Car Tik Tok is Cringe
Pred 15 dnevi
TelAvivGamer Pred 10 urami
Fun fact: the Lamborghini egoista was actually made to look like a fighter jet or a f-16
xXultimate309 Pred 10 urami
5:54 Elon musk: ok cool down for teslas for 2 minutes
Rahim Islam
Rahim Islam Pred 10 urami
I had this game when i was younger on the ds and recently found it again
Eminem Fan
Eminem Fan Pred 10 urami
Admit it bro, you’re a ricer
CPM LEGEND Pred 10 urami
Go online and drag
Kolex Pred 10 urami
bro what happened to your hair
VibrateHD Pred 11 urami
24:36 me everytime i upload a yt vid
Younglings Slayer 3000
Younglings Slayer 3000 Pred 11 urami
The fact that youtube says this is gta San andreas is an insult
FlagellarSeeker Pred 11 urami
3:25 vin petrol
Fireywall Pred 11 urami
What color
PabloThePizzaMan Pred 11 urami
The stats on the car don't mean anything they are completely wrong
Wilkinstvreacts React
Wilkinstvreacts React Pred 11 urami
Day 6 of asking Theo to play nfs rivals
spuder Pred 11 urami
me: hey can i borrow some money my friend: no, why do u want money me: i want a big wang my friend: *turns into theo* did u say big wang me: theo!?!?!? theo: big wangs are everything
Guy likes car :p ……………..
Guy likes car :p …………….. Pred 11 urami
Next week comes the asp Correct me if I am wrong
xCjbwolfZx Yt
xCjbwolfZx Yt Pred 11 urami
10:42 pantta run
Mohammed Alabbasi
Mohammed Alabbasi Pred 11 urami
I'm a big GTA fan but people need to stop playing it so we can get GTA 6 lol it's a fact
Dom shut up
Rezwan molla
Rezwan molla Pred 11 urami
The king of jdm
Maximilian B.
Maximilian B. Pred 12 urami
Ive started GTA 5 with 20 on ps3, I’m 28 now :) what a journey
Marius Badarau
Marius Badarau Pred 12 urami
You play on PC?!. Your graphics setngs are so low:)) :))
luckygunner HD
luckygunner HD Pred 12 urami
It is the fastest car.
UnghettotheGOAT Pred 13 urami
The vin diesel impersonator is more like vin dubble diesel or like a mini me of vin hahahha
Davis Designs
Davis Designs Pred 13 urami
Looks like El Rubio is gonna buy me a new Mustang
ASOTFAN16 Pred 13 urami
Theo just needs to die his hair blue at this point to be honest Meadow please make it happen XD
Taz Pred 13 urami
click bait for views with 1.3m subs smh I thought made good content
fazemauri Johal
fazemauri Johal Pred 13 urami
My favourite is the gtr34
K Dotzz
K Dotzz Pred 13 urami
R34 in general I think are the nicest sounding car.
Andrew BMX
Andrew BMX Pred 14 urami
Too much riceee
BurBurGaming Pred 14 urami
If u want a 125cc bike I recommend a Honda msx125
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
Go play lego kid and drunker
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
Omg you are a loser bot
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
Bot can play better than you
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
I drive in this game better than you
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
wtf in first 20 seconds you are crashed, you are noob and drunker
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
i can 300 000 points in five hours, noob
Patro1 Pred 14 urami
omg noob, noob and noob
Panoulis Pred 14 urami
People say Theo customizes every car the worst,but thats the reason we love him!
Jer E
Jer E Pred 14 urami
2015 sucks. Nfs heat All day. Matthew's better
Jer E
Jer E Pred 14 urami
Matthew is a head of you. Matthew's better
Jer E
Jer E Pred 14 urami
Matthew's car is better
4STROKE NAS Pred 15 urami
The celiacs are the fastest, & it should be another mustang
HONEY KUN Pred 15 urami
Omg cant believe theo found vin petrol 💀
ZombienNoid Pred 11 urami
Chris Mark
Chris Mark Pred 15 urami
any real car guy doesnt go to see F9
v6s4kas Pred 15 urami
peugeot 206 is a tuner car
ZeroTempz Pred 15 urami
Great SLusr, Terrible car tastes
Gagan Bajwa
Gagan Bajwa Pred 15 urami
You really suck at driving 😂😂😂😂
patko_827 Pred 15 urami
Čau Skrrrt
Kayzer8896 Pred 15 urami
David Lanning
David Lanning Pred 15 urami
To fix the problem with the garage when you go into the garage get out of the car go outside and walk back in And it's fixed
Zebrical Pred 15 urami
I love how you do a different car every race, makes it really interesting and for that I'm subscribing! 👌
My Name is Jefff
My Name is Jefff Pred 15 urami
What is faster? vapid ellie of dominator gtt ?
K1Official Pred 16 urami
You are literally living the gta life in real life 😂
RubenS_HD Pred 16 urami
plz do another react plz blackpanthaa plz
Axel Zolo
Axel Zolo Pred 16 urami
I feel like the need for speed games are following the fast and furious development…
Kornweed KW
Kornweed KW Pred 16 urami
This game is my daily driver lol
Bill S Preston Esquire
Bill S Preston Esquire Pred 16 urami
I loved it probably because it was amazing. I'm guessing you hated it cause you were shite.
suprova akhanjee
suprova akhanjee Pred 16 urami
69 dislikes Nice
Dean Sama GL18
Dean Sama GL18 Pred 16 urami
The funny thing is that LPN05 and Black Panthaa have Build their Audi RS3 almost same in the Videos
ItzJGaming Pred 17 urami
I can't believe this man said people "hate the evo x" no the hell they don't lmao is a fan favorite irl and in racing games
TripedalTroductions Pred 17 urami
It sounds like a GT-R because the engine is pretty much a smaller version of the GT-R R35 engine. A mini GT-R R35 with a manual transmission? Hell yes! This is why a lot of people are so excited for this car.
Nothing Here
Nothing Here Pred 17 urami
The Celica is the fastest Theo. Not the Soup
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı Pred 17 urami
Do the Bugatti EB110 in The Crew 2
Cool bad boys Hijjawi
Cool bad boys Hijjawi Pred 17 urami
Alex Pred 17 urami
That dom impersonator was Dominican Toronto
Smatlom Gaming
Smatlom Gaming Pred 17 urami
Fast and Furious: Cars Don’t Fly
Lars Kempers
Lars Kempers Pred 17 urami
What a memes 😹😹😹
Nevin Pred 17 urami
I thought he was gonna do a lap time😭
Jordan Nangsan
Jordan Nangsan Pred 17 urami
This is in 2021 but I got a lambo Aventador Fe from a wheelspin too and I got one lambo chentenario from a wheelspin and another one from my gifts
Ben Lecluyse
Ben Lecluyse Pred 18 urami
Yash Awal Suddhakar
Yash Awal Suddhakar Pred 18 urami
Walk out and in of the garage not drive in to be able customize the cars aparrantly there's a car duplication glitch that's why it's like this
Sotiris Ploumpis
Sotiris Ploumpis Pred 18 urami
The stat bars (whatever they're called) are complete garbage. The cyclone which does 0-60 in like 1.5 seconds doesn't even have a full acceleration bar
RAKA CETTA Pred 18 urami
Vin gasoline is a good and bad impersonator
WEIRDGAMER Pred 18 urami
cypher is remaining
AM Pred 19 urami
There’s a bmw m5 coming soon to!
John O'Driscoll
John O'Driscoll Pred 19 urami
I never thought I'd see a irish airline doing tik toks of dom
Jack O'Sullivan
Jack O'Sullivan Pred 18 urami
if it gets them attention they'll do it
Blaster Anonymous
Blaster Anonymous Pred 19 urami
Can you tune the Grotti Turismo R next time?
Jonno Pred 19 urami
Play Inertial Drift!