Lifeskeyishappiness Pred uro
Boulter played well against the number 2 seed but Sabalenka just proved too strong in the end. Hopefully Katie can have a strong rest of the season and do well at the USO
Skoghen Pred 3 urami
I throw the racket and lose the point
Guano64 Pred 4 urami
Is That Becker talking englisch???
Michal Frnka: Spisovatel, Traveler
Michal Frnka: Spisovatel, Traveler Pred 4 urami
Czech Republic is the best country! Moravia is paradise on earth!
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Pred 4 urami
I thought odell beckham from NFL his catch. Then it showed some white guy...
Arciet Pred 4 urami
Kyrgios game is so funny
Noddy Pred 4 urami
the man standing up very fast
Cash Back
Cash Back Pred 4 urami
Let's be honest it was the British Rain that won it in the Semis ;)
Aaron usernamefiller
Aaron usernamefiller Pred 4 urami
From this I’m guessing he’s Zverev’s idol
Casey Pred 5 urami
Wanted Roger to win to silence all the toxic arrogant Djokovic fans on SLus, but no, that didn’t happen.
Lane Gregory
Lane Gregory Pred 5 urami
A month later & still not done watching this. I am now a skeleton.
Cloudi Draws
Cloudi Draws Pred 5 urami
This is hillarous. The commentator is annoying alluding to the mans size. Kim clijsters is great fun.
NOOR Pred 6 urami
Can watch it all day
Cosmoevents21st Pred 6 urami
This was the year Lendl had a chance to win Wimbledon since he was playing at the highest level he ever had there. Taking Becker to five sets in the semis was his best showing against the top grass court player at the time. If he had been able to pull it off he would have had all the confidence in the world going into the final against Edberg.
K Pred 7 urami
테니스는 로렉스 스폰이냐 ..ㄷㄷ
Matthew Okot
Matthew Okot Pred 7 urami
Sampras's performance in the 1999 final is one of the best I've ever seen at Wimbledon. He just blasted Agassi away.
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh Pred 7 urami
Thank u modiji
Lorelei Sally
Lorelei Sally Pred 7 urami
Feels like the guys was waiting for this moment the whole life
Rifle Eyez
Rifle Eyez Pred 7 urami
Wow hehehe hbecham catches it amazing incredible stuff clapclacpalc
Lulu Pred 7 urami
BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO to our both DARLINGS ANGIE and JOKO, very nice dancing together, Lovely greetings from Germany 💕👍🌹👏🌹✌️🌹👻🥰🙋
Dawid Jaworski
Dawid Jaworski Pred 7 urami
And most stupid plqyer
Madan Pred 7 urami
Kari munde 🤮🤮
SIMO Pred 7 urami
Beckham catchs the ball everyone:EEEEEEEEE
C R Pred 8 urami
Kudos to the quick thinking cameraman and his rapid zoom! Mightn't have seen this otherwise
GlobalSportsJunction Pred 8 urami
Phoenix GATE-ECE, EE&IN.
Phoenix GATE-ECE, EE&IN. Pred 9 urami
Sven G
Sven G Pred 9 urami
I’m the 1000th comment 😈
springy springroll
springy springroll Pred 4 urami
im the 1001
ade spade
ade spade Pred 9 urami
Very skillful, even the top players couldn't match some of his trick shots.
Filippo 074
Filippo 074 Pred 10 urami
Ярослав Красовський
Ярослав Красовський Pred 10 urami
Мало того що Шарапова красотка ще грає бомба як класно!!!
Em Jai
Em Jai Pred 10 urami
So is this called the hand of God in tennis 😂😂
Terry Charnley
Terry Charnley Pred 11 urami
I saw that match. Great match and a massive Steffi Graf fan. Incredibly fit and wonderful grace on the court to match.
G ASDASD Pred 11 urami
The normal apple posteriorly permit because plasterboard selectively wreck but a magnificent mustard. observant, straight drawbridge
Khalek Rohman
Khalek Rohman Pred 12 urami
I am seeing this afterh his 20 grand slum
deans0209 Pred 12 urami
It was Andre Agassi, she accepted after the match
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury Pred 12 urami
Cheeky illegal play
Gotham Pred 12 urami
20th grand slam, Goddamn! Everyone were so focused on Rafa-Federer grand slam race that no one saw this guy catching up
Anton Andrick
Anton Andrick Pred 12 urami
He looks like EINSTEIN from particular angle
Ivana Glb
Ivana Glb Pred 12 urami
0:50 this is like a movie 😂
Adam Dymock
Adam Dymock Pred 13 urami
That thumbnail looks... suspect.
Nilesh Pandey
Nilesh Pandey Pred 13 urami
This video shows why front seat cost more.. 01/08/2021 Sunday 06:29PM
Aleksandar Mitic
Aleksandar Mitic Pred 13 urami
He's a legend!!! Who could imagine that someone like Novak,and fed will do even better here. I feel sorry for Pete,when he was playing fed,they stole important point from him by mistake,and he lost that match. It was crucial point.
human computer interaction
human computer interaction Pred 13 urami
Djokovic only did that because the crowd was against him; he wouldn't have given up the point otherwise. He's not a sporting player, he's an opportunist.
Yadav Neeraj
Yadav Neeraj Pred 13 urami
No dout Federer played better tennis then Djokovic.
tri tran
tri tran Pred 13 urami
One of the worst perfomances of this aria. Calleja sings as a teenage girl
'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak
'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak Pred 14 urami
TO --> AD of Better Grammar--> Don't claim to know grammar better than us, viewers.
pete smitt
pete smitt Pred 14 urami
0:05 Borg with F1 ace James Hunt.. he had a home in Wimbledon, dying there of a heart attack, aged 45.
Blanca Sofia Susme Martinez
Blanca Sofia Susme Martinez Pred 14 urami
Nasal con35 años tiene una mentalidad muy poco desarrollada me refiero a todas las niñadas que hace cuando esta jugando aburre con su ritual y con dárselas de ordenado de perfecciónista de dárselas más que los demás compañeros de creerse invencible desde Alemania soy muy Colombiana peí no me gusta el juego de Nadal
Tiziano Cerutti
Tiziano Cerutti Pred 14 urami
3:0 and stop...nothing to say, no match, just Djokovic
[email protected]@N!€L Pred 15 urami
I wonder if she sounds like that in the bedroom lol
abdullah sharief
abdullah sharief Pred 15 urami
Champions are always on money
susanto soekiman
susanto soekiman Pred 16 urami
Ritesh Kumar Gupta
Ritesh Kumar Gupta Pred 16 urami
She looks like dale steyn
Steffie should not say like that.... Lets have a cup of coffee after this match an then will decide.... Say No is also straight one ... But this tells She is money minded... It hurts me
Elano Holama
Elano Holama Pred 16 urami
From tiktok
Anshu Rajbhar
Anshu Rajbhar Pred 16 urami
When ur husband is a footballer 😂👍
deans0209 Pred 17 urami
Sore losers
Praba Kodai
Praba Kodai Pred 17 urami
Beckham 's smile ... ever forget.. classic...
Wey Man
Wey Man Pred 17 urami
3 point tennis- would love to see some modern day players go out and do serve and volley on those courts with those balls - I think some would struggle big time.
Ganesh Biradar
Ganesh Biradar Pred 17 urami
How beautifully paes represented the India and it's culture at the end of interview. I love it.
ayokay123 Pred 19 urami
Terminally douche judge. All they have to do is look at the instant replay.
KEVIN HODGES Pred 19 urami
He comes across as a very nice guy
Mauricio Velázquez
Mauricio Velázquez Pred 19 urami
Well, he couldn't deal with pressure in this Olympic games 😉
Allie Hamilton-Calhoun
Allie Hamilton-Calhoun Pred 19 urami
Everyone at the AELTC is so warm & welcoming to Goran & I think he feels more at home there than probably any other venue, even his own stadium. He won because he was meant to win.
Arvéy Illeszender
Arvéy Illeszender Pred 19 urami
Amazing real time observation from the umpire.
Uche Ezenwegbu
Uche Ezenwegbu Pred 20 urami
Kenneth Ferguson
Kenneth Ferguson Pred 20 urami
good stuff
The Watch Nerd
The Watch Nerd Pred 21 uro
When McEnroe changed tennis. One of the greatest moments in tennis history. I got to get one of these shirts.
iago07 Pred 21 uro
Venus has always been my favorite. Love her so much. Such an incredible LEGEND. Top 5 greatest tennis players of last 20 years. PERIODT. Serena Djokovic Federer Nadal Venus 😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
I just need the pineapple to eat!
nordattack Pred 23 urami
A perfect example of Brains over Brawn. If only we had more smart players today.
Douglas Hagan
Douglas Hagan Pred 23 urami
Boy that Becker return of service is pretty good isn't it
Douglas Hagan
Douglas Hagan Pred 23 urami
Nick is better Ivan lindell's or Boris Beckers that's what we're looking at is Ivan lindo's technique better than Boris Beckers let's look at the results in a matchup
Martina2497 wta
Martina2497 wta Pred dnevom
Anapana Befer
Anapana Befer Pred dnevom
tennis is over in here
Shiva narayan Serhi
Shiva narayan Serhi Pred dnevom
I love Steffi Graf she is beautiful
Dr. Rizia Laskar
Dr. Rizia Laskar Pred dnevom
I remember the commentator saying, "This is salvation". Indeed.
John Doe
John Doe Pred dnevom
I don't know... I mean... Andre Agassi was a man of modest means? Right? 😂😏