NASCAR HOF (2010) Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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JF Mustang
JF Mustang Pred 2 dnevi
I firmly believed Dale Earnhardt Inc would still be a competitive team if Dale Earnhardt was still alive
Coasterman13 Official
Coasterman13 Official Pred mesecem
2001 was the worst year in history! You had 9/11, and the death of the Intimidator. Such a shit year that year.
Shawn Freeman
Shawn Freeman Pred 24 dnevi
No shit dude.
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper Pred mesecem
I can only imagine the beautiful angel Dale is I hope he watches over all of us my prayers are with the Earnhardt family rip #3 an his son is my best two
Tim G
Tim G Pred 2 meseci
There'll never be another one like him...
03CanadianF5 Pred 2 meseci
Man, DW on the mic during his son's win and simultaneous loss of Dale really got me. You can see the proud he was of Michael at that moment, followed by the immediate concern.
Robert Redmon
Robert Redmon Pred 3 meseci
If dale Sr was a alive Jr would of had at least 3 championship
Lane Ferrence
Lane Ferrence Pred 3 meseci
I ain't crying you are
zippy zipster
zippy zipster Pred 3 meseci
Ralph would have been proud of his son. Any man worth his salt in this world wants his Daddy to be proud.
Riley Cyr
Riley Cyr Pred 3 meseci
Damn never thought I’d get emotional over a guy driving in a circle but fuck me you got me!
All Videos Matter - Pete
All Videos Matter - Pete Pred 3 meseci
i was there when he won the 500! never forget
A Man With No Name
A Man With No Name Pred 3 meseci
Brian Williams is such a disappointment
Giorgio Sardanelli
Giorgio Sardanelli Pred 3 meseci
Dale you are not a good racers but you are the Greatest .N3 We Miss You.
Andy Millen
Andy Millen Pred 3 meseci
Still believe firmly that if Dale could have been convinced of the effacy of full face helmets and Hans devices after Adam Petty and Kenny irwin, they'd have been In for the 01 season, starting at daytona, such was his influence. He spoke out in favour of the now used safer barriers, and for other improvements, but the one thing that has done more to reduce the risk than anything else, to use his words he got feathers on his legs. He needed to put a kerosene rag around your ankles so the ants wouldn't climb up there and eat that candy ass.” And he'd been alive.
Ria Masters
Ria Masters Pred 3 meseci
No matter wherever there is a nascar race there will always be an Earnhardt
Joshua Farmer
Joshua Farmer Pred 4 meseci
"A Pied Piper for the masses" and now I know where that came from in the middle 2000s for JR.
Brad Carter
Brad Carter Pred 4 meseci
Not many people get to go out doing what they love to do. I know we all miss him still
Evan Parker
Evan Parker Pred 4 meseci
He definitely had alot more racing in him, definitely the biggest what if in Nascar history, that and Davey Allison/Alan Kolwicki not dying in 1993. I believe Junior would have won alot more races and probably won a championship or two. He was lost without his Dad, plus DEI died without Dale. Of course the Chase I think has been the worst decision they have made.
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Pred 4 meseci
Dale is like the Dennis Anderson of NASCAR. It wouldn’t be what it is without him.
The Travisvang Vang
The Travisvang Vang Pred 4 meseci
Dale Earnhardt 1951 2001 Ball Of fame Tribute Goodbye
Freddy Dare
Freddy Dare Pred 4 meseci
Kobe Bryant of Nascar
JJA1987 Pred 3 meseci
Stanley Patrickson
Stanley Patrickson Pred 4 meseci
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Seth Traughber
Seth Traughber Pred 4 meseci
Miss watching him race hell I miss the nascar of the 90’s early 2000’s
Darin Weidman
Darin Weidman Pred 4 meseci
Having met him and true life He was a good guy I'm also proud to say that I was lucky and fortune of to do so
Darin Weidman
Darin Weidman Pred 4 meseci
Having met him and true life He was a good guy I'm also proud to say that I was lucky and fortune of to do so
Jonathan Dempsey
Jonathan Dempsey Pred 4 meseci
Could you imagine him today in this culture?
Josalyn Farmer
Josalyn Farmer Pred 4 meseci
Darrell Waltrip knew. Somehow he knew. I watched the live broadcast. Harvick reminded Dale of Dale as he told Childress.
Djentyman Pred 4 meseci
While his death is truly tragic, his death saved countless more lives in the sport
leirbxg Pred 5 meseci
9:25 That grin 🤣🤣
tower401ladder Pred 5 meseci
i can't believe its been 20 years... RIP to the GOAT
Michael Collie
Michael Collie Pred 5 meseci
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Brendon O'Hair
Brendon O'Hair Pred 5 meseci
I loved this documentary but I can’t under a fucking word “Tony Eury Jr.” says at 39:20 I’ve rewinded it 5 times and it’s been so many times I don’t even care I’ve gave up lmao
Max Walsh 99
Max Walsh 99 Pred 5 meseci
20 years has never been the same still but never forgotten
Dannyb35 Pred 5 meseci
if you don't like NASCAR then F**K you
Jie Andaya
Jie Andaya Pred 5 meseci
NASCAR Isnt racing ~No one
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Pred 5 meseci
Great champion and person just sickens me how his widow totally destroyed DEI.
SammyInABox 1
SammyInABox 1 Pred 6 meseci
14:40 scares me to death
Lokito Jr Funny Videos
Lokito Jr Funny Videos Pred 6 meseci
#3 🪦 dale earnhardth 1951-2001
Lokito Jr Funny Videos
Lokito Jr Funny Videos Pred 6 meseci
I was not there and see dale Eanrhardt but I am a fan of him and I miss a lot Forever
Robert Stefan
Robert Stefan Pred 6 meseci
Sure spun slot of people out he wouldn't have been able to do that to with these young drivers k. Bush. If your car was faster then his he would wreck ya not that clean a driver.
Rodrigo Padilla
Rodrigo Padilla Pred 6 meseci
I've always been a Jeff Gordon fan, but I always had the utmost respect for Dale Sr.
Patrick James Simpson
Patrick James Simpson Pred 6 meseci
my cousin was working in formula 1 back in 1992 and i remember him saying 'no one knew much about nascar, but they all knew who Earnhardt was'. and that just showed you how respected across the world Dale was. legendary
Cheese kay
Cheese kay Pred 2 meseci
For what team?
Gerry Wood
Gerry Wood Pred 6 meseci
Had the edge
Gerry Wood
Gerry Wood Pred 6 meseci
Greatest driver ever
David Myers
David Myers Pred 6 meseci
I miss my HERO
Kriszt M
Kriszt M Pred 7 meseci
Now we have Bubba Wallace Smollett.
Andrew Kuhn
Andrew Kuhn Pred 7 meseci
Man i wish i couldve been one to hangout with this man!
Hello Pred 7 meseci
still amazes me you can wreck someone last lap and it's all good why don't everyone just wreck everyone else... and only nascar could have a president that looks like that.
Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall Pred 7 meseci
Rest in Peace, Dale. You were the greatest driver to us all.
Tim Brady
Tim Brady Pred 7 meseci
Brian Williams is not someone I would want telling about my accomplishments . Makes them less believable. Can’t watch it.
classique46 Pred 4 meseci
No shit.
frank denuts
frank denuts Pred 7 meseci
One moment I’ll never forget, is watching the Daytona 500 and loosing the legend . Rip #3
Aaron McCall
Aaron McCall Pred 7 meseci
Imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots closing shop and quitting football. That's around the same impact as losing Earnhardt was to Nascar.
Edward Baker
Edward Baker Pred 7 meseci
I’ve said this for years and said it even before he died . II like Dale Earnhardt when everybody hated him !
Keith C.
Keith C. Pred 8 meseci
All we have is memories as NASCAR fans. The sport is unwatchable and NASCAR makes no secret of how it hates the old fans. We miss you Dale Earnhardt.
comics comment
comics comment Pred 8 meseci
that footage of the fans at 8:59 is from a different race because theres a Jeff Gordon shirt in there LMAOO
todd grant
todd grant Pred 8 meseci
Took me a spin in the grass to get the good out of it!! Love that quote
todd grant
todd grant Pred 8 meseci
It's really crazy to think I was watching dale way back then and couldn't possibly believe I was watching one of the best ever.
loganbaileysfunwithtrains Pred 8 meseci
That car Jr drove at the Pepsi 400 was supersonic, I don’t think it was from lessons that Sr taught Jr, that car was just next level fast with a driver hellbent to win. Only car from the same era that was faster was probably the 24 “T Rex”
Gary Ross
Gary Ross Pred 9 meseci
How is The child Talor had when she was 14? Got to remember Dale got Taylor pregnant when she was 13. Taylor was Dales youngest daughter. What a freak.....
Jerry Myers
Jerry Myers Pred 9 meseci
NASCAR was Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt.....everyone else just a blip. Skill plus charisma. Lots of great drivers but only 2 rule.
Sherri Gaskin
Sherri Gaskin Pred 9 meseci
NASCAR's Eddie Van Halen. Their loss was devastating to everyone. Even those that weren't super fans.
IRONHEAD Pred 9 meseci
Dale was called “Ironhead” “one tuff customer”, Then he started driving the black GM GOODWRENCH Monte Carlo, people started calling him the Intimidator. He was my favorite driver. Now I’ve lost interest in the sport. Not the same anymore, like the good old days of the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s early 2000’s
Paul Sheffield
Paul Sheffield Pred 10 meseci
The day we lost our King Dale Earnhardt, we lost a big part of America with him. I miss Dale Earnhardt everyday
Karl Fritch
Karl Fritch Pred 10 meseci
Superman mom - Martha Batman mom- Martha Dale sir mom - martha Think about that one
Gary Ross
Gary Ross Pred 10 meseci
Dale was nothing but common trash. Common as a cold. Nothing but a cheater.
JJA1987 Pred 7 meseci
Trash = Gary Ross
rich42012 Pred 10 meseci
Spin that 12 car out and let him hit that wall head on like a dodge ram!
rich42012 Pred 10 meseci
#12 car needs to be spun out!!!
rich42012 Pred 10 meseci
Thats my melody they stole for this show!
Cory Brantley
Cory Brantley Pred 11 meseci
Love #3 the only racer I ever really followed. Glad to see Brian Williams made a good video before he sold his soul to the Orange Man Bad campaign.
SiVlog Pred 11 meseci
Whether people like them or not, sports like NASCAR need characters that get people talking about the sport. Dale Earnhardt was one of these characters, his divisive style of driving, for better or worse, drew people to the race tracks in droves. While Bill Elliott was more popular at the time, it was only with Earnhardt passing away at the 2001 Daytona 500 that lead to his true impact on the sport being felt (ironically, he was posthumously voted most popular driver in the year of his passing)
Fultonfalcons86 Pred 11 meseci
Just a hard working man who was kind and as humble as you can be always took time with his fans at events like in Pigeon Forge Tn for Food City nice man always had that sneaky grin....Bill France Jr was a far better leader than the ones in charge today....
Ptrixle Pred 11 meseci
That number three has a special meaning to every person that ever watched him race. Not sure if anyone was into f1 but check out max verstappen, he’s the closest ive seen to dales aggressive style. No one can do it like he did RIP dale
Skyler Lucky
Skyler Lucky Pred 11 meseci
Earnhardt was always asleep before race
Skyler Lucky
Skyler Lucky Pred 11 meseci
Never was a pass! Bill tried to dump him and Earnhardt was good enough to hold it together
Sheehy family
Sheehy family Pred letom
The one thing I can't stand is the way Teresa comes out of Dale Sr funeral smiling and everyone else is in tears. If Dale was still alive there would still be DEI
Cheese kay
Cheese kay Pred 2 meseci
@Jennifer Graham yeah I think so
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Pred 5 meseci
do you think JR would have still been sucessful as he was if he had stayed with DEI after his dads death
Sheehy family
Sheehy family Pred letom
Nobody ever had a better team than Dale Earnhardt he knew what it took to be great and he went full speed and got it. The song is so true only the good die young Dale Earnhardt might have been 49 but he had so many beautiful great years left. He loved his cars that is who Dale Earnhardt was but he was much more he was a dreamer a fighter a good hearted man who knows hard work pays off in the end he pushed for greatness and he was the true great. Rest fast my friend.
William Hodgden
William Hodgden Pred letom
Nascar trying to save face with the repercussions of Bubba. Screw you nascar. You can go down with the racist organization black lives matter.
Javen Fogleman
Javen Fogleman Pred letom
Bob Clark
Bob Clark Pred letom
Sure do miss all this . At 57 I grew up with all these guys. Special times. Junior johnsons no.11 monte carlo best ever.
6.4 HemiDriver
6.4 HemiDriver Pred letom
Dale Earnhardt dying was the worst thing and best thing to happen to NASCAR. It was the worst thing to happen for a number of reasons, most notably he died. It was the best thing because of all the safety items implemented since his death. As far as I can recall, he was the last NASCAR driver to die racing.
charles burge
charles burge Pred letom
He was every man on one hand and Superman in the other. That nailed it
jada Pred letom
Why do I love hearing dale cuss and why do I think it’s so cute 😂
Christopher Jackson-Walker
Christopher Jackson-Walker Pred letom
The Best miss seeing him on the track he was awesome
Bobby byrd
Bobby byrd Pred letom
Damn I never new big e was gay? Ik he had jr and a wife but I didn’t know he was actually gay? He would have been a huge icon in these times.
Ruby Nance
Ruby Nance Pred letom
Waymond Coffman
Waymond Coffman Pred letom
Nascar died with Dale! Theresa took it down that much further!
Jordan Spory
Jordan Spory Pred letom
Nascar died with Dale...
Lindsay Blunt
Lindsay Blunt Pred letom
It’s interesting he shared so much with Gordon but JR. told Rogan who wouldn’t talk about racing with him at all.
enzlof Pred letom
Dale we miss you! #3forever
Notachance Pred letom
I truly believe dale was one of the few who was born to race. He never had any other option, that man was meant to go fast and play dirty. If you ain’t first you’re last.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Pred letom
I have to say it was an honor to meet this man in person. Coolest experience for a 7 year old who loved nascar. I had a rookie card of his he autographed it for me.
Joey Quiver
Joey Quiver Pred letom
RIP Sr. #3.
Mike Wilkerson
Mike Wilkerson Pred letom
I think all of us can agree that Dale was a special breed of driver of was a larger than life hero
Dr Stupid
Dr Stupid Pred letom
I know im just running my mouth . Im pretty sure I don't know what the hell im talking about ......but put Richard Petty , Jeff Gordon , Kyle Busch and any other great racer you can come up with Dale Earnhardt , put em all in identical cars and all drivers at their prime , Dale Earnhardt is gonna win that race .
whitesirhc Pred letom
Nascar died when Earnhardt died.There will never be another driver like Dale Earnhardt in this life or any other.I watched Nascar because Dale Earnhardt was racing.Rest in peace.
james jarzenski
james jarzenski Pred letom
Hands down, Best their ever was !!!!!!!
james jarzenski
james jarzenski Pred letom
Thanks for replying !! R.I.P. 3
james jarzenski
james jarzenski Pred letom
Thanks for replying !!
Vsetko Umiera
Vsetko Umiera Pred letom
Dale and NASCAR both died on the same day !! As a grown man and a true Earnhardt fan I tear up every time I watch his videos!!
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith Pred letom
5/9/20 There will NEVER be another. He raced his guts out. Nothing wrong with his wanting to win every race.
notatechie Pred letom
Most people don't know, but Brian Williams was driving the car that day.
James Morgan
James Morgan Pred letom
RIP champ, you were the best there ever was.
Gerald Bennett
Gerald Bennett Pred letom
Why wait so long to induct him?? That’s rude in my book
Joshua Guenin
Joshua Guenin Pred letom
This was the first year of the NASCAR Hall of Fame......
Tyler Patterson
Tyler Patterson Pred letom
Coincidence? Dale enters nascar in the late ‘70s, starts putting together wins and gaining respect in the ‘80s. He becomes influential in how nascar as a company is run, nascar sees a boom of popularity and success in the ‘90s and early 2000’s. And quickly fading after Dale’s death. Almost makes you wonder if the France’s just suck at running a business and Dale was the one who made nascar have it’s big boom, not just on the track, but behind the scenes
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