David Geertz
David Geertz Pred 3 urami
Serena is just a big time drama queen big time drama queen big time
rush2112chile Pred 3 urami
Estuve ahi en el Rod Laver, un sueño cumplido.Uno de los mejores días de mi vida
Open Minded
Open Minded Pred 3 urami
What is aaron finch doing there
Pradeep Yadav
Pradeep Yadav Pred 3 urami
What a wonderful moment in tenis history
Bored Lady
Bored Lady Pred 3 urami
Only woman who have never had a penis!!!
pavan va
pavan va Pred 3 urami
Virat Kohli meets Roger Federer.
Touyama Plays
Touyama Plays Pred 3 urami
0:21 Me Rn: Hello 911..i would like to report a Crime
Austin Beatie
Austin Beatie Pred 4 urami
On international men' day, i got no adds about it but on international women's day, I got THREE adds about it in ONE hour. I got the first two on SLus trying to watch memes and smash. When i was done, I got onto a website about horses to draw for my mom. THEN BOOOM, another international women's day add. Why in the goddamn sewers is this necessary. I wouldn't care if there weren't much adds about it but come on. And these people go on about women are oppressed and how unfair it is. Really? This is just exaggerated left propaganda. You're genitals are actually putting you ahead in life. You are invincible to many crimes and get lower punishments for the same time including bail. Also, the "people" telling you that you can't because of your genitals is a bit exaggerated but lets pretend it happens. You have to ignore those haters instead of crying and bitching about it on the internet. When people call me a stupid cow, I don't get triggered and go on the internet and wine about social bullying. Please, grow up. Your problems aren't real and out of all the problems, you waste time and space on this. Your overlords know this is false just to radicalize you into what they want. Those issues aren't threats you waste of oxygen. Sincerely, YRUGAE
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls Pred 4 urami
Why didn't you upload a video on international men's day?
Ненад Мијаиловић
Ненад Мијаиловић Pred 4 urami
Свака част Ноле,такав се не рађа више.
Michael R
Michael R Pred 4 urami
That blush on that girl's face after the kiss was redder than Nadal's shirt.
Tom Zart
Tom Zart Pred 4 urami
A GOOD WOMAN’S LOVE !! A good woman’s love and sympathetic heart Are still the most valuable blessings of life. She becomes our friend, lover and partner When we treasure, provide and love her as our wife. Women never forget all we do and say They recall visions of us both present and past. We must eagerly communicate the depth of our love If we wish our relationship to flourish and last. A good woman’s love can withstand a lifetime When we pledge our support and thoughts to serve her. We must conduct ourselves with patience and prayer For our happiness to stay mutual, everlasting and sure. All Heavens heroes had their need for love And were greatly affected by its presence or loss. A good woman’s love is best of the rest When nourished with servitude regardless of cost. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = Most Published Poet Google = George Bush Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet SLus
Marina Pred 4 urami
Here big,big Novak fan. But when Novak stap pleying you are my gay to chirup. You are huge talent.
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley Pred 4 urami
Woman are strong... "She has the greater burden and the greater work. Look at the vegetable and the animal worlds. The palm which carries the fruit is the tree most prized by the date grower. The Arab knows that for a long journey the mare has the longest wind. For her greater strength and fierceness, the lioness is more feared by the hunter than the lion." ~ Baha'i Faith
Mugiwara Pred 4 urami
Disrespecting their most winner there Still wining 🤫
Mugiwara Pred 4 urami
He chocked again 😂
j i
j i Pred 5 urami
If women want be treated equally to men why have their own day? Whats next own parking spot like the handicap?
Malak •-•
Malak •-• Pred 3 urami
@Striker Bowls stop describing yourself by no one, everyone I've met knows of it.
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls Pred 4 urami
@Malak •-• how come no one's ever heard of it?
Malak •-•
Malak •-• Pred 4 urami
Mugiwara Pred 5 urami
Djoko is a role model
Steven Reichert
Steven Reichert Pred 5 urami
Should have been kicked out of tennis
okan şen
okan şen Pred 5 urami
237 weeks in a row at No.1 is THE RECORD! Who breaks that one will be the GOAT🐐
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Pred 5 urami
Sitsy puts his own country above Australia but that understandable.
tenma0528 Pred 5 urami
Ability in Grand Slam Naomi>Iga, heithy Andreescu>Serena, Kvitova, Muguruza>Halep, Sabalenka, Bencic, Barty, Pliskova, Keys, Azarenka, Kenin>Brady, Stephens, Gauff
B Pred 5 urami
Pride of Serbia! Our Champ ..our Nole! :)
Dreia F
Dreia F Pred 5 urami
Eu 💖 Rafa falando em espanhol !!! La mujer, ... a mi . FOFO !
Tammy Thomas
Tammy Thomas Pred 6 urami
Hey Serena is 39. Shes won them all. She should play as long as she enjoys it. Its amazing that she is a top tier contender at her age. Still making the big money. She has nothing to prove.
BooOOooG Pred 6 urami
watching this in 2170 , at 100m underground. The world was such a beautiful place. Shame it's all destroyed now :( no more tennis
Bill Bill
Bill Bill Pred 6 urami
So she plays a meaningless useless sport. Wind grand slams (which no one cares about). And she thinks she’s made an accomplishment? This is very funny and cringe at the same time. Can’t wait for international men’s day. To the ones that work hard and not hit a tennis ball.
Trev J
Trev J Pred 6 urami
But he played in the 2021 AO? I’m confused lol
Soledad Pred 6 urami
He is a true warrior!
D Ray
D Ray Pred 6 urami
Nothing worse than reporters who aim to insult rather than inquire. Yeah, most of them.
God's Gamer
God's Gamer Pred 7 urami
95% of tennis players couldn’t keep a rally this long even if they intentionally TRIED
40 Love
40 Love Pred 7 urami
Medvedev win or lose not happy unless he plays like his head is on fire.
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur Pred 7 urami
20 > 18
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Pred 8 urami
Actual women not dudes pretending to be women.
Brandon512k Pred 8 urami
Serena’s serve did not show up here. That’s a fact. First set serena simply needed to hold serve and she would have won the set. Naomi started playing better and Serena’s serve went away. There goes the match.
Walter M
Walter M Pred 8 urami
How about donate your shirts to charity instead of ripping them off...or to a country that does have alot of clothes, like Africa maybe...
E2G Pred 8 urami
I would be very nervous speaking a language that I wasn't 100% natural with to the press. Respect to Nao. She did a great job, and she's a great tennis player.
Nenad Gacesa
Nenad Gacesa Pred 8 urami
Ti si Nole nasa koza (GOAT). Lepo je cuti da ces sada imati vise snage za grendslemove, jer ne moras toliko puno da igras tokom cele godine. Nadam se da ces vrlo brzo oboriti i tu sve rekorde i da ces ostaviti Nadala i Federera bar za jedno 5 grendslemova iza sebe.
Charles Faure
Charles Faure Pred 9 urami
Delightful lady on the court and off it.
Nole22slamsgoat Khan
Nole22slamsgoat Khan Pred 9 urami
The dominance of Novák dokojovic 🐐🐐🐐 6 years end no 1 36 masters 18 slams 311week no 1 (311×7=2177days ÷365=5.94 years 83.1 WL percent age 5 world tower title Better h2h record both against Nadal &Federer Whole masters 9 twice 🐐 10masters on clay in prezent of Nadal 😁👏 My bet the day Novák retires he will have .... 25 slams 50 masters 400 weeks no 1 8 years world no 1 7 world tower final
Ashwin Naik
Ashwin Naik Pred 9 urami
1. Most number of weeks at no 1 positions for male player 2 only male player to complete double Golden Masters.. Federer and Nadal don't even have 1 complete Golden Masters 3. Better head to head record against both Nadal and Federer Novak Djokovic -- The greatest of all time #nolefam @djokernole #novakdjokovic #311 #djokovic
ssgbasit Gaming
ssgbasit Gaming Pred 10 urami
Who came after 2021 Australian open
Muad Dib
Muad Dib Pred 10 urami
Most amazing thing about this record, during these 311 weeks most of the time No.2 was either Nadal or Federer, also Murray for a stretch, another amazing player just unfortunate to play in same time with the other three. 6 out of last 10 years he spent as No1, in the most competitive decade ever. Respect.
Gilles DeRais
Gilles DeRais Pred 10 urami
Bravo Djoker
Shafeer Murikkanchery
Shafeer Murikkanchery Pred 10 urami
Is this comedy film??
jack tennis
jack tennis Pred 10 urami
In other news Foderer fans have increased their use of prescription antidepressents. Big pharma doing grt thanks to fodfans.
Robert Star
Robert Star Pred 10 urami
What players want more than anything is to be the best in the world by achieving No.1 ranking and this guy just broke Fed's record to prove he is the best of the best.
Ben Shearts
Ben Shearts Pred 10 urami
Stop basing your identities off of trying to be like men.
Dr Saurabh Bachchani
Dr Saurabh Bachchani Pred 10 urami
2 GOAT's
jakovx5 Pred 11 urami
5:54:00 Are you gonna cry ?
Dominique Tougas
Dominique Tougas Pred 11 urami
Je n'aime pas particulièrement Djokovic comme joueur ni comme homme, mais je dois avouer qu'il a un sacré talent! Néanmoins, je préfère de loin des joueurs comme Federer et Nadal, soient des gentlemen sur le court et hors du court, et des joueurs par qui passe l'excellence! Il y en a peu des comme eux dans l'histoire du tennis! 🎾😁👌👍💪
vince arifovski
vince arifovski Pred 11 urami
It does not mean as much when he broke the ranking while in covid 19 era his ranking was protected and it switched to a 2 year ranking system.
SP Pred 11 urami
Ranking froze during covid. He should be at 530 weeks by now.
BroDoh T Baggins
BroDoh T Baggins Pred 11 urami
How odd, no international men's day... But there is a woman's? Oh, that's right... "equality." Ill wait for the very basic, simple minded cognitive distortion as to why it's somehow an okay behavior.. Oh again.. It's the... "Rules for thee, not for me." A typical...
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls Pred 4 urami
@Dum Bich If you're a married man, everyday is woman's day...
Ronnie McDonald
Ronnie McDonald Pred 6 urami
​@Dum Bich Hahaha, everyday is WOMEN's day, you've been spoiled and privileged your entire existence, without men you'd be living in grass-huts, fending off foxes with sticks. "woman are strong beings", hahahahaha, yeah that's why you have to constantly whine about men being too much to compete with. LOL, "we birth", "we have periods", first world problems, I'm sure there's kids in Syria weeping for you. Your username sums you up wonderfully.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Pred 10 urami
International Men’s Day exists, it’s on November 19
Dum Bich
Dum Bich Pred 10 urami
Everyday has been men's day for decades but u can't cope with one day not being entirely about u little baby woman are strong beings we carry children we birth these children we have periods and we have to deal misogonists like u and your the strong one
Vaibhav Kaushik
Vaibhav Kaushik Pred 12 urami
This girl is tougher than most soccer players
Maria O'Connor
Maria O'Connor Pred 12 urami
My mother was locked up in a Dementia unit with the help of the Oamaru Police in New Zealand so her daughter could rob her of her freedom and life so she can get her Murderer Husband out of a Texas Jail early. What sort of country is New Zealand
Ashwin Naik
Ashwin Naik Pred 12 urami
Champion of Champions!!
Don Quijote
Don Quijote Pred 11 urami
bla bl bla
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes Pred 12 urami
He's a great champion.................these last number of years with the big three we've seen the most amazing tennis.........long may it last.....congrats Novak!!
Tomas Stjepanovic
Tomas Stjepanovic Pred 12 urami
How to recignize the GOAT? Easy. The GOAT eats grass.
Sisanda Majova
Sisanda Majova Pred 12 urami
Oh well done son. Through it you’ve done it. Nobody can take that away from you. Well done. ❤️❤️❤️🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
gberchier Pred 12 urami
You can't be so long number one without to deserve it. So he deserves it and he has all the reasons to be proud of that. That has nothing to do with his character, his personality. We don't judge his personality as we don't like when people judge us. But, for sure, everyone has the right to have more affinities with Federer (my favorite) or Nadal. But nobody has the right to insult him.
أحب الله
أحب الله Pred 13 urami
Subhanallah! Womens day is important to us, we even have an entire chapter dedicated to Women called Sura An Nisa which means The Women. Allah subhana wat'ala said, "الرجال قوامون على النساء بما فضل الله بعضهم على بعض وبما أنفقوا من أموالهم فالصالحات قانتات حافظات للغيب بما حفظ الله واللاتي تخافون نشوزهن فعظوهن واهجروهن في المضاجع واضربوهن فإن أطعنكم فلا تبغوا عليهن سبيلا إن الله كان عليا كبيرا" #StrikeFirstStrikeHardNoMercy #InternationalWomensDay
4gemstones Pred 13 urami
It's as if this was written for me
Felipe Taboada
Felipe Taboada Pred 13 urami
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski Pred 13 urami
At last!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 And still counting to.... 400. And to 23 gs.......
Virat is is the biggest fan of Roger Federer.😊
IdiotForAnimeThighs Pred 13 urami
Not some of the sexist people in the comments 🥱 Happy International Women's Day. International Men's Day is coming soon I believe so chill out 💀
Suhas Pokharkar
Suhas Pokharkar Pred 13 urami
Here we go again, one more record is taken away from Fed. Congratulations Novak! By the time all three guys retire most of the records will be under either Nadal's or Novak's belt. Unfortunately Feds fan can only bite their own tongue. They will still try to find a way to glorify some of his foolish records and name him as a GOAT. Right now Fed is the third best after Novak and Nadal. I am a Nadal fan but I can agree that Novak has now slight edge as a GOAT.
FatBoy Pred 13 urami
Look out boys another way women are TRYING to get equal rights
Dr. Ashreet Sidana
Dr. Ashreet Sidana Pred 13 urami
2021 nd still wanting u to be the best as always ❤️❤️Go RF
Slaninica Pred 14 urami
Ajmo Nole čeka te Beograd!
GO Live 4life
GO Live 4life Pred 14 urami
I miss Martina...😍
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men Pred 14 urami
fantastic .......
yy jtjytj
yy jtjytj Pred 14 urami
The neighborly ball recently unite because advice angiographically tempt through a dizzy gliding. smart, well-to-do ocean
Nn Nn
Nn Nn Pred 14 urami
Tako sam uzbuđena što je moj slomljeni brak obnovljen. "Nedavno smo se pomirili, iako je bilo teško. Prošlo je više od mjesec dana i sve se čini kao da se vratilo u normalu. Počeo je da se ponaša prema meni bolje i to je bio proces ozdravljenja za oboje. Noćna kobila koja je trajala gotovo dvije godine prije nego što smo prekinuli napokon je gotova. Kao da smo se ponovno zaljubili! Oboje smo ostavili prošlost iza sebe i pokušavamo da krenemo naprijed_ i prvi put nakon dugo vremena budućnost izgleda puno svjetlije. Ne mogu u svijetu izraziti koliko sam zahvalan dr. uduebor što sam oživio kao da smo napokon ponovno otkrili one stvari jedna o drugoj zbog kojih smo upali ljubav na prvom mjestu. Sva briga i stres jednostavno su nestali. Hvala doktore uduebor što ste spasili moj propali brak i vratili mi muža! " Ja i moj suprug opet sretno živimo zajedno. Sve zahvaljujući dr. Uduebor.ako i vi imate problema s ognjištem. Kontakt ([email protected]) ili Whatsapp (+2349044159370)....
Omar Pred 14 urami
Very eloquent and genuine. What a legend!
Antonio Straccialini
Antonio Straccialini Pred 15 urami
I'm a Federer fan but Novak definitely deserves this historical achievement. Congrats Champ.. arguably the best ever in tennis history.
Somchit Vichayanotai
Somchit Vichayanotai Pred 15 urami
You are always great, Nole💯
Darinder Modi
Darinder Modi Pred 15 urami
#DjokerNole The Tennis #GOAT.
cantataplay Pred 15 urami
Beyond the chimneys and steeples, baptized by smoke and flame, stamping-footed archangel, down the decades I call your name! Rock-steady or change-at-a-whim! Coachman and stallion in one! He snorts and spits into his palm - chariot of glory, hold on! Singer of city-square wonders, I salute that arrogant tone that rejected the brilliant diamond for the sake of the ponderous stone. I salute you, cobblestone-thunderer! - see, he yawns, gives a wave, then he swings himself back into harness, back under the shafts, his archangelic wings. Marina Tsvetaeva To Mayakovsky
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera Pred 15 urami
Sinister cause presents just a friendly reminder on SLus