valentin manso
valentin manso Pred 17 urami
I like it keep it!!!
Jose & Billie-jo Romero
Jose & Billie-jo Romero Pred 18 urami
What happened to his last Honda Civic after cleetus ?
gary_lav Pred 18 urami
Is it me or is your column shifter in reverse and not in Park? Pretty sure that would probably prevent it from starting
عبدالرحمن الزهراني
عبدالرحمن الزهراني Pred 18 urami
What in tarnation!
Lady Michelle
Lady Michelle Pred 18 urami
I can’t imagine getting out of my car and going to someone’s home or place of business with a roach(es) crawling on me that came from my CAR 🥴
Master of None
Master of None Pred 18 urami
it almost sounds like its running the stock ECU!!
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis Pred 18 urami
Cut all that crap off and make a go-kart!!!
American Mechanic
American Mechanic Pred 18 urami
No bad cars, just bad owners.
cyndi jin
cyndi jin Pred 19 urami
I think he should just tear the bodywork off and make it a super light and good sounding naked Honda
Karol Stach
Karol Stach Pred 19 urami
Rip everything off make it a shark cart
Michael Axel
Michael Axel Pred 19 urami
That thing is hideous. LOL
Senad Music
Senad Music Pred 19 urami
Take the drivetrain out and set ot on fire
TheGrayWolf Pred 19 urami
Pull the engine, destroy the copy, swap the engine into something else
American Mechanic
American Mechanic Pred 19 urami
You and jared need a safeword.
SKY LINER Pred 19 urami
man just test how much fireworks it needs to take off and fly you can add some dynamite as well
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Pred 19 urami
that car is an impressive waste of time lol
River Sharp
River Sharp Pred 19 urami
I tell I bet a good fab guy could build that body for something cool as hell looking again I dig that body love to see it done rite and fast
john carville
john carville Pred 19 urami
Bought a 95 zx600 with a front peg held on with aluminum tape..... Looks like the same guy has been working on that civic. 😆
Erik Pred 19 urami
The Bugonda Civron
River Sharp
River Sharp Pred 19 urami
I say give it to brent pfi speed I bet he would put a honda civic frame under and 1000 hp with it be a killer drag car do that before you trash it I kinda like it again perfect sleeper. My bad didn't know it Was already a civic lol
Mike Norris
Mike Norris Pred 19 urami
Off to have some serious fun at the Freedom Factory
T Pp
T Pp Pred 19 urami
I actually wanna meet the original owner that built this monstrosity.
Gary S
Gary S Pred 19 urami
nico cummings
nico cummings Pred 19 urami
That would be a fun go cart
lefroy1 Pred 20 urami
I'd love see an analysis the person who thought ths was a a good idea.
shaun fletcher
shaun fletcher Pred 20 urami
i can fix that car with a gallon of petrol and a match
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott Pred 20 urami
I envision this car making one successful journey and then disintegrating like the Blues Brothers retired Dodge cop car.
Igor Figueiredo
Igor Figueiredo Pred 20 urami
19:32 the spider on the A pillar had a rough ride.
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis Pred 20 urami
The SPIDER! OMG AHH! Am I the only one to notice it just crawling right in Tavarish's face???
SGT Tom Bailes
SGT Tom Bailes Pred 20 urami
Just drill a big hole in that dirty crevice to let the air pass through.. Problem solved~~~
Vegan Jutsu
Vegan Jutsu Pred 20 urami
I really like this show
Andrew Brewer
Andrew Brewer Pred 20 urami
Two words on what to do with that thing lol demo and tank
Quentin Ellis
Quentin Ellis Pred 20 urami
That wood wheel tho'!
sleepyhollow783 Pred 20 urami
Love the "Boogyatti" touches of the hanging passenger-side mirror & the one out of four working brake lights. Glad the poor car gets to go out with a bang.
lol_ jokes
lol_ jokes Pred 20 urami
Yoy should put the drag civic stuff in there lmao
DC Pred 20 urami
Time to pull the drivetrain and build yours and Jared's version of a airel atom
Lola Personal
Lola Personal Pred 20 urami
Should make it actually better then the Bugatti it's based on lol
Mt5 Guy
Mt5 Guy Pred 20 urami
What a heap of shit
Michael Santos
Michael Santos Pred 20 urami
De shell it and put 1000 horsepower In it
Marc Louie C
Marc Louie C Pred 20 urami
build a skyline
Khayitboev Mirzo
Khayitboev Mirzo Pred 20 urami
You steal 25 min of my life with your shi*thole video
Melvin Noble
Melvin Noble Pred 20 urami
That.....That....car....has replaced the monsters....in my nightmares!.......Why?......Why...did I watch this?! LOL!
Dolane Pred 20 urami
the paint looks exactly like my focus rs 's nitrous blue
Benjamin Pred 20 urami
Either blow it up with a rocket launcher or turn it into a sleeper.
Josh H
Josh H Pred 20 urami
Why not try turn it back into a Honda body?
Kale Buchanan
Kale Buchanan Pred 21 uro
This three part has been better than any Pimp My Ride, not even a car guy and I enjoyed this video. Nice one!
AP Pred 21 uro
This car looks like the old Honda Insight.
William Levy
William Levy Pred 21 uro
Love the one break light!!! 😂 it’s the worst car I’ve ever seen
AP Pred 21 uro
Spider crawling down the A pillar ar 20:29. Tavarish scared by sketchy car. Spider also scared by car and goes back into hiding.
Jopher Rusinque
Jopher Rusinque Pred 21 uro
Can fix a super car but can’t fix a civic lol
Forever Computing
Forever Computing Pred 21 uro
Body colour? In the U.K. we call it "colour coded" Cheap cars having black bumpers, more expensive luxury versions getting the bumper painted the same colour - colour coded.
mike van norman
mike van norman Pred 21 uro
No comment
Declan Thompson
Declan Thompson Pred 21 uro
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Josef Müller
Josef Müller Pred 20 urami
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Мирослав Уваров Pred 20 urami
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Ilaria Negri
Ilaria Negri Pred 20 urami
Started up few hours ago but I'm already feeling the excitement of the profit outcome
Beatrice Damico
Beatrice Damico Pred 20 urami
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Katherine Brown
Katherine Brown Pred 20 urami
Tell him I referred you to him so he can quickly reply to your message
Disco Tek
Disco Tek Pred 21 uro
Jared is the star of this show.
Ebike rider vlogs
Ebike rider vlogs Pred 21 uro
Strip the body and make it into a go kart 🤣
CoolBreeze Mike
CoolBreeze Mike Pred 21 uro
The moment you realize the engine looks better than the car🤔
Kitebuggy Pred 22 urami
Goonzquad Brothers: Looks almost OEM.
Trevor Stringer
Trevor Stringer Pred 22 urami
I think it would be super cool to get something like that and put the stock body panels back on it because mechanically wise it doesn't seem to be a bad car
kareem Hamid
kareem Hamid Pred 22 urami
I would like to see a Lamborghini or Ferrari replica
Forever Computing
Forever Computing Pred 22 urami
Meh, for some reason I guessed fire extinguisher.
Louis Day
Louis Day Pred 22 urami
ok think about it, the chance they all rolled a different car is super low. hmmmm mmm
DOICES Life Pred 22 urami
If you ever run out of gas just dump in moonshine.
Danilo Tasic
Danilo Tasic Pred 22 urami
bruh u could sell it then re but it it would be fair
TwamZ Pred 22 urami
10:18 WHAT ARE THOSEEEE!? (dead joke, I know.) But for real lol
BRAIN GANG Pred 23 urami
Alternative title: modding my very REAL Bugatti
Garrett Covington
Garrett Covington Pred 23 urami
"Yea, Jared stop wrecking the car" LMFAO Classic. You guys are great!
Arnór Hermannsson
Arnór Hermannsson Pred 23 urami
The best upgrade you did is when you threw that FRAM filter in the trash.
Chasse Gallerie
Chasse Gallerie Pred 23 urami
The REAL challenge here would be to make it back into a Civic. Not remove the perf parts (unless they're too damaged), just take off the cone of shame the previous owner put on this poor car and find the real body panels and all to make it look like a "real" car again. And heck, 'cept for the MK1 and II Civics, I really don't like those cars, but even then, this car didn't deserve this!
Stuart James Photography
Stuart James Photography Pred 23 urami
why would anyone ever even think about even doing that haha , set it on fire would be best
Google sucks hey fuck you google
Google sucks hey fuck you google Pred 23 urami
The only way to fix that piece of s*** is to take it to the junkyard...why would anyone make a "replica" of a Veyron?
Everything Daily
Everything Daily Pred 23 urami
Is it me or Tarvaris is really stiff when trying to be funny or cool ? He kinda faking it too hard 🥴 At least compared to Jared who is always calm and naturally funny 🤪
Just The Tip
Just The Tip Pred 23 urami
Freddy looks dirtier than normal... odd.
Long_Way Pred 23 urami
Cutting that pipe to the beat drop at 11:35 was siiiiiiick
Zex Alex
Zex Alex Pred 23 urami
started with crap ended with crap. started dirty ended still dirty.
ivan Mihajlović
ivan Mihajlović Pred dnevom
Sredjuje bata jugica samo rokaj!🇷🇸💪 Lajk ko je je sa balakana.
Chris Haddox
Chris Haddox Pred dnevom
Is a Bugatti Civic or a Honda Chiron?
hardcoreep Pred dnevom
Take it over to the Freedom Factory.
Iran Cartaxo
Iran Cartaxo Pred dnevom
Yes, Looks like a taxi. That's exactly why a Braianized my car, because it was white, and sedan, and looked like a cab. By the way, you really should paint the wheels some color not so dark as black.
Νίκος Κουλακιώτης
Νίκος Κουλακιώτης Pred dnevom
maybe you should consider two facts: 1.It was a cheap and low cost to run and maintain car with a safe and predictable on-the road response and 2. Zastava was a foundry and machineworks complex legendary for it's fine crafting of metals, mainly for military applications. We actually loved it here in the balkans, as a university student i could travel with it with a pennies worth of gasoline, came with a standard stereo casette player too.Even FIAT stole the idea back and based its "PANDA" concept on it.
Richard Nomed Gerhart
Richard Nomed Gerhart Pred dnevom
I think this car could be fixed up to be a real car again I feel it deserves it
Richard Nomed Gerhart
Richard Nomed Gerhart Pred dnevom
Maybe install a new kit (kit car) on it