10 Times Singers FOUGHT BACK!

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These are some celebrities that fought back during interviews or events! This video features Mariah Carey, Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Normani, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Nicki Minaj, Whitney Houston, Little Mix. If you like this video and want a part 2, make sure to comment and like this video! Would love to see your reactions

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Shakema Ali
Shakema Ali Pred 2 dnevi
Wendy is bold af😂😂😂😂 “and that was before your breast implants, and everything like that” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m done
Lezone Pred 3 dnevi
Thobile Accurate
Thobile Accurate Pred 3 dnevi
Wendy Williams is so arrogant and annoying
Candy Ralte
Candy Ralte Pred 3 dnevi
When Justin pop out I thought he was Jake Paul an I was like "when did he become a celebrity
Zeddx Pred 4 dnevi
bruh justin hitting the note when he talk to the guy he wants to fight
Maddox Gam-i
Maddox Gam-i Pred 5 dnevi
Justin was just a baby then. Thus he was reacting like his age. Im not justifying his acts then. Im just saying it was understandable bec he was a kid. Anyway the ques with ariana, i hate it that they are hating the guy. I dnt get it sometimes why people get insulted with fun questions. If you ask a person funny questions, it doesnt mean you think so low of the celebrity or person you are interviewing. He just asked "what she cant live without, cellphone or make up". Why did ariana think he was sexist??? You see, with simple questions, you will get to know more of the level of maturity of your guests. You dnt have to be so serious all the time! That was not sexist. We can ask Brad pitt, "which can you live without, brad, perfume or cellphone?". Of course they wont ask make up or cellphone to guys unless they are interviewing Bretman or james! The interview with nikki minaj though, she was right. That was rude. Before you interview your guest, research on them. You dnt need to be a fan. But at least research! Since that is your job. And the way the guys were laughing when she was angry already, that was irritating.
sourxboi Pred 5 dnevi
selena turning off the camera was so satisfying...
Alex lost
Alex lost Pred 5 dnevi
Aint niki from new York
Veggiechris45 Pred 5 dnevi
The one with Mariah Carey when she laughed, scary.
Human Pred 6 dnevi
Many hours lol, in other words a part of the day is it.
Ayanda Salusiwe
Ayanda Salusiwe Pred 7 dnevi
"wHaT yOu SaY" 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪
Intro song?
chisala masempe
chisala masempe Pred 7 dnevi
I'm not disrespecting wendy fans but wendy talks to muuuuuccchh😑😑😐
Shady Pred 8 dnevi
Crack is wack
Κωνσταντής Pred 8 dnevi
oH mY gOd I'm So ScArEd Of JuStIn 😭😱
An_icegard Pred 8 dnevi
Guys, you gotta stop dissing those boys who interviewed Ariana How am I supposed to like each and every one of those comments?!
Zelkyo Pred 9 dnevi
"name my second album" wow
nervouscat Pred 9 dnevi
omehgash its ninki minjaj
C K Pred 9 dnevi
Whitneys song "i wanna see receipts" got lost...
C K Pred 9 dnevi
Nicki Minaj is my favorite!
C K Pred 9 dnevi
Never been a wendy fan
Dream’s Girlfriend•
Dream’s Girlfriend• Pred 9 dnevi
wendy is so annoying my god
Ambre Fantino
Ambre Fantino Pred 10 dnevi
Came for the concept, stayed for Nicki absolutely *ROASTING* the life out of her interviewers.
bells _in_your_head
bells _in_your_head Pred 11 dnevi
That does not sound like Beyoncé!!!
Narl Pred 11 dnevi
I am not a fan of Demi but I can name all her albums. 🤗
Kenadi Warm
Kenadi Warm Pred 12 dnevi
cancel wendy and the guys interviewing ariana
Uppity Bee
Uppity Bee Pred 14 dnevi
Celebs have to put up with so much dumb stuff. Interviewers are on crack with all their stupid questions.
Emily Laird
Emily Laird Pred 15 dnevi
“Name my second album” iconic.
Ruby G
Ruby G Pred 15 dnevi
….the amount of nerve the interviewers have. Astounding
Khaos Childe
Khaos Childe Pred 15 dnevi
But with the destiny's child thing, no shade, but it's the truth. I dont know WHAT was wrong with the group's at that time, but all, if not most of them had a problem with 1 main singer and everyone else being the equivalent of background singers. Destiny's child got better towards the end, but...
OG Honda Grom
OG Honda Grom Pred 15 dnevi
Demi’s second album was called “trippin hard on H” I believe
OG Honda Grom
OG Honda Grom Pred 15 dnevi
Lol half these are just female celebrity’s getting roasted and getting mad
OG Honda Grom
OG Honda Grom Pred 15 dnevi
Lol he asked her phone or makeup and she got soooo offended you know she can’t live without either fuckin joke
Lance Mitchell
Lance Mitchell Pred 16 dnevi
haha Lauren is so pissed bcs they r being so rude to Camila hayss i miss fifth harmony
Terhi Somersalo
Terhi Somersalo Pred 16 dnevi
Wow I don't understand how disrespectful _adult_ people are LIVE to others like seriously 😬😬
lele !
lele ! Pred 16 dnevi
why hasn’t wendy been canceled
victoria b
victoria b Pred 16 dnevi
The first one was painful to sit through. Very painful.
Shantii S-W
Shantii S-W Pred 17 dnevi
That didn’t even sound like Beyoncé! And Wendy is so fkn RUDE!! I know lots of ppl love her but I don’t. Like “filter up”
MaryBerry Pred 18 dnevi
I don't understand why Justin is made fun of in the comments. Dude, did you hear what kind of words that paparazzi was throwing at him??? The disrespect was real. Absolutely disgusting.
Cristina Camelia
Cristina Camelia Pred 18 dnevi
Who hires such idiots? Not just unprofessional people, but stupid and extremely rude 😅
jazmyn galjour
jazmyn galjour Pred 19 dnevi
Nicki wig tho 💀
gab.___. Pred 19 dnevi
If I were just Ariana in that radio interview, I could've already smacked the mic on the boys' faces and just walked out of the building... *And I'm a boy who fortunately, relates with her*
alexis german 2
alexis german 2 Pred 19 dnevi
I really like Ariana Grande she is pretty and her attitude and the way she presents herself is intriguing
alexis german 2
alexis german 2 Pred 19 dnevi
If Nicky don't like NY than don't come here and stop having her records cds what ever here than if people wanna buy an album and do what they want with it it's their MONEY and it ain't like everything that these rappers and singers come out with is all original anyway it's all remakes to original songs that came out centuries ago and no offence slot of people from NY only like her because of her plastic surgery on her but my is nasty like that I rather the original
Erica Lorena
Erica Lorena Pred 20 dnevi
Wendy is rude AF🤡
Navi 34
Navi 34 Pred 20 dnevi
Nicki Minaj was SPEAKING FACTS!!! It’s so annoying when interviewers ask such vague questions when you KNOW they didn’t do any research on the artist. It’s so obvious, especially with a group and they don’t even know their names. I really appreciate interviewers like Zach though because you KNOW he did his research and he asks very deep questions.
Brax Evans
Brax Evans Pred 20 dnevi
I am pretty sure that Beyonce clip was Wendy getting punked. Thats not how Beyonce talks. Try a couple octaves lower and without that accent. I meant who the hell was that?
Tayla Ridley
Tayla Ridley Pred 20 dnevi
‘Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack’ WHITNEEEEEY 😍🥰
choco fudge
choco fudge Pred 21 dnevom
go Nickie!!!
Rin Puii
Rin Puii Pred 21 dnevom
If only kpop idols have the courage to fight back,I swear they would be able to lead better lives.
Blessing Amaechi
Blessing Amaechi Pred 21 dnevom
Am I the only one who hates wendy?
Apoorva Solanki
Apoorva Solanki Pred 25 dnevi
The way they behaved with Nikki minaj is Disgusting
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee Pred 25 dnevi
Jesus Christ loves you
•PînkErrør• Pred 26 dnevi
I noticed when the guests is talking serious, the hosts will go shout so that the viewers cant really hear what the guests is saying.
Luzaiha M
Luzaiha M Pred 28 dnevi
When Lauren off fifth Harmony was like “was it impressed” I was like she’s a Scorpio for sure. Looked up her star sign and it was sun in cancer and moon in Scorpio. I can relate cause I have moon in scorpio. We like to sting back🤣💀
Martin Busch
Martin Busch Pred 28 dnevi
The thing is, these interviewers aren't WRONG, it's these entitled divas are oversensitive. @2:30
Mrs.AHS21 Pred 28 dnevi
Dear the little baby Jesus thank you for real women like ARI who represent real women - you straight thug lol 😂❤️💕🥰
Stephanie brooks
Stephanie brooks Pred 28 dnevi
Like usual most were women 🙄
Benedetta De Cesaris
Benedetta De Cesaris Pred 29 dnevi
dana almalik
dana almalik Pred 29 dnevi
“Name my second album” Demi came up with that ON THE SPOT😭😭
Harry Swains
Harry Swains Pred mesecem
Can you stop adding sounds
Natalia Depp
Natalia Depp Pred mesecem
Im not into Ariana that much but she really did it, i love her for that
Bee Butt
Bee Butt Pred mesecem
Ariana got so offended yet if it was a man and they asked them to choose between video games and their phone it would be okay. Double standards at their finest! Why yall gotta get offended about a simple question damn
ABHIPSA Pred mesecem
What was with fifth harmony in the beginning? I didn't get it
Memphian Litos
Memphian Litos Pred mesecem
Sometimes you gotta give it to her .. Wendy be saying some shit
Miss Johnson J.
Miss Johnson J. Pred mesecem
I don’t like how he discredits Nicki M. (And I am not a fan) She’s an artist regardless of her personality. If it’s an interview about her art, they damn well better do research but these fools on the radio aren’t professional journalist. That’s why she called out that young lady. She’s basically telling her to get her shit together because it’s gonna be super easy for her to stand out against those dorks.
Saheb Hanane
Saheb Hanane Pred mesecem
justin b it's easy to play badass when serrouded by bodyguards 😜
Melissa Hemenway
Melissa Hemenway Pred mesecem
I love BEYONCE for sticking up for her group 100 !!
Rebecca Boyer
Rebecca Boyer Pred mesecem
"I wanna see the receipts".... 🤣🤣🤣
Reitumetse Shuping
Reitumetse Shuping Pred mesecem
I loved when Ariana told them boys
Asmr_Nirvana Nina
Asmr_Nirvana Nina Pred mesecem
My drug dealer always gives me a receipt when I buy crack. I don’t know what kind of dealers y’all going to if you don’t get a receipt for your purchase 🙄
Dafne Elma
Dafne Elma Pred mesecem
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Australian Shephards
Australian Shephards Pred mesecem
They weren't fighting back they were defending themselves
Faithe Stone
Faithe Stone Pred mesecem
KillJoy Since2017
KillJoy Since2017 Pred mesecem
ha ha " boys learn" yes Ariana
Supriya Adhikari
Supriya Adhikari Pred mesecem
😂😂Justin coming out of the car like that I cant-
Miss_Tenay Pred mesecem
Wendy was right on point with Beyonce. She knew !! And Beyonce lied talking about she wouldn't go solo because of her love for Kelly....lmao what a joke!!
Sugx_Cube Pred mesecem
Whitney huston looks like the mom from home here
Leanne Rose Alon
Leanne Rose Alon Pred mesecem
*BOYS LEARN* * Up amd Down Look *
Henry Roehl
Henry Roehl Pred mesecem
Wendy Williams is a dumpster fire 🔥
Christian Figuroa
Christian Figuroa Pred mesecem
Zander is Fucking SecXy Mmmm
valeriee Pred mesecem
Y’all are making such a big deal on arianna”s interview I’m pretty sure it was just a simple question as to which one she would choose. They may have kept going with it just to continue w the show
bacqajo raqufrup
bacqajo raqufrup Pred mesecem
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Selena Raja
Selena Raja Pred mesecem
MyFavourites1 Pred mesecem
Well said Nicky @Breakfast club
beatriz Pred mesecem
Shea Genix
Shea Genix Pred mesecem
Back then I wanna see the receipts saying didn't exist so how the hell are you gonna get receipts from a dealer? So that was another example of on drugs 🤣
HenryMurphy Chronicles
HenryMurphy Chronicles Pred mesecem
That guy with the eyeglasses who interviewed Arianna, is a piece of shit!!! Sexist moron !
Michelle C
Michelle C Pred mesecem
Wendy said “uh oh” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
TrusfratedJUNGKOOK Pred mesecem
1:12 burnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Boys learn lol..........girls rule
Salma Saleh
Salma Saleh Pred mesecem
Sometimes justin is soo childish
sulmafu reherkok
sulmafu reherkok Pred mesecem
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KiwiTheCuteKat KittyKat
KiwiTheCuteKat KittyKat Pred mesecem
When Ariana said “boys learn” the interviewers got defensive Hypocrites🙄
Arr0w Pred mesecem
Those guys with Ariana were so obnoxious
Blood god’s Apprentice
Blood god’s Apprentice Pred mesecem
Them: “do you sees us on our phone??” Me: DO YOU SEE HER ON HER PHONE DURING THE INTERVIEW IF I COULD THEN I WOULD COMPLETELY CANCEL YOU PODCAST STOP BEING SEXIST (is that a bad word idk know if that is l thought that it was where you talking about a gender or something I’m sorry if it is and if it is then l will delete the comment again I’m sorry)
Amina A
Amina A Pred mesecem
We love you nicki here in the UK!!
Melichu / Melina
Melichu / Melina Pred mesecem
Sarah Hardy
Sarah Hardy Pred mesecem
disrespecting Whitney
Andria Bri
Andria Bri Pred mesecem
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