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Pred 14 dnevi
Ant-Man's Giant Family Tree
Danny Wou
Danny Wou Pred 19 urami
Same idea as Legends of Tomorrow : Time bereau ????
Mox Pred 19 urami
This is just a small example as to why Marvel has been so successful.
Wiguna Gd
Wiguna Gd Pred 19 urami
I Can Watch This All Day
Trung Nguyên
Trung Nguyên Pred 19 urami
John Walker: Hi, I'm Captain America. Dora Milaje: We don't care. Clint : I'm Clint Black Panther : I don't care
skyler thomas
skyler thomas Pred 19 urami
I'm just saying if zemo dies now ima shed a tear
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson Pred 19 urami
Walker: you don't wanna do this Bucky: yeah we do anyone who is hyped for this fight: before we get started does anyone wanna get out?
Amit Gohel Photography
Amit Gohel Photography Pred 19 urami
Bhai Mujhe aisa lagata hai ki John Walker ke sath warehouse fight mai Sam and bucky ne shield le li hongi or fir bad mai U.S government ne us agent ko Captain America ki Avengers endgame mai Jo shield Thanos ne tod di thi vo thik kar ke Di hongi ..
Yaseen Abuali
Yaseen Abuali Pred 19 urami
Oh the memories the greatest marvel movie of all time!!!
Prebuiltroom901 Pred 19 urami
Why did it cut out after Buckys arm hit the shield
goutam krish
goutam krish Pred 19 urami
Is this real marvel trailer or fan made trailer
Argy Pradana
Argy Pradana Pred 19 urami
Why does Zemo looks like Tobey Maguire while dancing as Bully Maguire?
Kishu Singla
Kishu Singla Pred 20 urami
The most savage character😎😎😎
Fordson Isht
Fordson Isht Pred 20 urami
I've heard some people say that the Dora Milaje showing up was pointless, but it was actually essential to John's character arc. That final beatdown really piled up the stress and failures on him so that when Lemar was taken his rational side couldn't convince him not to take it.
all serials
all serials Pred 20 urami
Jen Soon Ng
Jen Soon Ng Pred 20 urami
Florence Kasumba is a beautiful human being.
SuperThunderBrothers Pred 20 urami
EE-G113 Shreyash Joshi
EE-G113 Shreyash Joshi Pred 20 urami
When she said, is he going to take super soldier serum, I was like: Then what did I saw back that day in the end
Jainil Patel
Jainil Patel Pred 20 urami
everyone in the series is a badass and a half
GrimmGreen Pred 20 urami
How big was the dumptruck full of money that FDA backed up to your offices, that made you put your name on THIS?!
Shadow Pred 20 urami
How do I download this?
Aashish Mahajan
Aashish Mahajan Pred 20 urami
Imagine you are going to the vegetable market and falcon is also buying carrots and tomatoes there. Suddenly his polythene burst and his carrots fall on the ground. He is looking for then and you say Sam on your left 😂😁
The Jakester
The Jakester Pred 20 urami
So excited for tomorrow’s episode!!
Bhaskar Dutta
Bhaskar Dutta Pred 20 urami
If he is captain America I'm superman😂
Aaron Jafri
Aaron Jafri Pred 20 urami
I am glad Zemo finally got the appreciation he deserves. As a person who has loved him from the very start it is quite pleasant to see this.
Bill Jr Ed
Bill Jr Ed Pred 20 urami
This Show Very Better Than Wandavision Series.
Suhailah Iela
Suhailah Iela Pred 20 urami
That transition with Zemo saying "I'm sure we'll come to an agreeable conclusion." fits so well 😂👌 I'm so excited for episode 5 today! 🔥🔥🔥
Zensomniac Pred 20 urami
Mid-season trailer? Are the last two episodes going to be as long as the first four, or am I just being too literal?
That Blasian Love
That Blasian Love Pred 20 urami
Hawkeye is litterly the worst character in the MCU!
Saksham Pred 20 urami
Marvel cut zemo dance. In return to Snyder's cut justice League.
The Collector
The Collector Pred 20 urami
I’m fine with minority’s as characters we all should but they could have done better. Like way better.
TheBWoods15 Pred 20 urami
I remember when my friends used to make fun of Hawkeye like he was the "Aquaman" of the Avengers and stuff. Who's laughing now, haters?
That Blasian Love
That Blasian Love Pred 20 urami
Haters. Haters are still laughing🤣
ichidome Pred 20 urami
just here to feel awesome about life
Starry Jarvis
Starry Jarvis Pred 20 urami
This is the best thing to happen so far
I AM Zero223
I AM Zero223 Pred 20 urami
Oh snap falcon and Winter soldier going to jump the captain.
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena Pred 20 urami
I miss TL;DR.
Anyone after Falcon and winter Soldier series
Abigail Jockle
Abigail Jockle Pred 20 urami
Well.....Sebastian took off his pants on Instagram
Hanif Praja
Hanif Praja Pred 20 urami
This cures my depression
Blogem Pred 20 urami
Tiembla Snider cut
Iron Blade Gaming
Iron Blade Gaming Pred 20 urami
We want Tobey Maguire in spider man in spider verse all 3 spider man❤️🙏
Adwaith Ajayan
Adwaith Ajayan Pred 20 urami
Game Name
Iron Blade Gaming
Iron Blade Gaming Pred 20 urami
We want Tobey Maguire in spider man in spider verse all 3 spider man❤️🙏
Iron Blade Gaming
Iron Blade Gaming Pred 20 urami
We want Tobey Maguire in spider man in spider verse all 3 spider man❤️🙏
Darren M.
Darren M. Pred 20 urami
Dutch has a plan to defeat Thanos
Lil' Marshmellow
Lil' Marshmellow Pred 20 urami
John: You dont wanna do this Bucky: We can do this all day. Sam: Before we get started does anyone wanna get out?
Gracious. Pred 20 urami
Not a death, but the agent's goodbye, ffs... I've seen the whole show 5 times and i cry to that scene every single time ugh
Gracious. Pred 20 urami
Not me 3 years late
Michaels Mark-Amin
Michaels Mark-Amin Pred 20 urami
Zemo: Steals bully Maguire dance Bully Maguire: I’m gonna put some dirt in ur eye
Megiddo Eubanks
Megiddo Eubanks Pred 20 urami
EtHaNt RaHmAnT
EtHaNt RaHmAnT Pred 20 urami
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia Pred 20 urami
This feels likes Marvel's equivalent to Death of The Family and Return of The Joker
Manjunath Saukar
Manjunath Saukar Pred 20 urami
Isn't it weird that we trust zemo more than walker 😂
Bruce Illest
Bruce Illest Pred 20 urami
I just hope they give Chadwick a great memorial/ tribute in the next panther movie. They should also make his little sister Siri the next Black Panter. We need a black women as a super Hero!
Malia Jade
Malia Jade Pred 20 urami
Best Disney plus series EVER. Or marvel story! 👏🏻😁
Papa P
Papa P Pred 20 urami
When they entered Quake into the narrative, did they have a long term, bigger plan for her in introducing Daisy Johnson by Chloe Bennet as QUAKE ?
Terrah Bite
Terrah Bite Pred 20 urami
The acting at the beginning of ep 4 with Florence Kasumba and Sabastian Stan was exquisite. You could see the subtle emotion of a warrior(Ayo) helping out another warrior in deprogramme his brainwashing.Go back and watch the subtle emotion/compassion Ayo expresses for Bucky.Great Stuff.Also ,it's hard to hate on John Walker as he did try to make friends with Falcon and the Winter Soldier and he's kurts son .The reason for John taking the Super Soldier Serum was thought out . BattleStar stated something along the lines of "How many more people could we have saved with the serum" (During War times).Mackie is great in this, i had no interest in Falcon and Winter soldier as a kid but somehow Marvel does it again.The nuances in Wyatt Russell's acting is on point...Lastly , Can we have the X-Men already! ...Send Wolverine after the Hulk.
Hunter Wolfe
Hunter Wolfe Pred 20 urami
Im so happy the wakandans are back. My fav story in the marvel universe
Mateus Reis
Mateus Reis Pred 20 urami
name of the music??
Emma Delaware
Emma Delaware Pred 20 urami
艾伦耶格尔 Pred 21 uro
Xinergy Pred 21 uro
The acting on both wandavision and this show are PHENOMENAL
Pedro Balbino
Pedro Balbino Pred 21 uro
Hi Lorena
Varun Gaur
Varun Gaur Pred 21 uro
When you realize that you won the match
Gabriel Pred 21 uro
LOVE this ❤️
Da1 King0fWakanda
Da1 King0fWakanda Pred 21 uro
Wakanda Forever.
Latinoman116 Pred 21 uro
I need an hour loop of Zemo and Tobey Maguire dancing in the club together! Someone get on this NOW!
Craig Says
Craig Says Pred 21 uro
Wait...so you can only play as Hawkeye / Ronin ????
Mr. J Games
Mr. J Games Pred 21 uro
Warner brothers: Snyder cant make a 4 hour movie Marvel: haha Zemo dancing 1 hour go BRRRRRRRRRRRR
CptShipwrekt 148
CptShipwrekt 148 Pred 21 uro
Yo next marvel movie is just zimo dancing for five hours straight
King Vagrant The Retard
King Vagrant The Retard Pred 21 uro
Disney gets a billion out of ten for using the same actors from the original films! I also LOVE the work that they are doing with Sony and their Spiderverse films. The Hulkverse is a long way off though.
Adan Mora
Adan Mora Pred 21 uro
@Midas the epic gamer
gracie H
gracie H Pred 21 uro
Fact: John Walker and Starlord are step brothers. Kurt Russell is their daddy
gracie H
gracie H Pred 21 uro
Wyatt Russell - (Kurt and Goldie Hawn’s son) Means that John Walkers dad was a celestial being AND he’s Starlords half brother, right?
Armaan Khaira
Armaan Khaira Pred 21 uro
I think in the end we will see Sam and Bucky watching the sunset in Sam's ⛵ boat.
vi zeath
vi zeath Pred 21 uro
I feel bad that the women need to be bald
milk box
milk box Pred 21 uro
i love seeing the behind the scenes stuff
I love you 3000 falcon and winter soldier I purple you💜
S Vidhushan
S Vidhushan Pred 21 uro
Walker 💕👌👌 u naild it
lalit neupane
lalit neupane Pred 21 uro
I didn't know what to expect 🤫🤫
Malavika Pred 21 uro
If we hate the character John Walker, then appreciate the Actor.. Wyatt Russell 👏👏
gladys cabezas
gladys cabezas Pred 21 uro
Dora deserve their own show. SOOO I am waiting for it!
FinalStigma Pred 20 urami
You know they already announced a Wakanda TV series, right?