Top 10 Dale Earnhardt Moments in NASCAR | NASCAR Legends

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From winning the 1998 Daytona 500 to banging fenders with Terry Labonte at Bristol Motor Speedway, has assembled some of the best moments from Dale Earnhardt's Hall of Fame career in this top 10 NASCAR Countdown.
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Fort Fork
Fort Fork Pred dnevom
Absolute goat RIP DALE
Floyd Larken
Floyd Larken Pred 2 dnevi
I like the true king Richard petty!
Gabe Larsen
Gabe Larsen Pred 3 dnevi
Dale Earnhardt was always/will always be my favorite driver
knobdikker Pred 7 dnevi
Dale will never be anything in my eyes but a big aysewhole!
Mr. B
Mr. B Pred 7 dnevi
I was there on that day.
Mr. B
Mr. B Pred 7 dnevi
The 1990s. The beginning of the end of the best years of Cup series.
Michael Bosisto
Michael Bosisto Pred 8 dnevi
All hail the abusive man
pmm4177 Pred 10 dnevi
Earnhardt Sr's greatest hit was the wall that killed him Pred 10 dnevi
Dale never died he just took a shortcut to the finish line
Jesse Clary
Jesse Clary Pred 12 dnevi
People who dislike this video is city slicker and Prius owners
Alex Patrick
Alex Patrick Pred 14 dnevi
When this man died at Daytona in 2001, the hard-working blue collar class of America lost their hero...the representative that people loved and respected
Dru Ballard
Dru Ballard Pred 17 dnevi
A mans man. A rare breed then and almost non existent today. RIP
Pete Parks
Pete Parks Pred 23 dnevi
Growing up in the 80s going to NASCAR racing watching NASCAR and into The 90s he was my favorite driver
HAGERXKY 86 Pred 23 dnevi
#5 should have been #1 I still can’t fig out htf he did that at Dega
Sergeant Masson
Sergeant Masson Pred 26 dnevi
Greatest race car driver in NASCAR's history.
Nathan's world
Nathan's world Pred 28 dnevi
Thumbnail be like: "The best of Dale Earnhard"
Cash Butler
Cash Butler Pred mesecem
Dirtiest driver ever!!
Shane H
Shane H Pred mesecem
The one and only... Dale Earnhardt.
Scott June
Scott June Pred mesecem
I sure do miss that man
Mark NC
Mark NC Pred mesecem
I thought Dale dying in the 2001 Daytona would be the top story of that year. Shockingly and sadly I was wrong. 😥😥
PJ DeBenedetti
PJ DeBenedetti Pred mesecem
I miss NASCAR of the 90s. I especially miss Dale Sr.
PJ DeBenedetti
PJ DeBenedetti Pred mesecem
Boy, I feel old watching some these. 🥸.Especially that 1989 segment.
Todd bob
Todd bob Pred mesecem
He was the Dirtiest Racer in Nascar history always knocking people out the race to win
163pete Pred mesecem
My first time at a live race and it was Daytona the year Dale Ernhart took the 500. And when he got out of his car he and I were wearing the same red hat. Wow-what a race it was. Great memories of that day.
Devid Warner
Devid Warner Pred mesecem
The savory wax biomechanically bake because science preclinically remind save a nappy step-daughter. round, mindless dish
TheFunkytownGotcha Pred mesecem
283 Jeff Gordon fans made their way to this vid.
caleb easter
caleb easter Pred mesecem
This is why we do it for dale
Ronald Sears
Ronald Sears Pred mesecem
Earnhardt was the dirtiest player in the game but he knew how to get away with it
Scott Rasmussen
Scott Rasmussen Pred mesecem
This was really a 10-7 list. We all knew the top 3 would be Pass in the grass Cup #7 Daytona 500 win.
smoke14 Pred 2 meseci
It really pisses me off that NASCAR has removed the Brickyard 400 from the schedule. It took forever for them to race there, and now they take it away? That makes absolutely *no* sense. I'm pretty sure that winning that race was the hope of many new drivers that won't even get a shot now.
Joel Panther
Joel Panther Pred 2 meseci
If you think Dale Earnhardt was 6 feet one then you are online and over a cliff.
Polo7111 Pred 2 meseci
The day Dale died NASCAR died an so did a huge part of my heart
MrSpeedDemon72 Pred 2 meseci
A lot of the time, Dale had the same racing tactic as Kurt Busch, boot people out of the way, sending them into the wall for the win. If that's what NASCAR is considering "best moments", then I agree
Donnie Reese
Donnie Reese Pred 2 meseci
Didn't care for him alive. Don't care after hes dead
Maximum Decibels
Maximum Decibels Pred 2 meseci
Dale is to gone. so gone in fact, that Nascar in 2021 doesnt even ressemble its prior self that Dale helped build, other than it's a race car with stickers on it - wooo wee (go tickle your belly button you got a car with stickers on it) When Dale died? so did the Nascar we all loved. todays nascar? is For Sale..its a product.. nothing else. i have no intrest in Nascar in 2021 nor any respect for Nascar. love and miss Dale tho.
OffWorld Atom
OffWorld Atom Pred 2 meseci
OG Daz
OG Daz Pred 2 meseci
Respect !
JEFFERY Thornton
JEFFERY Thornton Pred 2 meseci
Sure do miss him !!!!
Sarah Thornburg
Sarah Thornburg Pred 2 meseci
luvbnamom11 Pred 2 meseci
I thought dale won only one
B. Ryan
B. Ryan Pred 2 meseci
A top 10 video thats 20 minutes long. There's top 20 even top 50 videos that are 10 minutes long. The Intimidator is truly the GOAT
Davi Clar
Davi Clar Pred 2 meseci
He would only win 10 more races in the next 15 seasons.
Jonathan Funnell
Jonathan Funnell Pred 2 meseci
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Pred 3 meseci
When Dale Earnhardt first started driving the "anumil" (I was a little dyslexic) All I could focus on was the front of his lumina driving through everyone to win.
Jason Sobb
Jason Sobb Pred 3 meseci
Happy birthday Mr. Dale Earnhardt. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that your name will be mentioned and remembered in the race world forever. I know you're in heaven with God enjoying your new life. God bless you my friend. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I look forward to shaking your hand one day
Rob Richardson
Rob Richardson Pred 3 meseci
The best ever
Fatherless Flavid
Fatherless Flavid Pred 3 meseci
hell yeah
rvtss rvtss
rvtss rvtss Pred 3 meseci
Dirty Harry of nascar
BurningTheHeavens Pred 3 meseci
Robert Browne
Robert Browne Pred 3 meseci
Dale was the master. And always will be. I copy his style behind the wheel and no one can't touch me. I still shed tears for the loss of my champion. The Intimidator, Mr. Restrictor Plate. My man Dale. Still funding strong for eternity.
Dustin Bissell
Dustin Bissell Pred 3 meseci
This is when racin' was racin'.
Thomas Knapp
Thomas Knapp Pred 4 meseci
Hes last race was last I watched
Jenniferbreitenstein breitenstein
Jenniferbreitenstein breitenstein Pred 4 meseci
Will u explain why you have a problem with me
Joe Merritt
Joe Merritt Pred 4 meseci
"Best moments" and the first one is... just not running out of gas?
Zakariya Baksh
Zakariya Baksh Pred 4 meseci
Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001 You will be missed
BRIMTIME Pred 4 meseci
Man I didn’t realize how awesome NASCAR was back in the 90’s and the year 2000. NASCAR was amazing and tickets were affordable. Always a packed house.
Savannah King
Savannah King Pred 4 meseci
Imagine this: old style racing in 4K video like today
everyday'80sdude Pred 4 meseci
Live by the wall, die by the wall. Period.
Mercury Pred 4 meseci
Who else is here from emplemon?
Lance Martin
Lance Martin Pred 4 meseci
That Daytona call at the end still makes the hair on my arms stand up
Adam A
Adam A Pred 4 meseci
HIS DEATH KILLED NASCAR ! he would have never allowed the crap they have today !
68air Pred 4 meseci
Could also have been called top 10 Chocolate moments!
rice Pred 4 meseci
I miss dale sr
Halfdollar 86
Halfdollar 86 Pred 4 meseci
Dale Earnhardt made nascar so fun.
AGAMVFX Pred 5 meseci
something about watching this sport in low resolution feels so good
Christopher Ruggles
Christopher Ruggles Pred 5 meseci
Dale will always be with us everytime we go to the race track you can always feel his presence.
DaddyWhatchuCookin’ Pred 5 meseci
HighItsBubba Pred 5 meseci
Dale spinning out Bobby Labonte is amazing Raise Hell Praise Dale
Your the Best
Your the Best Pred 5 meseci
All these years later RIP LEGEND 3
Dangansona Pred 5 meseci
#5 has to be one of the greatest moments in all of Nascar history
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography Pred 5 meseci
We still miss you Dale
g lehr 1
g lehr 1 Pred 5 meseci
That car don’t need fuel it runs on hopes dreams and mustache hairs
Russ B
Russ B Pred 5 meseci
Amazing to see the full grandstands. This was when Nascar was good.......
Renaissance Nerd
Renaissance Nerd Pred 5 meseci
Daytona 500 2001, with his team in front of him Dale knew what his job was, Protect his son and Mikey with everything he had, and he did just that. The intimidator put up a wall and he held off 38 cars by himself and the last thing this absolute legend saw was his son and Mikey with nothing but open track ahead to the finish One of the final things he said to his son on the radio was "Stay with him, stay with Mikey"
newmancalipari39 Pred 5 meseci
20 years ago today..Rest In Peace Dale Sr!
Nathaniel Cruz
Nathaniel Cruz Pred 5 meseci
It has been 20 years since NASCAR lost their hero. Now, new safety systems are in place. 6 strap harnesses, HANS device, and closed-faced helmets. Today, on Gran Turismo 4, I will be racing my 2000 GM Goodwrench Chevy Corvette C5R in his honor. R.I.P. 1951 - 2001 😞 😔 🙏🏻
RowdyMajor18 Pred 5 meseci
I like how everyone kisses Sr.'s ass, yet when he was alive, there's a lot of fans who hated Sr., and who called him cocky, arrogant, a crybaby, and who claimed he wrecked everyone. Gee, I wonder which NASCAR driver in today's world meets that criteria? But just like Sr after his death, I guarantee if Kyle Busch were to die the same way, every hater would start kissing his ass and claiming to be a life long fan. And then Brexton would go on to be the most popular driver and just like Jr., Brexton wouldn't do much of anything either. Y'all can get mad at me for saying this (even though I'm a Sr. fan too), but y'all know I'm right. Just admit it.
Chill Cho Papa
Chill Cho Papa Pred 5 meseci
As a fan of Earnhardt you are completely right. Even most of the other racers hated him there’s interviews on SLus where they say how much of a dirty racer he was but to be honest he did a good thing making nascar a contact sport making it more entertaining and terms like “if it ain’t rubbing it ain’t racing.” Earnhardt was a truly good part of nascar history and ever since he died it’s never been the same. But I completely agree with you.
kitty kat
kitty kat Pred 5 meseci
I don't know much of anything about racing but I always thought you just got in your car and tried to beat all of the other cars by driving fast. I didn't know that there were things like bumping cars and letting somone get in front of you or holding back other drivers. Isn't that cheating? Wouldn't you want to win simply because you could drive the best and fastest? Not because someone helped you or you cheated to win? Or am I just naive?
Jojo Jackson
Jojo Jackson Pred 5 meseci
I just wanna be in an alternate reality where dale never crashed
TheLaker323 Pred 5 meseci
His car wasn't the flashiest or cool looking but yet it was the most memorable car in the history of Nascar
kitty kat
kitty kat Pred 5 meseci
I thought it was pretty cool looking being all black.
Cyrus Sheets
Cyrus Sheets Pred 5 meseci
I met Dale Sr 3 times in my life. First time was in 1998 at Atlanta motor speedway with my dad, down in the pits on the day of qualifying. He shook my hand and spoke to me for a couple minutes about why I liked racing. The second time was at the Atlanta auto show in 1999, and I suspect he recognized my father (6 '7 300+ pounds, pony tail and big handlebar mustache...he stands out in any crowd) because he hollered out to us to come over and say hi. The third time was a month before the Daytona 500 wreck that took his life. My cousin had somehow managed to meet Dale Jr and started dating him, and I got invited to go to a cookout at the Earnhardts hunting/fishing property. I won't pretend like we were friends, but somehow out of all the faces Sr ever saw and hands he shook and people he met...he managed to remember some scrawny little kid every time. At first I like Sr because my dad did, then I liked Sr because I thought he was a badass, then I loved Sr because he was a genuine guy and never tried to be anything he wasn't.
Alka-Seltzer Manager
Alka-Seltzer Manager Pred 5 meseci
That Bristol win was awesome
Tracey McCarty
Tracey McCarty Pred 5 meseci
2021 still the man
obscuredbythecloud Pred 5 meseci
Man, I sure do miss NASCAR from the 80s and 90s. Those were the days. Its just not what it used to be. I still watch, but it's like the NFL: the golden days are behind us. At least we have the memories and the videos. Dale was and still is my favorite NASCAR driver, probably always will be. He made it look effortless and it was clear that he absolutely loved racing.
Jason A
Jason A Pred 6 meseci
Bob Jenkins was the best NASCAR commentator ever.
Michigan Mister
Michigan Mister Pred 6 meseci
When Dale passed, ALWAYS remember the next Daytona 500, and how Jr. tore that racetrack up to win. One of the most exciting races I've ever witnessed.
Wildwind Pred 3 meseci
I also remember Harvick, three weeks later, taking Dale's team (with the car re-numbered to 29) back to Victory lane at Atlanta, in almost a mirror image of the Earnhardt/Labonte finish at that same track the year before. And then three years later, in 2004, Jr. *did* win the Daytona 500. Funny how many little things came up three's around then. Like someone was trying to tell us that he was all right and we should carry on racing.
nascar fan 88
nascar fan 88 Pred 4 meseci
@Michigan Mister no problem
Michigan Mister
Michigan Mister Pred 4 meseci
@nascar fan 88 Yes/,my bad.
nascar fan 88
nascar fan 88 Pred 4 meseci
it wasnt the next 500 it was the summer daytona race that same year the pepsi 400 at daytona
Codey Snow
Codey Snow Pred 6 meseci
#3 Elliot clearly had the faster and tighter car, I mean he was closing gaps at will. But it speaks volumes to Dale's skill to be able to keep him behind. Man.. Greatest to ever do it
Samuel Lacks
Samuel Lacks Pred 6 meseci
I was behind his pit stall at Darlington. That was before a speed limit was imposed on pit road. Black Betty was sounding good coming in and leaving out. I miss those races and Dale. RIP ole friend.
Jared Davis
Jared Davis Pred 6 meseci
Hard to believe it will be 20 years next month since he passed away. I wish he was still here.
Derrike Cope Fan
Derrike Cope Fan Pred 6 meseci
The Intimidator
ZX R-CADE Pred 6 meseci
Dale was a superb racing driver, a very loving family man and of course an intimidator Is he the greatest NASCAR driver that's ever lived it's very hard to say considering how great Richard Petty, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are but do I believe Earnhardt is NASCARS greatest yes I do and I believe if he hadn't lost his life in the tragic way he did at Daytona in 2001 he would have won that magical 8th title R.I.P Dale #3
Mike Buchholtz
Mike Buchholtz Pred 7 meseci
When they All lied pit they should've Always done it for RESPECT
Mike Buchholtz
Mike Buchholtz Pred 7 meseci
Daytona 500 was his best,he had the one he died at already won & his Talladegas& Charllettes all His for the keeping!
Mike Buchholtz
Mike Buchholtz Pred 7 meseci
Dale snr. never did go, he's looking down at us All. Now that is definately what I consider the Intimidators Intimidation!
Stewart Haas Hater
Stewart Haas Hater Pred 7 meseci
Big E Is the man
Derrike Cope Fan
Derrike Cope Fan Pred 6 meseci
walter Pred 7 meseci
I hate that he died
mattbaker87 Pred 7 meseci
Something that's never talked about anymore... the purse of a race. This is what made marquee events like the Coke 600, Texas 500, and the Brickyard 400 even more special.
Derrike Cope Fan
Derrike Cope Fan Pred 6 meseci
Yeah you're right they've become money shy
Man OF Light
Man OF Light Pred 7 meseci
The Spirit of Dale Earnhardt Sr at Dale Jr.'s 2004 Corvette Crash - SLus
robert munro
robert munro Pred 7 meseci
Dale was among the greatest racers and his sons not far behind both can be admired for the way they have conducted their lives.
Mat M
Mat M Pred 7 meseci
Praise dale raise hell.
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