Robert Wallace
Robert Wallace Pred dnevom
I'm only mad the mavs neva went after Gelo ball
Pajci Pajcolino
Pajci Pajcolino Pred dnevom
Amartuvshin Uuganbayar
Amartuvshin Uuganbayar Pred dnevom
SeventySeven - Play to Earn  Games / NFTs
SeventySeven - Play to Earn Games / NFTs Pred dnevom
this guy has a winning personality.. will bring lots of 'ships in Dallas
EMO KiDD Pred dnevom
Josh Ryvin
Josh Ryvin Pred 2 dnevi
welcome to beantown
Jamarcus Williams
Jamarcus Williams Pred 2 dnevi
iHusk McProduct
iHusk McProduct Pred 2 dnevi
Only a matter of time before Luka wants out. Tick tock tick tock.....
samuel hall
samuel hall Pred 2 dnevi
Sean Carter
Sean Carter Pred 2 dnevi
Are we waiting on DART to get moves made or are we keeping the same roster... SPEAK ON SOMETHING TANGIBLE!!! We fans kinda deserve it after months of hear say, ludicrous interviews and very cryptic reports surrounding our 2nd largest contract. What. Are. We. Doing. Dallas 🤔 Teams drafted, made moves to sure up roster spots or outright beef up to contend NOW like LA getting Westbrook knowing damn well it's not to facilitate. It's to tire the opposition out while Brody steals, makes fast breaks then gets hot and straight drops fire for 2 straight quarters. It's happened and can very easily happen again. Sense of urgency please, please 🙏
G T Pred dnevom
@Tommy Two Times at least some people in here use their fucking brains. THANK YOU
SeventySeven - Play to Earn  Games / NFTs
SeventySeven - Play to Earn Games / NFTs Pred dnevom
dude we don't even have draft picks. let the guy do his job and give him some time to work.
Mathieu van Cuijk
Mathieu van Cuijk Pred 2 dnevi
@Tommy Two Times Damn, thats a sick response
Tommy Two Times
Tommy Two Times Pred 2 dnevi
Free agency hasn't even started yet and you want them to make all the plans public so other teams can take advantage of us. The fans aren't owed shit because 99% of fans don't have a fucking clue how to run a basketball team
Pat Toliver
Pat Toliver Pred 2 dnevi
Lucky -.!
Lucky -.! Pred 2 dnevi
Draft me 💪
Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara Pred 2 dnevi
Excited to have you here Nico!
SmittyYT Pred 2 dnevi
Let’s go mavs
Rob Farris
Rob Farris Pred 2 dnevi
Greensboro Coliseum news: and yes remove or traded Dwight Powell and Tim Hardaway Jr., for Ben Simmons, and Matisse Thybulle, so Ben Simmons can become one of the world greatest overrated, superstars and oscar-winning players when the Philadelphia 76ers bosses and managers decided to let Ben Simmons go towards another pro basketball teams in the united states or overseas commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver. and yes children and adults and their parents from around the globe, if Ben Simmons be removed or traded from the 76ers today Simmons will take home with him 990 million instead of 170 million dollars by playing pro basketball over five years now with head coach Doc Rivers and Simmons former boss head coach stepfather Brett Brown, born February 16th, 1961, filmmakers. hello Isaiah Alexander Maurice, and David Collins, and yes these two world-best bench players in college basketball weren't drafted last night by the NBA sports kids and adults and their families from around the world directors. why come head coach Penny Hardaway of the University of Memphis men's basketball team?
Afiq Rahman
Afiq Rahman Pred 2 dnevi
puta madre. That the only spanish words I know
Ty Smiley
Ty Smiley Pred 3 dnevi
I love luka
Ninja Seth
Ninja Seth Pred 4 dnevi
Less go
Mindaugas Baranauskas
Mindaugas Baranauskas Pred 4 dnevi
a gung fu man that Luka is Im telling ya
AJ Vaddi
AJ Vaddi Pred 4 dnevi
2k19 BEAST
Clutchcmac19 Pred 5 dnevi
Don’t resign THJ, he’s inconsistent
C. Satia
C. Satia Pred 5 dnevi
Jason Kidd is a jackass coach. He tried to bench Giannis. He's done too many steroids and honestly needs to focus on hair transplants rather than coaching
TruthBeTold Pred 5 dnevi
It’s like MJ Coaching Kobe and Don King as the GM. Excited to see what this Dream Team front office is going to do.
Denzel Derek Alejandro Villanueva
Denzel Derek Alejandro Villanueva Pred 6 dnevi
se etzita al escuchar a Luka hablar español UwU
Seba kun
Seba kun Pred 6 dnevi
este hombre hace todo bien? hasta hablar español
Renato Kovačič
Renato Kovačič Pred 8 dnevi
luka is only 22 years old and won already 2 all star games !!!!! 2:0 for him
Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh Pred 9 dnevi
Peter Patton is one of the best shooting coaches in the world.
William Phillips
William Phillips Pred 10 dnevi
Jalen Green works better than Cade in Detroit and Cade fits better with Houston..IMO. Killian Hayes value elevates with Green but Detroit doesn't have the shooting to open up the repertoire of Cade. Cade would elevate Houston's young talent.
William Phillips
William Phillips Pred 10 dnevi
I hope that somehow the new front office can get into the 2nd round because this draft is really deep. With players like Charles Bassey, Greg Brown, Josh Christopher, Jericho Sims, Kessler Edwards, Joe Wieskamp, Quentin Grimes, Isaiah Livers, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Yves Pons and David Johnson.
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga Pred 11 dnevi
I hope 🤞 now beast moments them accent translate
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga Pred 11 dnevi
Yes dallas77 luka doncic
LC Gaming
LC Gaming Pred 11 dnevi
Viva er Betis manque pierda
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga Pred 11 dnevi
Look luka I love teams dallas77 you powerful number live not broken you bucy this 2021/USA you chioce supertars dreams billboard I give policy to prsedent elovinia USA Philippines
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga Pred 11 dnevi
Don't crying I here beast answers to teams plan to you beast skills in gaems NBA luka Yu big man don't crying
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga
Tobiasburinaga Donaborinaga Pred 11 dnevi
Crying I love you dol hope life work to nbA Yu fashions love not always girlfriend had love yo damage work this NBA bucy donccic
Darskee Pred 11 dnevi
mark cuban is getting old..one of the best owners in the nba
samuel hall
samuel hall Pred 11 dnevi
We have zero draft picks this year, but it feels like our draft picks from last year. Will be like getting young that we can develop into the rotation this season.That is exciting and gives us a chance to see.Meaning Terry,Bey & Hinton will be stronger physically and mentally.If all are on the roster this season, we have better depth,we are younger & have more flexibility during season for potential trade deadline opportunities. #MFFL
Pro Sports Outlook
Pro Sports Outlook Pred 12 dnevi
Cade Cunningham is a generational talent and I'm shocked he isn't getting about as much hype as Zion was getting out of college!
William Phillips
William Phillips Pred 10 dnevi
I see Jalen Green having more of an impact in the league sooner than Cunningham.
Big Homie From The D
Big Homie From The D Pred 11 dnevi
Generational??? Ehhh I don't know about that
Caesar Zheng
Caesar Zheng Pred 12 dnevi
We have zero pick, and almost no asset. Even we have new front office, but their hands are tied up.
IL T 90s
IL T 90s Pred 12 dnevi
Kidd was a great player. But he's been a bad coach throughout his career. I don't see this working out. Seems like another dumb Cuban decision, because Kidd played on the championship team from years ago.
SirNunKakes Pred 12 dnevi
After JKidd touched on the “issues of the past” for the third time, I would’ve liked to see Cuban step in and say enough.
PennyHardaway24 Pred 13 dnevi
J kidd speech seemed fake.
Doable Films
Doable Films Pred 13 dnevi
these dudes are terribly phony with their answers
NIN9 HUN Pred 14 dnevi
The media is so petty; Kidd paid for his pass and had to live with it on his shoulders. Give the man a chance to prove that he’s learned from his mistakes
John Winchester
John Winchester Pred 9 dnevi
He has already learned from his mistakes lol. They are beating a dead horse(no pun intended)
stuffandthangz Pred 14 dnevi
Harp keeps laughing at how ridiculously good Luka is, lol
edgardo loera
edgardo loera Pred 14 dnevi
How do I get a job with the mavs
Montrell Garrett
Montrell Garrett Pred 15 dnevi
I really think this is about to be a huge positive step going forward for this season alone.
Telefona Zaglis
Telefona Zaglis Pred 15 dnevi
Unprofessional coach. Glad you got rid of him. Worst decisions made by a coach ever. He should coach in primary school
wrds wpns
wrds wpns Pred 15 dnevi
Luka is already a great player n great person....its the supporting cast the new coaching staff needs to focus on improving...leave Luka alone.
Psychotropni Lachtan
Psychotropni Lachtan Pred 15 dnevi
New faces, same old Mavs. Luka will be gone in few years.
Limbaco Jboi
Limbaco Jboi Pred 15 dnevi
I remember kid interviews during championship run. he said to coach's Rick that he figured something out during the game and Coach Rck allowed him to do what he discovered and the result was successful ,, I think Kid and luka we be successful
Limbaco Jboi
Limbaco Jboi Pred 15 dnevi
go Mavs from Philippines
Rat Mincey
Rat Mincey Pred 16 dnevi
I love Mark Cuban
Steve Davis
Steve Davis Pred 16 dnevi
Let's go Mavs!
Arturo Pred 16 dnevi
Looking good. Looking tough. Lets go Mavs!!!
Eric Viereck, Jr.
Eric Viereck, Jr. Pred 16 dnevi
Never give up on your dreams, sometimes it takes time.
TREVOOO TV Pred 16 dnevi
Mffl letsssssss goooooo
Ricardo Garza Jr
Ricardo Garza Jr Pred 16 dnevi
Tim Cato is a straight up gossip bitch TMZ should hire this guy 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins Pred 16 dnevi
Welcome guys to the Mavs and welcome back Kidd. Lets go after Tatum!!
don ramon
don ramon Pred 15 dnevi
I don't think Celtics will allow that
The Jester
The Jester Pred 16 dnevi
Two mistake hires it has to be said. Failed coach and shoe sales person. Defending Porzingis who is trash. Ouch. Not a good start.
Nadia C
Nadia C Pred 16 dnevi
Hmm and they’re both black🤔🤔
Qwartr Pred 16 dnevi
Name checks out
Haruki Nakamura
Haruki Nakamura Pred 16 dnevi
I think he will bring out kp and luka's true potential as a duo
armin38822 Pred 16 dnevi
Love basketball but NBA is very fake.
V C Pred 16 dnevi
Everything is fake when the cameras start rolling
White Noise
White Noise Pred 16 dnevi
Man, I'm excited for J Kidd and Nico, but their speeches seem soooooooooo rehearsed and robotic. Like they were trying to be over careful with Cynt sitting nearby. It just didn't seem like a "loose and be yourself" type of news conference. That said, I'm a MFFL'er . Go Mavs!
Shakib Khan
Shakib Khan Pred 16 dnevi
if jason can bring even 50 percent of KP... him and luka can go the distance ....go #MFFL ....fan from india
Ni Ño
Ni Ño Pred 16 dnevi
i told you all LUKA AND KP will dominate this league trust me.
Rigo 9816
Rigo 9816 Pred 16 dnevi
I am curious as to why Basketball analytics and the possible implementation of them for this Mavs team was not brought up???
Ni Ño
Ni Ño Pred 16 dnevi
i felt big game this coming 2022 season. quite but rock
Good Luck Pilipinas!
Good Luck Pilipinas! Pred 16 dnevi
First time I watched a full press conference
Ni Ño
Ni Ño Pred 16 dnevi
this is it Lets go Mavs!!!!!!!!😍
Trade Porzingis for Turner
Trade Porzingis for Turner Pred 16 dnevi
trade for Nurkic or sign a TRUE CENTER . Half European basketball is about the PG/C chemistry . We need a TRUE CENTER
Vladimir Musić
Vladimir Musić Pred 16 dnevi
Go Mavs 💓
VIPme Europe
VIPme Europe Pred 16 dnevi
Gilbert the great
Gilbert the great Pred 16 dnevi
Jkidd looks like a judge of America's got talent
Ryan Yu
Ryan Yu Pred 16 dnevi
KP will never be injured. And he will dominate rest of his carrier 👍
don ramon
don ramon Pred 15 dnevi
I hope so is a win win situation keep him or trade him but Mavs would get a great player
KING Juanito
KING Juanito Pred 16 dnevi
Dominate* Sorry …
Glenn Vastine
Glenn Vastine Pred 17 dnevi
“The hierarchy is me, jason,cyn,nico….that hasn’t changed”……where is micheal Finley? Is Bob still in the building? Is Bob hiding inside the building? Answer a straight question mark!!! Eventually we are going to find out anyway. Last I saw he’s in Greece with his dog lol……
Ricardo Garza Jr
Ricardo Garza Jr Pred 16 dnevi
Lmao who gives af if he in the building or not I swear mfs are weird asf wanting to know gossip instead of basketball answers 🤣🤣
Glenn Vastine
Glenn Vastine Pred 17 dnevi
Mark looks awful……you can see the enormous stress on his face. This has not been his finest hour and he knows it. Here’s hoping it all works out. Hoping they run a lot more on missed baskets and put pressure on this league which is getting long in the tooth. Old guys don’t like to run back on defense to we need to make life uncomfortable for the leBrons of the world.
Jaša Čebulj
Jaša Čebulj Pred 16 dnevi
Why do you think he (or they) took the job? Probably not because they are overly concerned...but thats just my guess
Ronald Pabilonia
Ronald Pabilonia Pred 17 dnevi
Now that we have a new head coach, presumably a new coaching staff, and a new GM, can we please have the rebrand now?
M A Pred 17 dnevi
“we all know we not going to go undefeated “ 😂😂😂 u guys are in for a long year next year😂😂😂😂
V C Pred 16 dnevi
@Sammy Al Hashemi I was being sarcastic 😂
Sammy Al Hashemi
Sammy Al Hashemi Pred 16 dnevi
Lmao what? That's a perfectly reasonable statement...
V C Pred 16 dnevi
I know smh I was like why didn’t they do the Lebron in Miami .. not 1.. not 2… not 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
The_G Pred 17 dnevi
I agree with mark, this is a very exciting time to be a Mavs fan. I think this team wins a championship in the next 2-3 years.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Pred 16 dnevi
2024 is my guess
John 💸 Dough
John 💸 Dough Pred 17 dnevi
Welcome to MAVS team MFFL.