Gamer Lily Emerald
Gamer Lily Emerald Pred 11 urami
Karl and chris held hands- HAHHAHAHAHA🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Aswani Chittilla
Aswani Chittilla Pred 11 urami
So, SLus watches SLus. *read the pinned commet*
RoyalPillows '
RoyalPillows ' Pred 11 urami
5:58 that water slide is in Dubai ! Lol
Ichbinrandom Pred 11 urami
We from Germany can do alot of more stuff then Waterslides!
Mateusz Kościuk
Mateusz Kościuk Pred 11 urami
Justin Lanny
Justin Lanny Pred 11 urami
I’m a cod gamer
DIZRU DINAN Pred 11 urami
Everyone gangsta till chandler and his ostrich jump from burj khalifa
Funimate Editing
Funimate Editing Pred 11 urami
Marie McKay *Cash's Mom*
Marie McKay *Cash's Mom* Pred 11 urami
The fact that unspeakable is in this video is just wow😯
KinGioMan Pred 11 urami
In Germany we do have a VR waterslide, you really missed something there😄
Jan Augustyniak
Jan Augustyniak Pred 11 urami
90% comments I aM FroM PolAnD i am from poland :D
K Jayanth
K Jayanth Pred 12 urami
Nice video keep it up make more related videos
CarWheels22 Gaming
CarWheels22 Gaming Pred 12 urami
Now it uploads
Amelia and Kayla A.k arts
Amelia and Kayla A.k arts Pred 12 urami
Chris: what weird curancy is that? ME: English lol
Luis Brunke
Luis Brunke Pred 12 urami
ich bin aus deutschland im from germany
Komal Babar
Komal Babar Pred 12 urami
In the end why did he shout
Nina Weeks
Nina Weeks Pred 12 urami
Save the straws or save the turtles sks sks sks SAVE THE STRAWSSSSSS Comment what u think
Jill Brocco
Jill Brocco Pred 12 urami
Chris had better sound afecceetcs
Declan Chesher
Declan Chesher Pred 12 urami
😶😶😶😶Speech less
POT Pred 12 urami
CandyGamer123 Pred 12 urami
Who else realised Karl has nail polish on
Vanessa Logan
Vanessa Logan Pred 12 urami
Karl’s one was pretty big brain
Anime Gamerz2020
Anime Gamerz2020 Pred 12 urami
Imagine eating an entire building
Maxo Pred 12 urami
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred 12 urami
Did anyone notice how Chris was trying to talk all big and strong in the beginning like Mr Beast always does?
Lachlan Berwick
Lachlan Berwick Pred 12 urami
I felt sick in the stomach watching that bro 🤢 🤮
TikiBear97 E
TikiBear97 E Pred 12 urami
C.H.K.N Tenders
C.H.K.N Tenders Pred 12 urami
The rats need a phone too
Craze -x
Craze -x Pred 12 urami
I’m scared of those tube water slides bcz I’m scared of getting stuck....
spacesike Pred 12 urami
Android crew
GALAXY ANIME Pred 12 urami
Holly cow 🐄😇
Ronin West
Ronin West Pred 13 urami
I have gone on 4 of those water slides before
Elyen Elyen
Elyen Elyen Pred 13 urami
I like your channels 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😀
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Pred 13 urami
Anime does make everyone happier
Kimhan Hort
Kimhan Hort Pred 13 urami
Did anyone realized that chris got his vaccine?
Kasper Konge
Kasper Konge Pred 13 urami
Karl is High IQ
Roblox Logan
Roblox Logan Pred 13 urami
Alice Unicorn
Alice Unicorn Pred 13 urami
did anyone notice that carl has nail varnish on
Trent Carpenter
Trent Carpenter Pred 13 urami
I love mincraft it is my favorite game i made a rollercoaster no cap
_Oskip_ Pred 13 urami
I would literaly crap myself if i was like 2000 feet up in the air
Chatrban Wudhiprecha
Chatrban Wudhiprecha Pred 13 urami
Chris looks slimmer
Froggy Chillz
Froggy Chillz Pred 13 urami
Mae Pred 13 urami
Already subscribed all of your channel
Da Pirate
Da Pirate Pred 13 urami
Chris and chandler i luv u
Naruto Raikou Mode
Naruto Raikou Mode Pred 13 urami
Ehhh ez im just gonna go up the stairs
George Goor
George Goor Pred 13 urami
this is such a random video xD
Woofyroro Pred 13 urami
At the start Chris is so cringe 😬
GGx Cyclone
GGx Cyclone Pred 13 urami
We miss u jake
MrBeast IQ
MrBeast IQ Pred 13 urami
in one day 100K subscribers
NIKOLA ČEBULAR Pred 13 urami
u guys should wacht life of luxury
Boston3233 #JMosh420
Boston3233 #JMosh420 Pred 13 urami
mckenzie digiallonardo
mckenzie digiallonardo Pred 13 urami
“what is that? a pant leg building?” i love karl 😂
B4laze JRH18
B4laze JRH18 Pred 13 urami
Chris doing the intro was legendary
Luis Yosino
Luis Yosino Pred 13 urami
I watch his videos
Grant Hupfield
Grant Hupfield Pred 14 urami
Mr beast, please tell Chris that I'm always available to follow him round with an Aussie accent 😂😂
Shelley Lawson
Shelley Lawson Pred 14 urami
Shalini Ragandran
Shalini Ragandran Pred 14 urami
Fazi FF
Fazi FF Pred 14 urami
dark assassin PUBG mobile
dark assassin PUBG mobile Pred 14 urami
Who’s just getting this in their recommended
Lotadcast Pred 14 urami
bruh stfu
Chawin Thapanapong
Chawin Thapanapong Pred 14 urami
They missed the first and and smashed ur toy
Andrew Kavwenje
Andrew Kavwenje Pred 14 urami
Fortnite gamer
Jason Cunningham
Jason Cunningham Pred 14 urami
lukz gaming
lukz gaming Pred 14 urami
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Pred 14 urami
Chandler and Chris be like: OoOOOHhHhH
Marcus Ethan Abiera
Marcus Ethan Abiera Pred 14 urami
the slide you guys said that looked like a roller coaster it says that that slide was banned because a girl go diccapitated
None Pred 14 urami
I tell you, Chris runs this channel
NF follower
NF follower Pred 15 urami
its salt
Tom Maher
Tom Maher Pred 15 urami
i chewed a glow stik
Chandu Lasara
Chandu Lasara Pred 15 urami
I got ground for the cake hak
bob1234 Pred 15 urami
Chris and tareq are the cutest couple
Dazzle Clinton
Dazzle Clinton Pred 15 urami
One of the best video ever
Curly Head
Curly Head Pred 15 urami
Chris is so funny ,I be laughing my ass off🤣
manny Belloc
manny Belloc Pred 15 urami
Wiz kalfia is a rappee
Fact Bro
Fact Bro Pred 15 urami
After year
Jack R
Jack R Pred 15 urami
Finally no me beast
hikingOpussom J
hikingOpussom J Pred 15 urami
You can eat the middle of a pineapples i always do :)
Oliver Nagle
Oliver Nagle Pred 15 urami
The start of the vid and Chandler has already got me laughing 😂 😂😂
nina goleski
nina goleski Pred 15 urami
why do i see Bob Ross on Chris's shirt
Saskia Van Garderen
Saskia Van Garderen Pred 15 urami
Been on some of those slides, no joke