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DSC Pred 10 urami
Yup, got to give props to Rowling for having principles.
SJCH Buckeyes
SJCH Buckeyes Pred 10 urami
LeBron is so jealous of Jordan it's pathetic. This train wreck movie is the proof!
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo Pred 10 urami
Does the mask have an honest trailer
Junior Chrisopher
Junior Chrisopher Pred 10 urami
How are the The guards from Wakanda so strong not their fighting ability but their physical strength?
Lane Bristow
Lane Bristow Pred 10 urami
"Let's replace legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, whom literally everyone in America/the World loves, with legendary basketball player Lebron James, who has spent the last several years crapping all over his country and police officers." -The Same WB People Who Decided The Snyder Cut Doesn't Need A Sequel
Ricky J
Ricky J Pred 10 urami
You really have seen the useless Disney version yet.
Jay Rizz
Jay Rizz Pred 11 urami
Air bud was a national treasure
Ovi Wan Kenobi
Ovi Wan Kenobi Pred 11 urami
I've been watching all the videos I can find and this was easily one of the funniest. Never even seen the movie
Gone Pred 11 urami
Leo should have won the oscar for shutter island..
john banks
john banks Pred 11 urami
about to watch and wondering if they will mention how this is a cheap attempt to cash in on the whole BLM and push everything black movement, aaaaaaaaaand no it did not mention it at all, but looks like complete tripe...im glad this is on my skip list. Basically watch hook again instead of this hahah
futiu jarii
futiu jarii Pred 11 urami
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3rd Gunman
3rd Gunman Pred 11 urami
For the life of me, I don't get where the hype and love for this movie is coming from. I couldn't even finish it, def one of Snyder's worse. I could watch Sucker Punch over this.
Katie Trinity Blade
Katie Trinity Blade Pred 11 urami
pearl hayna cole
pearl hayna cole Pred 11 urami
"Unprepared public speaking" is absolutely my worst nightmare. Tsk
baby shark doo
baby shark doo Pred 11 urami
It was boring
baby shark doo
baby shark doo Pred 11 urami
Please do f9
Marginalia Pred 11 urami
It's nice to know that this isn't just say an Americanized version of 'Club de cuervos'.. but a crossover with that show would be a cool idea
Hellif Iknow
Hellif Iknow Pred 11 urami
I would be a furry for lola bunny
Dave Furbush
Dave Furbush Pred 11 urami
Looney Tunes died with Mel Blanc
PigeonWithAGun Pred 12 urami
Even the original was a giant ad.
Dave Furbush
Dave Furbush Pred 12 urami
Say "Live through the ditches and Laugh through the witches I Love in the back of my Dragula"
Zendy Garrido
Zendy Garrido Pred 12 urami
This is the story of a pick up artist whose wingman is the most adorable 50 year old man baby (playing games, wearing hats backwards and polos at 50)
Aaron Primus
Aaron Primus Pred 12 urami
The Chris Delia/ Tig notaro part was genius because she was green screened in for those of u who missed the joke
No One
No One Pred 12 urami
Philippines Unfiltered
Philippines Unfiltered Pred 12 urami
Adidas tracksuit away… 🤣🤣🤣
FieryPhoenix586 Pred 12 urami
I thought it was called Space Jam because they were playing against aliens. A New Legacy had nothing to do with space.
Serious Homer
Serious Homer Pred 13 urami
Its like a wholesome Club de cuervos
Raffaele Altilia
Raffaele Altilia Pred 13 urami
I hate this Movie...
mwyz Pred 13 urami
Tbh I honestly don't know how there are people out there that can enjoy Snyder's directing.
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Pred 13 urami
Come on, guys... Just do Sense8
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Pred 13 urami
Please.. Do Sense8
j pun
j pun Pred 13 urami
Every Disney movie has a prince. So every little boy has to aspire to be a prince? No, that's why your woke b.s. don't fly.
Ivan Popov
Ivan Popov Pred 13 urami
I couldn't stand the fake Russian accent.
j pun
j pun Pred 13 urami
What are you talking about? The evil step sisters and Mother were in charge and didn't sow!
Andrew The Andrew
Andrew The Andrew Pred 13 urami
Y’all are kinda nit picky tbh. This movie was an A+
Elsa Jacquemin
Elsa Jacquemin Pred 13 urami
During the explosion footage, I had time to go to my kitchen, pour myself a glass of milk, drink it, and when I was back, it was still going on.
Huibert Jan Versnel
Huibert Jan Versnel Pred 13 urami
Batman sure makes the most of being rich. So many hobbies!
Some Random Guy on the Internet
Some Random Guy on the Internet Pred 13 urami
Netflix: We’re making a live action Avatar: the Last Airbender movie. Fans: *Panik* Netflix: But we got original creators involved. Fans: *Kalm* Netflix: However, they just left due to “creative differences.” Fans: *PANIK*
mothmify Pred 13 urami
Plz do godzilla vs kong
Some Random Guy on the Internet
Some Random Guy on the Internet Pred 14 urami
Say: “Attack of the Clones is the best Star Wars movie, Jar Jar Binks is the best character, and the ‘I don’t like sand’ bit is the most underrated monologue in cinema history.”
Some Random Guy on the Internet
Some Random Guy on the Internet Pred 14 urami
Say: “Attack of the Clones is the best Star Wars movie, Jar Jar Binks is the best character, and the ‘I don’t like sand’ bit is the most underrated monologue in cinema history.”
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 14 urami
People forget that the WGA Writer's Strike started right before they went in to shoot and Paramount wanted to make their release date instead of waiting. But, it did make over $1 billion in the box office while the far superior first one fell just short of $1 billion, so there's that...
Mel P.
Mel P. Pred 14 urami
I didn’nt watch the show, but I just love epic voice guy when he gets to « emotional » oarts of movies/series. Just great, just awsome!
Birds 106
Birds 106 Pred 14 urami
The biggest sin of space jam 2 is there is no Quad City DJS song
laura_kerr 13
laura_kerr 13 Pred 14 urami
Please do Jungle Cruise next!!!
scoot Newt
scoot Newt Pred 14 urami
The fights did seem VERY lAGGY
Mukhil Mohan
Mukhil Mohan Pred 14 urami
Please do one for "Honest Trailers"...that would be epic..
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 14 urami
To be fair, Mel Brook's son, who is the author just wanted a cash grab. It's also one of my favorite zombie movies. Just name re-title it and viola!
Leon Paelinck
Leon Paelinck Pred 14 urami
"first action movie that doesn't rely on shacky cam" Have you ever seen Dredd?
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 15 urami
Ah, about the time that Will Smith joined Scientology and became weird...
catinthehat12 Pred 15 urami
They never wanted talent for Belle. They just wanted Hermione.
Bi Pee
Bi Pee Pred 15 urami
You should've realize. The enemy of all gamers is microtransactions. Money grubbing game corporate.
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 15 urami
There was so much CGI in this movie, but it was so well done, that barely anybody recognizes it.
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 15 urami
I mean, Ryan Reynolds eventually married Blake Lively after this movie so, it wasn't a complete L for Ryan...
Code Exodus
Code Exodus Pred 15 urami
With the way modern studios just create poorly thought out garbage or melt down successful classics into modern monstrosities that are all too painfully clear marketing cash grabs. I'm just gonna sit back & rewatch all the great classic shows & movies I already know I will enjoy, there's plenty to pick from over the century plus a treasure trove of yet discovered gems in that same time pool.
Abraham George
Abraham George Pred 15 urami
Wait are people calling jk Rowling transphobic because she said it wouldn't be fair to women to have transgenders participate in their sports or that some women feel scared sharing the washroom with biological men or did I miss something?
blakeb1555 Pred 15 urami
Please do Seinfeld!!!
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 16 urami
I saw a special screening of this on the Fox lot with Simon Kinberg present before they did re-shoots. I gave copious notes to try to fix this; they basically released it un-touched months afterwards. They clearly DGAF.
guilherme siqueira
guilherme siqueira Pred 16 urami
No Brad bird = no vintage futurism, genre tropes are meaningless in this vile movie
Paul Giordano
Paul Giordano Pred 16 urami
What do you mean "last two seasons?" Season 7 currently has a tomatometer score of 93% over on Rotten Tomatoes.
BeenThere DoneThat
BeenThere DoneThat Pred 16 urami
Please say: "I fart rocking hot bum-do-pido-pido-pido-pido dum dum dum dum... aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Philippines Unfiltered
Philippines Unfiltered Pred 16 urami
Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt Pred 16 urami
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Mthunzi Dumakude
Mthunzi Dumakude Pred 16 urami
This is still one of my favorite Honest Trailers!
Rikkie Scamander
Rikkie Scamander Pred 16 urami
Can you do Mamma Mia please? :D
Glen Kim
Glen Kim Pred 16 urami
So weird seeing the Red Guardian undercover in the CIA working with Amanda Waller.
Ce Ku
Ce Ku Pred 16 urami
Her mother was killed by Dalmatians? Dear God, this is Worse than I thought it would be. 😱
Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt Pred 16 urami
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Tanndo Baloyi
Tanndo Baloyi Pred 16 urami
“Got Out” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shannon Murphy
Shannon Murphy Pred 16 urami
"Papyrus I mean Avatar" was such an underrated line amazing
A C Pred 17 urami
Happy I'm never going to see this.
Asjad Faridi
Asjad Faridi Pred 17 urami
@Screen junkies please release Loki honest trailer soon
Zan Pred 17 urami
Waiting you for doing honest trailer of "master of dramatic over the shoulder turn around" Hahaha yeah i mean fast9
Indra Lesmana Liem
Indra Lesmana Liem Pred 17 urami
should've create this after scarlet sue disney
Brother Coconut
Brother Coconut Pred 17 urami
Please do TTS "If the emperor has a Text To Speech device"
Achilles 1868
Achilles 1868 Pred 17 urami
Jumanji next level
Christian Villareal
Christian Villareal Pred 17 urami
5:06: Alternate Honest Title Name: "Warner Bros: Endgame". Since Space Jam: A New Legacy is a crossover of NBA, Ready, Player One, Looney Tunes and WarnerMedia's owned IPs.
Connor Bryant
Connor Bryant Pred 17 urami
More like hear her meow lol