Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut

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Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut

Chris G
Chris G Pred 28 minutami
that emilia girl so fine i need an @
xairy Pred 40 minutami
Ritam Talukdar
Ritam Talukdar Pred uro
This phone series is amazing
Of I ever go on one of my parents phone and see this imma throw up
Markie Ross
Markie Ross Pred 2 urami
Emelia if you make a channel I'm subbing to that shit, ily 😪😂❤
Reece Pred 2 urami
I'd do this with my mom if I was out and she wasn't homophobic💀✨
Chris Majewski
Chris Majewski Pred 4 urami
So much anxiety watching this
Bruh bruh布鲁赫
Bruh bruh布鲁赫 Pred 4 urami
Girl got exposed by her own mom
Aliena C
Aliena C Pred 5 urami
I thought it was katy perry in the thumbnail
Flip Pred 5 urami
That emelia rose is gorgeous
Olga Delgado
Olga Delgado Pred 6 urami
Yo send link😂
Mamkajiwin Pred 6 urami
What’s up Broski 🦋🦋
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez Pred 6 urami
When they say the first name and the middle name right after you know you're in trouble LMFAO
Proud Human
Proud Human Pred 8 urami
Why did they agree to this 🤣🤣🤣
S.M Autonu
S.M Autonu Pred 8 urami
5:06 😂😂
Door Soup
Door Soup Pred 9 urami
This reminded me to delete my henta
Mayia G.
Mayia G. Pred 10 urami
Heavy on the “I’m her sister and she blocked me” I hate family sometimes lmao
Sswwaaggyy Zadar
Sswwaaggyy Zadar Pred 11 urami
First thing they will do: Check history How I miss unverified video...::((
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 11 urami
Poor dude definitely liked that girl and instead of letting things build casually his dad just murdered it :(
Im a Meme
Im a Meme Pred 12 urami
Whi here after watching shakesauge
broken pc
broken pc Pred 12 urami
Jokes on you, I don’t have any photos.
Gauri Rampal
Gauri Rampal Pred 13 urami
I could never do this with my parents
Ștefan Călin Nechifor
Ștefan Călin Nechifor Pred 15 urami
Blake, or who is talking, sounds a bit like MrBeast don't they?
Jeremiah Kinloch
Jeremiah Kinloch Pred 16 urami
Why are you doing this why did you agree to this
Waterdrxps Pred 16 urami
When it says Olive not Olivia:
levi Pred 17 urami
how much did the kids get paid to do this
Big Bob
Big Bob Pred 17 urami
what emilia rose's @ ?
Patricia Uch
Patricia Uch Pred 18 urami
I cringed so hard thinking about how I would feel in these scenarios 😬 Especially if its on SLus posted by a channel with 10.5M subscribers!
John B.
John B. Pred 18 urami
What was the song from the beginning?
Xavier Novelo
Xavier Novelo Pred 18 urami
yeah I rather die that do this
REEE jongo_plays_minecraft_with_guns
REEE jongo_plays_minecraft_with_guns Pred 19 urami
Amaya Mayer
Amaya Mayer Pred 19 urami
okay i'm a lil kid but my vid was like 4 yaers ago i was 4 yeah i was 4 but my chanile is amayas fun house i post one vid its the hot spicey one so can you plz plz plz show me some love on it and get it to 100 subs im only at like 36 and i have alot of viwes but can you joust get me up i love you guys so much gn and i hope you had a great day and im sorry for not posting i have been working on school and stuff and go check out my brothers ej peater and yeah so plz get me to 100 likes i love yall guys so much i'm giveing away a i phone 11 for my next vid a slime video why im giveing it away is because who ever is the first one to i might post the vid in june bye i love yall sooooooooooooooo much
Brittania Bird
Brittania Bird Pred 20 urami
Yeah no my parents would die of disappointment 😂
itsJeth _
itsJeth _ Pred 20 urami
the one parent ive seen that let her child swear
HEISENBERG Pred 20 urami
Let me grab the pop corn
ParadiseHills0 Pred 20 urami
5:02 what’s with the fifth and sixth search’s?
CorgiOffender Pred 21 uro
I always search in incognito mode
Lorelei Oetker
Lorelei Oetker Pred 21 uro
I came here from kody ko
Alex Pred 21 uro
"i'm simple like that" hahaha
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz Pred 21 uro
I’m tryna see the full vid of Emilia 😏
sincerelynagito Pred 21 uro
imagine one parent went to the kids phone and said “you got games in your phone?”
Lili pad Gaming
Lili pad Gaming Pred 22 urami
Karen alert! Karen alert! Karen alert!
noah skidmore
noah skidmore Pred 22 urami
So what’s her @ lmao
Diesel Pred 22 urami
That mom is all fucked up.
•Lara Elago•
•Lara Elago• Pred 23 urami
Were Fine :,>
Alex Reese
Alex Reese Pred 23 urami
Shit I’d block Emelia as well she toxic🤡
Jungkook’s_TingTingBall Pred 23 urami
I would be so safe. My mom would just find hard stan BTS edits and Jungkook pictures hahahahaha
FBI — Federal Bereau of Investigation
FBI — Federal Bereau of Investigation Pred 22 urami
Eh if I were your mom you wouldn't be so safe /j
mk Pred 23 urami
Incognito mode is truly secret he doesn’t even know about it
Pablo marcelo
Pablo marcelo Pred dnevom
If it was 1 and 1/2 days before that they knew about this they had the time to erase everything they wanted :/
Celicakes Pred dnevom
omg 5:00 why does it say “cute teen” WYD SIR😭😭😭😭
Lettuce Dealer
Lettuce Dealer Pred dnevom
All they would've found on my phone is monke
Matt Trukovich
Matt Trukovich Pred dnevom
Emilia if u see this I turn 18 in 3 years and I would be a good step dad I’m ver mature for my age
Sophia G.
Sophia G. Pred dnevom
I go through my mom's pics when I'm bored lol
Nylon Pred dnevom
Black goddess had my dying
Gracie Clements
Gracie Clements Pred dnevom
Why does Emilia look like Vanessa Morgan..
Big Kid
Big Kid Pred dnevom
No cap ima need that girls video for research purposes
SoftHeartBeary Pred dnevom
2:08 "He doesn't go to incognito" "What is that"
SirTorture Pred dnevom
Do emilia got an instagram? 👀
Timgucci Pred dnevom
Ey whats the girls @ ?
Ebba Iithelenga
Ebba Iithelenga Pred dnevom
The way the lady keeps referring to her as "Emilia-Rose" and not just Emilia or Rose😂
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Pred dnevom
I would never even think about sharing anything that deviates from the devout Christian boy image I have.
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Pred dnevom
I hate Amelia. Sorry to say it.
Soft_.pastels Pred 3 urami
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Pred dnevom
I would never do this with my parents. Their perception of me is a complete 180 of who I actually am.
Aminata Pavion
Aminata Pavion Pred dnevom
Robbie Pred dnevom
I'm here from Mr cody ko
773 Legend
773 Legend Pred dnevom
Someone find Emilia @ no cap 🤣
kyle mclemore
kyle mclemore Pred dnevom
What’s amelias @??
Enter Name
Enter Name Pred dnevom
funny, link?
Fuck Your Opinions About Me
Fuck Your Opinions About Me Pred dnevom
Emelia’s mother rubbed me the wrong way 😒 I would never put my child down like that. What a judgmental “mother”.
Billy Bust Inside
Billy Bust Inside Pred dnevom
@Jeremy S nah she talks Shit about her to her other daughter
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Pred dnevom
Some parents aren’t giant pushovers like most modern parents these days. Her mom tells it as it is.
Billy Bust Inside
Billy Bust Inside Pred dnevom
It’s common. Mothers feel super jealous of their daughter in a lot of mother daughter relationships. Especially when their daughter is much prettier than they are.
Pxnk Chxa
Pxnk Chxa Pred dnevom
If I did this is would immediately die because my camera roll at the end is gacha hyprid glmms because I did them in 2018 👁️💧👄💧👁️
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred dnevom
“He doesn’t go in incognito mode” “What is that?” He’s like a turtle who just discovered water 😭
gunterine Pred dnevom
This commen is right above this one and it's 6 days old.
Dreams💭 Pred dnevom
They probably deleted some stuff prior to this so I don’t think this is 100% authentic
Vedika.L Pred dnevom
Here's a challenge take a shot everytime her mother says "Emilia Rose"😂😂 well actually u don't have to take the shot I was just joking 😂😂
Dreams💭 Pred dnevom
Well they definitely deleted some before this so idk
Wycho Pred dnevom
Damn that karen haircut
EmperorPatty Pred dnevom
The amount of tabs open on the dads phone just defines parents.
20something Doing something
20something Doing something Pred dnevom
Every time she says Amelia rose take a sip
Obese pappitas
Obese pappitas Pred dnevom
They're fore heads 👤🗿
Snails Pred dnevom
*laughs in laptop*
Astrobot Gaming PH
Astrobot Gaming PH Pred dnevom
How to destroy privacy
TonyBacon Pred dnevom
The one woman has the Karen Supercut.
Mimi Brooks
Mimi Brooks Pred dnevom
kyle need some chapstick
Commander Laskey
Commander Laskey Pred dnevom
I don’t like the cussing
iiMad Maria
iiMad Maria Pred dnevom
My phone is full of anime boys 😳
Amaya Newell
Amaya Newell Pred dnevom
"My dad has crabs" 😂
Futuure Pred dnevom
Man 4:10 really did it for me... that is absolutely wholesome 🥲
Madison Stephens
Madison Stephens Pred dnevom
4:11 wholesome 😌
Tezrrow Ftw
Tezrrow Ftw Pred dnevom
The father and son were the best😂😂😂
MudManSon Pred 2 dnevi
You bet some of the kids deleted their search history before the video
Chiken Nuggie
Chiken Nuggie Pred 2 dnevi
And this is why I won't ever text anyone! Lol because all my friends are crazy and send weird pictures and stuff
Arianna Rene
Arianna Rene Pred 2 dnevi
Silver Willow
Silver Willow Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine not deleting your search history before giving your phone
Orbix Pred 2 dnevi
Løcał Štålkėr
Løcał Štålkėr Pred 2 dnevi
This is why I clear my search history -
Jake Stine
Jake Stine Pred 2 dnevi
izzbee Pred 2 dnevi
let me tell you i would never ever do this
Zalez Pred 2 dnevi
I'd be scared looking through my parents phone, not them looking through mine XD
LA BEAST Pred 2 dnevi
Fr you don't know wtf you'll find on there
Christopher Welch
Christopher Welch Pred 2 dnevi
as a child i dont feel goodXD
Truth Pred 2 dnevi
What's the blonde chick's @? Asking for research purposes.
CrimsonRush117 Pred 2 dnevi
Sure wouldn't mind a link to that onlyfans tho. 🤣
Schegi Pred 2 dnevi
Who is here from shakesauce
Kashi Tumbapura
Kashi Tumbapura Pred 2 dnevi
Waiting for the Cody Ko video about this
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