EU Masters Is Here
Pred 22 urami
LEC: The final stage!
Pavamaster Pred uro
I come over and over again every day just to hear good
Fortinbras Pred 2 urami
first song pls????
qpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp Pred 3 urami
qpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp Pred 3 urami
april/2021. lets see in a few years
Ramazan Cabbar
Ramazan Cabbar Pred 3 urami
Brokenblade ❤️
Ramazan Cabbar
Ramazan Cabbar Pred 3 urami
Nisqy ❤️
sam chan
sam chan Pred 3 urami
C'est clairement un clip sous acide xDDD
sam chan
sam chan Pred 3 urami
Mais punaise que suis-je entrain de regarder.
Budie Pred 6 urami
This lec split is definitely a holy banger split. The rise of lec new champions, lec band, hans sama ashe > crowne ashe, wide armut > wipe bwipo.
Ralph Pena
Ralph Pena Pred 7 urami
Carrzy and the producer laughing at him anwsering he's the most handsome is too funny
Hordeath Pred 7 urami
Seversin sevmezsin bilemem ama bu sene LEC'de bir Türk rüzgarı esti. KolsuzNisqy Fnatic'i sırtına aldı, Broken G2'ya karşı penta attı, Malmut finalde iki maç taşıdı şampiyon oldu. Sizce de bu adamlara bu gereksiz lakapları takmayı bırakmak gerekmiyo mu artık? Ben şahsen tek tek hepsiyle gurur duydum. (Oldum olası hiç birine bu lakapları koymadım bu arada ironi olsun diye malmut falan yazdım da anlamazsınız falan)
Nuri Arda Gürz
Nuri Arda Gürz Pred 8 urami
Ramon Tavares da Cruz
Ramon Tavares da Cruz Pred 9 urami
Came back for the nostalgia, miss Drakos and Frosk duo energy, Perkz being in EU, no Covid :(
Purva Pred 9 urami
1992fafnir Pred 10 urami
gj LEC production gj LEC teams gj LEC players it was a blast to watch this spring split
Umut Yılmaz
Umut Yılmaz Pred 10 urami
Avis d'Ailleurs
Avis d'Ailleurs Pred 11 urami
After watching Mac on summoning Insight and Armpit both here and on the Crackdown I am now officially rooting for MAD.
Alexander Pred 11 urami
Kaiser's reaction have to be one of the best ever for a winning team in competitive league. He was completely stunned.
Lun Channel
Lun Channel Pred 11 urami
If there’s no Euphoria for MSI, I’m shamelessly demanding a After Dark MSI version. If not in Caedrel channel, a kind reminder that Drakos channel exists 🙏
Thế Phúc Nguyễn
Thế Phúc Nguyễn Pred 11 urami
Love the reaction after Destiny said Upset loll Even 1 year later.
Arda2411 Pred 12 urami
7:20 Zanzarah... what a genius
AAA WA Pred 14 urami
Carzzy and Kaiser got carried so hard this series
daaaannnyy Pred 14 urami
he learned the basics,fundamentals so that's enough to win lec Xd
Σινά φεγγάρι
Σινά φεγγάρι Pred 9 urami
such a humble guy lol
Boruski 332
Boruski 332 Pred 15 urami
suN shiNE
suN shiNE Pred 16 urami
Dawid Wiśniewski
Dawid Wiśniewski Pred 17 urami
Leave sejuani to jankos hahaha
TheeSenju Pred 18 urami
Who else first thought this was Big Time Rush ?
Aaron Osman
Aaron Osman Pred 18 urami
Surely a new LEC bit of content, pro game all chat read out by Microsoft Sam
Hannia Pred 18 urami
Well... they indeed came to take the throne 🦁
Noctilucent Pred 19 urami
od:"look wukong look wukong" ins:"Yeah kill wukong" tryn:"try to kill wukong" wise man
burak altun
burak altun Pred 19 urami
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall Pred 19 urami
What a great split. So proud to be an LEC fan and watch you guys evolve over the years. Lots of love from Canada! <3<3<3
Zacharie Guillerey
Zacharie Guillerey Pred 21 uro
How about his Karma...uh ? UUUUHHH?
Alexandre Bella Onana
Alexandre Bella Onana Pred 22 urami
I think the winner of eum should have chance to compete in LEC
DaveyJones Pred 23 urami
wow this makes their level of production now days way more impressive! I never knew all of this I've just loved the lcs for the last 4 years. (I'm from Canada but am an avid lcs fan!)
Adnox Pred 23 urami
Its funny how so many people hated Armut and flamed him, and suddenly after winning LEC, those same people are calling him "likeable" and "funny" and "interesting"
Lauti Lopez
Lauti Lopez Pred 23 urami
6:30 Yoooooo that was so awesome
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam Pred 23 urami
Lol anyways they will get shit on at MSI
cekobidonq Pred dnevom
I'm afraid a record label will come and take all our casters away.
Wojtek A. J. Skalka
Wojtek A. J. Skalka Pred dnevom
Such an effin badass
Egon Montage
Egon Montage Pred dnevom
Marco Svitnic
Marco Svitnic Pred dnevom
Yeah #Spring2021
Binet Luc
Binet Luc Pred dnevom
Larssen had one of his worst performance ever, he who usually is seen as a "rock" really was a liability for Rogue, despite Humanoid not beeing at his absolute best
Jhorman parra perez
Jhorman parra perez Pred dnevom
BorinUltimatum Pred dnevom
I love seeing how excited the casters get
Efe Aydınlı
Efe Aydınlı Pred dnevom
We buffed armut cause hes play on lec now wukong damage increased 10>>100 malp tankness increased 60>>120 and we gave him a better gnar experience to win the lec
Seagrove TCG
Seagrove TCG Pred dnevom
The Fudge disrespect. He just slapped last year's best LEC top laner 5x in a row....
Valentin Genov
Valentin Genov Pred dnevom
LEC production is something else! MAD respect! :D
Grwin Pred dnevom
🇹🇷 korean top lane
Demian Pred dnevom
Asmuch as i hate Aatrox being an absoloute unkillable machine , but seeing him in teamfights and hitting like a truck is absoloutly satisfying. Especially when he does his Q
Caitlin Pred dnevom
The one who edited this video deserve a raise.
guisteh11 Pred dnevom
They aired this after the finals and I couldn’t believe how well edited this is. Love 💗 to EU production Team!!
Jan Brokeš
Jan Brokeš Pred dnevom
This hits different now.
Deniz Yılmaz
Deniz Yılmaz Pred dnevom
"i know the basics now" (LEC Champion BTW)
Efe Aydınlı
Efe Aydınlı Pred dnevom
Asher M
Asher M Pred dnevom
This hits different when the MAD lads are the champion... this lyrics actually show that Playoffs were actually a warzone lol
abu malik
abu malik Pred dnevom
the Turkish Huni
Levent Sama
Levent Sama Pred dnevom
turkish stage beast
Simon Schalbers
Simon Schalbers Pred dnevom
Spring Split over waiting for Summer Split like:
ferhat alaçayır
ferhat alaçayır Pred dnevom
Sonnenwacht Pred dnevom
I dont play LoL but I love this song
richard leenknegt
richard leenknegt Pred dnevom
what a great fucking split
Chris This
Chris This Pred dnevom
Nasser Nasser
Nasser Nasser Pred dnevom
Rekkles only knows how to farm. prove me wrong.
Konrad Kowalski
Konrad Kowalski Pred dnevom
Aristotelis Entertainment
Aristotelis Entertainment Pred dnevom
11:05 so wholesome
SantyG Pred dnevom
Fnatic suffering,the vídeo
Gergely .Gajdos
Gergely .Gajdos Pred dnevom
MAD reminds me the early UOL, with that midgame ARAM and freaking crazy teamfighting.
Bace mi Ne?
Bace mi Ne? Pred dnevom
armuuuttt <3
SPIT fire
SPIT fire Pred dnevom
Wow MAD and ROGUE now activated finally happened
BlackSoldierMMA Pred dnevom
Even tho Im a G2 fanboy i gotta say well deserved win for Armut and the boys such a nice guy :)
Mustafa Mutlu
Mustafa Mutlu Pred dnevom
He is so fucking handsome
Boris Lay Dernov
Boris Lay Dernov Pred dnevom
song name?
Lord Pigeon
Lord Pigeon Pred dnevom
Carzzy: "guys look at the trophy......we will never lift that shit xD" Armut: " and i took that personally"