jack Torrance
jack Torrance Pred 5 urami
Why are these kids playing football in the winter?
Sharpshooter649 Pred 5 urami
2:29 the scared girl in the corner
S B Pred 5 urami
I hope the players start getting some credit, getting their names in the headlines. I love what Prime is doing, but it’s all for not if it overshadows the kids.
Raphael Juniel
Raphael Juniel Pred 5 urami
Based on the highlights GSU coaches going to be fired up in practice about those missed tackles.
Sigma Soldier
Sigma Soldier Pred 5 urami
First win in nearly 10 years.
Sigma Soldier
Sigma Soldier Pred 5 urami
Commentary was nice.
Keith Bailey
Keith Bailey Pred 6 urami
This is a good game go both
Richard Loostburg
Richard Loostburg Pred 6 urami
Zach Wilson is not 6’3”. He is at best 6’1”. He is overrated. The Jets should just trade the no. 2 pick for additional picks
Jordan Joseph
Jordan Joseph Pred 6 urami
This is why Mike T. Is no longer a GM. This man hired Adam Gase in Miami. That’s all you need to know.
Adam Wild
Adam Wild Pred 6 urami
In a few years ...maybe even a year Jackson State gonna be a world beater
GildedWarrior331 Pred 6 urami
@1:14 Bruh I thought the announcer was gonna lose his job until I saw the name 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Phamlore
John Phamlore Pred 6 urami
The clock has run out on Darnold in New York. Even if he proves decent, at best the team will be franchise tagging him in a couple of years.
BigBank Breeze
BigBank Breeze Pred 6 urami
Any player mike tannenbum like you stay far away from he took Stephen hill in the first rd dude only caught 13 passes that year lol
K O Pred 6 urami
hunching that there's a team who wants Zach Wilson more than the Jets
datjerseytexan Pred 6 urami
is this the 2020 season?
Alex Fu
Alex Fu Pred 7 urami
The moment Orlovsky opened his mouth I just had to fast-forward the video. Schefter is right, the Jets have a boatload of picks even after taking Zach Wilson at #2, they can do whatever they need to do to build a team around him.
Devin Glen
Devin Glen Pred 7 urami
I’m a big time Zach Wilson fan, but Dan is right
Francis Lumanog
Francis Lumanog Pred 7 urami
Wilson to NY Jets is picking up a lot of steam. This means they will have to move Darnold if true. Teams will make offers for Darnold and I can see San Francisco making a move to get him.
GRINGO BRONX Pred 7 urami
Any QB has a higher ceiling than Sam darnold.. Darnold sucks
Peter Yetti
Peter Yetti Pred 7 urami
Mike Tannenbaum would do whatever possible to trade all his picks for a player no one wants, and then give him a contract no one else would. He started the decade of misery the Jets are in. Orlovsky nailed it. They need to max out with draft picks. Never listen to Mike Tannenbaum. He preferred Adrian Murrell over Curtis Martin
Doctor J
Doctor J Pred 7 urami
Why is the season in the winter 🥶? Did I miss something?
Ngui Dodo
Ngui Dodo Pred 8 urami
1:58 dude dislocated his shoulder💀💀
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker Pred 8 urami
Jaylen waddle is a beast on the field .....yesssss
Jacob Hancock
Jacob Hancock Pred 8 urami
that girl announcer was so annoying lol
MFGary 509
MFGary 509 Pred 8 urami
We see you missing that block Taylor!!!!!
Andy Colón
Andy Colón Pred 8 urami
Trubisky trade?
James Robinson
James Robinson Pred 8 urami
Deion Sanders you got arrested at the age of 7 throwing rocks at windows I got arrested at the age of 8 they talk about I ran away from my parents that was in the police report in San Antonio Texas Bexar County
Carlo Franco
Carlo Franco Pred 8 urami
Dan orlasky is an idiot. Why do they have him on???
Steve Edward
Steve Edward Pred 8 urami
FCS BABY!! GO Bison!
Robby Oak
Robby Oak Pred 8 urami
I love how every time the keep Sam trade down build your team point is explained to a Sam Darnold hater/Zach Wilson lover, they always refer to how bad Sam played here or in college. Sam's play, bad as it was, is not the point and they know it. Just keep shaking your head Tannenbaum and ignoring the argument. Man, I hope this goes well whichever way the Jets go. I'm tired of all of us being unhappy Jets fans, but am expecting at least one more building year.
Booker Uzzell
Booker Uzzell Pred 9 urami
Don't take that guy to Starbucks anymore!
TheNYBully Pred 9 urami
Is it me or does Dan Orlovsky seem like he would protest at a woman’s liberation march 😂? I could see him now screaming at chicks through a bullhorn with his high pitched voice lol
1 2
1 2 Pred 9 urami
Logically none of the jets coaches gm drafted darnold they aren’t tied to him
Peter Yetti
Peter Yetti Pred 7 urami
@1 2 They didn't draft Marcus Maye, but they just franchise tagged him. I think they should keep Darnold, but I expect the Jets to draft Wilson, cause most front offices follow a "paint-by-numbers", obey the fans approach to team building. But whether or not they drafted a player doesn't really matter.
1 2
1 2 Pred 7 urami
@Peter Yetti because they do t feel attached to him and may not have hop in him
Peter Yetti
Peter Yetti Pred 8 urami
Why does that matter?
K Campbell
K Campbell Pred 9 urami
i'm happy for prime
Corey Trevor
Corey Trevor Pred 9 urami
After that performance, Cincinnati proved they belong in the top 10. Ridder and the defense were on their A-game. If Cincy goes undefeated, they deserve to be in the playoff discussion.
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Pred 9 urami
Sorry Dan. New HC, new OC, Joe going on his 3rd year as GM on a 6 year contract. They're gonna roll with a QB that best fits their system, and Wilson is that guy. And they can take their time building around Wilson like the Bills did with Allen
Slick HandzX
Slick HandzX Pred 9 urami
Is his son at QB or naw.
Roland Edwards
Roland Edwards Pred 9 urami
Wilson won't make it he's not ready for the NFL set back and learn before getting your head knocked off.🤔🤔💪🏈
Xavier Williams
Xavier Williams Pred 10 urami
Even though they lost this game they need to be moved to FBS there is literally no competition for them.
James Nickerson
James Nickerson Pred 10 urami
First point was players are symbiotic to team then said deshaun went 4-12 ....
Robby Oak
Robby Oak Pred 8 urami
James that point was DW4 is a great QB but bc his team is devoid of talent they went 4-12 even with a top 5 FQB. Bad team + great QB = dud
Wesley King
Wesley King Pred 10 urami
Dan speaking facts on this. The Jets have to build a team and you do that by picking up picks so you can have many quality players. There will be more QB’s like Zach Wilson, he came out of nowhere this year anyways. Draft a QB next year after building a better team and gaining them experience. If you draft Wilson you’re drafting him to become a tackling dummy and probably going to stunt his growth. Rams and Browns both playoff teams now because of those trades they made with the #2 pick
Antonio Logan
Antonio Logan Pred 10 urami
That fart and sigh of release at 2:49 lol
freddie watkins
freddie watkins Pred 10 urami
if Dion keep winning the nfl will be calling next year
Johnny C
Johnny C Pred 10 urami
Tannenbaum is clueless and wrong
SoCal AnT
SoCal AnT Pred 10 urami
I hope more black guys go SWAC!
TheIsaiah2076 Pred 10 urami
Deion got a extremely High Powered Offense WR#6 is a speed burner. Gotta get his defense right and he’ll run thru the rest of the SWAC. Next to Alcorn St whom opted out of the season, Grambling was the next big threat.
Quantum Crab
Quantum Crab Pred 10 urami
i wanna see NDSU vs JSU now!
Andrew Coons
Andrew Coons Pred 10 urami
The size of athletes on this level now is amazing! Their every where
Jojo Buggs
Jojo Buggs Pred 10 urami
Nothing like A Tailgate in Athens Georgia ! 🏈🔴⚪⚫🏈
1018miamidrive Pred 10 urami
Prime is changing Black college sport’s and we’re blessed to witness the start of the change. Thanks Deion Sanders for coaching an HBCU.
DAD___e_ Pred 10 urami
I love Dan
Thomas Hong
Thomas Hong Pred 10 urami
Brent Musburger could see Brady’s talent. So could Mike Tirico and Mel Kiper,Jr. Teams passed over Tom Brady in the draft. AND in free agency. 🙄🤦🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️💍💍💍💍💍💍💍
Literally God
Literally God Pred 11 urami
So does Orlovsky not want the Jags to take Lawrence? Should they build the team up before taking a quarterback early in the draft? His argument is garbage.
Robby Oak
Robby Oak Pred 8 urami
This is first good point I've seen countering Dan's point. Jacksonville is just as devoid of talent as Jets are. I wonder what his answer would be? Maybe the difference of "generational talent" vs "1 year wonder" would play. But some have ZW ranked higher. Really hope someone asks this.
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Pred 9 urami
I know right! They can build around Minshew or Glennon lol
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver Pred 11 urami
Based on how things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if the jets are gonna be moving on from Wilson in a few years even if he’s not a bust because he’s not Patrick mahomes
1 2
1 2 Pred 9 urami
don Pred 11 urami
No rookie QB is winning 3 games with this roster. I'm not even sure Mahomes or Watson could get to 7 wins.
don Pred 5 urami
@Jean Vieira I'm saying don't commit or draft a QB, until they're a QB away.
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Pred 5 urami
@Peter Yetti read above comment
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Pred 5 urami
@don Nah....why waste time trying to fix someone else's problem. Start fresh, reset the rookie contract.
don Pred 6 urami
@Jean Vieira I know how frustrating it is watching Darnold. But choose a QB in 2022 or 2023.
Peter Yetti
Peter Yetti Pred 7 urami
@Jean Vieira Tou can't compare Wilson to Darnold. It's Wilson vs. Darnold + the picks you get bu trading out of 2. If it's the RGIII trade, I'm taking Darnold + 3 firsts and a second
Joe Campione
Joe Campione Pred 11 urami
Douglas is locked in on trading down multiple times it is the logical choice. For anyone who thinks the Jets are making a decision based on a a fifth year option your nuts. They have no player to pay other than Maye.
Joe Campione
Joe Campione Pred 8 urami
@1 2 As a GM he is a supposed to say that its called due diligence, He will only trade him if he is offered multiple 1st round picks
1 2
1 2 Pred 9 urami
He basically said we are moving of darnold by taking calls about darnold
Adler E
Adler E Pred 11 urami
Jackson State Rich Alumni and Mississippi fans should be signing CHECKS. Make the check to Jackson State University Athletic Department
Ed in Florida
Ed in Florida Pred 11 urami
Zack Wilson all the way! J-E-S-T
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 11 urami
Eddie Gene, Evans
Eddie Gene, Evans Pred 11 urami
Thank you espn for your consciousness and your awareness to our struggles and our potential.
Noah Rouse
Noah Rouse Pred 12 urami
mickey mouse league
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Pred 12 urami
Dan won that one. It’s building the Around the QB ! Unless you have a guy line Peyton Manning coming out, other than that you have to build around him.
Brikvah Pred 12 urami
STOP✋🏿 Zach Wilson is not ready lead a franchise... he's raw and will need a couple years to develop. Jets are better off w Darnold
BigBank Breeze
BigBank Breeze Pred 6 urami
Facts watch him against ranked teams he like 0-4 lol he another Mitch y’all will see
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Pred 9 urami
@Zachariah Smith he just made that up lol
Zachariah Smith
Zachariah Smith Pred 10 urami
Where do you get your info from
Doe Fam
Doe Fam Pred 12 urami
Only time they gave Justin some love is when you have to discredit another black man Mark my words when I tell you this Justin Fields will be the best quarterback in that draft better than the first two who's drafted before him
Russell Giangrosso
Russell Giangrosso Pred 12 urami
I'd love to have Matt Rayan in New Orleans
gridion109 Pred 12 urami
This title is a duh.......
William House
William House Pred 12 urami
Dan is an idiot!
New Acct
New Acct Pred 12 urami
OMG! Go Deion! Handle your business and the haters! # Still Cowboy Nation!
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 12 urami
if its weren't womans day... I swear it was opposite day...a grain of salt with mike t's words...horrible GM so whatever he sez...its the opposite....I Almost have 50 years as a loyal Jets fan...whatever Mikey sez do the exact opposite.
Brian Newsome
Brian Newsome Pred 8 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 you put him in mike lafleur’s offense where he’s getting guys schemed open rather than having to dissect a defense and he’ll flourish. darnold would benefit from it too but i think the organization will move on from him to restart the QB cap clock
Robby Oak
Robby Oak Pred 8 urami
I try to remember that we just don't know what Wilson will be. Sure would be easier to decide what's best if we did.
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 11 urami
@Brian Newsome i have watched almost every game the kid played ....stop listening to broadcasts who need to fill airtime with garbage....you obviously have only watched highlights and perhaps never played football and have no idea what to look for....let me help as I have...horrible footwork....poor accuracy....his reads take too too long...he can only run against slow players on weak teams..omg...you can join the flat earthers and be president of your idiocracy...because it has electrolytes.....no ....nope nah...pass on zack...its not even close...And that operate in the pocket. BS...the kid never played against a real defense....you're as clueless as can be son
Brian Newsome
Brian Newsome Pred 12 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 johnny manziel is such a lazy comp. wilson is light years above manziel in terms of arm talent and the ability to operate within the pocket. manziel’s issue was he couldn’t process well within the pocket and was only special when the play broke down. not the case with zach wilson at all. watch more tape
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 12 urami
Zack reminds me of Josh Rosen and Johnny Manziel ....everyone loved them already had them in the HOF....we all know what happened
Teddy The Lab
Teddy The Lab Pred 12 urami
I swear #4 play like Deshaun
john harris
john harris Pred 12 urami
Mike Tannenbaum could draft when he was in the front office now he is a evaluator of talent who did he draft? WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WILSON JUST ONE SEASON AT BYU WITH LACK OF COMP. COME ON TRADE GET MORE PICKS WE WILL BE GOOD.
purple perc
purple perc Pred 11 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 Lawrence being labeled a sure thing just means he will never live up to the hype the last teenage qb prodigy to play in a superbowl is peyton manning
purple perc
purple perc Pred 11 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 that's a stupid comparison heres a better one all those qbs compare most to trevor Lawrence because they were all top high school recruits and were all crowned as a future number 1 picks as teenagers and if were talking of play style hes nothing like Manziel or Barkley, he's more like mahomes and aaron Rodgers with all the different throwing angles
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 11 urami
@Brikvah lol...aren't you tired of losing Zack isn't Trevor...our Jets blew the chance to change everything...that was our QB ..wilson is trade bate for that #2 pick due to the NY media and the need to fill airtime...I have watched almost every Wilson game....99% of his opponents work at walmart right now...he was HORRIBLE against decent Defensive units...pass on zack ...or Josh Rosen 2.0
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 11 urami
@purple perc Josh Rosen, Johnny Manziel, Matt Barkley, the bears QB...all comps to Zack....Overhyped garbage
Brikvah Pred 12 urami
Exactly lol
Ken Fox
Ken Fox Pred 12 urami
Who should the Bengals pick J Chase or P. Sewell
Ken Fox
Ken Fox Pred 12 urami
What happened to the QB that Trevor replaced at Clemson?
Mr ME Pred 12 urami
To the one person reading this: you’re a legend and adorable, stay safe
Sugar Klay
Sugar Klay Pred 11 urami
Thank you
Astral Is off the chain
Astral Is off the chain Pred 11 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 😆
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 12 urami
you're probably addicted to the dopamine rush from posting and receiving thumbs up and comments....take some time away from your electronic devices....leave them at home and take a walk in the park and enjoy the flowers and listen to the birds sing
Caleb Templeton
Caleb Templeton Pred 12 urami
Darnold is MUCH better than Wilson!
John Cohn
John Cohn Pred 11 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 He’s not a pocket QB though
Astral Is off the chain
Astral Is off the chain Pred 11 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 😆
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 12 urami
Amen!!! Zack is Josh Rosen 2.0....ive seen alot of his games...horrible lol
Jalil Muhammad
Jalil Muhammad Pred 12 urami
Im confused...why are they playng real games in March?
Don Rob
Don Rob Pred 12 urami
You can't build a team with ONE PLAYER..
Peter Yetti
Peter Yetti Pred 7 urami
@Astral Is off the chain It starts however you want it to start. The Chiefs didn't start with Mahomes. The Bills didn't start with Allen. Houston started with Watson. How's that going? The Jets started with Darnold.
Astral Is off the chain
Astral Is off the chain Pred 11 urami
The building starts with QB which isn’t on the roster.
Heather Phillips
Heather Phillips Pred 12 urami
Tf? Tell that to New England.
Scott Arivett
Scott Arivett Pred 12 urami
Show these games on TV instead of internet streaming!! ESPN racism and hypocrisy
Gamingwithsoup Pred 11 urami
How is it racism. Just asking. You make no sense bro
Tavaris Dot
Tavaris Dot Pred 13 urami
I’m sticking with Darnold and trading back
rijetsfan Pred 5 urami
Darnold sucks
Tavaris Dot
Tavaris Dot Pred 11 urami
@Barclay Pierre élève Wilson has proven nothing but potential on the college level and zero in the pros. Darnold has been given nothing to work with his entire career. Build around him and see what you actually have first.
Kanto Vagrant
Kanto Vagrant Pred 11 urami
@Barclay Pierre élève Dawg then why didn't the Jets spend free agency in 2018 on rookie QB JT Barrett then?????
El Selector
El Selector Pred 12 urami
Facts I agree 💯
CancelAnime Pred 12 urami
@Barclay Pierre élève Calm down
CancelAnime Pred 13 urami
Zach Wilson has the arm strength & and accuracy of Baker Mayfield and the mobility of Kyler Murray.. Very bright future ahead of him
Zachariah Smith
Zachariah Smith Pred 10 urami
@Blunted Vegas702 ive seen his film and i love his play. You just don't know what youre doing
Brikvah Pred 12 urami
He reminds me of Jimmy Clausen lol
Brian C
Brian C Pred 12 urami
Nah, reminds me of former Green Bay Packer, Don Majkowski.
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 12 urami
reminds me of josh Rosen and Johnny Manziel....overhyped and loved by no one who has actually watched his whole games...
ESPN College Football
ESPN College Football Pred 13 urami
0:00​ Mike Greenberg reads a quote from Rich Cimini’s article saying the Jets are in a perfect spot as Zach Wilson’s popularity is soaring. 1:58​ Mike Tannenbaum says the Jets should draft Wilson and trade Darnold. 3:01​ Dan Orlovsky makes his case that the Jets should stick with Darnold.
Robby Oak
Robby Oak Pred 8 urami
@Johnny C Johnny this definitely the biggest reason to trade back. I wish we were a QB away, I think we needed one more rebuild year to get there. If this is next year then taking the QB is a slam dunk.
Johnny C
Johnny C Pred 9 urami
JD is trading the pick and moving back. Theyre gonna build around Sam. Theyre not 1 or 2 players away . Its that simple.
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 Pred 12 urami
Mike T is the last person that should be giving advice....Keep Sam...trade that #2 pick and keep building that offensive line , wide receiver core and the secondary....Sam is better than Zack Wilson. However, if this hype works and maybe the Jags do a Browns and pick Zack over Trevor....omg thank you as a long long time Jets fan...I hope this play works.