Mike Varga
Mike Varga Pred 16 urami
Truth be told the majority of Serbs don't trust Putin nor the EU..China has been Serbia's buddy..it's ridiculous that a nation is not allowed to be neutral w/o repercussions from anglos or usa
ritaj queen
ritaj queen Pred 16 urami
So sad turkey is my fav country we will praying for turkey people from pk 🇵🇰✌️🇹🇷♥️
Dan D
Dan D Pred 16 urami
10,000 garbage babies born every 5 minutes
chen le
chen le Pred 16 urami
Ameirca is oldest Colonizer of Philippine
archie anderson
archie anderson Pred 16 urami
Enjoy each Moment
Enjoy each Moment Pred 16 urami
Every one praying for turkey but only in SLus comments And checking the likes Harsh reality 🙂
Shmibby Bibby
Shmibby Bibby Pred 16 urami
The sad part is the fact that this got more dislike than likes...
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Pred 16 urami
Am I correct in understanding that what was said about the Schengen countries makes it harder or impossible for someone from The Netherlands to go to the USA?
Be x dko Limited
Be x dko Limited Pred 16 urami
Pushing back against China, useless narrative ,, the USA is wasting the printed dollars in a never ending military adventurism yet it's large population is wallowing in poverty ,,, Being a world police man yet back at home the justice system is broken police brutality, gun violence , racial violence etc etc. 😀😀😀
;;ᴜʀʟᴏᴄᴀʟʙʟɪɴᴋ Pred 16 urami
Stay safe, stay strong We pray for Turkey🙏
Yaman Pred 16 urami
Kurdish 💪✌✌✊
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith Pred 16 urami
They will start claiming the unvaccinated people cause mutations soon ... That's how they will force the jab on people
Kamen Rider Kuuga
Kamen Rider Kuuga Pred 16 urami
This video is cringe
That 70's Bike
That 70's Bike Pred 16 urami
The Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum are unfolding their agendas. For example: “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.” 'The First Global Revolution' Published 1991 - The Club of Rome. Its all controlled agenda and the people have fallen for every one of them. Evil ones are able to predict mankinds next crises, because they plan them by design. They face a great judgement - Bible book of Revelation chapters 12-19.
Sam Z.
Sam Z. Pred 16 urami
humanity's resistence to learn is incredible
Lukasz Matwiejczyk
Lukasz Matwiejczyk Pred 16 urami
But is true. They are talking our freedom. The vacation doesn't stop you from transmission or having it. So what is the point. Just Jab those which are venerable and that is all.
Sam Z.
Sam Z. Pred 16 urami
What's the point. The USA won't start a war with China at it's doorstep, which the US can't win. This just kind of force China to built more war mashines and increase their presents even more.
Onasmart Robin
Onasmart Robin Pred 16 urami
Then allow prophylaxis worldwide and get behind the use of Ivermectin. Teach people how to boost their immune system with vitamins D, C and melatonin. Vaccines alone won't stop the pandemic.
Shogun Servidad
Shogun Servidad Pred 16 urami
Starlink to the rescue.
gLncD_uP Pred 16 urami
Covid-19 be like, "This isn't even my final form."
crissy H
crissy H Pred 16 urami
so all the freeloaders are going to follow the freebie train?. stay home, defend and your help your country grow
Dusty Kashi Feathers
Dusty Kashi Feathers Pred 16 urami
One shouldn't blame the Kurds for a fire that's a direct result of climate change as well as the Turkish government's lack of attention to the dry wood tinder factor caused by extensive periods of drought.
Spencer Carr
Spencer Carr Pred 16 urami
Don't follow the rules, live with the consequences. Japan still gets it.
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith Pred 16 urami
They will say the unvaccinated cause mutations soon ... This is how they will force it on you. See if you think it's a conspiracy theory then.
GOON SHOW Pred 16 urami
No happy hardcore tho 😩😩😩
rohan Sg
rohan Sg Pred 16 urami
Very much excellent reporting... Showing the problem with all its root cause analysis...Thanks for making such high quality piece of info... That fact that Germany has <5% of optic fiber connection compare to other is quiet surprising...!!! Again thanks for video...👍👍👍
Αγape Pred 16 urami
Death shot. Plan for mass depop.
Melker Wicksell
Melker Wicksell Pred 16 urami
I can't believe this wasn't required to begin with?
JJ U2 Pred 16 urami
2:11 yikes...
JJ U2 Pred 16 urami
Good luck to Nigeria and Biafra. I sincerely hope if they part ways, they cooperate nevertheless. Fun fact: you should check the dna in this region. It's quite interesting.
M d' Ph
M d' Ph Pred 16 urami
When the liberal tolerancy is not tolerant at all...
Bobby Chang
Bobby Chang Pred 16 urami
Apple Daily is trashy.
Uche Obiefula
Uche Obiefula Pred 16 urami
A decent analysis from Mr. Kabir...I also love his recommendation to end the crisis "Good Governance, dialogue, recognition of the Biafran war". Great job sir ))
B.I.G Gurba
B.I.G Gurba Pred 17 urami
I'm so sad for the land And animals but for the Turks never
Granny Reynolds
Granny Reynolds Pred 17 urami
This WILL NEVER END ! Vaccinated people are GETTING COVID AGAIN or getting IT FIRST TIME and SPREADING IT!
hama xoshnaw
hama xoshnaw Pred 17 urami
Gibi Ness
Gibi Ness Pred 17 urami
Duterte is our best president ever..it was media who ruin the image of Philippines!
Liban Warsame
Liban Warsame Pred 17 urami
The Western wolves are just howling relentlessly so as to get a bone from the project. Look how desperate they are to present a baised perspective where only one side of the story is amplified!
Heiner Radau
Heiner Radau Pred 17 urami
her parents are so cute :D
Wil Pred 17 urami
TOTAL deaths in 2020: Germany 12.1 per 1000 people Italy 10.7 per 1000 people France 9.6 per 1000 people UK 9.5 per 1000 people US 8.3 per 1000 people
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Pred 17 urami
I'm devastated after seeing all this monstrosity In turkey, Specially those poor animals and people who lived in this forests, My Prays for the Turkey and it's people from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️🇹🇷
Marcus Pred 17 urami
Thank you for sending absolutely "ZERO" help to Turkey dear two faced European Union members. Greeks offered no help even though they live only minutes away from the devastating fires, yet Russia has send a fleet of 11 firefighter airplanes from 7 HOURS distance!... Times like these, are really special opportunuties to see who are your real allies and neighbours. A month ago, there was a devastating fire in Greek part of Cyprus, Turkey offered help as the closest country, but unending hatred of Greek people made them refuse the offer and resulted a large area to burn in the island. I'm speechless against such hatred even in times like this.
Narine Stepanyan
Narine Stepanyan Pred 17 urami
Ishala 😃😃😃😃😃
Rainbow IOS
Rainbow IOS Pred 17 urami
Just shoot a Canon through the ship and it will sink
Chizoba Ugwuoke
Chizoba Ugwuoke Pred 17 urami
Separatism is the proof that African are waking up and beginning to think like human being. Retaining the foolish boundaries drawn by colonial masters is an insult to any reasonable African.
weichengcn Pred 17 urami
The comments here are surprisingly rational
Roblox_n_celebs_edit Pred 17 urami
Allah bu dünya ne olmuş 💔😭
Trey Pred 17 urami
Do not comment on what you know nothing about!
•ɪsʟᴀɴᴅ• Pred 17 urami
Turkey is not burning, it is being burned on purpose
Mik Andersen
Mik Andersen Pred 17 urami
I wonder when they are smart enough to get rid of Erdogan ☺️
MarcYanOfficial Pred 17 urami
Testing an entire population isn't going to happen in western countries. Too many people like to use their freedom and rights card. It's those who are really prolonging this pandemic.
Graun Pred 17 urami
China shares what vaccine technology? Inactivated vaccines have been around since the end of the 19th century!
Huan Huang
Huan Huang Pred 16 urami
How many countries get their own or American vaccines? You must have your own since it is a 19th-century tech.
1544moses Immanuel
1544moses Immanuel Pred 17 urami
randy horne
randy horne Pred 17 urami
Two leading "democracies" one with slave-labour system and the other with cast system.
iceturtle 1025
iceturtle 1025 Pred 17 urami
Nomi Khan
Nomi Khan Pred 17 urami
Russian Afghanis 😂 🤣 Indians r ur brothers right go run der pak borders r closed for u guys
MarcYanOfficial Pred 17 urami
Sometimes it's not just about the vaccines. It's also people that just don't wear masks or don't social distance. Gatherings are what spreads this virus.
That 70's Bike
That 70's Bike Pred 16 urami
Please do your research instead of parroting the given narrative; especially on the scientific statements already established regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing.
Mathias Pedersen Gaming
Mathias Pedersen Gaming Pred 17 urami
All this could have been stopped if either India or China was faster to act.
Huan Huang
Huan Huang Pred 16 urami
When China forced lockdown, what was US & India doing then? Human rights?
Tim Mac
Tim Mac Pred 17 urami
Quote from history of the world part one ....."did you bs today .. Yes will you bs tomorrow" Yes
Dave 7mm Hunter
Dave 7mm Hunter Pred 17 urami
W.H.O. not paying much attention to it because it's not killing them yet.
Beauty Observer
Beauty Observer Pred 17 urami
Turkey fire will effect whole Europe. Smoke is not good. Fire pollution .
Pannindriya Venerable
Pannindriya Venerable Pred 17 urami
I am proud of all of you; if humans work together to love each other, then no war. Why do humans have to kill humans? Why do humans being can not live without wars?
That Guy
That Guy Pred 17 urami
This is more way productive for Germany than sexually assaulting German women
trainticketboy Pred 17 urami
What the Kenyan president said is so true, no one is safe until the world is vaccinated western governments must waive the patents on covid vaccines if we are to bring an end to this terrible global pandemic.
That 70's Bike
That 70's Bike Pred 16 urami
But its all about patents and who has ownership; they make the billions; that was the plan, along with the rest of the plan against mankind that is unfolding and that was kept shush for so many decades, by calling those who knew what was coming 'conspiracy theorists' or 'crazies'. Now mankind is paying a very big price for ignoring and choosing to be kept distracted. If you dont believe me, start with some research in to the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum.
ASN Pred 17 urami
Respect and love honorable PM.
Pranav Ambhore
Pranav Ambhore Pred 17 urami
These extremists didn't even spare press people. It's very likely these Afghans will face same treatment.
Sanu Khan
Sanu Khan Pred 17 urami
আল্লাহ ওদের রক্ষা করো
Agent Smith
Agent Smith Pred 17 urami
"let us see how we can externalize blame for our own current actions"
Emerald Celestial
Emerald Celestial Pred 17 urami
Another Denton PFP. Not using your Joker account today?
M D Pred 17 urami
richie Pred 17 urami
Need 5G. I use TMobile 5G in the USA. Why bother with wireline?
Halmat Namiq
Halmat Namiq Pred 17 urami
Feeling sorry for the animals
Royall Pred 17 urami
He has the personality of an dictator!! Don't trust this man