1986 Miller High Life 400

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NASCAR Winston Cup Series
Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway
February 23rd, 1986

Joshua Gainer
Joshua Gainer Pred mesecem
Typical Sr shit head move. Wreck someone because they have you beat.
Jax K
Jax K Pred mesecem
Dale did DW dirty
Shane Gleaves
Shane Gleaves Pred 2 meseci
It's hard to compare with the cars today but I'd like to see this track configuration today see what it would be lije
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley Pred 3 meseci
Ahh the Old Earnhardt Bodine fueds
Enzo87 Pred 4 meseci
Petty is always a pro
Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey Pred 4 meseci
The best of all NASCAR .
cnking27 Pred 4 meseci
Earnhardt came out different in 1986. On the 2nd or 3rd lap of the clash he ran Elliott to the wall in the tri-oval, he wrecked Bodine in the Sportsman race at Daytona, and then did this in the third week. I've watched the seasons since 1979 and for the most part up til this point he'd dominate a race or two and win and mostly be a non-factor in the others. It had been Cale, Bobby and Richard, then Darrell, and then Bill running up front all the time up to this point.
Emily B
Emily B Pred letom
Thank you for posting this. I love watching the classic NASCAR races.
NASCARFAN93100 Pred letom
This race was the true passing of the torch between Dale Earnhardt and Darrell Waltrip
! ObamaTookMyCat !
! ObamaTookMyCat ! Pred letom
Was Bodine really wearing a dirtbike helmet??? LOL
Jason DEBAUN Pred 5 meseci
Tim Richmond also wore one. He started right about the same time Bodine did.
C.J. O'Dell
C.J. O'Dell Pred 6 meseci
Bodine was probably the first NASCAR driver to regularly wear any kind of full face helmet.
Superbird43 Pred letom
I’ve always wanted to see a dirt track race with this layout.
Vortex Chaos
Vortex Chaos Pred letom
55:21 great moment.
Daniel D
Daniel D Pred letom
Okay, so if this is what NASCAR used to look like before I was born, this is amazing.
Heisel Productions
Heisel Productions Pred letom
Anyone else here to catch the end after it was cut off 10 mins ago?
Doyle Hargraves
Doyle Hargraves Pred letom
I ended up watching your version rather than the chopped-up, heavily-edited disaster Fox aired today. Fox even edited out Dale cleaning the windshield!
Doyle Hargraves
Doyle Hargraves Pred 4 meseci
@jeffrey herman 21:28
jeffrey herman
jeffrey herman Pred 4 meseci
What point did he do that ?
Unidentified Panda
Unidentified Panda Pred letom
Michael Wightman
Michael Wightman Pred letom
Kyle Petty #42 👍
Vint Varner
Vint Varner Pred letom
Kyle Petty my favorite driver of all time, both thru good and bad and boy a lot of lean years...lol
Michael Wightman
Michael Wightman Pred letom
@Dennis Garrett obviously 😹
Dennis Garrett
Dennis Garrett Pred letom
Kyle Petty won this race in #7 Wood Brothers Ford Thunderbird sponsor by 7 -ELEVEN grocery stores.
tuowl05 Pred letom
Why in the world were the stands so far removed from the track along the front stretch? I remember last year or two of the Fairgrounds track but for whatever reason I had forgot just how awful a lot of the seats were. This place was REALLY outdated by the time they rebuilt it in '88.
IH Us Pred letom
@PYLrulz1984 Thanks for the info👍
PYLrulz1984 Pred letom
IH Us if you look at historicaerials.com, the grandstands were always well back. When they renovated the track in 1988, they wiped everything out, and rebuilt the track from scratch.
Dennis Garrett
Dennis Garrett Pred letom
During 60s - 70s there was a VIP (20-25 seats)seating section in front the old Grandstand section. They was removed after Bobby Allison race car and some other race cars landed near there after crashing through the front straightaway fence/guardrail.
IH Us Pred letom
@tuowl05 Not sure Bud👍
tuowl05 Pred letom
@IH Us But this was still two years prior to the renovation. Track owner Paul Sawyer at this point was still fighting with state and local governments to build a 2+ mile super speedway off the Fairgrounds site. The D-Shape design wasn't finalized until 1987. Go to the 43 minute mark of the 1988 race. Dave Despain and Sawyer talk about it. That's why the seats being so far removed in '86 is weird. Here's the direct link to the renovation process in the broadcast.... slus.info/name/video/qICFbXypaZLWqZE.html
Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas Pred letom
KEEP IT STRAIGHT JOE! RRRRRGH. So much better back then (as evidenced by the neverending sellouts)
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Pred 2 leti
Dale Earnhardt was stone cold Steve Austin before stone cold Steve Austin was.
Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas Pred 20 dnevi
@SWP 215 The. Hollywood. Blondes.
SWP 215
SWP 215 Pred 20 dnevi
@Christopher Haas wow you might be the first person I've ever heard say they hated stone cold Steve Austin
Whoopity Doo
Whoopity Doo Pred letom
He got a good taste of his own medicine in 2001 at Daytona. A lifetime of intentionally wrecking others caught up to his ass.
Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas Pred letom
YES! EXACTLY! Beeeautiful analogy. And i loved to hate em both
z28 Camaro
z28 Camaro Pred 2 leti
Check out the rebel flag before the start of the race
Tyler the Driver
Tyler the Driver Pred 2 leti
I wish Richmond would revert back to this layout
Nick S Ray
Nick S Ray Pred letom
Looks a lot like IRP in Indianapolis where they ran 1982-2011 before moving the Busch race to the Brickyard. Why NASCAR doesn't move the race back to IRP (now called Lucas Oil Raceway) I'll never understand.
Todd Schoolcraft
Todd Schoolcraft Pred letom
The configuration is perfect as is
Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas Pred letom
Very strongly.
Dale Jordan
Dale Jordan Pred 2 leti
Typical Ironhead move...he got schooled...
Brandon Young
Brandon Young Pred 2 leti
1:23:10 Was Ken Squier ever NOT senile?
Sam Moss
Sam Moss Pred letom
well there was that time in `79
Prevost Pred 3 leti
Those were the days! The young bucks that think today’s NASCAR is good don’t know what they missed.
Sam Moss
Sam Moss Pred letom
yeah and twenty yrs before that too
Josh Owenby
Josh Owenby Pred 3 leti
The moment DW's dominance ended & the Intimidator's began!
Shane Gleaves
Shane Gleaves Pred 5 meseci
JJA1987 Pred 2 leti
87 was the beginning of Dale's true dominance when he won Back To Back Titles for the first time
Lou Mcnabb
Lou Mcnabb Pred 3 leti
Don't you love it that ESPN shot the camera to some fat ass in the stands when the wreck happened.
Aaron Burns
Aaron Burns Pred 3 leti
reshiram202 Pred 3 leti
some things never change
Deborah Fernatt
Deborah Fernatt Pred 4 leti
Was there and a good friend of mine was a diehard waltrip fan
Dupont and Lowe's Warrior
Dupont and Lowe's Warrior Pred 3 meseci
@MartenFerret She Was Present
Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas Pred letom
MartenFerret Pred 2 leti
He means he was present at this race, with a friend who liked Waltrip. @Lou Mcnabb
Lou Mcnabb
Lou Mcnabb Pred 3 leti
I don't know. Was there?
Westtexasdave Pred 4 leti
NASCAR used to be so good!
Sam Moss
Sam Moss Pred letom
you'd walk in the neighborhood waterin' hole and they'd ask..'who do ya want?'
Aly Osman
Aly Osman Pred 4 leti
Can someone tell me what lap Dale cleaned his windshield?
Aly Osman
Aly Osman Pred 4 leti
wekid12 thank you very much!
wekid12 Pred 4 leti
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