GIB WINS! - Reacting To AnEsonGib VS Tayler Holder & YouTube Vs TikTok Fights

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The result is overturned! @AnEsonGib WINS!
We almost witnessed the MOST controversial decision in SLus Boxing History when AnEsonGib CLEARLY defeated Tayler Holder & seem to be robbed of the decision by scorecards that didn't even make sense. A few days later... justice has been served.

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Edited by Cristian Paz
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flynn deeba
flynn deeba Pred 4 dnevi
Funny that Jake Paul has achieved more in boxing than you yet your suppose to be a boxer.
Lil j
Lil j Pred 7 dnevi
Are you no longer ksi trainer ??🙁
Aamer MJ Jassim
Aamer MJ Jassim Pred 5 dnevi
alfredo Pred 8 dnevi
i love you
Baxidouh Pred 10 dnevi
Oh my, how I love the end of the video.
shumail khan
shumail khan Pred 11 dnevi
U r just a youtuber now, bro. U r not a fighter anymore
isaiah Ortega
isaiah Ortega Pred 13 dnevi
Bro u make so many views were u at i want to see you box man
Amerti TheBird
Amerti TheBird Pred 16 dnevi
6:25 except there’s no bag here
Emeraldstar716 Pred 18 dnevi
Bro when are you returning in the boxing ring?
Tom Duncan
Tom Duncan Pred 18 dnevi
When is Viddal fighting next anyone know? It's been a minute
Corey Ramos
Corey Ramos Pred 18 dnevi
Yo Vidal Man Ik u won’t see this but u have been a big inspiration for me for a little while now and I don’t do boxing no more but im in state mma rn and hoping to go to nationals here soon but you are my biggest inspiration to move on and get better thank you so much for that ur the man 👊😁
Heroic Quest
Heroic Quest Pred 22 dnevi
I love your channel
ricecum Pred 23 dnevi
I wished you could’ve trained Deji if you did Vinny hacker would’ve been a dead man
Emily Birdsall
Emily Birdsall Pred 25 dnevi
Ksi vs gib
Cole Macgrath
Cole Macgrath Pred 25 dnevi
Happy birthday G
A.R.K. Pred 27 dnevi
Literally never seen anyone look and sound as kind, friendly, funny, badass, and terrifying as Vidal. Man’s just a G.
Arjay Allen Bucsit
Arjay Allen Bucsit Pred 29 dnevi
Man should do his own tier list of boxers
Nathan Ellis
Nathan Ellis Pred mesecem
Can we get some basic boxing tutorials? I feel like it would be really helpful💯
michael oloyede
michael oloyede Pred mesecem
You should do a fight night legacy mode
youtuberplattform Pred mesecem
Bro gib and jake need a rematch
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred mesecem
Deji is washed lit ep
Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez Pred mesecem
When are you fighting ?
rida hassan
rida hassan Pred mesecem
can you not say the realist channel on youtube it pisses me off
8ball Pred mesecem
When will you fight again? Team real
William Pred mesecem
When r you fighting have you quit go fight Jake or some shit make bare peas everyone fighting media stars may aswell get the bag nway fuck it I'm done talking
lol lol Lolll
lol lol Lolll Pred 13 urami
@altaf ahmad R u dumb Vidal would kill Tommy furry
altaf ahmad
altaf ahmad Pred 29 dnevi
why would jake fight him? viddal should fight tommy fury that would be interesting
Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos Pred mesecem
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred mesecem
Leon Willis is a great trainer and Gib needs to keep on training like a madman for his next fight
Brndzx Pred mesecem
when’s your next fight?
Nightmare_11 Eskkeetiii
Nightmare_11 Eskkeetiii Pred mesecem
Big fan viddal, im from uk but to be honest its ksi who dont have technique at all no hate all love for JJ but he is just street fighting inside the ring wild swings
Azeez Reyad
Azeez Reyad Pred mesecem
433 dislikes . You are cool even with dislikes man
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred mesecem
Love you videos???
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred mesecem
Sad we couldn't see gib celebrate in the ring
Schath 0099
Schath 0099 Pred mesecem
Viddal broo.. when are you fighting again man?
LDEE Pred mesecem
The win would’ve been way better if the win was announced in the ring. It doesn’t feel the same when it’s overturned.
Charles Crawford
Charles Crawford Pred mesecem
I’m sad. Just waiting to watch you fight
Ethan Ross
Ethan Ross Pred mesecem
I wanna see viddal take deli on for a training camp
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred mesecem
This guy should have trained Deji
OmZino Pred mesecem
Fuck Social Gloves!
jgsk Pred mesecem
Jonathan Coachman should go back to beefing with DX
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred mesecem
And they said Tayler was the most experienced on the card 🤣🤣 Gib bullied him all night
Long Bui
Long Bui Pred mesecem
Are you going to train jj for the fight vs austin?
Aditya S
Aditya S Pred mesecem
when are you fighting viddal?
Bello B
Bello B Pred mesecem
What do you think ksi vs Gib. Who would win?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred mesecem
Gib and faze Jarvis to a certain extent carried UK for the dub
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred mesecem
Gib is now the official winner!
Warriors Clash
Warriors Clash Pred mesecem
Viddal vs faze sensei?? One of the best fight if it would happen tbh
Jsande yt
Jsande yt Pred mesecem
Can u do Jarvis
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred mesecem
Love you videos???
AGLUX Pred mesecem
Vidal do u think it’s the teams fault deji lost
iDeal Pred mesecem
You shouldn't take any credit for Gib win. He fought like shit under you.
Jameson 0673
Jameson 0673 Pred mesecem
This guy should have trained Deji
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred mesecem
Lol who pushes a man in his face ró be fare viddal lol. Just 2 handed palms to the face hadduken style
dante dante
dante dante Pred mesecem
For your next fight you should fight Logan paul
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm Pred mesecem
Even though the decision was overturned, they still robbed him off his celebration.
Jamie Lovick
Jamie Lovick Pred mesecem
Robbed of a chance to celebrate like a big boy up in the ring
Jacob Caserta
Jacob Caserta Pred mesecem
Tayler is a girls name
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney Pred mesecem
Gib and faze Jarvis to a certain extent carried UK for the dub
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm Pred mesecem
you, so please repent for Judgement is coming peace be with ❤️❤️
Adam Dadson
Adam Dadson Pred mesecem
Bro I love your thoughts. So hard to watch with all the rocking back and forth all the time Again love the insight you give
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred mesecem
Gib is now the official winner!
isaiah Ortega
isaiah Ortega Pred mesecem
Vidal vs Jake paul
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney Pred mesecem
snaked deji tho
undying ghoul
undying ghoul Pred mesecem
Fuck social gloves no one should fight for them again
m j
m j Pred mesecem
how is 46-49 46-49 47-50 a draw? please tell me
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Pred mesecem
Man deji... smh so disappointed man im a big fan of him
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred mesecem
Train deji pleaseee
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Pred mesecem
It would be cool to see viddal as a commentator
Av Pred mesecem
Can u please train deji he needs a man like u in his corner and not be surrounded by yes men/women
Sg Motto
Sg Motto Pred mesecem
Go check his Twitter where he basically said “been there done that” so yeah no chance of that happening, deji fault btw
Lee ONeill
Lee ONeill Pred mesecem
Lol who pushes a man in his face ró be fare viddal lol. Just 2 handed palms to the face hadduken style
Andreas Klausen
Andreas Klausen Pred mesecem
Big Gib had Taylor Holder looking like a deer caught in a headlight.
Ryan Giblin
Ryan Giblin Pred mesecem
I’m glad you mentioned the commentary
ShreamInnit Pred mesecem
Gib is better than JJ
JDoesodd Pred mesecem
Damn u the only dude i know with such a strong pull out game
D C Pred mesecem
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Juan Pacaya
Juan Pacaya Pred mesecem
Gib won, but Taylor was looking a lot more professional when fighting. But gib won no matter what so respect to that man✊🏽✊🏽
Sneakytacos77 Pred mesecem
Is it bad I’m more interested in a Gib Vs Paul rematch than KSI vs Paul 😳
BoyInTheRoom Pred mesecem
Trikzxd Pred mesecem
snaked deji tho
Terafied Pred mesecem
never buying a social gloves event ever again because they are scummy and sly
Rok Zimet
Rok Zimet Pred mesecem
Train deji pleaseee
Unknown L
Unknown L Pred mesecem
Charlie Greenhalgh
Charlie Greenhalgh Pred mesecem
Intro song?
Blank Pred mesecem
Stick to boxing brother.
MAXIM The InternetBreaker
MAXIM The InternetBreaker Pred mesecem
Deji ended up as a disappointment. No one's saying anything(like JJ) because they don't want to start another beef.
MAXIM The InternetBreaker
MAXIM The InternetBreaker Pred mesecem
@Yaseen _ He had to. He is the only one that really want Deji to succeed. He also said in the video that there is no private way to tell him so he had to make a yt video.
Yaseen _
Yaseen _ Pred mesecem
Jj made a new video if u didn't know
Murasuo Pred mesecem
Lmao how many fights is Vidal gonna back out of 🤣🤣🤣 keep in mind this is the guy who wants to be a world champion 💀
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Pred mesecem
I can’t believe there’s idiots like you in the world. Actually baffles me.
Just ilchin
Just ilchin Pred mesecem
Fr vinnie has hesrt
Reese Miller
Reese Miller Pred mesecem
the only professional fighter who prefers reacting to fighting
ENTrity Pred mesecem
React to deji vs vinnie hacker i know you have a lot to say about that one
Anwar Gaming
Anwar Gaming Pred mesecem
Can i get a shoutout plzz i subbed and liked btw
Lawzy Pred mesecem
Tayler Holder fans: "Tayler still won at my books"
P'No Music
P'No Music Pred mesecem
Need to fire ur editor. And u need to stop shaking ur head haha. Love the professional input though. Keep it up
WARLORD Pred mesecem
Thing is the way you speak on deji is wrong you can't win them all and boxing anit for everyone so you saying deji let the ting down is uncalled for anything can go in boxing even you should know that viddel
Ezio Pred mesecem
Let’s see you fight someone lmao ksi made you
JoJo Beast
JoJo Beast Pred mesecem
Jonathan Coachman's been with boxing and football before and longer then wwe.... No need to hate on him
Zzaxz Pred mesecem
it prolly wont happen specially cause jake will duck, but i want to see viddal fight jake and destroy him
MaxDoan Pred mesecem
Rapping to the win 😂
XurFn Pred mesecem
Man why you doing deji like that
Roby Joby
Roby Joby Pred mesecem
This guy is just a another clout chaser who thinks he is a great boxer. He didn't even train JJ properly, JJ didn't even show good boxing skills in all the fights, he won by his own willpower and power. Now when he is no longer in the youtube boxing scene he is trying to sneak into the scene by going after deji who is already down. Such a c**t.
Andres Guerrero
Andres Guerrero Pred mesecem
Jealousy is a disease
Crystal's Chaos
Crystal's Chaos Pred mesecem
Crystal's Chaos
Crystal's Chaos Pred mesecem
When they took the camera over to Canelo talking to Taylor b4 like the 3rd round you here him saying " come on Taylor we worked on this" all of his fighters got got their ass handed to them
John Pearson
John Pearson Pred mesecem
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Afrokid 10
Afrokid 10 Pred mesecem
I thought paige was being hella bias in favour of holder
Mohammed Bilal Gaj
Mohammed Bilal Gaj Pred mesecem
Coach always carries out an agenda in his commentary even in wwe, it’s why he’s so annoying.
Squash HD Gamers
Squash HD Gamers Pred mesecem
Question is who trained Gib this year 🤔
Tanaka Pred mesecem
Big up vidal
TJ Patani
TJ Patani Pred mesecem
0:07 woahahahahahah did I see
Richie Mesquita
Richie Mesquita Pred mesecem
Paige probably has a level head cause she’s a professional fighter. I didn’t know if you’d heard that. Not many people know.
AQR Pred mesecem
Lol man said go back to triple h randy Orton and dem man
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