Bruno M.
Bruno M. Pred 10 minutami
Billy Boy
Billy Boy Pred 12 minutami
We need to reduce GAS fees and help the environment. So get rid of that freaking car and buy a Tesla if you insist on driving around to make videos. Duh!!!
Leanne Ticconi
Leanne Ticconi Pred 16 minutami
Great show!!!
James T
James T Pred 16 minutami
This country needs some deflation... with all the magic money machine printing I've been much more concerned with hyper inflation... lets see what happens
xrp Léon
xrp Léon Pred 16 minutami
Silvio Somoza
Silvio Somoza Pred 23 minutami
What church you go to?
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant Pred 26 minutami
Let’s go BTC ETH ADA XRP SOL DOT !!! Be blessed!!
Piichuシ Pred 29 minutami
For ETH to surpass bitcoin, it needs to double while btc price does not move. Think that’s possible? In 5 months?
Mel Sanchez
Mel Sanchez Pred 34 minutami
Download VeVe
Daddy Dustin Miller
Daddy Dustin Miller Pred 35 minutami
When Ban Armstrong do we take our money out of the coins that aren’t bitcoin eth or cardano, yesterday, you said buy Algo and amp the other day can you please be more specific on when we need to take our money out of all the other alts?
trancextend Pred 36 minutami
I know its coming. Thats why I been bullish. If I can make another 20% I will smooth out this nasty speed bump coming. I call it Stagnation. 😔 Not the Lockdowns thou. It won't happen. XRP has a settlement. Mid Sep. 🤔
RyanZakMusic Pred 40 minutami
guess you never heard of cyber polygon...........
Knights of Chang
Knights of Chang Pred 40 minutami
Ben Cramer
Jay Myers
Jay Myers Pred 46 minutami
XRP suks. Tell me different
cheyne kabalka
cheyne kabalka Pred 46 minutami
Glad you guys are still on! Keep up the good work!
Kiwi Pred 47 minutami
Pause on 0:29 will make you laugh.
Rajan Neupane
Rajan Neupane Pred 49 minutami
Elrond will dominant the market soon .
James Rix
James Rix Pred 49 minutami
Super Whale
Super Whale Pred 49 minutami
TLM looking ready to pop 🚀
Grant Thompson
Grant Thompson Pred 50 minutami
Unpredictable event is incoming? Lol! Inflation leveling off maybe but do say or show the indicators triggering said Black Swan… when fuel, lumber and prices in general decline I would expect deflation but NOT a huge drop.
Hoa Phan
Hoa Phan Pred 52 minutami
Wait till the whale sell btc for profit:)). Whale dont care abt news
hakeem hak
hakeem hak Pred 54 minutami
Good video. But have you look at KSM Starter? It is a very promising project that soon will have their public sale
A Mind With Heart
A Mind With Heart Pred 59 minutami
What's coming is Universal Basic Income tied to a Social Credit Score.
Connecting the dots
Connecting the dots Pred uro
God bless 🙌
Evan S
Evan S Pred uro
Relax ASMR
Relax ASMR Pred uro
Filtering comments?
Cryptocurrency Wealth
Cryptocurrency Wealth Pred uro
If you are looking for the best NFT ad social token play check out Weentar! Weentar is launching this month! NFT auctions and social token creation. Game changer!
William Herd
William Herd Pred uro
You want an NFT winner, look up the vancat NFT minting platform, and it’s vancat sperm and vancat egg tokens. Bitcoin is down today, and vancat is up big. It was doing great before bitcoin took a 💩
William Herd
William Herd Pred uro
Can get it on Bitmart
Tyson Graham
Tyson Graham Pred uro
Great recap Fall ‘21 Macro Call in this video... 1. consumer goods dropping in price 2. companies making less profits 3. people needing to go back to work that we’re living off funny money since rona kicked off. GET INTO CASH, DEFLATION COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU, Fall 2021. I’m listening, but not sure what to do with Luna, Cosmos, Kusama...
Alex Hoggan
Alex Hoggan Pred uro
August is going to be very volatile you’ve got debt ceiling You got force vaccines you’ve got Mike Lindel and hacked election all happening in August get ready
Sharp87s Pred uro
Quant guys!!
Bitsource AML Solutions consulting
Bitsource AML Solutions consulting Pred uro
My #1 holding
AG BULL Pred uro
Jeffrey Pfaff
Jeffrey Pfaff Pred uro
They can't implement draconian measures without the crisis of an eviction moraturium. Fuck Fiat, we got stablecoins
James Faulkner
James Faulkner Pred uro
Commonwealth will be a good search in this regard! The global and regional trend, #NFT, new ideas and current stats are all explored once in a while among the participants of Commonwealth.
Rick Alan
Rick Alan Pred uro
No one ever try to say that Ben isn't the realest. He even put in the title when he actually did a sponsored video. He really does always keep it 💯
DRZ Rider
DRZ Rider Pred uro
What are your thoughts on KAR? Been doing awesome. Doubled my money so far
Joel Smith
Joel Smith Pred uro
Black swan events aren’t expected. They cannot be imminent. Good day sir.
Yoham C
Yoham C Pred uro
Check out NAFTER already ahead of the game SOCIAL MEDIA NFTAPP to be released this month the team is pushing for, Great team behind it fully doxxed, STAKING already live, Thank me later
Relax ASMR
Relax ASMR Pred uro
Weentar is better.
wilson san juan
wilson san juan Pred uro
*$FATCAKE* is Here to TAKE OVER! 🍰
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill Pred uro
Deadly Earnest
Deadly Earnest Pred uro
Delta Variant - The long short version.... We have DNA , a virus has RNA (half a dna ) when it enters a cell it hijacks half of that cells DNA so it can then reproduce. Every bodies DNA is different so every person it enters is a chance to MUTATE. This is why we keep getting different strains. We only hear about the virus's success stories, because they are more virulent. The other mutations die out. Influenza is our oldest enemy , we are old sparring partners and we know each other moves, and yet each year it comes back slightly different and kills the old and the frail. When a virus jumps from an animal to humans it is bad , because we have no genetic immunity. We are infected through our mucus membrane because the cell wall is thin and designed to let in molecules so we can taste and smell our environment. The "Spanish flue" crossed from Pigs to humans in the USA and arrived in European WW1 trenches with American soldiers. On the 3rd Mutation it won the jackpot and started replicating in our auto-immune system, the very thing we rely on to fight viruses. It then killed 44 MILLION + . Covid 19 is still a weak infant by comparison. So please don't wear a mask , the human race really could use a thorough culling of its stupid
Kohona Ray
Kohona Ray Pred uro
This is one of the best I have seen,
Qosim Safari
Qosim Safari Pred uro
You never know cryptocurrencies, I watch so many videos with prediction during 8 years they never could say anything right, So crypto is really unpredictable
toma Pred uro
Really this is very nice video, I want to same video.
Brad Jurica
Brad Jurica Pred uro
jverderber Pred uro
You think the Fed is going to allow deflation ? Hell no…the Fed hasn’t even started to inflate. Think your dead wrong on this…the money printing is just getting warmed up. Last, food prices are not coming down….rents are actually going up.
carlo ferretti
carlo ferretti Pred uro
The case won’t be resolved untill after the bull run is over 🥺
Tunes By Ro
Tunes By Ro Pred uro
What about Stellar Lumens? You talk XRP all the time and XLM is already doing remittance with many institutions
Steve Zagata
Steve Zagata Pred uro
Isn't predicting a Black Swan event an oxymoron?
Doyle Killick
Doyle Killick Pred uro
Seen ether at 2500 before- then the mess up and it tanks- ADA I believe is still the Amazon/Google of the future
Nasty350z Pred uro
Elrond eGLD is the Boss
Jericho Sharman
Jericho Sharman Pred uro
"I heard there is some large 'Whales' looking to buy bitcoin or Ethereum' ...............sounds like typical nonesense. I have heard good stuff about bitboy, however lines like this seem like he is just.........full of crap. Thats to say nothing about he dropping in how he is a church family man. All the things to be all the more on guard against
CC 19
CC 19 Pred uro
Ethereum needs to go to 3000 then pull back. Then she can blast off some More
Charles Richards
Charles Richards Pred uro
VeVe will take over the license nft collectibles space and the augmented reality space. Omi token’s app Veve will be the #1 nft licensed premium content platform!!! Marvel, DC, universal, sony, nfl, pokemon, lol dolls, cartoon network, disney, nickelodean, street fights, Dragon Ball Z, and Nintendo… toy tokyo!! IP will be king ecomi Omi to the moon⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️
Larry C.
Larry C. Pred uro
This music is porno nostalgic lol
FattyMateo Pred uro
It is so incredible how accurate he is
Eyad Saheb
Eyad Saheb Pred uro
stick to crypto, you’re not an economist
R B Pred uro
Fun show
Gabriel Martin
Gabriel Martin Pred 2 urami
Wish I new how to buy half these altcoins
FattyMateo Pred 2 urami
I would never watch bitboy if not for Krown. With that said, I don't want Krown to do this again. Too good to be on this trash show.
Kristopher Thatcher
Kristopher Thatcher Pred 2 urami
Love bitboy but he looks like Cartman from South Park with those glasses on 😂
C Rabb
C Rabb Pred 2 urami
Bitboy Intel seems to be on within hours the last 2 weekend crypto parties.
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson Pred 2 urami
Omg, you obviously love the fact you got banned so you can mention it every single video. You don't say anything secret that any other crypto youtuber does. You got randomly banned just like everyone else does every now and then. In fact you are the most corporate and sponsored show. Lol, hardly underground and against the man.
BAsyndrome Pred 2 urami
No way you are shutting down FL!
Kumar Asnani
Kumar Asnani Pred 2 urami
Happy Sunday, Let’s Go🚀🚀🚀🚀
brandon christopher
brandon christopher Pred 2 urami
About time this walking billboard was up front that he was paid
Ziad Khalil
Ziad Khalil Pred 2 urami
Very brave to share your past 😊
Tsar D.P.
Tsar D.P. Pred 2 urami
1,16M subscriber ... Congrats 👏🥳
Blin Halili
Blin Halili Pred 2 urami
Can your team make an analyse of TROY token.
Carson Evans
Carson Evans Pred 2 urami
How is this going to work with another lockdown? I don’t see how deflation will work very well if no one can make any money
Jack Hades
Jack Hades Pred 2 urami
so now everything bad is coming in fall, but your other videos say everything is blasting off towards end of year? very confusing.
F Z Pred 2 urami
What about FEG token I never seen you talk about it. Best Defi project. Or once it’s over the moon and popular than you will talk but might be late for your followers
Eugenio A Sanchez Perez
Eugenio A Sanchez Perez Pred 2 urami
Bet you a whole bitcoin that Doge is not gonna surpass 1 dollar in the next 100 years lol
Tom zip Zibton
Tom zip Zibton Pred 2 urami
History always repeats itself every 10 yrs!! We are long at this because of money printing.. 100 yrs ago was 1930 Spanish flu etc 1830
Darren The Delivery Driver
Darren The Delivery Driver Pred 2 urami
🐋 Free Willy
EL Diegin
EL Diegin Pred 2 urami
Make a video just on QNT their crypto deserves it’s own video
Alpha Aesthetic
Alpha Aesthetic Pred 2 urami
The best crypto pick, is #Nano