P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine (Official Video)

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P!nk + Willow Sage Hart // “Cover Me In Sunshine” // Out Now!
Stream/Download // smarturl.it/CMIS

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“Cover Me In Sunshine”

I’ve been dreaming
friendly faces
I’ve got so much time to kill

just imagine
people laughing
I know some day we will

and even if it’s far away
get me through another day

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

from a distance
all these mountains
are just some tiny hills

they keep living
while they’re just standing still

I’ve been missing yesterday
but what if theres a better place

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

La la la

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
#pink #willowsagehart #covermeinsunshine

P!NK Pred 20 dnevi
My baby girl and I recorded a song and made a video together!! We hope it brings you joy and sweetness and sunshine 🥰
Kimberley Tatum
Kimberley Tatum Pred 15 dnevi
thank you so much for sharing. she really is a mini you!!! love you 2
Titanic Fan
Titanic Fan Pred 19 dnevi
Ahww thank you so much! You too
Gran Barrufet
Gran Barrufet Pred 19 dnevi
Chamus Warren
Chamus Warren Pred 19 dnevi
shes gawjus, P!nk love it youve got a very talented future pink
Olivér Tóth
Olivér Tóth Pred 19 dnevi
I just can't stop watching this. Soo amazing! Both of you are wonderful. I hear this song and I instantly get happier. Thank You so much!
Chemirina Pred 8 minutami
Did she smash the egg to feed the chickens? Is that normal? Some kind of chicken cannibalism? O.o
syl verius
syl verius Pred uro
Hey kid, you n' your mom voice is great🔥,💞
The Snek Shed
The Snek Shed Pred uro
Why is there a bathtub...
The Snek Shed
The Snek Shed Pred uro
Just a tip: I wouldn’t recommend feeding your chickens eggs
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Pred uro
LOVE IT!!! She has a beautiful voice!
Sandra Raituma
Sandra Raituma Pred uro
Beautiful :)
Silje Irèn Orli
Silje Irèn Orli Pred 2 urami
Thank you ❤️❤️
can't replace my blood
can't replace my blood Pred 3 urami
I'm going through a very stressful time right now, but this song makes me feel light and at ease. Like everything will work out in the end and I will be okay.
Leanne Watson
Leanne Watson Pred 3 urami
So beautifully pure, what a joy it must have been to record
PossomGaming208 Pred 3 urami
I just Hurd this song yesterday and I LOVE it
Johanna Bakker
Johanna Bakker Pred 3 urami
Wow, Willow can sing! :D Hope that she sings more songs with you!
Robin Byrd
Robin Byrd Pred 3 urami
Makes my soul feel happy. Need more of this. Love it!!!!
S B Pred 3 urami
What a beautiful child.
Casey Pred 4 urami
Can’t stop listening ❤️
Mirna 3H Natural Health
Mirna 3H Natural Health Pred 4 urami
Aaah so beautiful, so calming❤️
ines santos
ines santos Pred 4 urami
perfects ✨
Fantasy Of Lis
Fantasy Of Lis Pred 4 urami
Your daughter can sing so good. Just like you!
Fantasy Of Lis
Fantasy Of Lis Pred 4 urami
Harriet Pukeroa
Harriet Pukeroa Pred 4 urami
Her daughter is a Beautiful singer like her mum❤
Fantasy Of Lis
Fantasy Of Lis Pred 4 urami
This song gives me so much happyness in these sad time. I love it ❤ ☀️
Harriet Thomas
Harriet Thomas Pred 4 urami
What a beutiful song She has a lovely voice♥︎
Robin Kapalo
Robin Kapalo Pred 4 urami
Pink,you have got it all!!!!!! There is nobody above you,but God,in my book!!! You are all truly blessed!! Take care of yourself and your family. And,keep up the good work. I've always wanted to be up on stage,doing what I love, and you're doing it!!! Exactly!!!!!! F@#%$ yeah,buddy!!!!
Tamara Shokry
Tamara Shokry Pred 5 urami
I honestly love ur lil one
Regina Williams
Regina Williams Pred 5 urami
Addi Pred 5 urami
anyone gonna talk about how she cracked and egg and the hens ate it no hate tho but it seems so wrong
Always and Forever
Always and Forever Pred 5 urami
I couldn't help but smile watching this
Reiden Hol
Reiden Hol Pred 7 urami
This is what family is supposed to be an expression of love it's not that hard God is love what would a man or woman give in exchange for their soul greater love has no one than they lay down their life for a friend or a family member or a loved one to quote Jesus Christ
madarichards Pred 7 urami
Damn it , now I'm gonna get Pink recommendations. FU$K.....
madarichards Pred 7 urami
What a shit song . Well , it's pink...soo. fake.
Mami Makala
Mami Makala Pred 8 urami
Best thing an artist can do for their kid: put them on your record and give them writing credits if possible. Residual income in perpetuity.
Knight Ryder
Knight Ryder Pred 9 urami
When this world is so depressing it’s nice to know that the sun keeps shining on.
ʜᴀᴍxᴡᴏʟғʏ Pred 9 urami
the little girl has such a good voice ❤️ ❤️
Jacquie Galvin
Jacquie Galvin Pred 9 urami
This is my favourite song of yours ever! I’ve got a 12 yr old son so this spoke deeply to me. I know our kids just want to be comforted and to feel hopeful. They’ve both grown up during some very dark days. And her voice is magical.
Halicarnassus83 Pred 9 urami
No more White knuckles. Remember Fiona Apple inspired us 80s Children and 90s teens Pink.... and Billy Joel, . WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE.
Gianni Novelo
Gianni Novelo Pred 10 urami
This made me so happy 💜 so beautiful 💜
Braxton Torcasio
Braxton Torcasio Pred 10 urami
Willow looks like a boy
Juana Lizarraga
Juana Lizarraga Pred 10 urami
i loved
Hector Catalogna
Hector Catalogna Pred 10 urami
Omg so good best song ever this song is on my school music but there is only one thing it Is so short
007 HWM
007 HWM Pred 10 urami
Another Awesome little 🌟 is born!!
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez Pred 10 urami
Valaree Ingrassia
Valaree Ingrassia Pred 11 urami
Thank you! This made me soooo happy! 💖
Emily An
Emily An Pred 12 urami
my day.
T Richards
T Richards Pred 12 urami
I just love how this is what this child is doing with her life. Willow is already becoming famous and its not for being a spoilt brat like other celeb kids! Its because shes unique, she's being raised how children should be, she is so sweet and super cool. Keep singing and being yourself!
Emily An
Emily An Pred 12 urami
My safe song @ its almost spring here and sunshine is covering me ~ nothing can break me
Shelly Pred 12 urami
What a beautiful song and perfect for the world right now....... love it. 🥰
Allison Langford
Allison Langford Pred 13 urami
This is BEAUTIFUL! I hope the 2 of you do more like this!!
Jen j
Jen j Pred 14 urami
I've been going through some hard times and I laid down in the sun to meditate and try to overcome my overwhelm. Then right after this song popped up on youtube. I know one of my angels made sure it came up first. I had not heard it before. From a distance all these mountains are just some tiny hills. Thank you beautiful girls. I send you both so much love. Such a sweet song!! This is the only type of songs I listen to now. I only want positive uplifting messages or I don't listen.
Sharon Green
Sharon Green Pred 14 urami
Great Job Willow and Mom! Been a fan for years!
laxmi grg
laxmi grg Pred 14 urami
i miss my mom
Yandere Dabi
Yandere Dabi Pred 14 urami
Connie Thevenin
Connie Thevenin Pred 14 urami
This makes me happy and covered in sunshine
Gusido Pred 15 urami
Almost 2 thousand dislikes, I pray for those people, their lives must be horrible
Infinite Bliss
Infinite Bliss Pred 15 urami
I love this collaboration you did with your daughter, she is so beautiful like you! You're a great inspiration, mother and influence xx thankyou for bringing light to this world :)
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma Pred 15 urami
1:31 me throughout this whole beautiful masterpiece
Eglah Georgina
Eglah Georgina Pred 15 urami
Beautiful 🥰
Niklas Riedel
Niklas Riedel Pred 16 urami
Normalerweise garnicht meine Art von Musik, aber seitdem meine Freundin das hoch und runter hört mag ich es auch und habe einen absoluten Ohrwurm😊🔥
Keyra Garcia
Keyra Garcia Pred 16 urami
This video makes me cry. There's not exist a better places than mommy's arms. Willow is so adorable, God bless her. ☀️☀️☀️
The Branch Organics
The Branch Organics Pred 16 urami
This song makes me miss my 9 year old daughter so much and she’s only at school.... 😏
Berto Bob_Marley
Berto Bob_Marley Pred 16 urami
One Love 💜
Teresa Centred in Care
Teresa Centred in Care Pred 18 urami
My safe song @ its almost spring here and sunshine is covering me ~ nothing can break me
Veertje Pred 19 urami
this song is so cute!
Monica Trabucco
Monica Trabucco Pred 19 urami
I have bad days a lot
DasChaotischeEulchen Pred 20 urami
So much love.
cheryl klassen
cheryl klassen Pred 20 urami
sweetness and sunshine!Beauty personified in music!
Teetee zilla Hunt
Teetee zilla Hunt Pred 20 urami
I love this song already 💖💖💖❤️💖💖 pink you rock always and forever ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Justin Carroll
Justin Carroll Pred 20 urami
Perfect song for these COVID times. "I've got so much time to kill Just imagine people laughing I know some day we will And even if it's far away Get me through another day" "The world's been spinnin' since the beginning, and everything will be alright"
Cowz Go meow
Cowz Go meow Pred 21 uro
Willow is sooo brave. I can’t even build up the courage to sing in front of my parents and she is singing in front thousands of people. Go Girl 🤍
Tri Pandrong
Tri Pandrong Pred 21 uro
hi sunshine
jenjob428 Pred 21 uro
This song is pure sunshine!! I love it!
nayeli flores alvarez
nayeli flores alvarez Pred 21 uro
Me encantó tu vídeo y tu hija está hermosa y tiene una voz privilegiada Dios las bendiga
Thomas Merckle
Thomas Merckle Pred 21 uro
I am French, and I have always followed you. but this song stands out, it's so beautiful and sweet.your voice and that of your daughter is so beautiful thank you for this beautiful music
Sonja b
Sonja b Pred 22 urami
Love this!!
Zoro Produktion
Zoro Produktion Pred 22 urami
Amazing Track gerade in Fernsehen gehört .
peter oud
peter oud Pred 23 urami
Sooo Sweet . We have two doughters.
Cowz Go meow
Cowz Go meow Pred 23 urami
Cowz Go meow
Cowz Go meow Pred 23 urami
This video is so cute. She learned after her mama she has an AMAZING voice
Mila Palomino Lindo
Mila Palomino Lindo Pred 23 urami
Oooooooow cute
Noah Kling
Noah Kling Pred dnevom
The world is a better place with both of you here. ❤️
Henrietta Onda
Henrietta Onda Pred dnevom
Your daughter is so beautiful honestly! This songs always brings me joy ad happy tears! Thank you so much♥
Jodika McKinley
Jodika McKinley Pred dnevom
Nailed it! This is terrific and EXACTLY what music is all about! You rock 👏💯
luz gtte
luz gtte Pred dnevom
Eniko Mayer
Eniko Mayer Pred dnevom
This is amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Iwen Olivier
Iwen Olivier Pred dnevom
C très nostalgique
S. G.
S. G. Pred dnevom
Willow is so cute and adorable💕💕
poonam goud
poonam goud Pred dnevom
Such a beautiful song ♥️
Joshua Frankes
Joshua Frankes Pred dnevom
rene gloux
rene gloux Pred dnevom
J adore cette chanson!
Jess Frost
Jess Frost Pred dnevom
such a good vibe, not shitty lyrics just pureness and something I proud to listen to in this generation
Jean-Marc Cousin
Jean-Marc Cousin Pred dnevom
Joie et tendresse from tata et sa nièce:)! Réveil en douceur:)! Bonne journée
zonlichtje1 Pred dnevom
Very very sweet
pasma1983 Pred dnevom
This makes me happy, i like you as a person and artist.❤
Ss Johal
Ss Johal Pred dnevom
You made my day I am a boy
Dj antimarv
Dj antimarv Pred dnevom
so beautiful ! Love you two!
ein Google-Konto
ein Google-Konto Pred dnevom
I'm jealous of her daughter right now. I haven't had the chance to go horse riding since what feels like forever. Beautiful video.
Ss Johal
Ss Johal Pred dnevom
I love you both my heart feels so good
Xia Liu
Xia Liu Pred dnevom
Willow is literally Harper Lee's Scout, isn't she
VoltZ_ IIIX Pred dnevom
Honestly AMAZING you two did so well on this willow is growing up to be like her mother :)
ShabbaBrad Turney
ShabbaBrad Turney Pred dnevom
Tamara Esaa
Tamara Esaa Pred dnevom
His is so sweet and cute!🥰
Anke Ihmels
Anke Ihmels Pred dnevom
Einfach nur schön 😍🥰
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