frenk kersnik
frenk kersnik Pred 23 urami
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy Pred dnevom
Where is the defense?
VArsovski10 Pred 23 urami
4th qtr only :D
ike lanuza
ike lanuza Pred dnevom
It is not his time yet to win the MVP award because he is reserving his strength for the 2nd half of the season, that is by finisihing 5th in the West and going into the second round in the Playoffs. Mark my words!!! Haha
Tyler S
Tyler S Pred dnevom
I see u with the dior
WIZDOM TRUST Pred dnevom
Mitja Goršek
Mitja Goršek Pred dnevom
Tom Brady has 7 not 6🤪
ANGELO Pred dnevom
Dont forget to stay in shape for playoffs
moochmystery Pred dnevom
why cant luka go wild in AG, we need that exposure bruh
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred dnevom
I hope he gets serious tho with actual games. He needs to put on some work off court. He looks lost and intimidated with other stars.
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred 22 urami
@Oscar Alvarez last year playoffs showed his grit but also his short temper on the court. He needs to work on that as well. There's so many Pat Bev, Marcus Morris type of players in the NBA.
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred 22 urami
@Sagar Varma lol. you know what since the word "casual" becomes trendy, all those who wanted to sound cool have been using it now 🙄
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred 22 urami
Before all your panties get twisted, I've watched every single games of the Mavs. And have been a fan of this team since 2007. I love Luka. But you've got to say the truth: if he wants to be a winner, he needs to be more dedicated in his trainings. Every single great player does it. Look at Dirk, Listen to JJ, or check out Brunson.
Sagar Varma
Sagar Varma Pred 23 urami
Hope he gets serious? Have you not been watching him the last 3 years, Casual?
Oscar Alvarez
Oscar Alvarez Pred 23 urami
Go watch playoffs from last year. He just dgaf about all star
Nick Ronaldo
Nick Ronaldo Pred dnevom
Trade porzingis for Jokic
submissivelover Pred 22 urami
They wouldn't give up what's gonna be this years MVP for Porzingis.
Manuel López
Manuel López Pred dnevom
Grande Luka 💪😍🇪🇸
QVom M
QVom M Pred dnevom
Boooring, looks like players didn't like this Allstars GAME as well
jjohnsoon Pred dnevom
Love you bro!! Luka !!
Susanna Hampton
Susanna Hampton Pred dnevom
0:16 vom.gen.in
Julian Mc
Julian Mc Pred dnevom
He needs to get more aggresive, just 8 shots in 33 minutes
VArsovski10 Pred 23 urami
Yep, I'm kinda more leaned on the side of why did he even play that long o.O
NRG Pred dnevom
Pretty hard to make that argument when you've got Giannis shooting 100%, AND Steph Curry... but yeah I would've loved to see him go wild too
Enej Sablatnik
Enej Sablatnik Pred dnevom
Its an all star game lol he was not trying
Julian Mc
Julian Mc Pred dnevom
Man he played 33 minutes and just shoot 8 shoots wtf he gotta get more agressive
ajit benedict
ajit benedict Pred dnevom
Dude chill it's the all star game not the finals.
JKLV12 Pred dnevom
now you understand how kp feels every game
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller Pred dnevom
He needs to play with more effort. He doesn't need to play like it's the Finals of course, but at least try a little. Too passive on the game, and he got anihilated in the skills challenge.
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred 22 urami
Most of the Mavs fans will hate you for saying this. Lmao. But you are right. I watched the whole game. He needs to be more confident around other stars. And he needs to try, as somehow this is still a historic game. And he is representing not only himself but also the Mavericks. Everyone was putting on a show even - Tatum and Zion. Dame was putting an exclamation mark, Steph was proving his haters wrong. But Luka was there half-heartedly, almost absent-mindedly. We all adore Luka tho, hopefully he'd outgrow this.
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze Pred 23 urami
He don't care about it, it's not important for him winning whatever trophy, he said that pre game in one of his interviews. Just have fun.
ʞlocʞs Pred dnevom
The game ultimately didn't matter, he wasn't really looking for his shot and thats completely okay.
J D Pred dnevom
@Trevor Miller He tries in games that matter. Why go hard and risk and injury for a game that doesn't count? (remember he sat out his last game from back tightness)
AlexT7T Pred dnevom
@Trevor Miller because he is a team first type of guy
Jaylee Collier
Jaylee Collier Pred dnevom
That wave though 😂
Виктор Вик
Виктор Вик Pred dnevom
I wonder why Luka played 31 minutes. Other than that,i do not care.
Hayes Hewitt
Hayes Hewitt Pred dnevom
Cuz he’s good
Zarif Hashmi887
Zarif Hashmi887 Pred dnevom
KBEFLPS Pred dnevom
Atleast he outscored Lebron 🤷🏽‍♂️
JKLV12 Pred dnevom
yes, he outscored a 36 year old that played 13 minutes
Valor Victory
Valor Victory Pred dnevom
He shoulda put up more shots
julesjordan Pred dnevom
What's funny is that if he actually cared about this game, he would have gotten a 20 point triple-double
president elect George Kirby
president elect George Kirby Pred 23 urami
they sit here and make money because Nike uses the labor of those who are subjagated. They push this fake race w4r narrative in america all day everyday and have not mentioned once what is happening in Chyyyyna.... how many of these NBA fans have zero clue whats going on there. Most have no idea. If LeBron said something they all would know. But instead LeBron lies and days African merkins are being hunted everyday. They are part of the problem. The money they make from chyyyyna is meant to make them help destroy America. America is the only hope the world has of stopping chyyyynahh. Absolutely no one should be watching the traitors [Edited to fit in with ccp censorship standards]
iPLAY Gaming
iPLAY Gaming Pred dnevom
This just goes to show that if Jokic and Doncic are on the same team, they would have the best team in the league
Hachimura Rui
Hachimura Rui Pred 23 urami
Add Jerami Grant
Ondskan #4
Ondskan #4 Pred 23 urami
True :)
rjDeepVidsmavericks Pred dnevom
F porzingis
rjDeepVidsmavericks Pred dnevom
Yep true
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller Pred dnevom
Lol he only scored 8 and you can't even put all his baskets in the video???
moochmystery Pred dnevom
his 1 three was cut from live i think
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic Pred dnevom
It was a fun all star game
Prince Vecheetah
Prince Vecheetah Pred dnevom
You only scored 8 points? :-| Waited all year for a Luka-Curry duo and this is what I got? You could do better... A LOT better
Vinicius França
Vinicius França Pred dnevom
@Gabriel Antunes lol of course it's not
Gabriel Antunes
Gabriel Antunes Pred dnevom
my god is this account really his?
M M Pred dnevom
That game was garbage. I know people say there's no defense as a joke, but it makes the game unwatchable.
Prince Vecheetah
Prince Vecheetah Pred dnevom
This game was 🔥 Those bright ass yellow outfits are what was unwatchable... The Curry-Dame duo tho 👀
jpegovitch Pred dnevom
Unwatchable indeed. No defense is one obvious thing, and then you got shooting early in the possession from way downtown in front of two defenders... Curry taking the 3pt contest into Sunday game itself, is that the right way to go to showcasing the game of basketball?
lando poeta
lando poeta Pred dnevom
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred dnevom
Luka was the best passer in that Game 😂🍺🍿😎💯
Freerange PH
Freerange PH Pred dnevom
Chris Paul had 16 assists
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred dnevom
His enormous leap from 2019 Rookie of the Year to a 2020 finalist for Most Improved Player, All NBA 1st Team, MVP Candidate signals his continued improvement in Year 3 will rival the game’s biggest names.
Matteo Ricciardi
Matteo Ricciardi Pred dnevom
Man i'm a Luka stan but i dunno how much you getting paid for spamming comments under Doncic videos, you're in every video with 4-5 comments. Starting to become a cringe factor
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera Pred dnevom
Luka is only capable of becoming the GOAT, imo
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred dnevom
Luka Doncic has great basketball skills and heart of a lion. I love his game and would definitely put my money on him to start a franchise. The sky's the limit for this young man just need the right pieces around him!!
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Pred dnevom
Bradyn Stewart
Bradyn Stewart Pred dnevom
Luka Magic
Berna Lopez
Berna Lopez Pred dnevom
Fan de Luka Luka! Magic ✨✨✨🤜🤛 eres un chico talentoso en el balon Sesto te admiro Bendiciones para ti y tú mamá por ser una guerrera de sacarte adelante
MaitreMoebius81 Pred dnevom
Ovaj Uros bas cudan bio. :D
Justine Cuaresma
Justine Cuaresma Pred dnevom
he do be speaking 4 languages tho
Justine Cuaresma
Justine Cuaresma Pred dnevom
“i dont know italian man” 😂
Sid Isidro
Sid Isidro Pred dnevom
I don't speak Italian man.
Raziel2k Pred dnevom
Grande Luka si no fuera porque eres rubia melenista diría que eres latino jaja, tu español está mejor que muchos por acá. El mejor de los éxitos para esta temporada este año, pídele a Mark Cuban que saque la billetera y te ponga a Zach Lavine de compañero.
Jacob Seligman
Jacob Seligman Pred dnevom
The best Luka ❤️❤️❤️
Jaylee Collier
Jaylee Collier Pred dnevom
They cut out the best part. 😭😂😂
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred dnevom
This is the Perfect Face of the NBA. Humble, Looks, Talent, Sincere, Leader, Loved internationally. He got Everythin 🤣😂
Zoel hervias
Zoel hervias Pred dnevom
Que grande lukiitaaa 💪💪💪
Bayern Boys
Bayern Boys Pred dnevom
Gruß aus Germany👍🔝👊🇩🇪
Jing Mine
Jing Mine Pred dnevom
#77 Luka Magic!
Grega Repnik
Grega Repnik Pred dnevom
That surprise at the beginning.. xD xD
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred dnevom
He won’t be MVP because those old goats playing with him and against him would never allow it!
NBA Players and games review channel
NBA Players and games review channel Pred dnevom
Luka is the MVP
johannes gunterman
johannes gunterman Pred dnevom
Global Star
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred dnevom
Lukaaa 🥰😍😘😍😍😍🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮
meelis mäe
meelis mäe Pred dnevom
K P 1
Chuck Hauser
Chuck Hauser Pred dnevom
Yes he did KP 🦄👍
School of Innerstanding
School of Innerstanding Pred dnevom
"Ask the Doctors" 😂
tadej jug
tadej jug Pred dnevom
It was stupid question also :D
23JesúsBell77 Pred dnevom
Y pensar que hace como 3 o 4 años estaba triunfando en el Real Madrid en la Endesa, y ahora todo un All-Star de la NBA!! 🇸🇮🇸🇮🏀🏀 (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ============================== And to think that about 3 or 4 years ago he was triumphing at Real Madrid at Endesa, and now a whole NBA All-Star !! 🇸🇮🇸🇮🏀🏀 (。 • ̀ᴗ-) ✧
Jozef Luka Smrtnik
Jozef Luka Smrtnik Pred dnevom
LUKA for LIFE 🇸🇮🇸🇮👌👌
Pepi lepi
Pepi lepi Pred dnevom
Stay natural and keep that swag in game and you will be awesome
CTRiver14 Pred dnevom
Luka good luck tonight and have fun! I have a blast watching you play!
Janko Petrovič
Janko Petrovič Pred dnevom
Wonder boy⛹️‍♂️⁷⁷🇸🇮❤🤗✌
Aaron Pred dnevom
Gangster Luka
Augusto Martinez
Augusto Martinez Pred dnevom
Felicitaciones Luka, desde Panama
Mihailo Kovacevic
Mihailo Kovacevic Pred dnevom
Luka = 🐐
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Pred dnevom
There's a bottle of red wine in the background uhh ohhh .... Ohh he's 22 so that's ok ! 😬👍
Nejc Mlakar
Nejc Mlakar Pred dnevom
It's probably the decoration of the hotel room 🤣🤣
Mustafa Pred dnevom
Luka is so adorable
Tino RodGar
Tino RodGar Pred dnevom
Muebles funcionales y minimalistas. Eso si, una botellita de vino, en la estantería. Que se note, que tus raíces son españolas (aunque no lo seas de nacimiento). Animo, crack.
Oscar Alvarez
Oscar Alvarez Pred dnevom
Fijo que tiene raíces españolas y lo único que ha llevado al hotel es la botella de vino y se ha levantado a la 1 de la tarde... 🤣
alen tufekcic
alen tufekcic Pred dnevom
Switching 5 languages without blinking. Good luck boy, have fun and Stay safe.
Vesna Bolnar
Vesna Bolnar Pred dnevom
I'm old enough to be his grandma, but I like him so much
eiji niizuma
eiji niizuma Pred dnevom
well you are named after a goddess
Daniel Ramírez
Daniel Ramírez Pred dnevom
Chuck Hauser
Chuck Hauser Pred dnevom
Mavs are on a roll! Congratulations on being an All Star Good Luck in the Skills Challenge, I just wanna see if your trophy 🏆 is any bigger than KP’s, lol 😂
julesjordan Pred dnevom
What a goofball 😂That’s why he’s the best
Matej matej
Matej matej Pred dnevom
Luka legend
Bad Man
Bad Man Pred dnevom
That’s my guy
miss77 Pred dnevom
Be safe Luka, we need you in Dallas ! 🤍
clau esquivel
clau esquivel Pred dnevom
I love him so f much🥺
the ch.illmatic
the ch.illmatic Pred 2 dnevi
Toronto Rapter
Blair Robert
Blair Robert Pred 2 dnevi
Magic with better range. Forget the lazy Bird stereotype.
Francis Asaytona
Francis Asaytona Pred 2 dnevi
That's why he is my idol❤️❤️❤️
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita Pred 2 dnevi
That finals with the lava and heat was one of my favorites since the mj and the Utah Jazz back in the day
NBA ACTION Pred 3 dnevi
Best big man player logo shot
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan Pred 3 dnevi
KP has great potential but sadly can’t stay healthy it only hurts the teams chances.
Ashe 7123
Ashe 7123 Pred 3 dnevi
damn that last video with Kobe touched me ... RIP Black Mamba