Ari's Ayahuasca Revelation
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Pred 25 sekundami
CO2 is not dangerous to the environment. It is plant food.
D. Pearce SSC
D. Pearce SSC Pred 52 sekundami
I've read all his books. I hate how he calls the non-socialist Left "Leftists" (this is a label us true Leftists try to reclaim from neoliberals, hack Democratic Party supporters and id-pol dead-enders), but otherwise Ted Kaczynski's stuff is quite on point. Very useful if you want to understand technology's ills and power dynamics from a network perspective. That being said he makes a mistake thinking technology is a bigger problem than capitalism. Capitalism is driven by and creates more and more technology that is destroying the natural world and frying our brains. Not to say tech is all bad, but we're not using it correctly, Pandora's Box dilemma here.
QT Pred 56 sekundami
It’s amazing how amazed Joe continues to be about shit 💀 you’d think by now he would get the gist of MK Ultra, but every time it’s like a revelation to him
Thomaspoa Pred 58 sekundami
How about if they actually isolate and identify SARS-COV-2? Nah, that's too much to ask.
John Botelho
John Botelho Pred minuto
Didn't they know the rules months ago. Is this news to the gymnastics team?
sideshow bob roberts
sideshow bob roberts Pred minuto
i'm shocked that someone in the biden administration doesn't know what the F they are talking about. the more things change...
Thomaspoa Pred 2 minutami
"We need studies." SMH. Forget about real-world experience.
88 Wood Bikes
88 Wood Bikes Pred 2 minutami
Hi I’m Bill. By day I sell sketchy software, by night I’m a vaccine expert. Any questions ?
Erik Gomez
Erik Gomez Pred 2 minutami
Man, this interview was so cringey. She’s extremely naive about geopolitics, history and apparently psychology. All of her views and the way she speaks about them is how I used to speak about all that crap about 17 years ago when I was still a kid who read Wikipedia. That’s the problem with climate change zealots, they put climate change idealism above realism.
Q Crew
Q Crew Pred 3 minutami
Joe is an alcoholic now... prove me wrong
Bryan Tav
Bryan Tav Pred 3 minutami
Joe: “you’re literally trying to reconstruct and reimagine idea of civilization..” Kanye “yeah exactly” 37:45 just a golden moment 😂
Q Crew
Q Crew Pred 3 minutami
Joe is an alcoholic now... prove me wrong
Parker Crutchfield
Parker Crutchfield Pred 4 minutami
Alex Jones mentions someone by the name of Q twice in this. The very opening statement and at 25:00 this is from Feb 1 2017, Q didn’t start posting until October. Who the fuck is he talking about?
Peter Sweeney
Peter Sweeney Pred 4 minutami
Funny too watch them get small………
Lee Mason
Lee Mason Pred 4 minutami
Jack wagons
Greg F
Greg F Pred 5 minutami
I have been dealing with this sinus/ Headcold for 13 days got tested and negative. But i was tripping
JackassLawyerDad Pred 6 minutami
This fucking guy never knows anything..."People were wild as fuck a hundred years ago!" Yea Joe, those 1850 bathing suits,.wild! Guy is so clueless about actual human history..He does something like this every single show. And people who do know things, because they read books (not the internet). Laugh AT him 🤣
GENZ Pred 6 minutami
“I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers.”
Darren Robichaud
Darren Robichaud Pred 6 minutami
Joe is too funny to speak about this.... I must laugh even though its a terrible topic.
K. S.
K. S. Pred 7 minutami
You can't just stop taking this shit. The withdrawal alone god bless her.
Tyler Larsen
Tyler Larsen Pred 7 minutami
Anacondas brought on the myth of basiliks* i swear
Lee L
Lee L Pred 8 minutami
Thought this guy was cool till I found out he was a Scientologist. Not one question from Joe about the ridiculous Cult that he's in. Probably attributes his weight loss to the power of xenu. A person's credibility drops to zero when they're a Scientologist
Jacob Doria
Jacob Doria Pred 8 minutami
This thought that this is a scandal is so dumb. Anyone who watched the Olympics knows she was messing up in the AMERICA pre lims something was already off. There are no rules against it before too, im sure all of them take it.
EpCotts Channel
EpCotts Channel Pred 8 minutami
The problem with common sense is that it isnt common. Fun fact the doctor who suggested that they washed their hands between surgeries had the board of educated idiots laughed at him and this was like 1800 sometime. Humans overall are stupid even when their educated.
Joe Malo
Joe Malo Pred 8 minutami
Joe, I watched a video of elon musk and it showed one of his satellites pick up movement and zoom in on a ladybug in perfect picture. If you took a piss outside they could count your pube hairs
Dusty Spears
Dusty Spears Pred 8 minutami
I will never get this shot and Trump was the best president ever and still is
Теодор К.
Теодор К. Pred 8 minutami
He's awesome.
Jaan Kuus
Jaan Kuus Pred 9 minutami
Maybe he was like Lenin.
Zach Hicks
Zach Hicks Pred 9 minutami
Love when Tim comes on Joe's podcast!!
AgentChachi Pred 10 minutami
Does anyone know of any kind of animated video of their theory?
Empyrium Pred 10 minutami
You can tell exactly when Joe is saying what he's been TOLD to say. He looks down instead of looking the guest in the eye.
Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez Pred 10 minutami
I heard Spotify wants to fire you
mike mmartin
mike mmartin Pred 11 minutami
After all the years of cover-ups I would say they have already lost their credibility
Jimmy K
Jimmy K Pred 11 minutami
The propagandist media is Fake news, just like Trump warned everyone about.
John Tremblay
John Tremblay Pred 11 minutami
Does anyone know which documentary she's talking about?
Rob Stimson
Rob Stimson Pred 12 minutami
'Harvard LSD studies' is a very vague and sloppy way of referring to things. lt was Tim Leary and Richard Alpert [aka Ram Dass]. lt was grad students. lt was mushrooms, then LSD. And they were both ultimately fired for their conduct. They both unironically believed in the therapeutic uses of hallucinogens and they were actually on to something.
Cody Brown
Cody Brown Pred 14 minutami
Joe straight up described what the left is doing with critical race theory at the end.
Cult Boy
Cult Boy Pred 14 minutami
2:35 “listen to your doctor, people” You trust your doctor, don’t you?
ian walker
ian walker Pred 15 minutami
They act like these types of experiments are a thing of the past but they havent stopped FYI they still happen daily all over the world Russia China N Korea these places all do the same thing and bury the results LOL
wheelmanstan Pred 15 minutami
After all these years I think it's time a couple things should be off topic, like LSD, Wolves, Kinnison, chimps, elk. We've heard it all already and the guests should already know about it as well. Right? Yeah, I'm just ranting. But where is superfoot, norris, paul, van damme, nelson? Anyway, I'm into ancient tech, bigfoot, aliens, Mars, and sending Edjie Bravo to the edge of the world with Alex Jones.
Bobby Evans
Bobby Evans Pred 15 minutami
What’s the next best podcast of all time after this appearance? This episode changed my life
ButternBagles Pred 15 minutami
These comments are embarrassing. Many internet doctors who never reached their full potential and feel victimized by ADD/ADHD medication, lmao.
DPhotis Pred 17 minutami
Where is clip of psaki saying vax is fda approved?
Paul Landvik
Paul Landvik Pred 17 minutami
Lmao the Russian food tastes better lol
Josh Rosenthal
Josh Rosenthal Pred 17 minutami
Let’s goo
Jenny McGlone
Jenny McGlone Pred 18 minutami
I almost died when I was 14. In the e.r. i fekt myself lifting up and out of my body. I didnt see a tunnel or dead relatives just the exam room ceiling that I thought I was going to hit. Then my perspective changed and I was looking down at my body. It was simultaneously the weirdest sensation and the most natural. I was aware of existing,my consciousness,humor,intellect,personality,existing OUTSIDE my body. Then someone yelled in my ear and in my face for me to stay "with them" and I was back inside my body in half a second.
Tina Draper
Tina Draper Pred 18 minutami
Usa Been putting evil dictators in charge in Latin America for years, Haiti president was a USA puppet
臭的午夜 Pred 19 minutami
Ritalin is pretty much cheating. No wonder she can get so much done. Just like students taking it.
Andrew Finlay
Andrew Finlay Pred 19 minutami
The French built the Wuhan lab in 2005... Chinese kicked the French out in 2017.then Fauci gives Wuhan lab money thru proxy Peter dasek..Joe ask the French what they know
Craig Luckey
Craig Luckey Pred 19 minutami
I just hope she’s ok
Priscilla Osanna
Priscilla Osanna Pred 20 minutami
The Unabomber did something really dangerous. He thought his way through an (incomplete) spiritual awakening. What’s supposed to happen is you feel your way through a spiritual awakening. Being woke enough to know about how messed up and unjust the world can be, but not yet woke enough to realize the divine timing of everything and the importance of Oneness and love, will drive you to insanity.
TimelessUnitY Pred 20 minutami
Well dayum!
Yoda Pred 20 minutami
58:09 🤣
M. M. M.
M. M. M. Pred 20 minutami
If we got rid of all the Killers, who would run the country?
SSky06 Pred 20 minutami
I quit caffeine for around 6 months once and felt way better day-to-day. And the first cup back is truly an incredible feeling.
Randy Callow
Randy Callow Pred 21 minuto
When he says he is a moron believe him!! And to all you Spotify weasels crying about the content..Joe and his producers are all over the place looking for the best.. look at his last @30 shows.. intelligent people be lead in interesting conversation.. and Rogan's comments in support of Simone Biles..I am proud to be an American!!!
ISEE YOU Pred 22 minutami
Ignore the BS media.. go talk to a Dr who works in an ER or large hospital... My Wife is a Dr.. the non vaccinated are the ones filling up the hospitals by 95%. The Delta variant can infect the vaccinated but the symptoms are typically very minor with extremely low chance of ending up in the hospital.. far different than non vaccinated. I am by no means furious. I just wish people would open their eyes and not use a political view. I got friends who won't get it and I completely respect that. They are also young and healthy. You gotta weigh the risks. I have had Friends, coworkers and family die so far.. I am sure they wish they had the vaccine as they were losing the ability to breathe. So many videos out there showing ppl going on the vent begging for the vaccine they wanted nothing to do with...
Visual Vibe
Visual Vibe Pred 22 minutami
C.I.A. - Christians In Action.
TaeKwonzy Pred 23 minutami
Pass That Whiskey.
wheelmanstan Pred 23 minutami
Watch Signs of a Psychopath. You gotta see that show.
Nicholas Gambrel
Nicholas Gambrel Pred 23 minutami
This dudes a tool box sheep following the herd
Phil Madriaga
Phil Madriaga Pred 25 minutami
Thanks Joe. Keep waking people up. Create fear. Create division. Create need of the people on government. Soon we are Cuba. China.
merckeleven Pred 25 minutami
I think I look like a buff stud but apparently I'm a fat dumpster fire☹🤣🤣🤣
Jeff C
Jeff C Pred 25 minutami
That's because it was produced in the trump era that's why they are rabid about it..they hate him and the fact that he done what they could or would never do...with the speed and fashion of care he had for the People
Stephen Pred 25 minutami
Adderall ruined my brain
Jeanffqc Pred 26 minutami
I would assume the reasons behind the decision to share the info/data publicly include a consensus that these phenomenon have proven to be relatively harmless over decades of observations and that the actual sharing can be used as a public manipulation lever with a calculated goal in mind...
Bhuvanesh s.k
Bhuvanesh s.k Pred 26 minutami
U knw when a person says he's moron. he is striving to be better constantly... and he's constantly reminding himself tht he needs to grow
Dean Duller
Dean Duller Pred 27 minutami
Maybe she should have practiced instead of spending 2 years posting selfies from her luxury vacations. Quitter. The whole world knows she is full of shit.
JASONTUNOFFUN Pred 27 minutami
Equality of outcome takes the struggle and pride in overcoming opsticals and makes life not worth living.
Bhuvanesh s.k
Bhuvanesh s.k Pred 28 minutami
Man when will you have Randall Carlson on the podcast.... Bring him soon
John Doe
John Doe Pred 28 minutami
"A printer publishes a lie: for which he ought to stand in the pillory, for the people believe in and act upon it." George Clymer Mandatory fines to the publishing company and employees and jail time for the author(s) of the story for knowingly lying may help to clean up the "news". They need to be properly named as tabloids, such as the National enquirer, and be accountable through lawsuits. Hiding behind the 1st Amendment to spread lies and ruin people's lives is sickening.