Titanic Oprah TV Special

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I found little snips of this Titanic Oprah TV Special, but haven't found the whole show posted yet - figured I'd add it now

Macey O'Connell
Macey O'Connell Pred 33 minutami
Sam Pred dnevom
This woman has been fantastic beautiful!!! And her beauty and charm is just unique!
Ankit Thakkar
Ankit Thakkar Pred 2 dnevi
O my dear "Kate", don't know what the magic has done, your lovely eyes, lovely and beautiful hair and there are beautiful and in cheeks and lips,I day, night, sleeping,waking, brushing bathing, drinking,eating , etc. There hasn't been a moment when I haven't missed you, especially when I saw your Titanic movie seen, when you look down on ladder to saw Leonard DeCaprio with your cute smiling face and leonard de Caprio kissed you with your hand.O My dear "Kate Winslet's then I miss you, no moment has passed when I have not had you.I already fall in love you at the time of saw your movie Titanic first time but at that time no any social media like Twitter ,Instagram, Facebook,etc. I don' t know why are you divorce your both husbands Jim threaplaton and Sam Mendis and I don't even want to know this, but if I would die and go your Jesus that why they not make me complain that why they not choose me like either your husband or friends or relatives or children so atleast I make some space kat e Winslet's heart and saw her beautiful face .when any god or jin ask me fullfill my wish them I want make me kate Winslet and me both next birth as a swam bird couple because they famous for heir love birds and at not any type of tension for earning money because money is main problem of either happy and unhappiness and life's all problems are not solve only and only by money they need also some extra god gifted skill, intelligency and talent.
Ganesh Akella
Ganesh Akella Pred 3 dnevi
I had a regret that i couldn't watch titanic in theatre. well, i was 6 years old and it would be illegal to watch that movie at that time. But thanks to AMC they released the movie in theatres on the occasion of 20th anniversary. And I got a chance to watch it in theatre.! I still cried at the end of the movie. :)
Speak Truth
Speak Truth Pred 3 dnevi
Let's not seriously forget the people who perished. They were real. They suffered.
Danny Montes
Danny Montes Pred 4 dnevi
Me gustaría ver tus hojitos mas porque en su rostro beo tantas cosas bells que me inpuran mas hatrabes de su corazón ♥️ como habla ha lo largo de hese bello amor 🥰 que el mas tesoro del mundo puede llenar helle amor puro sinsero donde hablo mi espíritu espreso que no te podia dar riquesas pero si mia hamor verdadero mi bella Ross Love peace Amen 🙏
Nicci Berriman
Nicci Berriman Pred 4 dnevi
I’m living in 2021 and when Kate walks in and shakes everyone’s hand I worry 🦠
Lueven gamer
Lueven gamer Pred 4 dnevi
Orphan tv my bro lol
low010 Pred 5 dnevi
Are there anymore interviews on this scale with the Titanic cast? Cant bare Oprah being so annoying, could have been a great show but she quite literally makes it the “big oprah show”
pinkpandamiranda Pred 5 dnevi
I don't think a movie like this will ever be made again. What a piece of film history goodness gracious.
Yah Lee Vun
Yah Lee Vun Pred 6 dnevi
It's so annoying that Oprah kept cutting them OFF, she need to shut up and let the guests talk.
Varun Aggarwal
Varun Aggarwal Pred 7 dnevi
Oh, he was in Lagaan... The villain
Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun Pred 7 dnevi
21:50 That was so funny. James was being so modest but Kate had to take over to give him credit.
Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun Pred 7 dnevi
The movie itself was amazing. But the behind the scenes were incredible as well. What the heck.
jluis90s Pred 7 dnevi
5:10 look at Opera acting like she's a normal person lol
Jean Baker
Jean Baker Pred 8 dnevi
Oprah is like a black Karen smh .. nowonder her studio audience was 90% white
DarkByDesign Pred 9 dnevi
what a bad interviewer
Niraj Prasad
Niraj Prasad Pred 13 dnevi
Iceberg is fiery daily night snowy night was there he makes ARABIAN NIGHTS
emily jackson
emily jackson Pred 13 dnevi
I normally love Oprah, but she's really annoying here
Cesare Vesdani
Cesare Vesdani Pred 14 dnevi
Titanic is a great movie which cannot be forgotten.
Simply Me
Simply Me Pred 16 dnevi
Everybody loved Leo and I had a crush on Billy Zane 😅
Simply Me
Simply Me Pred 16 dnevi
Kudos to the amazing extras too! 👏
Simply Me
Simply Me Pred 16 dnevi
I admire so much James Cameron!
Keisha Kučina Kraljević
Keisha Kučina Kraljević Pred 16 dnevi
Sweetie I really don't care hahahaha
Lenny Gomes
Lenny Gomes Pred 18 dnevi
Pau hassenteufellel
Pau hassenteufellel Pred 19 dnevi
Titanic is one of the best movies ever made and Kate and Leonardo are already acting legends.
astik bhan
astik bhan Pred 20 dnevi
Kate is a bombshell...💜💜💜💜
Lin AJ
Lin AJ Pred 21 dnevom
That was an era😍
Afruza Joli
Afruza Joli Pred 23 dnevi
henriqueacabral Pred 24 dnevi
Oprah really doesnt people speak, always talking over them
Watson Leo
Watson Leo Pred 25 dnevi
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Rover Wanderer
Rover Wanderer Pred 25 dnevi
first time in my life I see an Oprah show and I really dont understand why she is so famous in the USA
Katie Cousineau
Katie Cousineau Pred 25 dnevi
Oprah's dress is the most 90s thing in the universe. #90steen
Dayna Cooper
Dayna Cooper Pred 26 dnevi
Why is jack not there
Dayna Cooper
Dayna Cooper Pred 26 dnevi
Best movie ever jack and rose were soulmates
Nagesha Lakshmamma
Nagesha Lakshmamma Pred 27 dnevi
I saw Titanic in galaxy theatre in Bangalore India more than 100 times the first week there were people later it long run
Jrw Pred 27 dnevi
Kate Winslet looks insanely pretty in this wow
98 INDIGO Pred 27 dnevi
I was born in 1998. This movie is my best childhood movie. It is actually my favorite movie of all time
Far from you
Far from you Pred 28 dnevi
God she was something else
कला दर्पण
कला दर्पण Pred 28 dnevi
slus.info/name/video/knKjrn_bnaqyeNA.html Woman (poem)
Unapologetically conservative
Unapologetically conservative Pred 29 dnevi
Oprah is annoying.
Ezgi Dincer
Ezgi Dincer Pred 29 dnevi
E4 EIGINSON Dairies [DigiTech] Eat, learn & travel
E4 EIGINSON Dairies [DigiTech] Eat, learn & travel Pred 29 dnevi
What a great movie
Squicx Pred 29 dnevi
Cameron made history with this movie...
Vanessa C
Vanessa C Pred mesecem
"It's a really brother-sister thing" After many years we can see really this beautiful relationship between Di Caprio and Kate it's so genuine. PS: Is funny to watch these old interviews, I like them.
low010 Pred 5 dnevi
Where can i find more? With out oprah being annoying and interrupting everything.
Hi there.
Hi there. Pred mesecem
So many years have passed n still I can't get enough of diz movie...these vibes are extraordinary ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤✨✨✨✨
Sidhidev Sreekanth
Sidhidev Sreekanth Pred mesecem
24:48 wow i guess she was burnt for a moment when he said that
SSDirk1976 Pred mesecem
I saw Titanic at the dollar theatre over 44 times....favorite movie of all time
Luis Facundo
Luis Facundo Pred mesecem
Why was this recommended? Idk i'll watch it anyways
The Success
The Success Pred mesecem
When I realized I loved Kate Winslet 🧐😜
Izzy a.k.a. Izzy
Izzy a.k.a. Izzy Pred mesecem
One of those films that everyone remembers when they saw it. I was 12 years old and it was the first movie to make me fall in love with the art of cinema and of course music.
Jasmine Pina
Jasmine Pina Pred mesecem
I don't think it's a chick flick its history relived
Jasmine Pina
Jasmine Pina Pred mesecem
Lol the Mexicans we took the boat to America
Mr. Goodpliers
Mr. Goodpliers Pred mesecem
I remember watching this when I was twelve. What a magnificent time!
Olivia Li
Olivia Li Pred mesecem
I am here just to say that I have never watched this movie to the end (and try 2 times).It was just boring to me.
Peter Burke
Peter Burke Pred mesecem
Kate, you just cannot say this is a brother sister thing.
C V Narasimha Murthy
C V Narasimha Murthy Pred mesecem
This was in 1998
rufer salonky
rufer salonky Pred mesecem
SusquehannaMermaidStudio Pred mesecem
where are those sketches now, where are all of the costumes now in 2021 and where will they be in 2080?
Dave Welby
Dave Welby Pred mesecem
Lord John Jacob Astor was the related to the Queen of England....
Brittany Pred mesecem
Thank you for this! Titanic is my favorite film but I was 6 when it came out so I didn’t get to watch things like this. ❤️
Antonia Faheerty
Antonia Faheerty Pred mesecem
I was 15 when this movie came out, I was obsessed. Aww I miss the 90s.
Selly Cantika
Selly Cantika Pred mesecem
Bumi akan berlalu tetapi AKU akan berdiri tegak diatas tahta-KU!!! AKU akan mengguncangkan semua yg hidup hingga AKU temukan yg tidak terguncangkan!!!! Setiap manusia akan mati,tetapi ketika TUHAN ALLAH datang,DIA akan mencari hamba-NYA yg setia untuk mengujinya dan ketika dia tumbang oleh kedahsyatan TUHAN ALLAH,ia dikatakan kalah dan tidak layak untuk menang!!! "Ciptaan baru harus kuat dan telah teruji!!!!karena kedahsyatan TUHAN ALLAH bisa mematikanmu tanpa ada kekuatan iman!!!" "AKU bisa mengimbangi mu tetapi engkau tidak bisa mengimbangi KEMULIAAN-KU!!!" "AKU telah memberitahukan mu sejak dahulu kala disaat AKU memberi pewahyuan atas semua FIRMAN-FIRMANKU!!!seharusnya engkau mempelajarinya dan bertekun dalam iman!!!!sebab apa yg engkau nikmati sekarang akan lenyap tanpa ada tersisa!!!!kesudahan yg akan mengerikan diluar dari nalarmu!!!"
Claudia’s Atelier
Claudia’s Atelier Pred mesecem
I was in 8th grade when this movie came out and I remember my binder was covered in Titanic stickers 😂
Claudia’s Atelier
Claudia’s Atelier Pred mesecem
See… this is the problem with today’s barrage of media coming from all places everywhere and movies and series coming out every single day. We’ll probably never see another iconic movie like Titanic, because movie premiers aren’t special anymore 😢
MaxxLGBTLaw Pred mesecem
Gosh. It’s like Oprah is jealous or something. Also, the Movie has not aged well, and these two are so elitist and annoying. Sorry, but yeah
Tinku Jena(TJ)
Tinku Jena(TJ) Pred mesecem
Happiness toogoodmemorialvideotoo
Anna Mohabir
Anna Mohabir Pred mesecem
Titanic is one of my favourite movies of all time! I love Kate and Leo! ❤
Allison Hoff
Allison Hoff Pred mesecem
For everyone upset about the amount of interruptions, there is a wonderful documentary on Disney+ called “Titanic 20 years later with James Cameron” and a couple more good documentaries about the ship.
JUFFAIR101 Pred mesecem
I was 12 when i saw titanic at the movie theater Almost everybody was crying Times fly fast wish its still 1996/1997 😔
licha danisha
licha danisha Pred mesecem
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ELLA HORNBY Pred mesecem
Nothing dusty about this old tape, it's in splendid condition.
Styx Pred mesecem
“Now when you’ve watched the titanic 3 or 4 times” *Me who have watched it for about 40 times* Yeah.
Leslie Collins
Leslie Collins Pred mesecem
Great movie
Mariela Garcia
Mariela Garcia Pred mesecem
My 18month old daughter is OBSESSED with this movie. It’s crazy to me how it has her attention for over 2hrs. She gets excited with the “happy” scenes and serious during the intense ones.
LeonardoDiCaprio Official
LeonardoDiCaprio Official Pred mesecem
Thanks for your love and support.🌴🌻 I'm blown away by the love from you'll.🌼 fans like you are the reason we keep moving.❤️
Itz Anonymous
Itz Anonymous Pred mesecem
Whatever u say Kate Looks BEST in her Curly Red hair look Of Titanic... 1. Innocent 2. beautiful 3. Natural pretiness 4. No extra stupid Makeup Kate for me is Rose Forever Leo for me is Jack Forever
Edruezzi Pred mesecem
They're usually a lot less ebullient when the interview is for a film that flopped.
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman Pred mesecem
Oprah want the pure answer not the long version 😂
patricio rodriguez
patricio rodriguez Pred mesecem
kate is there just like a prop just smiling...
Rowdy Ti
Rowdy Ti Pred mesecem
uh huh uh huh uh huh uh mhmm mhm mhm uh huh mhm mhm uh huh really
Beechwood Video
Beechwood Video Pred mesecem
Which date was this recorded please?
Rob Martin
Rob Martin Pred mesecem
No....882 feet....
Rob Martin
Rob Martin Pred mesecem
Blacks can
Rob Martin
Rob Martin Pred mesecem
Oprah fade into oblivion....
karamelpudding makaroni
karamelpudding makaroni Pred mesecem
Titanic has become history, everybody needs to know about it, its like if someone doesnt know about it I be like, «what?!! You dont know about Titanic??? You need to know and learn some history!»
m4mario Pred mesecem
“America, You might loose your citizenship if you don’t go see this movie.” The reason Titanic was so unimaginably successful was the people who watched the movie, did not just recommend the movie to others, they compelled others to watch it. Off course, everyone also saw it at least 2 times. Most saw it 3-4 times. Titanic to this day, has sold more tickets than any film in history.
LeonardoDiCaprio Official
LeonardoDiCaprio Official Pred mesecem
Thanks for your love and support.🌻🌴 I'm blown away by the love from you'll.🌼 fans like you are the reason we keep moving.❤️
m4mario Pred mesecem
The last one and a half minute is gold. 41:22 It is kind of a reminder of what Titanic was to people at the time of the release.
m4mario Pred mesecem
Titanic back then, was not just a mere movie. It was a fever, a cultural phenomenon that penetrated every conversation, an experience you never had before, and knew, will never occur again in your lifetime. If you met your aunt after a long time, you ask, "Have you seen Titanic yet?". If she said, "Na, I don't go to movies", you say "Thats OK, Even if you never go to movies, THIS movie, you got to watch." And you make sure she watches it, even if you have to take her to the movies and watch the movie the 5th time.
merimerionthewall Pred mesecem
24:52 😂
Daniel Sornito
Daniel Sornito Pred mesecem
Myles Drummond
Myles Drummond Pred mesecem
Myles Drummond
Myles Drummond Pred mesecem
Thanks for making this video
Joe Townsend
Joe Townsend Pred mesecem
P.s. Oprah didn't buy her audience tickets to go see the damn movie?!!!!! Honestly that was a horrible special
Joe Townsend
Joe Townsend Pred mesecem
It would be nice if Oprah shut up and let her guests talk... She interrupts James Cameron so much .... Like let the man tell his story... Oprah can be annoyingly phony sometimes....
Joshep Ruiz
Joshep Ruiz Pred mesecem
Gorgeous woman ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Phoebe Smythe
Phoebe Smythe Pred mesecem
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma Pred mesecem
Which tv show is this?
ahmad mumtaz
ahmad mumtaz Pred mesecem
Opera : I know it’s hard but being professional : you just ve to navigate the show: by asking good nice humorous questions and involving the caste individually or otherwise : but never spoil by interrupting at the very crucial times : for heaven sake : just hold ur horses : the audience both in and off the screen: are more interested in the cast and certainly not in you : that’s sure certain to all including you : I wished you didn’t spoil the magic of this very great unique moment which unluckily exactly what you did( caused to):knowingly or otherwise...!!🤦‍♀️🤦
Stiles Johnson
Stiles Johnson Pred mesecem
Life was different when Titanic dropped. Epic good times.
Shaun Sypal
Shaun Sypal Pred mesecem
I played hookie to watch this when it aired
This Is SO SMART!!! 😂 #shorts
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