White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

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Good Morning America

Good Morning America

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Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.
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mike bambur
mike bambur Pred 16 minutami
Why don’t you take white guy in black neighborhood and video tape what will happen to him in matter of minutes.I got lost in black neighborhood with 2 of my children in back seat.They asked and l gave them cash l had and after that l had to lock the doors and push gas paddle and go through crowd of at least 20 people.If l didn’t do that only God knows what would of happen to me and my kids.America is like this as it is and will never change.
Jamie Cole
Jamie Cole Pred 17 minutami
Shut up hr was upto no good ...why hell was he there...race card again....what was he there for.....
Harmony A E
Harmony A E Pred 18 minutami
Boy. Not man. 16 year old boy.
Raymon Anderson
Raymon Anderson Pred 19 minutami
Listen size doesn't matter. A black guy his size he would call the cops lol
Samuel Pred 19 minutami
What the actual f*ck America?? Come on y'all this is ridiculous.. enough is enough with the toxic masculinity. We get it bro, frigging chill with all your bullshit
Richard H Jones
Richard H Jones Pred 20 minutami
he should be put in jail and dishonorable discharged. He does not deserve to be walking the streets.
Антонов Ан-225 Мрія
Антонов Ан-225 Мрія Pred 20 minutami
People are saying its beacuse he stole the soldier’s shoes. Is that true?
Kelvin Torrence
Kelvin Torrence Pred 20 minutami
Start packing heat my people
LiL_Skeet _
LiL_Skeet _ Pred 20 minutami
That guy was totally wrong but why does this have to be so about race?
jim page
jim page Pred 20 minutami
Another Trumpster
J vorhees
J vorhees Pred 21 minuto
The media pushing their hate agenda
Dorian 07109
Dorian 07109 Pred 21 minuto
I wish I could have been there to help that young black man!!! Trust me! That racist wouldnt screw with this big black man.
M M Pred 21 minuto
"....berating the man for WALKING in the neighbourhood". Really? Is that what happened? Was it for walking in the neighbourhood? Did you guys even try to watch the full video? Any effort to investigate what happened before the incident? SMH. Please let's do some real journalism.
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis Pred 22 minutami
Like my grandmother(95 years old) said things have changed.. This used to be the norm and much worst., imagine what she has seen AND lived thru being from AL and GA
Uncle60 Pred 22 minutami
You know there’s going to be BLM folks marching there everyday for a year now. How did that work out for the army guy now. If this is a case of racism, that guy should get dishonorable discharged.
dan Pred 22 minutami
How is it possible for people to make judgements on this video? There is so much information missing to develop a well-informed opinion . What happened before the video started? Why was the white soldier berating him? What were the other incidents involving the black young man about? Has the white soldier had an reports of aggressive behavior before?
Lawrence Ashworth
Lawrence Ashworth Pred 22 minutami
Man argues with another man .... Can you not see the race war they are stoking?
Chrisenjoyspeople Pred 22 minutami
Nobody sees that when democrats are in office this is the agenda the media pushes?
Pahoua Yang
Pahoua Yang Pred 23 minutami
Well done, thanks to all who came to his house and served justice!! He and his wife got what they deserved!! Even better now, he and his wife is famous and everyone knows where they live. Sad situation but atleast there was some happy to this ending.
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump Pred 24 minutami
Anti-White racism is constantly ignored & made fun of! STOP ANTI-WHITE RACISM!!!
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump Pred 24 minutami
Why do you constantly ignore anti-white racism & promote these kinds of stories 24/7?
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump Pred 17 minutami
@Cole Blankenship What do you mean? Yes these kinds of ones with white on black racism is usually not violent at all. The other way around though with black on white racism (or any race on white racism) is constantly extremely violent. Always gets ignored though. I’m white & I will fight anti-white racism for the rest of my life, it will happen now in the 2020-2030 years more than ever before!
Cole Blankenship
Cole Blankenship Pred 21 minuto
Normally not as violent and other people that live in America don’t get involved in it
D. Rugz
D. Rugz Pred 25 minutami
Who’s side was the wife on
High Brass
High Brass Pred 25 minutami
The whole story please.
Cris B-C
Cris B-C Pred 25 minutami
I Wouldn’t Immediately State This Is Racist Like We Label Everything. The Media Never Provides The Full Story. What If This Man Was Trespassing Property Or On Suspicious Behavior. Can We Just Leave Race Out For God’s Sake?
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump Pred 25 minutami
Racism against white people is a very serious thing yet literally no one cares!
highart69er Pred 25 minutami
These people will never learn. Shadae love your hair girl.
Tom Tierney
Tom Tierney Pred 26 minutami
I see no less than a dozen opportunities for the young man to kick in at least one knee.....actually both knees.....on sgt q ball. Bust his knee cap then you can move on to twisting and breaking his arm. Time to take America back from the bullies.
Joseph R
Joseph R Pred 26 minutami
I really hope that fucking douchebag understands how he's royally fukd his military career.
oscar robledo
oscar robledo Pred 27 minutami
POS shouldn't be in Uniform.
Stew Stewart
Stew Stewart Pred 27 minutami
How can you claim to serve and protect our country when you pick on a handicap person of color in your/ his neighborhood
Hulkules 187
Hulkules 187 Pred 27 minutami
So this racially worthy to be nationally televised where in Chicago a 13 year Latin boy obeying police orders is instantly shot and killed by police with no explanation and nobody gives two hot shits.
Damp Pred 28 minutami
0:54 he looks like a Tic Tac
Hollis Branham
Hollis Branham Pred 28 minutami
Just another case of what happens when WWB...😒
Cee Patton
Cee Patton Pred 28 minutami
Bet he wouldn't done that to a grown ass black man
Always Honest
Always Honest Pred 24 minutami
i bet you a "grown ass black man" wouldn't be out scouting people's homes.
Niko martinez
Niko martinez Pred 29 minutami
His wife sounds just as racist as him
ΞLΞVΛTΞ Pred 29 minutami
These neighborhood watch groups think they own every street in their neighborhood
S Pred 30 minutami
I promise this happened to me .. the lady brought her big ass dog out to intimidate me and asked why am I wearing a mask ... I mean it's coronavirus out here.. sad world man
Andrew Cisneros
Andrew Cisneros Pred 30 minutami
Try seeing the bigger picture here. Who filmed the clip? Was it one of the neighbors? If so why would she want the clup to be seen eapecially by the news? Is there an agemda behind this is it all an act or whats going on it makes bo sense.or do these giys want a shot at fame even if it destroys their image if so thats childish
Jerry O'Shea
Jerry O'Shea Pred 31 minuto
A BS channel,nothing new!
Sharkbait Pred 31 minuto
Yeah this is racist, But that's not assualt, You fucking babies.
Nikii Minter
Nikii Minter Pred 31 minuto
What an egghead.
EpsilonGoods Pred 31 minuto
Man defends rapist from sexual assault, gets charged. Unbelievable.
Jorrox Pred 31 minuto
Hes the bald peice of crap is a decgrase of the US
1butterontoast Pred 31 minuto
Gomer Pyle's wife literally wanting to manifest a cop sh@@Ting a POC. WTF???!!! 👿
Juno Whoitis
Juno Whoitis Pred 31 minuto
“Racially charged incident” no, this incident isn’t inherently racially charged bc each party happens to be a different race. Americans wake up, our news media is our new enemy.
steve k
steve k Pred 31 minuto
Victoria Santos
Victoria Santos Pred 31 minuto
Outraged by the soldiers actions, at the least this young black man made it out to share this story.
WyattFergie Pred 32 minutami
We need to know what led up to this situation before you start throwing labels like "racially charged" on it. People have arguments every day with people of all colors and backgrounds that aren't racially charged. It could just as easily been two white men arguing and no one bats an eye. Imagine a world where you get arrested for shoving someone.
Ryuga 2015
Ryuga 2015 Pred 32 minutami
It sucks that the man was raised this way. To think he would’ve been a better man than this.
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark Pred 32 minutami
Amazing your racist push is trending pos media hatred towards America is sickening
เจน วงษ์หัสดล - Hatred
เจน วงษ์หัสดล - Hatred Pred 33 minutami
Please watch the video carefully. The white gentleman doesn’t push the colored boy UNTIL he tries to walk in the white gentleman’s yard where his wife was standing. The white gentleman was protecting his wife.
Bob Mcfundy
Bob Mcfundy Pred 33 minutami
Democrats are making the US worse let’s be honest (I’m joking)
Israel T.
Israel T. Pred 33 minutami
This man is a disgusting service man ..He would leave any person of color behind enemy lines to die.
Jesse Zavala
Jesse Zavala Pred 34 minutami
Super sensitive 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ can’t even touch a black man or ask them to leave firmly; the soldier could’ve avoided being too aggressive but you can handle something like this in a better way.
Mrs. Varela
Mrs. Varela Pred 35 minutami
Ppl continue to record your every move!! I’m so glad this man got arrested.
Jordan Ceasar
Jordan Ceasar Pred 35 minutami
It's crazy to see how many clowns in comment sections are defending Tiny Dick Johnny Sins actions, right-leaning people /Fox News will always find a way to demonize the victim aswell as find some excuse to make the racist action that's being done, not a racist. I am a straight edge, average build, "nerdy looking", pacifist who is like I mostly everybody around me, and the worst I've ever done is cuss while playing video games. It really makes me wonder (God truly forbid) if anything actually happens to me how would they make me the villain
Darko Snipes
Darko Snipes Pred 35 minutami
Don’t forget to lock up his racist wife too!!
Darko Snipes
Darko Snipes Pred 36 minutami
Don’t forget to lock up his stupid wife too
Nxghtmarex7 Pred 37 minutami
Y’all gotta understand this man has served in the military for multiple years and his mindset is to take control of people and things. The military really fucks with your head and mindset. Even though I believe he should not of pushed this young man or started anything in the first place I don’t see why we’re trying to make everything seem as if he did it because he’s racist. He probably would’ve done the same thing if there was a white male. It’s his mindset not so much of racism
Caleb TheBraveOne
Caleb TheBraveOne Pred 37 minutami
Nice to see the Race division campaign back again. 🤦
Saul Galaviz
Saul Galaviz Pred 37 minutami
Merk the white man and cops
Brandon Philbrick
Brandon Philbrick Pred 37 minutami
Screw you gma for your race beating antics sob reporting! Hope your ratings drops. Hope blm comes for you and riots your building. Get a clue
GenralDmoney Pred 38 minutami
The first word of the title of this video and the segregation of each race is whats wrong with humanity. "A racist soldier harassing young man" is much more appropriate then "White soldier assaults young black man"
Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless Pred 38 minutami
They should have charged Kojack with kidnapping for not letting the man walk away..I hate people like Sgt Obligated and Sidewalk Karen in the back ground
Devaughn Wilson
Devaughn Wilson Pred 38 minutami
So if those 2 incidents didn’t have nothing to do with the video we just saw then why even bring it up?
DaNail Bully
DaNail Bully Pred 38 minutami
Tired of this racists ass Country!
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Pred 38 minutami
Meanwhile the media is just sitting back laughing " our plan is working perfect". All the sheeple are acting in the exact manner the media and left are hoping. Stay in control people "victim" mentality is running rampant.
Antonio Spratling
Antonio Spratling Pred 39 minutami
I feel bad for him I feel bad for him
Police The police
Police The police Pred 39 minutami
And $500 fine (all this country cares about is money so I’m confused) and 30 days in jail??? Wtf. This kkk country sucks
Chad Pulaloma
Chad Pulaloma Pred 40 minutami
Ibrihim Rushin
Ibrihim Rushin Pred 40 minutami
travdaddy 222555
travdaddy 222555 Pred 40 minutami
He was casing houses ... Normal
WolfPac West
WolfPac West Pred 41 minuto
That SGT can get carried out that Neighborhood OnG
jc1221 Pred 41 minuto
Just more bull shit
Marquis Sidibe
Marquis Sidibe Pred 41 minuto
Trying to pick on someone smaller than him is such a cowardly act.
Nicole G
Nicole G Pred 25 minutami
Steroid driven attack is what it looks like... hulk vs ant man... pathetic
Alex Samaris
Alex Samaris Pred 41 minuto
Hope they give the guy a FLAG.
stilchilman Pred 42 minutami
Kurt Pred 42 minutami
Disclosure Careful with virtual reality. Especially on Mainstream Media it typically has adverse outcome to its portrayed intentions.
The Famous Dave
The Famous Dave Pred 43 minutami
It’s a Shame. All Lives Matter. But, Ignorant People Don’t have Shame
Always Honest
Always Honest Pred 43 minutami
i need to see how all this started first because criminals also have "scouts" looking out at people's yards, homes, cars, security cameras, and so on for future crimes. but so far we just have some random "innocent" guy walking in a neighborhood. some people prefer that you get murdered first, so they can go out and find the "bad" guy later.
Trin Cornelison
Trin Cornelison Pred 17 minutami
@Always Honest not really
Always Honest
Always Honest Pred 27 minutami
@Trin Cornelison not to mention.. why does he got a mask on his face for? he's walking alone in the open air, you know what i mean-
Trin Cornelison
Trin Cornelison Pred 39 minutami
Yup couldn't of said it better.👏
Mohamed Abdullahi
Mohamed Abdullahi Pred 39 minutami
KKK like u only does
vena Pred 43 minutami
This is scary because God knows how this racist bully soldier treats foreigners in other country while he is stationed there. Maybe possibly shooting innocent civilians 😥
NoticeMeTompai Pred 43 minutami
I was reading an article about this and apparently (if the article I read was correct) that the young man is actually 16 and still minor. The article also mentioned how he might also be suffering from mental health issues. Mentioned how they were trying to get him help.
david wright
david wright Pred 43 minutami
hate crime
wheres. casey
wheres. casey Pred 44 minutami
wtf is a 500 dollar fine and 30 days in jail gonna do?
Karen Davis
Karen Davis Pred 44 minutami
If that young brother was shoved by black a dude, you would have seen fist fighting or a shoot out but his Lord and saviour WHITE MAN 🚹did it so he PLAYS the VICTIM while WHITE BECKY stands by and did nothing but here comes the BLACK WOMEN protesting and DEFENDING him,just SAYING.ASE
Deon Johnson
Deon Johnson Pred 44 minutami
I'm a young black man I pray nothing like this never happens to me, I really don't know how I would deal with it I would be very angry.
Hera Pred 44 minutami
One time when I lived in Colorado Springs in 8th grade a man came out of his house and put one hand around my neck and one hand around my other friends neck and told us to get out of his neighborhood, we were walking home from school.
J blaze
J blaze Pred 45 minutami
Imagine all soliders under his command that were racially abused and cldnt do anything about it 🤔
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Pred 45 minutami
That black guy needs to just walk away when suggested in order to avoid escalation.
JAlf 3000
JAlf 3000 Pred 46 minutami
Angry, white man who was radicalized in the US military. What's new?
Ali Ortiz
Ali Ortiz Pred 46 minutami
I am NOT proud to know he served this country.
LogicSword3675 Pred 46 minutami
So much for that career. When the civvies are done with him, the military will prosecute him. Cameras are a wonderful thing.
Deeann Watson
Deeann Watson Pred 46 minutami
Well now they have a whole lot of people walking in that neighborhood.... Im sure his neighbors appreciate the attention.
b mass
b mass Pred 46 minutami
Another day another news company reporting nothing but race issues dont get me wrong white dudes a dick but with news highlighting this stuff makes people think its worse than it really is
Jay Ramirez
Jay Ramirez Pred 46 minutami
White folk issues
Life Is good
Life Is good Pred 47 minutami
Bet he is a Trump supporter.
Eli Smith
Eli Smith Pred 47 minutami
why is the Neanderthal bare foot
Family Benner
Family Benner Pred 40 minutami
@Sovereign sometimes it tickles
Sovereign Pred 46 minutami
Go outside barefoot sometimes it feels nice
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