Kay Hass
Kay Hass Pred 21 uro
Clean knock out
Half The Battle
Half The Battle Pred 22 urami
LFG Nite Train!!!
Kay Hass
Kay Hass Pred 22 urami
shin david
shin david Pred 22 urami
lol it was funny how he forgot his prepared line. humble guy, much talent. hope he continues to do well and win belts. my favorite out of the dagestanis at the moment
Daemon Dost
Daemon Dost Pred 22 urami
Shes fineeeeeeeee
aL Pred 22 urami
the future
droppinloads 09
droppinloads 09 Pred 22 urami
He’s going to be the champion in the next year or 2
Louie P Grafton
Louie P Grafton Pred 22 urami
Shouldent joke about killing someone in the cage, I don't think he was joking!....Ejit....
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin Pred 22 urami
What a Marie.
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano Pred 22 urami
He is a different kind of man. Remember when conor was at bellator he start fighting with marc goddard
Marc Alexander
Marc Alexander Pred 22 urami
Really enjoyed that interview, up until the end when this psycho said he would love to kill someone in the ring. If he truly feels that way, the UFC should cut his ass, He shouldn't be fighting for the most respected mma promotion. That's disgusting.
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez Pred 22 urami
Such a humble guy compared to a lot of these dudes. Notice how he puts down and picks up the microphone after every question. He's gonna go a long way.
wesin nur
wesin nur Pred 22 urami
Edgar B
Edgar B Pred 22 urami
*Ahem* Idiot here, Yoder won just look at that face bro
hyedefinition1080 Pred 22 urami
How dare No Honor Conor call the man that raised Khabib evil? If this is evil, let there be more evil like this in the world.
Khabitch and his Deadass Daddy Abdulmanapoop
Khabitch and his Deadass Daddy Abdulmanapoop Pred 22 urami
Covid good father evil
Drew Becker
Drew Becker Pred 22 urami
Khabib helping his fellow man. Meanwhile in L.A., Conor just posted that he's heading out too party.
juan do
juan do Pred 22 urami
Brent won that, activity and constant submission attempts beats lay and pray with rabbit punches. Dagestani privelege.
OchiexDochie 97
OchiexDochie 97 Pred 22 urami
Connor would be talking shit
ConflictedYouth Pred 22 urami
He's right. I didn't sleep one night during entire 44 days of war
Nafeh Zargar
Nafeh Zargar Pred 22 urami
Man is know by his character This man carries himself with humbleness and grace What he earned through this sport he is giving it back in better way
Brandon K
Brandon K Pred 22 urami
Interesting match up tbh
John Cadwalader
John Cadwalader Pred 22 urami
He’s super chill
She’s so dam fine
ROSHANRAKESH P Pred 22 urami
Usman killed him😂😂 Khabib helps to pack him into the coffin 😅 Omg, this dagestanis are humble gladiators ❤️
original sin
original sin Pred 22 urami
Good skills, humble - welcome to UFC and congrats on the win
OTTnet Pred 22 urami
Happy for him. Next champ right here
Osahenagharu Osagie
Osahenagharu Osagie Pred 22 urami
Respect ✊ ”The Eagle”
J T Pred 22 urami
damn the end hahhhhaha
Рма Рааоо
Рма Рааоо Pred 22 urami
Молодец стха
Bikash Gurung
Bikash Gurung Pred 22 urami
Khabib is a real man..
lqvsh _
lqvsh _ Pred 22 urami
Caucasians are taking over the MMA competition
In 2021 ufc fighter are broke and borrow loans to bet on themselves like fighting is not already tough enough. 🤯
NOBLE Pred 22 urami
imagine wakin up after gettin knockout thinkin u seein jesus but instead its goat khabib. what a legend
Jason Heddleson
Jason Heddleson Pred 22 urami
He definitely bet on himself to win by decision. He could have finished him a few times.
Carlos Quiroz
Carlos Quiroz Pred 22 urami
If McCee beats Pitbull he needs to follow in Michael Chandler's footsteps and go the UFC and fight some real killers ...
John B
John B Pred 22 urami
Well you almost finished the fight like 3 times so pansy punches are effective
Prescott Osegie
Prescott Osegie Pred 22 urami
🔥🔥🔥a future contender for the ufc title I believe that she will fight for the title within a few years
Luke Murray
Luke Murray Pred 22 urami
Pump the breaks, pump the breaks!! Got a long way to go in a very tough division.
Varrel Reifansyah
Varrel Reifansyah Pred 22 urami
Khabib is great person
THEVEGAS RAGER Pred 22 urami
She’s kinda sexy….
Brianna Quintana
Brianna Quintana Pred 22 urami
I love how for Connor 100% of the crowd is cheering on for him and I could hear like one boo, but when it comes to Floyd literally 99.99% of the crowd is booing lmfaoo
Extra LifeGaming
Extra LifeGaming Pred 22 urami
that starch was unreal
Nigel Lee
Nigel Lee Pred 22 urami
Rowe is lowkey funny as shit, "I want Usman, someone on a 4/5 fight losing streak, or any girl.. I want easy fights"🤣🤣🤣🤣
BTRshow Pred 22 urami
Shame the UFC don't pay their fighters better, but MMA is a not a unionized sport, so the UFC will continue to pay fighters peanuts until fighters stand up for themselves.
V Ling
V Ling Pred 22 urami
@Luke Murray tru
Luke Murray
Luke Murray Pred 22 urami
To be fair she only had one UFC fight and she lost it so only go show money. But yes the point is still valid.
Ween Fain
Ween Fain Pred 22 urami
Not even gonna lie my kids are bad as sh*t tonight and I haven’t had to miss a card in many years but commenting before I even do lol
J. McDaniel
J. McDaniel Pred 22 urami
I watched Strickland purposely not knock Hall out just to shave years off his life.
artiew87 Pred 22 urami
@Ugo Petr he wasn't going to making a mistake which would cost him the fight. It was a good performance and Sean wasn't coasting.
J. McDaniel
J. McDaniel Pred 22 urami
@Rock Well... you are literally arguing the same point and trying to argue the opposite. Strickland wrestled everytime he had Hall primed up for the finish. Literally took him down while Hall was nearly sleeping standing up.
Rock Well
Rock Well Pred 22 urami
Not really considering he kept wrestling hall and just dragging him. If anything he showed him mercy
John B
John B Pred 22 urami
I thought the same thing lmao
Ugo Petr
Ugo Petr Pred 22 urami
It definitely seemed like he was gliding where he could've finished
Ugo Petr
Ugo Petr Pred 22 urami
The volume striker of 185? Reminds me of Colby
Yippy Kaiyay
Yippy Kaiyay Pred 22 urami
Casa Green Eagle
Casa Green Eagle Pred 22 urami
Khabib never experienced KO in the octagon
Suyendri Nasrul
Suyendri Nasrul Pred 22 urami
Khabib is the best....
Ween Fain
Ween Fain Pred 22 urami
As if Scott’s Fat behind could hold anyone back lol
Kate James
Kate James Pred 22 urami
Going to be a champ 🔥 humble guy too
N K Pred 23 urami
What A Legend 👏👊
Murphyfamilyfun Pred 23 urami
The greatest of all time.
sobri othman
sobri othman Pred 23 urami
Good kind hearted person. May Allah bless him, his family n friends
Anna Bravo
Anna Bravo Pred 23 urami
Khabib is a good role model inside and outside the cage. His father raised a good son. He surely proud of him.
Khabitch and his Deadass Daddy Abdulmanapoop
Khabitch and his Deadass Daddy Abdulmanapoop Pred 22 urami
@Drew Becker 🎉🎉 PARTY 🎉🎉
Drew Becker
Drew Becker Pred 22 urami
Meanwhile Conor just posted on Twitter that he's heading out too party tonight.....
Дилгам Расул
Дилгам Расул Pred 23 urami
TG Bence
TG Bence Pred 23 urami
Very humble. Excited for his future
Mohamed S
Mohamed S Pred 23 urami
the Guy trying Russian LOL
Ati Pred 23 urami
This guy is on another level man. Even after his retirement he is still impressing us. My word. The guy’s a legend.
waterfordel Pred 23 urami
I don't know if you want more of the freshmen
Anam Shah
Anam Shah Pred 23 urami
The guy is a millionaire, he didn't even have to be there. He can be enjoying his life somewhere else. But nope here he is. The man the champion
The local guy
The local guy Pred 23 urami
He is having a look at the guy and pondering, how does it feel to be knocked out.. he is out of experience in this field🤣👍
Ghazya Family
Ghazya Family Pred 23 urami
He tried speak in english...good for him for future promotion
Lawrence M.
Lawrence M. Pred 23 urami
Her face is really underrated. She’s pretty...
Ghevond Karapetyan
Ghevond Karapetyan Pred 23 urami
Great victory 👊🏽🔥
King Pasha
King Pasha Pred 23 urami
DooDoo Poop
DooDoo Poop Pred 23 urami
That was a left hook from hell.
Arsenal K
Arsenal K Pred 23 urami
Except for Conor McSleepy. Whenever that clown goes down, he should just stay down and get beaten up even more
Khabitch and his Deadass Daddy Abdulmanapoop
Khabitch and his Deadass Daddy Abdulmanapoop Pred 22 urami
Yeah and khabitch Abdulmanapoop should stay retired and running from grappler and wrestlers
RS_75 AC
RS_75 AC Pred 23 urami
Uriah “Don’t have heart” Hall 😔😔😔😔😔 he should have beaten Strickland if he believed in himself… Jesus Christ
Who Am I
Who Am I Pred 23 urami
Coach Khabib 2021 records (so far) UFC: 4-0 Bellator: 4-0
Abdullah Zackariah
Abdullah Zackariah Pred 22 urami
Coach Khabib building an army out there
Farhanking7864 Pred 22 urami
YYStudio Pred 23 urami
he won... damn overwhelming power
Vir Canem
Vir Canem Pred 23 urami
Greatest undefeated fighter wears a mask. That should be a lesson.
Liberty Pastor
Liberty Pastor Pred 23 urami
Yea, a lesson on how thorough brainwashing can be when you have the medical establishment, the political establishment and the mainstream media supporting something that common sense and true science tells you is not right!
J Horne
J Horne Pred dnevom
Fuck yeah bro!! Muscle City barbell represent!!!!
POQJAQ Pred dnevom
Just as good as Lincoln Magomedsharipov
bewiththetruth always
bewiththetruth always Pred dnevom
One if the best representative of mma