HSV2k Pred 4 urami
Phansak Iamraksa
Phansak Iamraksa Pred 4 urami
The video is just like NBA2K cutscene Awesome!
Umar Jijiwa chairman fct of Nigerian youth congress
Umar Jijiwa chairman fct of Nigerian youth congress Pred 4 urami
Ja morant should b here
Nicolas Jalabe
Nicolas Jalabe Pred 5 urami
9:20 shaq is the only person in the world who can touch florian’s jacket like that
edgardo034 Pred 5 urami
KD is the worst general manager ever...🤦🏻‍♂️
Sucre Pred 5 urami
@3:02 United what college fund?
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson Pred 5 urami
People thought I was crazy when I said Lavine would be an All Star before Wiggins...dummies
Sekai Pred 5 urami
Less goo
nickbh15 Pred 5 urami
When I make my Mount Rushmore years ago I decided to just leave off players I never personally saw live at their best, makes it easier...thought obviously bird, magic, akeem etc..they all was top of the top all time greats ofcourse..but goin with my parameters just makes it easier for me to make my list 1. MJ 🐐🐐 2. Kobe 3. LBJ 4.shaq
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor Pred 5 urami
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)+
Constant CHANGA
Constant CHANGA Pred 5 urami
Went easy on EJ
Constant CHANGA
Constant CHANGA Pred 5 urami
Dwade: “whoever aksed that question, don’t be dumb” cmon man
Tiago Kinomoto
Tiago Kinomoto Pred 5 urami
True Creed really die
WetWild,YummyBTS Pred 5 urami
wade top 5
Derek Smith
Derek Smith Pred 6 urami
No young brotha who feels like he has NBA potential or is simply going to college for that opportunity should simply sign to play abroad or in the G-league. Play for money only. If basketball doesn't work out they have the money from playing in those other leagues to fund their own education. It makes no sense to play in the NCAA if you're primary goal isn't a degree.
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Pred 6 urami
“Y’all act like they really picking regular dudes from the hood, there’s no bad picks here😂”
Tony Vincent
Tony Vincent Pred 6 urami
KG, when Covid is over can we get the NBA to bring back the Legends game for All-Star Weekend (2022).
Three-0 Pred 6 urami
The people who said it’s not funny are either don’t get any of the jokes or don’t watch basketball
Fadel Bash
Fadel Bash Pred 6 urami
0:46 bed.gen.in
skidowntown Pred 6 urami
This is why Lebron will never eclipse MJ. What a petty dude.
Kirsten Meadows
Kirsten Meadows Pred 6 urami
Earthlings. 😂😂
Croc Pred 6 urami
Rest in peace
bob dunn
bob dunn Pred 6 urami
The NBA has been transformed into a leftist political action committee by Adam Silver & LeBron James (Both Democrats) campaigning for Joe Biden and other Democrats. In addition to the NBA, the following fund raised for the Democrat party, BLM and other Black organizations. Hit the Democrat party where it counts! Boycott--Verizon, ESPN, US Bank, TNT, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, and Teachers Unions. Voice your opinion directly to the NBA
P H Pred 6 urami
My homie wade and zack
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney Pred 6 urami
I mean sorry to say Shaq has always had PRIME Players..Chuck never had Prime players...
Tmac 01
Tmac 01 Pred 6 urami
The best shooter of all time
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy Pred 6 urami
Noplay Pred 6 urami
Robbed of MVP.
Smarcus Mart
Smarcus Mart Pred 6 urami
Why are they just uploading this garbage?
Kyle Jefferson
Kyle Jefferson Pred 6 urami
Robert Maryin
Robert Maryin Pred 6 urami
What’s the song for Team Lebron intro
Eric Fürst
Eric Fürst Pred 6 urami
Penny, Hill and Bias, the biggest what if stories
chris anthony
chris anthony Pred 7 urami
Real 3p champion Lillard is better than curry
Ryan Dawson
Ryan Dawson Pred 7 urami
Cancel the nba
Jo Daresh
Jo Daresh Pred 7 urami
Lebron jordan is the best nfl player ever he has the most touchdowns and is the greatest ever new York lakers baseballer to ever wear the Jersey. Canada must be proud of him ❤
Andrea Cuomo
Andrea Cuomo Pred 5 urami
Amen brother
TheKos2Kos Pred 7 urami
D wade got two left feet on the dance floor
Jonny Sins
Jonny Sins Pred 7 urami
greatest Bull of all time
Hitler Jr
Hitler Jr Pred 5 urami
what about Cristiano Felicio?
Adem Alic
Adem Alic Pred 6 urami
Y’all goofy, best Bulls player is the GOAT “White Mamba” Brian Scalabrine
Rewolver Pred 6 urami
Agreed, Kerr is a close second tho
Zach Lavine
Zach Lavine Pred 7 urami
#BullsNation 🔥🔥
Kyle Jefferson
Kyle Jefferson Pred 6 urami
Chris D
Chris D Pred 7 urami
Only joe Harris could challenge him this year
SS Pred 7 urami
If overqualified was a person
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab Pred 7 urami
Ballin’ Brogdon
Ballin’ Brogdon Pred 7 urami
Zach deserved this All-Star appearance. He was the only good thing going for the Bulls in the beginning of the season.
THATS A RAP Pred 6 urami
the paw pretty nice too
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum Pred 7 urami
If Zach participate the dunk contest it could be fun to watch with Kenny and Reggie in the house!!!
Andres Quiroz
Andres Quiroz Pred 7 urami
why y’all posting everything the next day lol
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Pred 7 urami
For ppl like you and I, who don't have cable tv.
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Pred 7 urami
Man got skills
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal Pred 7 urami
I can watch Steph shoot all day. He's the greatest of all time. Klay Thompson is the only guy who comes close
Paris Wavy
Paris Wavy Pred 7 urami
Do you know The way
Do you know The way Pred 7 urami
Ray Allen and Reggie Miller is close to
GOAT Pred 7 urami
This new camera that they be using in sports is so clean. I've noticed them using it in soccer matches a few weeks ago, now they're in the NBA.
Jamal2k Pred 5 urami
it's amazing, super bowl too
Tim Pred 5 urami
UFC as well. It is pretty amazing.
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum Pred 7 urami
Klay would take that Trophy next year mark my words 😳
SimplyJay0 Pred 7 urami
Kyrie Irving is still his daddy
Sky High
Sky High Pred 7 urami
The 3-pt contest was better than the dunk contest. This is facts.
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only Pred 7 urami
3 point contest >>>>>>>>>>>>> dunk contest
Hookshot Pred 7 urami
Too bad nobody was there to see it
Christopher Law
Christopher Law Pred 7 urami
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum Pred 7 urami
When the Greatest shooter wins the 3pt contest that's just crazy to think about 💯
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab Pred 7 urami
it was fun watching him and LeBron on the same team
Sirmi98 Pred 6 urami
Xcvitx Pred 7 urami
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Pred 7 urami
Luis Jimenez Jr.
Luis Jimenez Jr. Pred 7 urami
Look at curry man
Dylan Torry
Dylan Torry Pred 7 urami
Lakers In 5
Lakers In 5 Pred 7 urami
DP30 Pred 7 urami
He actually made Sunday night watchable!
Kikuyreor Pred 7 urami
AKA Flix
AKA Flix Pred 7 urami
gotta love Shaq
Carpythesharky Pred 7 urami
Chuck Testa donut skills?
chelseaFC Pred 7 urami
LeBron no respect for Jazz players lol 😂 🤣
OGM Pred 7 urami
Candice Parker’s POV is a bit false IMO. Julius Randle isn’t averaging 20+ and 10 because “someone on the team has to get 20, and someone has to get 10”. He isn’t having an all star year because there’s no one else on the team capable of putting up those numbers. He’s always been really good, it’s just when he became the 1st/2nd option on a team we saw how good he can really be
Alex Sky
Alex Sky Pred 8 urami
does anybody know the name of the songs they were playing? especially the team lebron one before the startes at the end of the reserves? the part before/while gobert get's announced sounds so familiar
Kj_Million The Boss
Kj_Million The Boss Pred 8 urami
The way Giannis walked with the chain tho he looked cold
garvin bartholomew
garvin bartholomew Pred 8 urami
This will of been so uncomfortable for pg13 dabbing up doc rivers inno
Heavy Hitter
Heavy Hitter Pred 8 urami
I’ll b honest Chris Bosh at his peak was at jus as good as A.D or any other big in the league n thas faxs💪🏽
Zach Pred 8 urami
Welcome to Atlanta, the home of the team who blew a 28-3 lead.
jessica love
jessica love Pred 8 urami
team durant without durant
Thubes 99
Thubes 99 Pred 8 urami
It's the nba what do u expect 95% of players and sportsman a are liberals
Sam Sanneman
Sam Sanneman Pred 8 urami
Best is 1:37
solo cultiveur
solo cultiveur Pred 8 urami
le pauvre trae Young il avait largement sa place dans ce all star!!!!! et même en starter!!!!!!! c'est dommage pour lui il est chez les hawks en plus!!!!!!!!!
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman Pred 8 urami
I like Michael b jordan but come on man seriously.
अर्जुन् Pred 8 urami
Kamala hahahah. Creep👹
Ingore Pred 8 urami
Give him some credit it takes a lot of practice to hit the side of the backboard
Hus Hus
Hus Hus Pred 8 urami
About time 💯 better late then never 💪🏾
ChiiKn Waayne
ChiiKn Waayne Pred 8 urami
Kenny Smith kick is hilarious 🤣
PatriciaWSchroeder J HowardBAlexander
PatriciaWSchroeder J HowardBAlexander Pred 8 urami
The happy cougar theoretically cross because file aetiologically beg through a acid loaf. versed, tasteless protest
Samuel H.
Samuel H. Pred 8 urami
Looking back trump did everything he said he’d do