Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - from beginning (2009) to end (2019)

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Selena stated very clearly that Lose You To Love me is closing the chapter of her life with Justin. Selena has become such a strong woman and Justin is happily married. I invite you all to join them in ending this chapter by looking back at the past 10 years, but not with tears in our eyes but a smile on our face. Not many people will ever feel this love that they've felt and "it was beautiful and ugly," as Selena recently said. I hope you can realize how little we actually ever knew about their relationship. That being said, let's appreciate and look at what they've shared with us over the years. And when the video is over that means "And now it's goodbye for us."

Leo_K Covers
Leo_K Covers Pred 8 urami
Omg I saw Christina Gimme . Loooooveee her sooo 😍 much since her audition… She was a LEGEND 🥺
Ayushi Malviya
Ayushi Malviya Pred 15 urami
You are making me cry ..... I hate it okay bye
Ayushi Malviya
Ayushi Malviya Pred 15 urami
We all know its past and all but whatever I miss them.
Flora Pred 16 urami
He was so in love with her
hardik madaan
hardik madaan Pred 19 urami
She is the strongest mannnnn🔥💎
hardik madaan
hardik madaan Pred 19 urami
Selena’s story hurts me alot
Frances Martinez
Frances Martinez Pred dnevom
So happy she didnt end up with justin. When the time is right, selena will find who she is suppose to be with forever. Bless you Selena🙏🙏💕💕
Aisha Noor
Aisha Noor Pred dnevom
Oh I feel bad for selena
Emerald’s Last Braincells
Emerald’s Last Braincells Pred dnevom
They had a cute relationship but honestly, they are much better off without each other.
aesthete Pred dnevom
*I feel I’m watching a whole movie 🍿*
Pentagon Pred 2 dnevi
Justin she has very kissable cheeks Me: what did he say?😳
Keller Pred 2 dnevi
I'm getting vibes that Justin rushed into marriage with Hailey to try to get his heart away from Selena. Very impulsive and kinda sad because people don't stay together when their relationship is based on a rebound.
Aditi Raghuram
Aditi Raghuram Pred 2 dnevi
its not only selena who was heartbroken even justin was, I'm not saying what he did is acceptable its just that we don't have to hate on him
Moon Star
Moon Star Pred 2 dnevi
She was confident and then shattered by something so stupid: Justin got married at his most vulnerable stage. Justin will never be at peace. He’s going to run back to Selena one day. I’m not going to wait to hear it, it’s going to happen. Hailey can’t keep him, and she’s worried…also prepared.
Kim Vsoo /Taesoo
Kim Vsoo /Taesoo Pred 2 dnevi
to be honest the interviewers gettin on my nerves they keep asking the same question to selena like what the heck did they watch the others interviewers asking the same question and they keep asking justin justin justin to her like what the heck😑😑😑 , like give her a new question and also the average of the interviewers in this video is so creepy😑, like respect their privacy, they just a teenager that time.
Teja Shankar
Teja Shankar Pred 3 dnevi
awe gossshhhhhhhh.......... I'm really cry while watching this now and i got hurt when i got that news that they were not more with that amazing chemistry and love relationship! God I just wishhhhhhhhh if they were got married together! how would it be so cutest n lovely success love life history would be happened in the entire world. hey this is tejashankar from nepal, love u both idol JUSTIN+SELEN..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
george pm
george pm Pred 3 dnevi
WTF he married Hailey instead of Selena? I'm still Confused!!
Salma salma
Salma salma Pred 3 dnevi
Selena deserves a happy life she is so perfect
Nadhirah Zamri
Nadhirah Zamri Pred 3 dnevi
Justin fell first but Selena fell harder.
Alejandra Romero
Alejandra Romero Pred 3 dnevi
How hurting
Esmerelda Carrillo
Esmerelda Carrillo Pred 3 dnevi
Do Justin and Selena still love each other? Does anybody know, what do you think? And if they do, why did they dump each other?🤦‍♀️lol
Laysha Galvan Chee
Laysha Galvan Chee Pred 4 dnevi
right person, wrong time. maybe not in this world, but maybe in the next
Abra Henneberg
Abra Henneberg Pred 4 dnevi
ugh i hate when i get attached to celebrity’s relationships
Misa Amane
Misa Amane Pred 4 dnevi
You guys need to stop saying shit like justin still loves Selena’s Justin loves her more than hailey etc, People can fall in love more than once, Selena was an amazing girlfriend to Justin but haileys also an amazing wife.
jacob fowler
jacob fowler Pred 4 dnevi
justin dont love haley he loves selena
Silver Herras
Silver Herras Pred 4 dnevi
this is so scary... 11 years of energy, love, and effort just to build someone else to be someone's husband. all love for selena, girl been thriving and glowing these days!!
MIXER BROOKE Pred 4 dnevi
I honestly miss them together but I love hailey she’s pretty and nice
JR Pred 4 dnevi
The way he looked at Selena, he was going to her for affection, he was super proud of Selena. He really loved her in a special way. In public he treated her like his queen. I know he loves Hailey, but its definitely a different kind of love. Yes she was patient, always there, the fallback girl. She got the man, I'm not sure she got his heart. It's just different. I hope they make it, but I don't if I could take it. Hailey really loves him, too much I think. It doesn't feel balanced. It's kinda sad for all of them.
Alexander Pred 4 dnevi
He was 15 she was 17 there’s hope for us boys who like older girls
Mareen Nguyen
Mareen Nguyen Pred 5 dnevi
Believe it or not but they belong together
c Pred 5 dnevi
And still, some people have the audacity to say that Jelena had to be an endgame. All that is related to Justin was and will forever be toxic. He is such an idiot, manipulative and an attention seeker.
Debjani Paul
Debjani Paul Pred 5 dnevi
Lier brother became bf and then ex 😂it's to sad for fans 😔who love this pair I dnt know y people consider age in love 😏doesn't happen by looking age height colour🤷
𝔏𝔶𝔯𝔦 Pred 5 dnevi
the comments gotta chill. yall dont know shit about their relationship through their perspectives. from the public it can look like a waste because this is a 9 year old relationship but we dont know what it actually is between them. just leave them tf alone theyre people just like us that deserve privacy? this is so sick, imagine trying to get over a relationship when the whole fuckin internet wants you to get together. it is what it is whether you like it or not.
Mi na
Mi na Pred 5 dnevi
How all that ended by him getting married :'(
Chris lital
Chris lital Pred 5 dnevi
i believe in a divorce:)
mariecha brown
mariecha brown Pred 5 dnevi
yep they were more than friends
Aditi Sandrea
Aditi Sandrea Pred 5 dnevi
But still Justin is jealous of her
Loyal Norris quit
Loyal Norris quit Pred 7 dnevi
I feel like they were made for each other 🥺😭💔
Dulamsuren Nnn
Dulamsuren Nnn Pred 7 dnevi
I think They loved so much each other. But sometimes Justin hang out with someone (his insta post ) . So it was so unclear for Selena. It’s so hard cuz they was so young. But I still wanna they are back together
Mohd. Shaad
Mohd. Shaad Pred 7 dnevi
I am not crying you are
liveit Pred 7 dnevi
To all those who question how he married the blonde woman in 2 months.. He was actually lowkey seeing her.. Dating her.. While with selena.. No man gets married to just someone in two months.. N him saying that he had sex with his wife after the marriage.. Its pure bullshit... They were doing it before and worse when he was with selena.. Let that sink in.. When selena said in her song, "fast nights that got him, that new life was his problem." that blonde was one of those fast nights..
she ri lyn19
she ri lyn19 Pred 7 dnevi
11:41 oh no taylorrr i see u HAHA😂😅
Lisa Espandiary
Lisa Espandiary Pred 8 dnevi
Beautiful soul Selena.. wow
Johnkim Darlong
Johnkim Darlong Pred 8 dnevi
I feel so sad 😭😭 my queen did not get the person she want 😔
diyah kuswardani
diyah kuswardani Pred 9 dnevi
Wake up... move on... 😃
Bangladeshi canadian mom
Bangladeshi canadian mom Pred 9 dnevi
It’s a common story to social media parsons but I love both of them They are so cute
Daniel trobia
Daniel trobia Pred 9 dnevi
Now it,s 2021 and Justin Bieber is married to Hailey Bieber
Louise Louise
Louise Louise Pred 9 dnevi
He sang one less lonely girl to hailey on their wedding too weird
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob Pred 10 dnevi
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob Pred 10 dnevi
Evelyn Manny
Evelyn Manny Pred 10 dnevi
She was the big star ⭐️ and was kind to him
Steffi Nova
Steffi Nova Pred 10 dnevi
They danced so we’ll together @17:20
Kenzie 14
Kenzie 14 Pred 10 dnevi
10 years. Well at least they happy now.
LanaAriel Pred 10 dnevi
Even tho their relationship was toxic, you can tell he was a lot more passionate about being with Selena then he is with Hailey. I truly think that it was right person, wrong time. They were meant for each other
madeleyne torres
madeleyne torres Pred 11 dnevi
quiero llorar
Angelica Reyes
Angelica Reyes Pred 11 dnevi
She had that man crying for her. Ugh.
SK Entertainment
SK Entertainment Pred 11 dnevi
His on and off relationship with Selena for 10 years ain’t a joke so that must be Hailey’s biggest nightmare and insecurities just saying 😬
novacanebaby Pred 11 dnevi
16:55 shut tf up ur literally 30
You Nicorn
You Nicorn Pred 11 dnevi
Jelena is so addicting that's why ppl can't move on or get over their past relationship. its toxic but I think it will still go on for decades.
Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos
Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos Pred 11 dnevi
hes so cute
● P i  Z  z  A●
● P i Z z A● Pred 11 dnevi
boi u were soo nice but u changed justin but u leave her for HAILEY T-T
Sam N
Sam N Pred 11 dnevi
I feel like their story is not over yet and I really it’s not.
Live Well With Nicky
Live Well With Nicky Pred 12 dnevi
She deserves better... They both just need to be happy...
Raquel Freeman
Raquel Freeman Pred 12 dnevi
I love how it all started with him saying he is so little...like my little brother. ...then to fall in love
forever 4블랙핑크
forever 4블랙핑크 Pred 12 dnevi
21:16 🙄🙄 as if he didn't do it
F9 Pred 13 dnevi
Why did Justin let Selena go why
Septi Carolina
Septi Carolina Pred 13 dnevi
Look how happy she was before 😢
Virginia viola
Virginia viola Pred 13 dnevi
I just gained a whole heap of respect for Justin Beiber...
Doreen Langstieh
Doreen Langstieh Pred 13 dnevi
I was dating with someone from 2007 -2017....he got married after 6months...I was hurt,broken n my dreams shattered ..but now I cme out stronger thn ever...u gotta let go if they're ready for something which makes them happy.I believe that whatever happened happens for a good reason.LOVE YOURSELF FIRST then only ull know how to love n appreciate others❤️❤️❤️
Michelle Morera
Michelle Morera Pred 13 dnevi
16:05 all that matters was written when I was in… “prison?” yo 💀😭
Jessica Munday
Jessica Munday Pred 13 dnevi
They will end together. These are twin flames who are just young
Sonu Bishnoi
Sonu Bishnoi Pred 14 dnevi
Why salena got breakup with justin plz answer anyone plz olz
BB Martinez
BB Martinez Pred 15 dnevi
I know for a fact they’ll get back together one day it’s obvious👀🤷‍♀️ we just don’t know when but it’ll forsure take years form now:/
Oke Ojike
Oke Ojike Pred 15 dnevi
This story just proves my point,...love don't fucking exist
Nadine Espineli
Nadine Espineli Pred 15 dnevi
jelena always
『Mirakuru』 -
『Mirakuru』 - Pred 15 dnevi
God Olivia Rodrigos songs hit different with them
『Mirakuru』 -
『Mirakuru』 - Pred 15 dnevi
Guess you didn’t cheat but your still a traitor
Javzandulam Ariunjargal
Javzandulam Ariunjargal Pred 15 dnevi
Justin just met the Right person at wrong time🥺😢
Angela Pred 16 dnevi
The way he kissed her in 2018 makes me believe its impossible he could love hailey that's true love right there. 26:07
Silvia Dominguez
Silvia Dominguez Pred 16 dnevi
You Lose
You Lose Pred 16 dnevi
No body need this
butterfly tae☆♡
butterfly tae☆♡ Pred 17 dnevi
Jb dont deserves selena the queen 💜
Kaltrina Demiri
Kaltrina Demiri Pred 17 dnevi
I don't blame him for falling in love with her. She is beautiful, pure, genuine, and such a good person. But she definitely deserves better.
gigi 19
gigi 19 Pred 17 dnevi
'' God I wish that you would've thought this through before I went and fell in love with you 🥺🥺''
Emerald’s Last Braincells
Emerald’s Last Braincells Pred dnevom
That is a completely unrelated song
Ya Bishh
Ya Bishh Pred 17 dnevi
The quizzical pyramid proportionately post because nurse terminally instruct in a nimble quarter. aback, halting perch
Mochi Kira
Mochi Kira Pred 18 dnevi
It’s always with that blonde girl
balqis wazznah
balqis wazznah Pred 18 dnevi
coz they were still kid when they fell inlove
Sueda'nın eğlence kanalı
Sueda'nın eğlence kanalı Pred 18 dnevi
Adrian agreste: Marinette no she is just a friends Selena:Justin no he is like my little brother... Me:OH BOY!
Siya Bhutani
Siya Bhutani Pred 18 dnevi
I love how they didn’t let their relationship be their identities like they are both their own people the past is a side topic
Siya Bhutani
Siya Bhutani Pred 18 dnevi
They were in a toxic relationship but weirdly healthy for each other too
Ben Kuo
Ben Kuo Pred 19 dnevi
Justin is selfish and has no respect towards Selena
Sitora Sattorova
Sitora Sattorova Pred 19 dnevi
Who else almost cried🥺😭This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad😢
Chrissixten srg
Chrissixten srg Pred 19 dnevi
Its make me sad
Nalzbabu Pred 19 dnevi
What a waste relationship they look so cute
Toxxy Lou
Toxxy Lou Pred 20 dnevi
I feel so bad for them.. look at them here. They were so bubbly and beautiful, now the light that were in their eyes has gone.. they are so serious and not smiling anymore… what did they do to each other… they need to find em back
Esmerelda Carrillo
Esmerelda Carrillo Pred 20 dnevi
Why didn't Justin and Selena stay together?
Indrė Novickė
Indrė Novickė Pred 20 dnevi
Nice story ☺️
Hiba Didi
Hiba Didi Pred 21 dnevom
"hE iS LiKE mY LiTtLe bRoHtEr" That's why Justin Bieber Brokes Up Lmao
Jelena Lazic
Jelena Lazic Pred 21 dnevom
This is how Justin looked at Selina, no one will..This is true love, and true love will be together again..if not in this world they will be in another world..How much they loved each other, who knew..Anyway .. Justin now has a wife, but he continues to suffer for Selena if she also suffers for him..but no one knows..but I would love to be together again, because I admired them and asked such a boy to be like Justin to me looks like he selena ..
Vale Molina
Vale Molina Pred 21 dnevom
I wanna cry
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