Tokyo 2020 Men's Time Trial Highlights

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NN Begin
NN Begin Pred mesecem
Congrats Primoz!!
Andreja Ssvab
Andreja Ssvab Pred mesecem
Which one is better? Olympic gold or Tour the France?
TADEJAU Pred mesecem
wow… just wow
tedros tsegay
tedros tsegay Pred mesecem
Bravo Roglic
5ER Pred mesecem
Rogla No1...
El Pedal MTB Albacete
El Pedal MTB Albacete Pred mesecem
Viva España 🚴🇪🇦🤘🏻 El Pedal MTB Albacete 🇪🇦🚴
Jeremy Stig
Jeremy Stig Pred mesecem
Somehow Roglic always looks weird wearing a TT helmet.
NillerMann Pred mesecem
Tom Dumoulin on a TT bike is just so beautiful to watch.
Fernando Lemos
Fernando Lemos Pred mesecem
I'm so happy for Roglic. And I think the other riders in the podium also deserved their medals. These three had some tough times a while back.
USugo Pred mesecem
Ganna's ambitions thwarted by Track performance needs (and hilly course). I hope TT needs will have not compromised track performance as well
lady Everglott
lady Everglott Pred mesecem
what a redemption from TDF. so happy for him.
Matjaž Pred mesecem
Primož....olimpijsko zlato....ti pa res privoščim od srečno
Martin Shorty
Martin Shorty Pred mesecem
Well done Roglic,you've made me so happy 🙏❤💯
Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens Pred mesecem
Didn't spend any extra dollars on editing did they?
heliumtrophy Pred mesecem
Roglic deserved something after all the shitty luck he's had. Happy for him and for Dumoulin as well.
suzlus Pred mesecem
WTF... he just wanted 2 go another lap , why would u stop him ? 😕
Panda Music
Panda Music Pred mesecem
Roglič & Dumoulin 👍🧡
Bulletproof464 Pred mesecem
Bravo Primož! 🇸🇮💪 Kralj!!!You brought our little country unbelievable joy today!
Fred Ol
Fred Ol Pred mesecem
Ganna not good uphill
Henry Kiens
Henry Kiens Pred mesecem
The return of the King of Badluck.Congrats Primos.So strong and so well deserved
Vincent Pysarczuk
Vincent Pysarczuk Pred mesecem
Thx for cutting off the end. What a shitty video.
Lionel Baker
Lionel Baker Pred mesecem
By the way Mr commentator, they're not "Tri-Bars" they're known to cyclists as "ski's" because the cyclists body position is like a downhill skier, and the holding the extensions for an aerodynamic position is like the way downhill skiers hold their ski's. Please try to keep up.
Marc Galitski
Marc Galitski Pred mesecem
They're Triathlon bars... what you and your mates call them doesn't apply to the rest of the world
Morten Prom
Morten Prom Pred mesecem
Please, don't show the winner in the thumbnail...
Jure Stiplošek
Jure Stiplošek Pred mesecem
Čestitke Mateju Mohoriču in seveda za krono Na TDF Tadeja Pogačarja. Neverjetno.
Jure Stiplošek
Jure Stiplošek Pred mesecem
I'm so glad he rode the Olympic TT. He wanted to let someone else to do it. It would be a great mistake. In cycling you never know when is the last chance to take a win. I'm really happy for him to manage that after drama in this season. Go Primož. GoTadej.
Srdjan Djordjevic
Srdjan Djordjevic Pred mesecem
Bravo,bravo,bravo. Ovo je bila prava demonstracija sile. Zaslužio si ovo zlato Primož. Vidiš da ima boga. Sve čestitke iz Srbije. Volimo te Primož. Spremaj Vueltu.
Rainer Kunz
Rainer Kunz Pred mesecem
It's 2021
Lesho .je
Lesho .je Pred mesecem
I doubt there are many people who are not happy for him, or at least feeling that he deserved to get this gold medal. Absolutely annihilated the competition, well deserved. Still a King. His injuries on TDF were horrific. Believe me, I injured my both knees, almost crying every day when changing bandages which get grown into an open wound in 24h. This guy had them all over his left side, couldn’t imagine the daily pain he went through TDF while others rested…
Slo venija
Slo venija Pred mesecem
I'm so happy for him 🇸🇮🏅
Tilly Vanilly
Tilly Vanilly Pred mesecem
So happy to see Rolgi AND Tom back in contention. So great. Best boys!
Achim Wagner
Achim Wagner Pred mesecem
Incredible indeed. Very hard to believe...
ZEMM Pred mesecem
Happy day to Roglič, happy day to all their fans. Two million happy Slovenes, think of the madness there if there were 20 million of them.
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred mesecem
Yeah, this is really something. All sport associations in Slovenia congratulate him. Football, basketball, everybody and his aunt congratulate Roglic. I have never seen this at such occasion. You can really see that many were sorry because he had such bad luck in this year tdf. And also last year.
NeomG Pred mesecem
Tom Du-mulan
franz009franz Pred mesecem
too bad we didnt see him vs pogacar here :(
Frodo Pred mesecem
Why did Pogacar not participate? Top 7 should definitely be possible, maybe even further ahead.
Archangel17 Pred mesecem
@CRAZY SRBIN PRODUCTION All countries had one regular spot, together with top 10 2019 ITT world championship being automatically selected.
keyo_slo Pred mesecem
@mariobahama One wins GOLD (TT), the other wins BRONZE (RC)& Tour de France :P ( Slovenija is lucky to have such cyclists)
Frodo Pred mesecem
Thank you guys! :)
mariobahama Pred mesecem
Well now they share two mayor prices One has Olympic gold the other wins the Tour de France.
Vuvuvuvu Pred mesecem
qualifiers were 2 or 3 years ago and roglic was 12th at the time.. and I think only top 10 got 2 riders for TT and 5 for the road race, not sure tho
Merc Mer
Merc Mer Pred mesecem
William Sambo
William Sambo Pred mesecem
It's great to hear Matt Stephens again on this channel, even if only thanks to Eurosport!
Sergio De Michele
Sergio De Michele Pred mesecem
Roglic wasn't tired at the end: he wanted some km more...
Maša Kores
Maša Kores Pred mesecem
300m. Not few km
matic ritonja
matic ritonja Pred mesecem
He was going for a victory lap
Marc Galitski
Marc Galitski Pred mesecem
Just like good old Lance
jernej ravbar
jernej ravbar Pred mesecem
To rogla🇸🇮
TheStork1981 Pred mesecem
The very nice highlights with comments from GCN are now an editors cut from the live coverage... 🙄
Kaiserfa Pred mesecem
Couldn't agree more! The highlights of the olympic games have really been some levels below normal so far!
Simba Crompir
Simba Crompir Pred mesecem
This made me so happy. Felt all the shitty bad luck this year was transformed into well deserved Olympic gold. Go Primož!
Cannibals R'Us
Cannibals R'Us Pred mesecem
i wanted to see toglic after he finished and i saw here that roglic didn't stop my dad watched live and said : roglic was riding fast after the finish line going for 3rd lap and people made signs to stop and after he stopped his face looked like he was on the verge of dying or that his mind wasn't there also my dad said he never saw a cyclist looking so bad/exhausted like his life was draining it made me so curious
KatjaKat Pred mesecem
He was still all about his body, out of his mind if you know what i mean. If you have ever done any endurance sports, even as a recreation, you know the feeling when you only can hear yoiur breathing and nothing else and you just keep multiply this by 1000:) So at the end he needed some time to get out of this state and really realize what has happened. I think he looked just as exausted as any athelete in tthis kind of sports..cycling, marathon, etc. In one of the later short interviews he said he didn't see anybody ornothing special going on at the finish line, so he thought he had to go on a bit more, until they started jumping on the curse with little flags:))
gašper Fajdiga
gašper Fajdiga Pred mesecem
i saw video where his coach tell him he must be near dead on the finish line
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred mesecem
It is deep concentration needed to sustain pain. He gave everything in. As well some others in front.
zon3ful Pred mesecem
it's called giving everything you got
Max Schmidtsdorff
Max Schmidtsdorff Pred mesecem
He really deserved this after this years season so far.
overkill 354
overkill 354 Pred mesecem
Tom Dumuhlan 😂
hjorte Pred mesecem
Patteh01 Pred mesecem
I want whatever Primoz had for breakfast. what a ride !!
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred mesecem
@dabalotelli :-) not at all. I can assure you that Union is better then Lasko. Union is god old German recipe, while Lasko recipe came from Chech. And as you know original is always better then (chech) copy
dabalotelli Pred mesecem
@Marko Podganjek I know lmao, but they still maje them in slovenia. Also Laško>Union, every slovenian can tell you so
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred mesecem
@dabalotelli both Slovenian big beer producers were bought by Heineken, so however you look and name it our (and Roglic) beer is under Dutch hub. Otherwise I think his region of Slovenia is under Union beer sphere of influence, Lasko is covering more eastern part :-)
dabalotelli Pred mesecem
@Marko Podganjek I prefer corona and staropramen, but as a proud slovene, he had a 0.0 Laško
thaynamite Pred mesecem
you need his doctors : ]
kmr000 Pred mesecem
bobo 63
bobo 63 Pred mesecem
Nibali should be there...