Juice WRLD - 734 (Lyrics)
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Aoi Pred 19 urami
This song makes wap a family friendly song
Giulia WGF
Giulia WGF Pred 19 urami
I love this song😍💖💝
Sezen Dayan
Sezen Dayan Pred 19 urami
00:59 :)
Ali Heikal Syihaab
Ali Heikal Syihaab Pred 19 urami
Next level 🙌
Ruchi Raj
Ruchi Raj Pred 19 urami
Imagine if there children listen this song in future lmao.... Specially the guy's part- 😳😳😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🔥🔥
AsianboiiiGlenn Pred 19 urami
I swear sometimes I can’t stand bruno and sometimes I love this guy
Andjelija Milovanovic
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Brittany Chambers
Brittany Chambers Pred 20 urami
A breakup only hurts if u still care
Jay 328
Jay 328 Pred 20 urami
I fell that i will not get a gf😥
spring chicken salad
spring chicken salad Pred 20 urami
Lets be honest = only Europeans like this song because to a native English ear it is super fucking cringe
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sondes F
sondes F Pred 20 urami
This song is such a vibe
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Wow ❤️😍😻
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I think?
999 тыс.подписчиков
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Tiktok and watermelon sugar high brought me here
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MR X Gaming
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Kesini gara2 tik tok
Mean Panha
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Idk why this reminds me of scaramouche
Brynnley Ohair
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sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Pred 21 uro
1:06 Ratatara
tedi ff
tedi ff Pred 21 uro
Im begin....😩
Karen Medina
Karen Medina Pred 21 uro
More songs like this one? 😩
Nina Idris
Nina Idris Pred 21 uro
Aaa ratatata is the best part
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Pred 21 uro
1:00 tik tok joined the chat
Sarah Bowley
Sarah Bowley Pred 21 uro
I listen to this song every day
Erik Johnson
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Zafri Zailani
Zafri Zailani Pred 21 uro
™ 🇲🇾 ✓
Yung Truth
Yung Truth Pred 21 uro
Why future go so hard on that man song 🤯
Hui Yue Ian
Hui Yue Ian Pred 21 uro
0:43 I thought she said "she's so much shorter than me"💀
Jean marco Rizzo rivera
Jean marco Rizzo rivera Pred 21 uro
Alguien que hable español?
Linda Phiri
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Siti Nurjanah
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Candu banget 😌
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Guitar WRLD
Guitar WRLD Pred 22 urami
Love it!!! 999 🖤
Mike B
Mike B Pred 22 urami
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he,s my boyfriend and im DONE.
LKT bomba
LKT bomba Pred 22 urami
Jennifer Stang
Jennifer Stang Pred 22 urami
Macht mega gute Laune 👌😍
Sam Army
Sam Army Pred 22 urami
Unpopular opinion : *BTS Army ⟬⟭💜 worship this song 😂*
Destination unknown
Destination unknown Pred 22 urami
A Johnny eww
Dream it
Dream it Pred 22 urami
2:06 when u realize shes taking bts names like Gym-jimin Rim-rm Jim - jin Min-min yoongi Kim - taehyung
arun septian
arun septian Pred 22 urami
Gara gara tiktok kesini
shimmer and shine
shimmer and shine Pred 22 urami
The song : Driver license it's remind of Namjoon 😭😭
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FangZ Gaming Pred 22 urami
Mary rose Peralta
Mary rose Peralta Pred 22 urami
i like this song
Skylar Harts
Skylar Harts Pred 22 urami
0:44 yes
Skylar Harts
Skylar Harts Pred 22 urami
Полина Ромашова
Полина Ромашова Pred 22 urami
I_aM_sAd Pred 22 urami
This is legendary 🙌
Arthur Lopez
Arthur Lopez Pred 22 urami
Brass Tacks Boxing
Brass Tacks Boxing Pred 23 urami
Not gonna lie, this song does hit different. A lot of UK rap is molded off of American rap. This definitely is not. And, people saying this is "drill", it ain't, lol. But, UK rap is definitely mainly influenced off of American hip hop. No secret there. They even mimick the trends set here.
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller Pred 23 urami
Every lyric hit so hard with me leaving my ex because of all the emotional and mental abuse
la haine
la haine Pred 23 urami
tik tok
Priyanka Pokhrel
Priyanka Pokhrel Pred 23 urami
When he says motherfu*Ker ohhh goddd save me😭❣️
latte bear
latte bear Pred 23 urami
Im leaving this comment ... after a month or year if someone like this comment I will come here again...
- x y l o -
- x y l o - Pred 23 urami
1:14 i think this part is good too
Devi Savage
Devi Savage Pred 23 urami
My ex and I broke up 4 months ago and this man hits me up yesterday on his bday asking me out on a fucking date to mini golfing as if he didnt cheat on me multiple times and all I can think of is how angry I am
park minnie
park minnie Pred 23 urami
Jim,rm,min and kim wow they r everywhere😂😂😂😂
Kyle Nathan B Arañez
Kyle Nathan B Arañez Pred 23 urami
I'm hacker wahahahahahah
Kyle Nathan B Arañez
Kyle Nathan B Arañez Pred 23 urami
Nik Pred 23 urami
I'm surprised by the bitter comments about it being "stolen" from madcon. Do you people really think madcon created this song? Come on guys, it's old! You can surely feel it. The original was from the four seasons back in the sixties. Recent songs are hard to cover for copyright reasons. The original was quite classy btw, check it out. Maneskins one is also good.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Pred dnevom
Love from your neighbors Greece! ❤️
André caragliokkkkk
André caragliokkkkk Pred dnevom
Doja part is the only good part of this bullshit
Laura Arts
Laura Arts Pred dnevom
The fact that one of them took drugs because they won-
f.r.i.e.n.d.s Pred dnevom
Anyone else get uncomfortable in the beginning? Just me ok 😂
Syifa Pred dnevom
Achu pikkachu
Achu pikkachu Pred dnevom
Both of them say put the blame on me, sounds better I reckon js
Girl Vibes
Girl Vibes Pred dnevom
Luna plona
Luna plona Pred dnevom
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zoey x
zoey x Pred dnevom
NEW FAV 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
I Potato You
I Potato You Pred dnevom
0:49 the songs good and all but what is THIS ;w;
Cassi Black Panther
Cassi Black Panther Pred dnevom
This hits me hard cause this is exactly what happened but instead of the girl being blonde I am & she’s probably younger & better than me.
Inas Awad
Inas Awad Pred dnevom
I love this song
Siti Julaikha
Siti Julaikha Pred dnevom
Dan mereka jalang hanya karena aku mengambil mere
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