 urami
Luka "pulled away right on time" says Stephanie.
krkotecki Pred 14 urami
Jaylen Brown & Kemba Walker cooperation 🤯🤯🚀🚀🔥🔥
El Pibe de Oro
El Pibe de Oro Pred 14 urami
End 😂😂😭 s.....s.......s......s 😭😭🏀
Edwin Mouttou
Edwin Mouttou Pred 14 urami
Matteo Tamossi
Matteo Tamossi Pred 14 urami
Go Warriors go !!!
A A Pred 14 urami
Good game by both teams but cp3 is sooo overrated
A A Pred 10 urami
@Detour I don’t see them going all the way this year. Their only good player is devin booker and if they lock him down their finished
Detour Pred 11 urami
Suns without CP3, dont make the playoffs. Suns with CP3, second in the west and one game from 1st place jazz
Fco. Javier Calvo
Fco. Javier Calvo Pred 14 urami
Alejandro Vergara
Alejandro Vergara Pred 15 urami
Y'all i dont follow much of basketball but where is Tacko?
Jose Balducci
Jose Balducci Pred 15 urami
People that says Curry is only a 3 points player should watch this video. This guy is amazing!
I'mKydding Pred 13 urami
Well I don't blame him, again he started his carreer rather small driving the ball with that size should not be allowed. So shooting will be his weapon. I don't know why people bother to say that it's like saying Kareem just shoot Sky hooks and doesn't have a proper NBA shooting form.
EazyBobWizzy Pred 15 urami
AlwaysZilla Pred 15 urami
Must be hard for Fox rn
Matsya Roshan
Matsya Roshan Pred 15 urami
I usually don't criticize much, but...that commentator!! 🤦🏻😭.. honestly, there are great female sports commentators out there, but here, she sounds so not-authentic..she sounds as if she tries to imitate the other NBA commentators, tries to sound tough..but the outcome is just laughable..the games literally look less interesting with her boring voice in the background.. Sorry girl, but this job is not made for you 😟
Tole Knez
Tole Knez Pred 15 urami
Lakers from the best to an average team.
Sven Jakopcevic
Sven Jakopcevic Pred 13 urami
@A A Lebron had great players on his teams but Jordan never had to face a team Like the Warriors or Spurs. Yea jazz and Rockets were good but no match for Lebrons playoff opponents. That makes the 4 in 10 more impressive than casuals like u think. Im not saying that the Bulls would have lost to Spurs or warriors, just that they would have a bit tougher time
A A Pred 13 urami
@griffith Stifler 50 not a hater but he’s trying to be Jordan which he won’t
griffith Stifler 50
griffith Stifler 50 Pred 13 urami
@A A LOL hater... Bill Russell 11 👀👀👀
A A Pred 13 urami
@Sven Jakopcevic only in 07 he did take the cavs to the finals but lost against the Spurs
A A Pred 13 urami
@Sven Jakopcevic you serious bro. Have you forgotten about the heat team? Bosh,wade,Allen. And with cavs he had Kyrie Kevin love
Emmanuel Obande
Emmanuel Obande Pred 15 urami
Beat LA
Dzulfiqar P. Wahyudi
Dzulfiqar P. Wahyudi Pred 15 urami
curry carry game
CHEOW YAT PUI 石一貝 S3C02 Pred 15 urami
In the past or now, warriors often won Cavaliers
Lai Villa
Lai Villa Pred 15 urami
Wow always more than 30 points steph curry is the best.👑💪💪💪☝️☝️☝️
Joseph Mendoza
Joseph Mendoza Pred 15 urami
SUNS BABYYYYY!!!!!!!...... 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪!!!!!!!
diniie james
diniie james Pred 15 urami
Nah man KCP is not consistent and not reliable... This is really concerning
diniie james
diniie james Pred 9 urami
@Renz Liban nah man... it's too risky. Anyway we'll see🤷🏾‍♂️
Renz Liban
Renz Liban Pred 11 urami
@diniie james You said it now. We need him late in the playoffs than early.
diniie james
diniie james Pred 11 urami
@Renz Liban what if then he does the same weak performances in the playoffs. And don't forget that consistency came late deep into the playoffs
Renz Liban
Renz Liban Pred 14 urami
But he was consistent in playoffs. Who cares about season lol
Lai Villa
Lai Villa Pred 15 urami
Nice game warriors!😍😍😍
Asımcan Çalışkan
Asımcan Çalışkan Pred 15 urami
Suns playing like a champion which team can stop them idk
A A Pred 14 urami
A lot of teams 😂 clips nuggets many more
Akbar Taufik
Akbar Taufik Pred 15 urami
Asımcan Çalışkan
Asımcan Çalışkan Pred 15 urami
Giannis has unbalanced power but they wont be champion in east nets and phila playing so strong
Asımcan Çalışkan
Asımcan Çalışkan Pred 15 urami
Poor lakers
Clippers Fan
Clippers Fan Pred 15 urami
Steph looking a video game player again
Asımcan Çalışkan
Asımcan Çalışkan Pred 15 urami
Curry opened god mod
Jomss Pred 15 urami
Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are scary as hell man 💚🤍
Zavier Gammie
Zavier Gammie Pred 15 urami
kemba walkers 3 pointer was higher arced than javale mcgees grades in high school!
rafaelito asencio
rafaelito asencio Pred 15 urami
J temps
J temps Pred 15 urami
YEEEEEES. F tha Lakers ♥️♥️♥️ CELTICS
Coolkid Vlogger AMBERZON20
Coolkid Vlogger AMBERZON20 Pred 13 urami
@J temps Oh my ghaadd wow 😑😋
A A Pred 14 urami
@david still would of lost
J temps
J temps Pred 14 urami
@david we beat you by 30 points last season. With AD and LeBron lol. At the garden. And last year at Staples you beat us by 2 points. And this year at the garden. You beat us by a point. So ooooo we are lucky yeah 🤣🙈 can barely beat us with LeBron and Ad lmao
david Pred 14 urami
You lucky ad lebron didnt play yakl trash won by only 8 no legoat no ad
J temps
J temps Pred 14 urami
@Coolkid Vlogger AMBERZON20 No. You. Go on be a Fairweather bandwagon fan from probably North Carolina. Whereas I'm Boston born and Bred. Let's hope LeBron retires.
Sterry Kosasih
Sterry Kosasih Pred 16 urami
Мартин Бранков
Мартин Бранков Pred 16 urami
Golden State on 🔥 recently!
Alvaro S
Alvaro S Pred 16 urami
Madre mia que espectaculo
Trazy X
Trazy X Pred 16 urami
Curry Dish has been served
Stephen Amores
Stephen Amores Pred 16 urami
Curry idol wi. Or loss
Mufunwa Mudau
Mufunwa Mudau Pred 16 urami
That block on Gianis
Stefanos Tsaklas
Stefanos Tsaklas Pred 12 urami
yes if you put 4 players on him and one pushes him there is a chance you might block him
Lord Devil
Lord Devil Pred 16 urami
Look at Curry man, so inspirational
Black Escobar
Black Escobar Pred 16 urami
The effortless way Steph plays basketball. Wow
EazyBobWizzy Pred 11 urami
@EazyActs 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
EazyActs Pred 11 urami
NO its steph-ortless. get your facts straight dude.jk
EazyBobWizzy Pred 15 urami