Shark vs. GoPro

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Mark Rober

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We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Pred 20 dnevi
Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.
•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•
•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ• Pred 3 dnevi
You really want to dye through sharks Mark...
cuteduplon Pred 17 dnevi
Robloxdev123 Pred 18 dnevi
Sunderman Family
Sunderman Family Pred 20 dnevi
Ur so cool
Mahadev Kanodia
Mahadev Kanodia Pred 20 dnevi
Muffin Pred 24 minutami
ayo where did they get those glowsquid ink sacks tho lol
jennifer gillihan
jennifer gillihan Pred uro
omg mark is on tell the truth
ODST Pred uro
If you got the sharks to attack you you're lucky, it's very VERY rare for that to happen
MatTheGreatt Pred uro
Mark:”and as a bonus, I survived!” Me: “ah, the life of a scientist”
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 Pred 2 urami
When I watched the part of the video with the submarines, it really made me think that the ocean depths are a really awesome place, beautiful, yet foreboding. Then I remembered that goblin sharks exist.
PE Player 33
PE Player 33 Pred 2 urami
The Bermuda Triangle is not cursed or The MrBeast crew wouldn’t have survived 24 hours there with nice summer weather.
M Stephens
M Stephens Pred 2 urami
How do you earn or get the money to do videos like this?
r3xless Pred 3 urami
HOLD UP cant they hear or feel you heartbeat🤨?
Curtis Hunter
Curtis Hunter Pred 3 urami
is it just me or did the bio luminescent stuff look like chicken nuggets OUT of water
ValCayn0 Pred 3 urami
who else sees the squirrel
William Reynolds
William Reynolds Pred 4 urami
The unsightly apparel analogously want because canoe suprisingly produce into a freezing panties. calm, tasty agreement
Hallucinati Pred 4 urami
Yeah the ball cap under water gave away the clicky-baity algorithmy thingy.
Philosopher's Sage
Philosopher's Sage Pred 4 urami
Disappointed that you only indicated 5 senses for humans, since it been decades since we only considered the 5. The problem is do we have 7, 8 or 9 or maybe more?
hen ko
hen ko Pred 4 urami
Seller: how much gopros do you want? Mark: yes
Safraaz Khodabaks
Safraaz Khodabaks Pred 6 urami
Pvz music lessgooooooo
Anson Cook
Anson Cook Pred 6 urami
11:29 deadass thought those were chicken nuggets
hen ko
hen ko Pred 4 urami
Plants versus Zombies music caught me off guard
Nagi Pred 8 urami
We need more content like mark rober, quality over quantity.
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming Pred 10 urami
Liat doang udh ngeri apalagi ampe nyebur wkwkwk
Noah Dewitz
Noah Dewitz Pred 11 urami
Are we just gonna ignore that Mark and Noah literally just did Subnautica in real life…
Nicholai Reynolds
Nicholai Reynolds Pred 11 urami
where can i get that blue stuff someone please tell me
Ao9SpaceRat Pred 11 urami
I thought it was chicken nuggets before he threw it into the water
James B.
James B. Pred 11 urami
Must be nice to have money to do these type of things
M O O D -
M O O D - Pred 12 urami
1:52 song pls😭
Pavan Kalyan Reddy
Pavan Kalyan Reddy Pred 12 urami
I think Mark Rober is a medium size Mr. Beast 🤣🤣🤣
A normal nurse who wants to help poeple
A normal nurse who wants to help poeple Pred 12 urami
Wanna see them go to the ecological dead zone next time
LavaCreeperPeople Pred 13 urami
this guy makes great content
LavaCreeperPeople Pred 13 urami
Mizian Pred 13 urami
adopt me please
UnexpectingDuck Pred 14 urami
I heard the triangle also have a serious storms which play a role
Luis Colon
Luis Colon Pred 14 urami
The grubby gruesome toe critically touch because landmine kelly claim before a hurt diamond. furry furtive, hanging child
NotMarcus Pred 14 urami
Plants versus Zombies music caught me off guard
Aston Gaming
Aston Gaming Pred 14 urami
20S1025 Lawrence Mathias
20S1025 Lawrence Mathias Pred 15 urami
22:43 Andre is really shady at this point I believe anything
Olivia Arthur
Olivia Arthur Pred 17 urami
The grey lady is a ghost from Harry Potter
William Robbins
William Robbins Pred 18 urami
It's funny that Mark just grabbed that bird.
chet karwat
chet karwat Pred 19 urami
That would be so cool on physacadelics
Mika McDonald
Mika McDonald Pred 21 uro
Sharks are cute
Olivia Arthur
Olivia Arthur Pred 16 urami
In my opinion that’s scary
Théo B
Théo B Pred 21 uro
Where do you get the biolume?
Max Gomez
Max Gomez Pred 22 urami
Bro they make the Sea moth from subnatica irl
Braden Keenan
Braden Keenan Pred 22 urami
Anyone else think these were chicken nuggets or just me? 11:27
Abdullah Ashraf
Abdullah Ashraf Pred 23 urami
Thanks to the sharks for once again not eating me. Top quality 😂😂
Mr 777 bro
Mr 777 bro Pred dnevom
he put dizzy as the song
Mango Cinamon
Mango Cinamon Pred dnevom
Omg your so cool
FunTimeWithLeo Pred dnevom
5:30 is that a fish in its mouth?
Vxcant psk
Vxcant psk Pred dnevom
Will buyers goes missing Again
Tim Smalls
Tim Smalls Pred dnevom
The jagged blouse distally hop because chemistry jekely occur worth a pretty supply. healthy, fretful transaction
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Pred dnevom
How do I become a member
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz Pred dnevom
Nathan C9x
Nathan C9x Pred dnevom
Na that glowing stuff are McDonald’s chicken nuggets
Jook Kipen
Jook Kipen Pred dnevom
mark if your going swimming with sharks dont put gopros on your head me sees them on there head hmm confused sounds
Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncan Pred dnevom
Science is pretty cool.
x_sean_x Pred dnevom
uhhh, did anyone else think that those glowy things looked like chicken nuggets?
Casper Wallace
Casper Wallace Pred dnevom
How on earth did you get your wife to agree to you being in the sea with dozens of sharks and no cage?
James Gibbs
James Gibbs Pred dnevom
Bermuda triangle? Why just..... Why
PoptartPuck !
PoptartPuck ! Pred dnevom
Did anyone see the squirrel 🐿?
Orestes Glowacki
Orestes Glowacki Pred dnevom
Ryan Lindsay
Ryan Lindsay Pred dnevom
Thought that bio luminescent stuff was chicken nuggets
Juanita Rodriguez
Juanita Rodriguez Pred dnevom
I thought you put chicken nuggets in a cup xD
I_OwAzO_i Gang
I_OwAzO_i Gang Pred dnevom
did i ever tell u that your smart
Suicide headaches
Suicide headaches Pred dnevom
can you show us how to make our own bio luminescence?
Colegate Spinks
Colegate Spinks Pred dnevom
I always like your videos. Hope to do your class some day.
Joseph Gray
Joseph Gray Pred dnevom
I LOVE KIWICO!💗💗 i got one today
D irk3672
D irk3672 Pred dnevom
GoPro turned off (batts removed if possible) should have been the control. Same contrast and markings, but no field.
Stevo Pred dnevom
RunikVarze Pred dnevom
"To this day, we don't know what (the magnetic field) was." I imagine it's not from a lack of explanation, but a lack of investigation. Nobody tried to figure out what it was, so of course nobody knows.
Unrau Unrau
Unrau Unrau Pred dnevom
Big fan.
Nasrullah jhon
Nasrullah jhon Pred dnevom
I think sharks actratted to blood
Landon Colclasure
Landon Colclasure Pred dnevom
I laughed when I saw the title
Brady Klinkowsky
Brady Klinkowsky Pred dnevom
shark go brrr
MythGamer Pred dnevom
민 다래 Dottie
민 다래 Dottie Pred dnevom
Happy shark week :)
Killer Thoughts
Killer Thoughts Pred dnevom
might be the waves from those many cameras meant a very big animal and they took it easy?
Iss Wateva
Iss Wateva Pred dnevom
Anyone notice the shark cloud at 10:50
believe me: One day , you will make a big discorvery
Deveny Maldonado
Deveny Maldonado Pred dnevom
His life is so exciting
Matthias Murei
Matthias Murei Pred dnevom
No one: Noah Schnapp: This is so unreal 😂😂
Oscar Mollenhauer
Oscar Mollenhauer Pred dnevom
Let’s test to see if sharks attack GoPro’s: Proceeds to mount GoPros on their forehead. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jjam Neumann
Jjam Neumann Pred dnevom
Didn't... Didn't scientist come up with a theory resently that there are a bunch of water tornados that come out of nowhere and have winds strong enough to shread a boat or plane to bits and launch those bits miles away or something?
Floppy 45
Floppy 45 Pred dnevom
I thought the bio loom was a chicken nugget
Wubba Johnson
Wubba Johnson Pred dnevom
They're slooshy
Rainbow star unicorn twins
Rainbow star unicorn twins Pred 2 dnevi
Shark vs. Go pro turned in to hunted lighthouse
Duqks Pred 2 dnevi
the bermuda triangle isnt cursed
Manskerb Pred 2 dnevi
insane bro, give the camerabois some light
RJD1232 Pred 2 dnevi
The bio stuff looks like chicken nuggets when it's out of water
1000 Subscribers To Help My Brother From Cancer
1000 Subscribers To Help My Brother From Cancer Pred 2 dnevi
Mark: “maybe don’t put a GoPro on your head” Next scene…. Noah jumps in the water with a GoPro on his head 😂
Andrew Provenzano
Andrew Provenzano Pred 10 urami
This is a bot, I've seen the exact same comment word for word
godspeed Godspeed
godspeed Godspeed Pred 2 dnevi
why do you keep on changeing tital
XxSpiderSlayerGuyXx Pred 2 dnevi
Does anyone know the song between 1:49-2:00 ? I’ve been searching for it for so long
The Fan Of Everything
The Fan Of Everything Pred 2 dnevi
Me about to click off Noah Snapp: I will change your mind.
Mc Flakey
Mc Flakey Pred 2 dnevi
Am I the only one that thought the by loom was chicken nuggets
GIBOMXD Pred 2 dnevi
What if mega Lodon Show's up
Sky's Eye's
Sky's Eye's Pred 2 dnevi
Y'all are crazy... I LOVE IT HAHA!!!!!!!
Elijah R
Elijah R Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine some criminal is on the run and they just load up one of these submarines with some food and books and video games and stuff and hides out under the water
Demex Pred 2 dnevi
19:33 wall paper
Demex Pred 2 dnevi
19:27 if any one what's wallpaper
Demex Pred 2 dnevi
19:00 if anyone wants a wall paper?
Cuckoo Fun Kids
Cuckoo Fun Kids Pred 2 dnevi
He survived triangle
Newons Charls
Newons Charls Pred 2 dnevi
CyanicSpectre SkittleInc.
CyanicSpectre SkittleInc. Pred 2 dnevi
Why did they freak out more when they were protected in the cage?? Night time or not you’re in a cage XD
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