Instructor Pred 23 urami
great edit. Can y9ou please list the comfy chair product name> pleeeeasse
John Doe
John Doe Pred 23 urami
Is that Armin Van Buuren at 6:37...?
SuperHddf Pred dnevom
no 4k, no view
SuperHddf Pred dnevom
no 4k, no view
Kortavellii Pred dnevom
dang you clicked on lil durks playlist too?
Pete LePage
Pete LePage Pred dnevom
So Dope!!
Lisa_ and_Christian
Lisa_ and_Christian Pred dnevom
Tip for measuring when alone: Stick a screwdriver in the whole in the first end of the tape measure to hold it down while you pull it out as far you need. (REALTOR tip 😉)
Abdul Nafe
Abdul Nafe Pred dnevom
The Gemera has been my ultimate dream car since it was announced
Professor Voluck
Professor Voluck Pred dnevom
The pool is not needed with such a beautiful lake but if you’re set on it why not make the shape more fitting to the natural surrounding environment?
Henrik Astrup
Henrik Astrup Pred dnevom
did i see the snus???????
I I Pred dnevom
Loved the content, but it was, in my opinion, edited “with too many abrupt cuts”. E.g. see 4:15 - 4:38. Is it to speed up the video??
XxPhoebusxX Pred dnevom
I did not understand most of what you're saying but I enjoyed you talking about what you actually enjoy doing. This channel's named after you anyways 😂
Lena Ka
Lena Ka Pred dnevom
Rosy Porter
Rosy Porter Pred dnevom
In Australia we start teaching our babies to swim. Recommend for Leon and also take CPR course. I could see you enjoying swimming lessons with him.
Olof Lidström
Olof Lidström Pred dnevom
Anyone who knows what program that is used for the cads?
Dany Mailly
Dany Mailly Pred dnevom
I'm very happy to see you again vloging and love to see the new house plan
Samantha Blomberg
Samantha Blomberg Pred dnevom
Looks like a really exciting project I would go with the straight view it makes more sense and I think it would be good in the Longrun very exciting I think this way of logging suits you better at this time in your life as we grow older and lives change and our priorities change enjoy the process sending lots of love to you and the family
Karim Helaili
Karim Helaili Pred dnevom
Navid Alizada
Navid Alizada Pred dnevom
For how much did you rent that g wagon ?
Nicolas de Laet
Nicolas de Laet Pred 2 dnevi
Love his sunglasses
Christian Westling
Christian Westling Pred 2 dnevi
Riktigt fin tomt! Jag röstar på riktat mot runda "utomhusbalkongen". Och muddra kanalen; riktigt fint med sådana!
Stefan Kostet
Stefan Kostet Pred 2 dnevi
Vatför inte både och? Halvmåne form på huset
Jonar hellen
Jonar hellen Pred 2 dnevi
i would have the pool straight because you get a privat view of the sun and your boat
Arnaud Vankeirsbilck
Arnaud Vankeirsbilck Pred 2 dnevi
First time since marcus left that the vlog felt genuine again, welcome back Jon
Jasin Kasumovic
Jasin Kasumovic Pred 2 dnevi
2021 Never heard such a amazing sound
jacob Epstein
jacob Epstein Pred 2 dnevi
You see if you feed the ducks then they'll bring there friends and fish also you'll have a whole bunch of life there
Ola Kongo
Ola Kongo Pred 2 dnevi
the neighbors will go crazy 😂 I drive a bus in the area and live / grew up in the municipality. Know what fucking life was there when they built several semi-detached houses on the old summer cottage plots. I think it's fun that you bought the plot and are building your dream summer house. Good luck!
Mia Mildh
Mia Mildh Pred 2 dnevi
Bra video me natur, o kul me Janni o kidsen me i vloggen ju, o kul me kortta vloggar ju. De så mysit ställe ni köpt, o fin vy, o kul minnen o traditioner me kidsen ni ska få nu, o me familj o vänner med, på nya sommar stället, o me barn barnen nån dag me sen ❤️🍀🙏🤗💕👍
Mia Mildh
Mia Mildh Pred 2 dnevi
Håller me dom andra, ha huset rakt, som de är nu. Du ser no hamnen ändå, o glasad ända på polen e fint, som nån sa med. Blir bra me fler kortare vloggar istället, gillar kortare vloggar annars med så. Blir snyggt ba färdigt sen nångång, o kul att du är så extremt insatt, att du sku ju kun va hus arkitekt efter detta projekt. Synns att detta e viktigt för dig, o att blir bra, att man int ångrar sig sen, att man sku ha kunna gjort saker annalunda el.bättre, o störa sig efter åt på saker sen ba i onödan. O planera väl till minsta detaj, e bra från början o göra. De int som man vill göra om o göra rätt senare, när man just lagt ner fler år, o bygga ju sen, o störa sig senare på saker, o ångra att man int la ner tid på planeringen, o to ibeaktan allt innan, o de de kommer o synnas på slutet, att man tat i hensyn till minsta detalj allt, o bli perfekt, o helt underbart sen, o att man e nöjd me resultatet sen, de ju viktigt, när man lagt ner så mycket tid på nått man älskar, o brinnerför 😂❤️👍🤗🙏🍀
Random Channel
Random Channel Pred 2 dnevi
Ahh its been months jon... Hows ya... Say jani hello
Melly and Leon Vlogs - BAHASA INDONESIA
Melly and Leon Vlogs - BAHASA INDONESIA Pred 2 dnevi
The new vlog style is great
Nico Hambauer
Nico Hambauer Pred 2 dnevi
„Regarding the beach, i ordered some guardians “😂
Adriaan Neelis
Adriaan Neelis Pred 2 dnevi
you should let treehouse masters make a tree house on your lot
Viktor Andersson
Viktor Andersson Pred 2 dnevi
Aj aj aj, inte mata änderna med bröd! Det gör dem mätta, men det innehåller ytterst lite näring, så det "lurar" dem att de är mätta, vilket gör att de inte får i sig rätt mängd näring och inte utvecklas som de ska! Farligt med andra ord! Aja baja Jon.
sopa 18k
sopa 18k Pred 2 dnevi
Where is your speed yacht
Luke Pred 2 dnevi
I hate being that person but don't feed the ducks bread Jon :)
FastR4z0R Pred 2 dnevi
Did Richard move to Cyprus?
JTray Blah
JTray Blah Pred 2 dnevi
Open towards the bay!
Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Jon och Janni, min bror fyller 40 och drömmer om att få köra Porsche en heldag, klart han ska få göra det tänkte jag men de flesta upplevelsepaketen är ganska begränsade och på någon timme, har ni några tips på vart jag kan kolla i Sverige/Stockholm? Ni kan det här med bilar tror jag :)
Linus Malm
Linus Malm Pred 2 dnevi
Är de på värmdö?
RocknRolf Hamburg
RocknRolf Hamburg Pred 2 dnevi
I like the new videos. I have one question, what is mircrophone you use? It sounds great.
Milica Mijakovac
Milica Mijakovac Pred 2 dnevi
the ending was great!!! hahahahahaha
Bonji Pred 2 dnevi
Love is Strong ! 😉
Familjen Reinhold
Familjen Reinhold Pred 2 dnevi
Underbar vlogg ska bli kul att följa ert bygge 😍
anh thanh
anh thanh Pred 2 dnevi
make it straight. The sun gonna hit beautifully through out the day.
Claudia Gibson
Claudia Gibson Pred 2 dnevi
Is this Huskavarna or Sthil?
Angeles Pred 2 dnevi
Your life changed a lot.
Wallace McDonut
Wallace McDonut Pred 2 dnevi
@2:40. Earth loving Eco-warrior Jon Olsson murders some trees. Total hypocrite.
M H Pred 2 dnevi
Jon, don't forget to build a cool tree house for your kids
Gregory Fisher
Gregory Fisher Pred 3 dnevi
Wilderness Vlogs are way more interesting than Monaco. Spain seems like home too, but Sweden is just gorgeous.
Brian Lam
Brian Lam Pred 3 dnevi
The beginning of the video reminds me of a famous quote by James May (captain slow) hahaha
Shelley B
Shelley B Pred 3 dnevi
I enjoyed this video
Rista Anggarini
Rista Anggarini Pred 3 dnevi
I watched Janni’s vlog about this situation first, and now Jon’s vlog. When I heard Jon said “It’s your turn” then Janni grabbed her cam about to vlog. Now I know they are the most cooperative vlogger couple! :)
Johanna Karlsson
Johanna Karlsson Pred 3 dnevi
Fy fan va jag fiser surt!!
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Pred 3 dnevi
😥😥😥 all of those trees lived there before you. Why didn't you dig them up and replant them as a tree lined drive way. Also a wind and snow break. Planning ahead with trees starts day one. You dont cut them down. You make sure where relocating to area for a better use.... Vroom vroom,...
Kristian Aikkila
Kristian Aikkila Pred 2 dnevi
Easier to chop it up for firewood than to dig the trees up
raboratory Pred 3 dnevi
He's so close to his first 4 word sentence...
MR JKE Pred 3 dnevi
😂😂😂that was brilliant, the ducks 🦆 didn’t mind being fed, but sharing the water non no no 😂😂😂Love it
Yunkers 19127
Yunkers 19127 Pred 3 dnevi
Ctfu my man is redoing the whole front of his property just so the driveway looks ” more straight” with the house while you enter on the new driveway
Platypus Hatstand
Platypus Hatstand Pred 3 dnevi
Keep the house facing straight to enjoy an unbroken view of the water and distant islands, also you have the bonus of being able to see your own boat. A driveway that wraps around is known in the UK as ‘in and out’.
Kyle Oliver
Kyle Oliver Pred 3 dnevi
Definitely straight.
Raph B
Raph B Pred 3 dnevi
Did Leon say “down there” at 6:15 ??? 🥺🥺🥺
Platypus Hatstand
Platypus Hatstand Pred 3 dnevi
Congratulations on such a special location. It’s always interesting to hear your perspective and ideas. I’m really looking forward to a step-by-strep transformation. 👍🏻👏🏻❤️🛥
Mark Furney
Mark Furney Pred 3 dnevi
The amount of thought that went into that building these cars it is very outstanding. I'm really proud of Christian Von Koenigsegg for developing these cars he's a genius in my time too witness an amazing car builder.
Nicolas Pred 3 dnevi
Please, DON’T feed the ducks with bread. it causes them serious illnesses.🙏🙏
The Lighthouse Creatives
The Lighthouse Creatives Pred 3 dnevi
Utvecklingen på hur du hoppar i vattnet är verkligen härlig Jon! Förr var det volter av högsta kvalité och här levererar du ett riktigt "här kommer farsan-hopp" av högsta kvalité! Även riktigt härligt format mer fler korta vloggar! Gillar det verkligen! Keep it up!
Ties Brink
Ties Brink Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Jon! The intro song is indeed Undefined Friendship, but it is from Million Eyes and not from Peter Sandberg I believe.
Albino Tomat
Albino Tomat Pred 3 dnevi
What happened to lombok villa????
keRRlol Pred 3 dnevi
I hope u dont crash when the seatbelt on leon is like that :O
Sasha Barcelona
Sasha Barcelona Pred 3 dnevi
Stefan Schanson
Stefan Schanson Pred 3 dnevi
It’s so nice to have you back on a schedule! Fantastic!!!
Ties Brink
Ties Brink Pred 3 dnevi
What an awesome project Jon! Looking forward to this. Also great to see that you can not sit still. Personally, I would keep the house facing straight.
Maja Glysing
Maja Glysing Pred 3 dnevi
nejnejnej!! Mata aldrig fåglar med bröd! De tål inte gluten och sväller upp i magen så att de inte kan äta annat. Mata dem med kokt ris, frön, havregryn eller sallad istället<3
Dennis Dekker
Dennis Dekker Pred 3 dnevi
Sometimes I feel like you can make a 200 hour vlog in only one day
Simon Ahnberg
Simon Ahnberg Pred 3 dnevi
Ett litet tips på inköp som kan rädda liv <3 Leon borde ha en bältessamlare på bröstet i bilbarnstolen. Axelbandet åker ner på armen. Vilket är totalt livsfarligt vid en krock. Kostar 99kr på babyland tex. Kram på er!
jesper hällgren
jesper hällgren Pred 3 dnevi
snygg bil å så, men skaffa barnspeglar i baksätet så kan du sitta fram också. Barn som skriker är jobbigt men man får dra en gräns nånstans;D ge dom nått att leka med. grym vlog och lycka tilll! bygger ett eget hus nu jag också så roligt kolla hur du bygger! blir dock inte i samma prisklass men;D!
Richard Bosselaar
Richard Bosselaar Pred 3 dnevi
I mis Marcus and the leica. Cant there be a Marcus with leica oldschool vlog week? With everyday a vlog? That would be epic!
Luke Pred 2 dnevi
Nico Hambauer
Nico Hambauer Pred 3 dnevi
The new vlog format is sooo good!!
MrMae77 Pred 3 dnevi
Ni har inte funderat på att ha med ert byggprojekt i Husdrömmar (SVT) eller Grand Design Sverige (Tv4)?
Martin Jubt Rasmussen
Martin Jubt Rasmussen Pred 3 dnevi
The older kid sits quite high. How come?
Terra Reneau
Terra Reneau Pred 2 dnevi
what do you mean?