iMAJESTiC Pred 50 minutami
Future Celtic
Shamanteng Pred 51 minuto
I'm a Lakers fan and didn't understand the move lol. People on Reddit are saying this is a superteam... but it doesn't. While yes on transition offense it will look like the LeBron Miami Heat - I have some questions playoff time and especially injuries. AD said he is willing to play 5 but he's going to get injured - AGAIN. And spacing/depth are non-existent unless some veterans are willing to be paid nothing to play with them. Anyways let's see hoiw things pan out
MattZy Pred uro
2021 Giannis Dunk in G5
stashouse617 Pred uro
I see LeBron and Westbrook fighting over point guard position . They don’t have any good role players or sharp shooters . I see no mike Miller , James Jones or no Kyle Kover . Yea I don’t see this working . They may have did it because they expect AD to be hurt and just want more fire power
JusBeLikeLui Pred uro
3:23 oh that’s messed up😂
Michael Sim Angelo Lasay
Michael Sim Angelo Lasay Pred uro
Yeah I know youre a WestBrook Hater LMAO.
Zhe Fish
Zhe Fish Pred uro
I'm a lebron fan, so seing this trade just made me sad.
Jeryq Raymond Agosila
Jeryq Raymond Agosila Pred uro
At least they got rid of Choking Kuzma #BrightSide
Over Street
Over Street Pred uro
Nah!! LA already know everything you said, i think they will change their gameplay.
koutsou23 Pred uro
As a Lakers fan I'd prefer signing Buddy Hield BUT.... Our GMs Rob Pelinka and Lebron James chose the friend of the latter who will play as PG, LBJ will play as F and AD as C. In this way LBJ will have less time the ball in his hands which equals with less effort and more relax time. We will find cheap ring chasers snipers in FA as usual. Also, Westbrook can create for himself which is vital for this time.
Gianianimations Hunter
Gianianimations Hunter Pred uro
it think the lakers should have got dame
KyoKen DL
KyoKen DL Pred uro
Do what you gotta do Lakers
MpireTv21 Pred 2 urami
This video won't age well...Lakers in 6 against a healthy Brooklyn Nets 2022
iLikeIT Pred 2 urami
Still the lakers has not done yet, for me it's not a mistake.
Mark Yiu
Mark Yiu Pred 2 urami
This will be the same scenario with Miami no one expect to see Wade to adjust his game and maximizing Bosh potential. The difference will be with other key role players, adjustment and coaching system.
Dash King
Dash King Pred 2 urami
Only thing i got convinced by this move of Lakers is Lebron getting rest.
denmark cuarteros
denmark cuarteros Pred 3 urami
50 piece. 50 years 50 chicken nuggets🏆🦌💪
Hard Da God
Hard Da God Pred 3 urami
He might win one now lmao
kh wong
kh wong Pred 3 urami
I don't really agree with you. First of all, Russell Westbrook is best option that Lakers could get from the trade package. I don't think Kings is willing to trade Buddy hield for Kuzma and Harrell or sign & trade of Dennis Schroder. Then, Lakers will need a great slasher for the next season to ease LBJ 's burden(he is 36y/o and going to play his 19th season) . IMO, as long as AD could stay healthy for the next season, Lakers is still the main contender for the championship. One last thing, Lakers won the championship in 2019 with their great defense, not the offence or 3 point shooting.
TantyZone Gaming
TantyZone Gaming Pred 3 urami
what if westbrook made him a 6th man in a lakers...
Cristan Rich Rayos
Cristan Rich Rayos Pred 3 urami
Westbrook will gonna prove you all wrong 😤😤
Ethan Edwards
Ethan Edwards Pred 3 urami
i think the saddest thing is all 3 players could be more successful on different rosters
My Beehive
My Beehive Pred 3 urami
This three cannot win. No bench.
Celso Jief Flores
Celso Jief Flores Pred 4 urami
russell mania
russell mania Pred 4 urami
I love Westbrook all out hustle game during the season. Playoff Westbrook is a different animal. Turnovers and bad shot selection is his downfall.
ChampDaTech Pred 4 urami
All Westbrook gotta do is play like wade.
zaxos brimis
zaxos brimis Pred 4 urami
Wade also shot 30 precent but they won 2 chips
IT s EC Pred 4 urami
What if RW runs the second unit of the Lakers so that LBJ can have his needed breather mid games...i think this is the only way their teaming up will work.
Bad Mofo
Bad Mofo Pred 4 urami
Bricks more bricks
edi wow
edi wow Pred 4 urami
Westbrook is my favorite player, but he is not the answer in the lakers roster jeez what ever happens then
K b
K b Pred 4 urami
We are all concerned about the same thing shooting. Looks pretty bad right.. Okay what if you put AD at 5 Bron at 4 maybe Rudy Gay at 3 another 3pt shooting guard at 2 and Westbrook at the 1... Also remember, in Houston D'antoni forced Westbrook to shoot as many 3's as he could, and 0 midrange. Thats why he looked exposed for a game. But remember he came back the next game and dropped 30.
Skip Ads
Skip Ads Pred 4 urami
Good thing ...Russ will post up more to dominate other weak guards...
Charls De Vera
Charls De Vera Pred 5 urami
3:44 😂😂😂
As K
As K Pred 5 urami
Why no one is talking about the fact that they are building a big 3 + maybe Drummand. Why no one is talking about the fact that Russell is chasing a ring too. BC there is nothing wrong. But why did they criticize Kd or Harden or kyrie? We said the same thing about nets big and it worked. So let's see
Robert Lagarto
Robert Lagarto Pred 5 urami
Ur #1 fan from manila
al torre
al torre Pred 5 urami
no way tha will have sucess& winnig the chip - if so i will finally admit goat james but no way westbrick great player to watch will be good in the off seaason .just aint hime
Jelo Fojas
Jelo Fojas Pred 6 urami
It is the same thing LeBron had did when he was in Cleaveland he put all the assets of the team into the trade block and then get an above average player and after the season signed with another team. Just saying. I hope this time will not.
rfpchar Pred 6 urami
i think they think about this already before making a trade
Arvin Jose Baronda
Arvin Jose Baronda Pred 6 urami
Let see
PuppyClark Pred 6 urami
Stats don't tell the whole story. that is why despite having low FG%, Respect to Mr. Kobe Bryant for never giving up on a play.
ericka luise
ericka luise Pred 6 urami
Blame general manager lebron
Crunchtime Hooperz
Crunchtime Hooperz Pred 6 urami
The free agency didn't even start y'all. Several veteran shooters has been eyeing to sign with the Lakers lol. Also one thing, WB didn't play in the first round against OKC until game 5 and was coming off a quad injury and COVID-19 infection.
RaptorZ Pred 6 urami
Now he is on the Lakers
Edward Biglang-awa
Edward Biglang-awa Pred 7 urami
Laker fans are picky they got rid of their backcourt shooters and defenders Danny Green and KCP. Now they got Wesley Matthews
Edward Biglang-awa
Edward Biglang-awa Pred 7 urami
Trading Westbrook for Hield
Raven TvMoto
Raven TvMoto Pred 7 urami
Another person who does not give westbrook the respect he needs. U suk
Fat Boy Man Guy Heck You
Fat Boy Man Guy Heck You Pred 7 urami
Lakers are gonna keep him until they find a way to trade him for dame I reckon
migs Pred 7 urami
people making arguments about 2016 but i see it like this, lebron’s block is more iconic but kyries 3 was more clutch. i know the block was clutch too but the 3 made them go up and win the game
ItzWakk Pred 8 urami
since this move is a big mistake, if the lakers win the title you wont discredit it by saying oh it's a superteam
John Patrick Corral
John Patrick Corral Pred 8 urami
Giannis 🤙
Jelodic Music
Jelodic Music Pred 8 urami
Just non-bron fans.
madcat Pred 8 urami
They should have gone for Hield and D.Rose and maybe get Korkmaz from 76ers instead of blowing everything on Westbrook.
Αντώνης Μπαΐρας
Αντώνης Μπαΐρας Pred 9 urami
This will not age well
d t
d t Pred 6 urami
Sure buddy
damien patarin
damien patarin Pred 9 urami
What we won't see with this LeBron team is an awful offensive creation when LeBron James is off the court. Plus we need to see the lakers roster at the trade deadline before throwing them under the bus. Shooters will agree to join LeBron and Pelinka will make some things work.
Fazıl Demir
Fazıl Demir Pred 9 urami
One of the worst trades all time, they could get buddy the perfect fit but they took russ instead of him
Maolen Vin Pelaez
Maolen Vin Pelaez Pred 9 urami
In all honesty I would rather have Kyle Lowry or another guard that can shoot instead of Russ.
Christopher Beldia
Christopher Beldia Pred 10 urami
i will get back to this vid if the lakers blended together
Nori Pred 10 urami
I think AD Lebron plus Westbrook would just focus more on the paint by pump faking , I think their overall strat is to just push through with pure strength since these 3 guys are unstoppable at the paint, the other 2 would be back up shooters.
Tatjana Boguslavskaja
Tatjana Boguslavskaja Pred 10 urami
Anorher liberal politician attempt to push Lebron to a greater legacy.
Rationalist Pred 10 urami
The entire league is fake
Macky Dolencio
Macky Dolencio Pred 11 urami
Stefan with Westbrick shooting hahahaha
Coach-R Pred 11 urami
Bron is getting older, he needs to shoot more threes with davis and let WB drive and attack the rim.
Coach-R Pred 7 urami
@Uncle Pewds Yes, that is actually so much already. Hope they get better shooters. Their fast break is gonna be fun to watch though.
Uncle Pewds
Uncle Pewds Pred 7 urami
@Coach-R he shot 6 threes per game last season but most of them are off the dribble not catch and shoot though
Coach-R Pred 7 urami
@Uncle Pewds then he should shoot more. Preserve his body and play 4 more seasons. He had tried playing PGuard, he should try playing catch and shoot game. 😅 .
Uncle Pewds
Uncle Pewds Pred 10 urami
Casual he shot a lot of threes this season
Warren Strominger
Warren Strominger Pred 11 urami
100% agree you need good outside shooters and if you get rid of your best one you are screwed.
shrek posting
shrek posting Pred 11 urami
Nba 2k work again
Savant Pred 11 urami
Chief Uchiha
Chief Uchiha Pred 11 urami
Everyone gonna look stupid when it works 😂, disagree.
d t
d t Pred 6 urami
How will it work
Rationalist Pred 10 urami
I'm saying lol
ok Pred 11 urami
Make a part 2 of this
russel ramos
russel ramos Pred 11 urami
it will not be beneficial to westbrook, its lebrons team and he(russ) will have to sacrifice to fit in the team.
Ben Messner
Ben Messner Pred 12 urami
Your voice is too annoying to watch this entire video
kobe248ryant Pred 12 urami
Every Lakers fan thinks the same way. But apparently, AD, Westbrook and Lebron sat down and discussed how this would work out before the trade went down. Given Lebron and AD has high basketball IQ, we just have to believe it. I guess.
kobe248ryant Pred 5 urami
@Rationalist I don't know, Westbrick is a problem, not a solution.
Rationalist Pred 10 urami
Nba is fake and scripted. Lakers will win the finals next year
Gabriel Lambach
Gabriel Lambach Pred 12 urami
Exactly what I thought when I saw the confirmation of the trade. I think the Lakers made a bad decision. Westbrook is a great player, but he doesn't fit.
Alin Maharjan
Alin Maharjan Pred 12 urami
Lakers just took a big L .
Jamel Rm
Jamel Rm Pred 12 urami
Ok, so we are just going to disregard the fact that when lbj is not on the floor, the team's +/- reduces intesively? With Westbrook on the floor while james is resting, this is not going to happen, maintaining a healthy lead always... in addition to, Lakers are best GOING TO THE PAINT... NOT SPACING THE FLOOR... with westbrook this upgrade their roster... NOW... what they the lose? Kuzma (poor 3pt shooter, sucks most of the times), Montrelz (didnt help their causa in the playoff.. KCP (great asset.. inconsistent.. but great...) they can still get a KCP level 3pt shooter.. if that happens, they would have upgraded a lot their roster, while keeping caruso, tht and wesly mattwes.. huge mistake? Well this was not well analyzed at all... like if healthy... LAL would have beat the suns and most likely going to the finals and beat giannis.. imagine now that same team but healthy and with westbrook... I'm saving this video and once they proof you wrong, you make another one explaining why you were wrong. (Or SS this comment and make fun of me because I'm the one wrong) love your vids btw!
BokStar Pred 12 urami
he was famous for being known as "wesbrooks dance partner"
Buom tut
Buom tut Pred 13 urami
It well work people were saying the same thing about the nets and james harden style of play was the reason he couldn't win with westbrook
Tommy Zhu
Tommy Zhu Pred 13 urami
Ben Simmons should have retired basketball guess it wasn't meant for a noob like him.
Strelov Pred 13 urami
It is risky at any point and for every team to sign Turtle in, because of his emotional nature. But I think if Lebron could manage mood of AD in Bubble, he will be succeed this time also. Maybe Russ will be point guard, and James will focus on shooting, because he in not young anymore
Yoshiro Senpai
Yoshiro Senpai Pred 13 urami
Well Lebron played with Wade before and Wade is also not a great 3 point shooter so just give the Lakers some time and I'm pretty sure they'll figure things out