The Day: Remembering Dale Earnhardt

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Bill Lowther
Bill Lowther Pred dnevom
It’s always struck me as odd when I see pics or video of Dale that day because he looks “dead” to me. Probably because I know he died soon after. The night before my father died he was sitting at the kitchen table sewing a patch on his karategi and I told him good night. The next morning he died. When I think back on my last memory of him from that night I remember it as the lights seemed brighter and he had this odd look about him. Like he was surround with this other worldly energy. Damn it I miss my dad and Dale.
Alyse Moseley Utz
Alyse Moseley Utz Pred dnevom
Watching this race..Nascar has never been the same
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson Pred dnevom
Well that’s racing boys. Sometimes you live sometimes you die
Rich Henretty
Rich Henretty Pred dnevom
Anytime I watch something with Dale it bring a tear. This man was The man in black, he changed racing not only because of how he drove and knew what to do and when to do it but his death saved many drivers from falling with him. So I’m the end 50-100 years from now that black flag with the #3 will still fly. I met him twice, once as a child and once with a kid. I have pictures framed in the garage both times signed. I even had a black 01 Monte Carlo SS I built into an intimidator SS clone. It was my first car and I still have it. It’s been out away for years. RIP Dale. Your soul rests in is fans, forever.
Davi Clar
Davi Clar Pred dnevom
As the ambulance was headed to the hospital and not really seemed to go very fast I turned to my dad and said, "he's dead!" Worst day in our Nascar fandom lives...and a little soon after Mike Helton announces and we all just kinda broke down.
G Pred 2 dnevi
I always say raise hell praise dale I was not alive when he recked but I know about dale we miss him. The intimidator
607BUDMAN Pred 3 dnevi
Got me in here bout to cry n shit We love you Big Dale 😎
Heather Puricelli
Heather Puricelli Pred 5 dnevi
this is not what happened
Heather Puricelli
Heather Puricelli Pred 5 dnevi
Bro he hit the wall, wtf is this
WhyZeeGuy Pred 5 dnevi
I've raced something with wheels and an engine my entire life. I know Dale went out with smile on his face.
Jeff Durham
Jeff Durham Pred 6 dnevi
I will never forget this day and I wasn't an Earnhardt fan. Nascar hasn't been the same and never will be.
Zack x
Zack x Pred 7 dnevi
Still hurts!!
Alex Patrick
Alex Patrick Pred 8 dnevi
NASCAR will never have another driver who represents the blue collar and home grown fans...or a driver who was the voice for the rest of the field like Dale. Keep on drafting Dale, keep on drafting.
Benjamim wilson
Benjamim wilson Pred 10 dnevi
Last thing Dale seen was a wall and his brain smashing his skull
Big Rich
Big Rich Pred 11 dnevi
His life came full circle in 98 when he won the 500.
I’m weird😌
I’m weird😌 Pred 12 dnevi
The best driver in the world went out doing he dose
Timber Man
Timber Man Pred 12 dnevi
I haven’t watched a full race since his death .
t bird
t bird Pred 13 dnevi
I remember this race … I saw the accident and new right away dale didn’t make it…. I found out on my way home with my father . Wile my father a die heart dale Earnhardt fan.
Big Joe Nick
Big Joe Nick Pred 14 dnevi
I watched Nascar from the 80's and hated him because of his talent like many folks who watched Gordon and Johnson. But I hated the day seeing the greatest driver to ever live die. But I believe he died doing what he loved, and he knew DEI won that day
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Pred 16 dnevi
Watching Darrel scream MIKEY makes me cry every single time I watch. Dale was already gone, saddest day in NASCAR history, but that moment when his brother won the biggest race on the planet was something to witness a brothers love.....
Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush Pred 16 dnevi
Man, why did I even watch this. This hurts.
Greg Snelgrove
Greg Snelgrove Pred 18 dnevi
20 years ago and it still makes me cry, i was 10 when i watched this race, never thought it would be his last
Richard Pearre
Richard Pearre Pred 19 dnevi
That was the sad day ever
Richard Pearre
Richard Pearre Pred 19 dnevi
That the day nascar died
jimmiejohnsonx48 Pred 23 dnevi
shit almost made me cry, my late grandpa was a Dale Earnhardt fan for as long as I can remember...
Theresa Sheff
Theresa Sheff Pred 23 dnevi
I remember watching the race when Dale Sr was killed. I was folding laundry then shit hit the fan and I lost it.
Pito wango récords
Pito wango récords Pred 24 dnevi
First time I see this. I’m sad
Sergeant Masson
Sergeant Masson Pred 24 dnevi
I worked at DIS 1996-2006 as part of the security/safety teams. I wish that I could erase my memories of that day.
Sergeant Masson
Sergeant Masson Pred 24 dnevi
Dale Sr was the greatest race car driver in NASCAR's history.
Tricia Rose
Tricia Rose Pred 24 dnevi
When Ken had to inform Mikey at Victory Lane. It really hit me 🥺
HunTerDayTona Pred 28 dnevi
We love you dale
Nicholas Duncan
Nicholas Duncan Pred 29 dnevi
R.I.P. Dale Sr., the Intimidator. Kings dominion in Doswell, VA named a roller coaster after him called the Intimidator 305. And I wasn’t even 2 yrs old when was killed
Nicholas Duncan
Nicholas Duncan Pred 29 dnevi
I never knew the impact killed him instantly. I just thought it knocked him out
Jay Bro
Jay Bro Pred mesecem
Dang man almost 20 years later and I didn't know how GOAT like dale Sr was. I remember when it happened and I was thinking the crash wasn't that bad looking. But those guys are driving like 150 mph. He literally was passing the torch to the young bulls in tht race. Great 👍👌 dude.
Andrea715 Pred mesecem
Dale sacrificed himself so micheal can win the daytona 500 and micheal said it was his worst day even tho he won the daytona 500. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jimmy Pop
Jimmy Pop Pred mesecem
This video should have 500k likes and no dislikes...
Mossy Oak
Mossy Oak Pred mesecem
The world lost a great driver all us boys that grew up rough loved him !!!
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail Pred mesecem
20 years gone but not forgotten. Rest In Peace Dale.
Todd bob
Todd bob Pred mesecem
My father growing up always told me Dale Sr was a dirty driver knocking people out of the race ..... That Daytona 500 Dale Sr was Blocking Sterling Marlin and other drivers again he was racing Dirty and i think Karma finally caught up with him.
jesse morse
jesse morse Pred mesecem
Michel's best day turned into his worst
Big Thunder
Big Thunder Pred mesecem
Richard petty said the same thing if they don't do something
Bo Harris
Bo Harris Pred mesecem
Throughout recorded history no man has ever gone out in grander fashion!! Rip Dale we will be with you directly
Bo Harris
Bo Harris Pred mesecem
If you made a list of the top 5 worst days in American history this would be#2 behind Pearl
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha Pred mesecem
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Judie Boehme
Judie Boehme Pred mesecem
Teresa you don’t give a crap about anybody but yourself you didn’t even love Dale Earnhardt Senior you loved his money and what it could do for you because if you love the man you would have loved his children and take care of them the way they all took care of you after his death I really feel sorry for you you know what they say about karma
Diesel and Dirt
Diesel and Dirt Pred mesecem
February 18, 2001 The day NASCAR died 😢 It’s never been the same since. I haven’t watched one race since Jr. retired.
kel Pred mesecem
That was the day I stopping watching haven’t watch a race cents then
Travis Brueck
Travis Brueck Pred mesecem
Every time I watch the part when he crashed I get chills and I remember watching this live I was 17 yrs old and I felt like something was wrong just by watching the tv I didn't kno he died until 7 or 8 that night I couldn't believe it it's sad I cried
Car Dog
Car Dog Pred mesecem
Dammit why did I watch this? I’ve seen it multiple times. And just like every other time….I’m crying like a baby. I did this to myself. Damn you recommendation section.
sugarcane0000 Pred mesecem
I don’t even know him too well and was way too young at the time to even know him but this truly broke my heart - he seemed like such a great guy! RIP❤️
Julie Lemming
Julie Lemming Pred mesecem
I Was Watching This Race Live And Everytime I See This Race I Still Get Emotional About Him 😭🥺
missliss312a Pred mesecem
I loved that March 11, 2001 race. That was the first non-Daytona race I watched with my brother and dad after I actually checked the TV guide to see if other races were available on our basic cable, LOL. My dad had assumed we would only ever have Daytona, and to this day he's too cheap/lazy to get a better TV package, but still watches all the races he does get. Anyway, I was a Gordon fan, and we were on our feet, top of our lungs, hoping he would win, but it was nice to see Harvick win his first Cup race in the Goodwrench Chevy after an exciting finish, bringing some redemption to the team.
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy Pred mesecem
4 times this brought me to tears.
Ken Baker
Ken Baker Pred mesecem
Kenny is a class act! He loved Dale but didn’t want to ruin it for Mikey! Miss Dale terribly!
Harold Tollison
Harold Tollison Pred mesecem
The myth the legend Nascar died myth Dale great driver
Danny Tanner
Danny Tanner Pred mesecem
Got this video in my recommended after watching EmpLemon's Never Ever video about Dale/NASCAR
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy Pred mesecem
Heard the name few times but never seen the dude til couple days ago on youtube our time machine
Jamie Duncan
Jamie Duncan Pred mesecem
Losing Dale Sr, was a massive punch in the gut, but NASCAR survived because Dale Jr had the torch passed to him whether he chose to take it or not. Junior actually took NASCAR to another level. Losing him, just through retirement, basically chopped the head off of NASCAR. Millions of fans lost interest.
Collin Henson
Collin Henson Pred mesecem
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford Pred mesecem
NC will never forget Dale- ever!
Alice Morrison
Alice Morrison Pred mesecem
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Gabriel Cleveland
Gabriel Cleveland Pred mesecem
Kenny got out of the car like there was a fire
Captain Z
Captain Z Pred mesecem
I remember seeing my now late mother shedding tears as we watched the news break that we had lost Dale. I met a man the next day while in the field on my job who cried talking about it. He meant so much to many many people in his life and career.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Pred mesecem
After my favorites starting quiting or retiring I watched less but when Dale Jr retired I quit watching
American Citizen
American Citizen Pred mesecem
Mike is supposed to feel the victory. Dale always knew this could happen. He wanted Mike to feel the D500. Dale would still be hall Mike got to feel that.
American Citizen
American Citizen Pred mesecem
It wasn’t because he helped him. It just happened. It could have happened if he was in first
American Citizen
American Citizen Pred mesecem
Dale wanted his friend to win D500 ❤️
American Citizen
American Citizen Pred mesecem
And he got to enjoy it before he heard. Only thing missing was dale and jr
Anderson Vigil
Anderson Vigil Pred mesecem
Andy Pred mesecem
Do it fer Dale.., Hell yeah brother.
shyers1 Pred mesecem
Tj Lance
Tj Lance Pred mesecem
It's crazy when you think about it 2001 was the worst year for alot of reasons
Tj Lance
Tj Lance Pred mesecem
Racing hasn't been the same sense he left us. I never watched it again after 2001
ashuhleaaa Pred mesecem
Sidebar but it used to annoy me when Daryl would spend so much time on Mikey but now it makes me smile.
David Vanzant
David Vanzant Pred mesecem
Still can’t believe sometimes a very sad day
Aaron Reinhart
Aaron Reinhart Pred mesecem
I'd like to know exactly how that wreck killed him because of all the wrecks in NASCAR at a viewers stand point my first thought was I've seen many wrecks that looked way worse than the wreck that killed Dale Earnhardt
Rip Rush
Rip Rush Pred mesecem
This race was the first NASCAR race I watched start to finish.
Good News
Good News Pred 2 meseci
I was watching this race, cussing senior for blocking. The more I learn of senior as a dad, the more I wonder why he is celebrated. Kerry, Kelly, and junior appear ok. I hope Taylor is as well.
Kiersten Parrales
Kiersten Parrales Pred 2 meseci
I didn't get to see it I was not ilve😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
goldeneve Pred 2 meseci
Number 3 introduced me to nascar in 1998 thanks to that moment when he won it all
Bob Jonsun
Bob Jonsun Pred 2 meseci
Earnhardt winning Dayton 500 was inspiring!! Earnhardt Jr instantly became my favorite driver after rusty Wallace retired!
Bob Jonsun
Bob Jonsun Pred 2 meseci
If only Dale Earnhardt was wearing a full face Helmet... I believe Dale would be here today.. Just a freak freak accidents! I'm a #2 fan, always have always will! When Dale passed I cried.. Sobbed like a baby! NASCAR has never been the same for me
CHIBE YT Pred 2 meseci
I look up to him he’s cool
Juan Avila
Juan Avila Pred 2 meseci
i am no weeping -im cutting onions,,is bittersweet ,,but sad
duckedup Pred 2 meseci
I remember this day as clear as I remember 9/11. It was a sad day, and still is.
Vell Baria Official Channel
Vell Baria Official Channel Pred 2 meseci
Just saw this now and I was crying so many tears.... it was a big change and a transition at the same time for the sport.
david black
david black Pred 2 meseci
DWs makeup always freaks me out
King Liam
King Liam Pred 2 meseci
I may not be an American citizen but still I always respected this man
Robert Y.
Robert Y. Pred 2 meseci
I can't imagine what Ken Schrader lives with having been the first to see Dale. I don't think I'd wish that on anyone.
Me Mo
Me Mo Pred 2 meseci
Idk why I'm here. I went to one race 22 years ago. . But damn I teared up hard.
heather Pred 2 meseci
Damn. Dale was one of a kind, no doubt.
remo williams
remo williams Pred 2 meseci
I have watched that crash hundreds of times, there is no way it should have killed him. It just doesn't make sense. but it did, and I feel like had he been wearing a full-face helmet he may have survived it. But it was not his style. RIP Dale Sr. You will never be forgotten.
David Elston
David Elston Pred 2 meseci
There will never be any body to take his place
David Elston
David Elston Pred 2 meseci
Dale Earnhardt was and always will be one of the Best race car drivers that there will ever be
Sandra Richardson
Sandra Richardson Pred 2 meseci
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James Dixon
James Dixon Pred 2 meseci
They're missing the T at the end of Dales name at every commercial graphic. Blasphemous
James Silcox
James Silcox Pred 2 meseci
I was at that rockingham race the week after Daytona . Jr wreaked on the first lap thought that was crazy as if he didn’t have a bad week last week . And then Steve park to win it was nuts
Kyle Lehman
Kyle Lehman Pred 2 meseci
Imagine what DEI would be today had dale not died.
Keith Leeuwen
Keith Leeuwen Pred 2 meseci
He Rocked !
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