Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL)

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Pred 13 dnevi

Tattoo Tee anyone??? bunkerbranding.com/products/demolition-ranch-tattoo-tee
This episode is not sponsored by Ryobi, I just wanted to make the tool snobs mad!!!!!!
Watch me vlog. slus.info
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, slus.info/name/video/Yo-panzPZW2Rd9g.html

Gabe Hayes
Gabe Hayes Pred uro
I have a 1911 just like that and it hurt my soul to watch u throw it
Luke Andrew
Luke Andrew Pred 3 urami
Milwaukee is king how dare you orchestrate such travesties
David Zullo
David Zullo Pred 8 urami
Raptor is say god no pls no
B Lt
B Lt Pred 11 urami
Yep he didnt shoot the Ryobi with 45 acp and pulled a new one out at the end lmao😂😂😂😂😂
KillnDeath43 Pred 12 urami
I like black and decker, with dewalt being second
Game Bangers
Game Bangers Pred 13 urami
Matt: I did technically hit all three with the 1911 Me: Well yes, but actually no
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 2 urami
Ryobi is one step of from fisher price
Andy Possum
Andy Possum Pred 13 urami
he’s probably more accurate just throwing the guns the he’s is shooting them😂
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 2 urami
what about bosch and black and decker
Rude Gaming
Rude Gaming Pred 13 urami
Uhhh where's the Craftsman drills??
Deathclaw 69
Deathclaw 69 Pred 14 urami
can i buy that riobi off of you?
Sarah Bulson
Sarah Bulson Pred 14 urami
milwaukee and makita are the best
Joe Sosnowski
Joe Sosnowski Pred 15 urami
I want my money back. This piece of junk cant even withstand a .22, a .25acp, and a 12 gauge in the same day, let alone at the same time.
Random Person
Random Person Pred 16 urami
My dad's had the same dewalt for 15 years and it works fine. Why am I fighting over which drill brand is superior... The fact that he switched the ryobi was pretty funny though. Because we all know that's what happened
Levi Lynch
Levi Lynch Pred 18 urami
How many wish stink face plates can stop a tank
Milo Corner
Milo Corner Pred 20 urami
ryiobi is the new hi point
Neal Carr
Neal Carr Pred 20 urami
Where does my Kobalt fit in tho?
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann Pred 20 urami
Let's go, Ryobi!
Tanner Clinton
Tanner Clinton Pred 20 urami
Dewalt isnt used by rich people idiot. I know alot about construction and I use milwaukee.
monkchips Pred 21 uro
Is Wranglerstar going to do a gun test?
Ahmd Ahmd
Ahmd Ahmd Pred 22 urami
definitely a very fair test 👀
Ahmd Ahmd
Ahmd Ahmd Pred 22 urami
what about bosch and black and decker
big bogus 474
big bogus 474 Pred 22 urami
Ryobi is one step of from fisher price
the_danish_dude fukudaugter
the_danish_dude fukudaugter Pred 22 urami
i love how he pissing off milwaukee fans whilst am sitting here hoping he dosent go for the DeWalt dissing XD
the_danish_dude fukudaugter
the_danish_dude fukudaugter Pred 4 urami
@Gundam Barbatos dude i just love it because, my dad is a carpenter so i grew up with DeWalt man nothing else matters i think deep down all tools are the same but tools are special to us men
Gundam Barbatos
Gundam Barbatos Pred 11 urami
Same, I’m kinda biased towards Dewalt cause that’s what we use at my workplace. 😅😅
Willie Carroll
Willie Carroll Pred 23 urami
Stick to just the gunz
Roman Novikov
Roman Novikov Pred 23 urami
Евгений Андреевич
Евгений Андреевич Pred dnevom
Привет! Dude!! What's up? Nice to not see Hitachi in this test) I have one and I don't want to shoot them!
Stacy Reid
Stacy Reid Pred dnevom
Funny tool shoot out especially when you swapped out the Ryobi, drill at the end Yes I noticed that it wasn’t shot up at the end.
P Remlap
P Remlap Pred dnevom
"Hey guys that was me the whole time" Hillarious! This has to be getting close to my favourite channel! Always get a smile out of your vids! And the cotentnt is just crazy! So unpredictable! Love it, would say keep it up but you know this already know this 😂
Alan Last
Alan Last Pred dnevom
Which drill had the most recoil? And which drill is best for hunting four by two's ? Also which drill can handle the longest extension and drill though 300 inches of wood without burning out!??
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred dnevom
Tip to tip. 😂😂
Tomcat 420
Tomcat 420 Pred dnevom
Rigid is a very good tool imo
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred dnevom
everyone knows if he had actually shot the ryobi it would be gone
AUSTIN Pred dnevom
dude you must be desperate for content if you are copying concepts that have already done by other smaller channels
cOUCHpot8o 721
cOUCHpot8o 721 Pred dnevom
This was too funny I loved the dual wield moment
NRZ Beowulf
NRZ Beowulf Pred dnevom
As a dewalt guy, I’m a little pissed with the cheating that took place in the 1911 round. And that he replaced the ryobi in the last round
orchidaceae orchidaceae
orchidaceae orchidaceae Pred dnevom
Ive been using my drill all types of wrong smh😂
The Quad Squad
The Quad Squad Pred dnevom
not to be a hatr but you didnt shoot the ryobi with the 45 acp
Trevor Blais
Trevor Blais Pred dnevom
You idiot Milwaukee is best it’s it not like I’m going to shoot the chuck of the drill
Dakota Lowery
Dakota Lowery Pred dnevom
Wish I had watched this video before I bought my dewalt combo set literally 2 hours ago 😂
Cooper Genz
Cooper Genz Pred dnevom
It's a different ryobi
Jonah Melkowski
Jonah Melkowski Pred dnevom
Whenever one of these videos is terribly boring (like when the kevlar gloves can't even stop a .22) the one high light is the little skit at the beginning of the video. He needs to put together a collection of all his video intros and put it on SLus for us to enjoy.
A Kid Playing Games
A Kid Playing Games Pred dnevom
2:36 man you got me good didnt even know it was you
Dave Hayward
Dave Hayward Pred dnevom
New challenge. If you sell 50000 you have to pay for me to fly to texas and engrave my name on the gold plated Barrett
Scotty Pred dnevom
Ryobi’s stocks after this📈📈📈
Mark Jones
Mark Jones Pred dnevom
OK but what about firing a Nokia at it and see who wins lol 👌
Jackson A
Jackson A Pred dnevom
everyone knows if he had actually shot the ryobi it would be gone
Ryon Martynuik
Ryon Martynuik Pred 2 dnevi
Tip to tip. 😂😂
Cazzy miko 2249
Cazzy miko 2249 Pred 2 dnevi
You did it wrong you are supposed to change guns not swap magazines my god how long have you been doing this for?
Invicta51 Pred 2 dnevi
should've added Hitachi. I let the smoke out of mine and it still works
Liam Engström 7C
Liam Engström 7C Pred 2 dnevi
get a new barral for the 22 long rifal or get new rifeling
- Tzadakim -
- Tzadakim - Pred 2 dnevi
Not gonna lie, I thought this whole video was gonna be different tests with the tools and I wasn’t thinking you were going to shoot them 😂 I was confused
Braden Rawls
Braden Rawls Pred 2 dnevi
My dad uses makita never had 1 break and he drills holes in steel beams
Josiahtaking Pred 2 dnevi
riobi is goob because its a person from money hiset
Jay_bush10 Pred 2 dnevi
Don’t give him the raptor
BigFoote Outdoors
BigFoote Outdoors Pred 2 dnevi
You should’ve said u just gave the drills warning shots and u didn’t “miss”!!!!😳😳
steve o
steve o Pred 2 dnevi
hahahah he blew off the roybi so bad that he had a brand new one on his hand XD
Bryan Schneider
Bryan Schneider Pred 2 dnevi
I like how that was a different Ryobi at the end
Channel Zero One
Channel Zero One Pred 2 dnevi
Surprised you didn't get a harbor junk Hercules or Bauer. Either way the bottom end of all of em are junk. Like you I got one brand and stuck with it. I just happened to have started with Dewalt. I hate Dewalt because their batteries can't be rebuilt if the charge chip fails. So I have a huge pile of batteries that are nearly new and wont change. How ever I have a plan with all those cells. The 3 year warranty is bull shit.
Kris Schlaht
Kris Schlaht Pred 2 dnevi
Ross Cheetham
Ross Cheetham Pred 2 dnevi
The Milwaukee definitely failed early, but it stopped a .45 dead.
Trevaughn Taylor
Trevaughn Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
Me seeing the intro like how the fuck
tripalong Pred 2 dnevi
Milwaukee will warranty that for up to 5 years.
RobertF64 Pred 2 dnevi
3 of the worst things milwaukee, high points and Honda Ridgeline
TheTyreGuy Pred 2 dnevi
Takes a tool to test a tool. ;-)
cmm07r Pred 2 dnevi
Youre missing my kind of power tools. Black & Decker: the Highpoint of power tools.
Brenden Hardaway
Brenden Hardaway Pred 2 dnevi
What about Kobalt
Luke Bamford
Luke Bamford Pred 2 dnevi
Stop dissing Ryobi there great tools and very reliable I have been using for years for heavy home improvement with no issues
Reegan games r
Reegan games r Pred 2 dnevi
Ryobi duz smoke wen you do heve jote
Reegan games r
Reegan games r Pred 2 dnevi
If you shot them in the same place at the different
Reegan games r
Reegan games r Pred 2 dnevi
Boat is good but milwaukee's even better Milwaukee
Reegan games r
Reegan games r Pred 2 dnevi
Because you don't treat them like that the made for f****** metal and all sorts a Walkie is really good that's why everyone buys them for metal tough metal and all that crap but it goes Milwaukee DeWalt and Makita
xxOshadowmanOxx Pred 2 dnevi
What about my boy rigid
Thatf_nguy Pred 2 dnevi
In Milwaukees defense it did stop the lords caliber....sooooo by basic demolitia logic......its bullet proof!!.
Langston Wilkins
Langston Wilkins Pred 2 dnevi
When hes shooting the shotgun it goes to slomo and you can hear the bbs flying past
D3 Pred 2 dnevi
Why are there no Payday 2 jokes? I am very confused.
KK Gassner
KK Gassner Pred 2 dnevi
dewalt is best
saltrock0000 Pred 3 dnevi
Strange in the UK, or where I am atleast, milwaukee>Makita>Dewalt>Ryobi
TheRealWilley Coke
TheRealWilley Coke Pred 3 dnevi
I feel like this was a tad bit biased...
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 3 dnevi
I wanna see him mag dump all his guns like every single one
PhantomPhaze Pred 3 dnevi
cant believe he didnt test ugga duggability between shots
bubbles75 Pred 3 dnevi
What is your strongest kick back of any guns
Goodfellas Inc.
Goodfellas Inc. Pred 3 dnevi
I'm a contractor I don't allow Ryobi on my job site!!!!!
SteelWars Pred 3 dnevi
This may have been rigged
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 3 dnevi
say bye to the raptor forever, when whistlin diesel gets it he will destroy it
Veterex Gaming
Veterex Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
No one: Subtitles: [Applause]
officiall_american8 Pred 3 dnevi
Calling out us ryobi guys like that, sorry I’m poor but damn
dodge freak venema
dodge freak venema Pred 3 dnevi
the chuck is to severely dented
Hunter Parsons
Hunter Parsons Pred 3 dnevi
The malaki only isn’t working because the shot hit the lovk
Brett Lewis
Brett Lewis Pred 3 dnevi
My bag of Ryobi....Never leave home without it...I've cut downed trees out of my path with my sawz-all in a pinch...like a Boss.
Kevin kush 403
Kevin kush 403 Pred 3 dnevi
Matt you had that Milwaukee drill on 1 speed there's 2 speeds it's right on top of the drill
Max Morquecho
Max Morquecho Pred 3 dnevi
what about craftsman next
Steel Arms
Steel Arms Pred 3 dnevi
Matt just picked up a new Sponsor
DsM Pred 3 dnevi
I personally buy ryobi. They are good for household tasks, and they have good warranty
Dejuan Mcgowan
Dejuan Mcgowan Pred 3 dnevi
But will they drill holes still???
Dejuan Mcgowan
Dejuan Mcgowan Pred 3 dnevi
Nailed it with the paper weight
Dejuan Mcgowan
Dejuan Mcgowan Pred 3 dnevi
Well no doughy it would work u hit Milwaukee with a battery an it’ll take the charge u hit Milwaukee with any it’ll work...
Corrie Hale
Corrie Hale Pred 3 dnevi
I was surprised when Forman Fred was actually Matt
Ian Underhill
Ian Underhill Pred 3 dnevi
say bye to the raptor forever, when whistlin diesel gets it he will destroy it
Zander Tomalewski
Zander Tomalewski Pred 3 dnevi
bad oof
bad oof Pred 3 dnevi
6:48 "pitiful milwaukee" haha.. yeah... frick milwaukee... This post was made by Waukesha gang
Luke Mefford
Luke Mefford Pred 3 dnevi
Snap-on all the way
Dank Cupcakes
Dank Cupcakes Pred 3 dnevi
DeWalt gang
Jeremiah Reed
Jeremiah Reed Pred 3 dnevi
You try shooting body armor made out of nuclear tape. Random thought from a just Dustin video
deth502 Pred 3 dnevi
reverse dewalt and milwaukee, and that intro was pretty much spot on.
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